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"Fuck..." Mr. Grohl breathed as he felt his cock slide down the throat of his student. Kurt was on his knees, hiding under the desk of Mr. Grohl's just incase someone decided to walk in.

"You take my cock in your mouth like such a good whore." He complimented. Kurt tried to hide his grin as he bobbed his head back and forth.

"Oh... Kurt... I'm gonna come." Mr. Grohl warned. But Kurt didn't stop. He wanted his teacher to fill his mouth with his hot cum.

And after flicked his tongue over the tip a few times, Dave completely lost control and released; coming into his student's wonderful mouth.

"Fuck!" Dave screamed, shooting on his stomach. He threw his head against his pillows as he slowly jerked himself a little more, coming down from his high.

It was another one of those nights he couldn't sleep because of the thoughts of his student, Kurt Cobain. It was mostly dirty ones, but some thoughts were sweet.

He just couldn't get his mind off how lovely Kurt's body was. Dave would do anything to bend him over his desk and have his way with him. But of course, the rules were keeping him from doing it. No relationships with students.

Dave pulled his boxers and pajamas back up and sighed. He turned over on his side and looked out the dark window. The curtains were opened just a bit, allowing moonlight to shine through.

His mind still ran with thoughts of Kurt. If only he was there with Dave. He would pull him into his arms and hold him all through the cold night.

And while Dave laid in bed, his head in the clouds, Kurt sat in front of his locked door. He was hoping his drunker father forgot he was home, or even better, passed out on the couch.

It was another one of those bad nights. The one where his father comes in drunk, argues with his mother, and takes his anger out on Kurt.

"Please please be passed out." Kurt prayed. His body was shaking in fear. He knew his father could be standing right outside that door, waiting for him to open up.

But now, it was getting late and Kurt was sleepy, so he took the risk and rose up from the cold floor and opened his bedroom door slowly.

And there his father laid on the ground, completely out. Kurt sighed in relief and shut the door back. He crawled into bed and pulled the cover over his cold body.

He shut his eyes, and almost immediately fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.


"Okay, students. The work starts on page 234." Mr. Grohl announced to his class. His eyes searched around the room, watching as everyone turned to the correct page.

His brown eyes landed on Kurt, who was searching through his book. Dave had never seen any student as gorgeous as Kurt in his three years of teaching. No one at all actually.

Shit, Kurt said silently in his head. He just realized he had completely forgot a pencil. He had no other choice but to ask Mr. Grohl.

Seeing he was at his desk, looking over papers, Kurt decided to get up and ask him other than raising his hand.

"Mr. Grohl?" Kurt asked. Dave looked up, smiling at him.


"Can I borrow a pencil, please?" Kurt asked politely. Dave nodded and searched around on his messy desk until he found a pencil.

"Thank you."

"You're we-welcome." Mr. Grohl said, stuttering at his words. He couldn't help but get nervous around Kurt.

He just realized Kurt was once again wearing a sweater. And it looked absolutely adorable on him. Dave could just squeeze him. And by then, his mind was lost in thoughts of Kurt once again.

It's gonna be a long day, Dave thought.


Kurt stood in front of his window, staring out at the streets of Seattle. It was a rainy day, setting the mood for Kurt. He felt sad and just torn apart inside.

His body ached and throbbed with pain. He knew you were suppose to love everyone, but he hated his father. He hated him for hurting him, bringing him down, and making him feel as if he meant nothing and never would mean anything.

Kurt turned around, facing the mirror. He put his head down. He hated the reflection. Because of all the things his father had said to him, Kurt no longer saw himself as attractive.

"I wish I wasn't me." Kurt whispered. He looked down at his arms, seeing the times he had harmed himself. He cut and burned himself, and honestly, he loved it. He loved hurting himself, because he felt as if he needed to do it.

He had no one there for him. His mother didn't pay him any attention, his father treated him like shit, and he had no friends. He was alone, and that's one thing he didn't enjoy very much.

A loud knock at the door nearly caused Kurt to have a heart attack. He just stood there, thinking of where to hide. Under his bed? In his closet? It was the same places, and his father had them figured out, even if he was wasted.

The door swung open, Kurt's father standing on the other side. Just looking at him made Kurt tremble in fear. His eyes looked like they were a shade of red. He looked like Satan. Evil seemed to be written all over his face, along with a devilish grin.

He stepped inside, tripping around. He pushed Kurt down on the bed with only one hard push. Kurt shut his eyes, waiting for the punches to be thrown. But punches weren't thrown.

Instead, his father began to undress him. Kurt kicked at him, pleading and screaming to let him go. But a hard slap across the face instantly shut him Kurt up.

He knew what was about to happen. The thought sickened him. He could literally feel puke coming up. How could a father do such a thing to his own son?

But Kurt was too weak. He couldn't fight back. So he just laid there, letting tears run down his cheeks, and prayed it would be over soon.


Kurt gently sat in his seat, still sore from the events that happened last night. He felt so disgusted. He just wanted to disappear and never come back.

Mr. Grohl walked into the room, a big smile on his face. Kurt began to wonder what he was so happy about. And he really wished he could be that happy.

He wished the bad thoughts wouldn't come to his mind every night like they did. He wished he didn't spend most of the nights crying himself to sleep. He wished he didn't live in constant fear. He wished he didn't wonder why he was here.

"Kurt? You okay?" The teacher asked. Kurt blushed, hating that all attention had turned to him. He hated being so shy.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He said, just loud enough to where Dave could barely hear him. But Dave could see he wasn't okay.

His blue eyes had a tint of sadness in them. He looked as if he barely slept. He just looked miserable.

But Dave didn't bother to ask further questions. He decided to wait until after class and drop it for now.

The class went by slow. Well, for Kurt anyway. He wanted school to end, but then again he didn't, because he didn't want to go back home to what awaited him.

And of course, he wouldn't dare tell anyone what happened. It was too embarrassing for him.

The loud bell rang through everyone's ears. The students jumped up from their seats, eager to get out of the room. Except Kurt. He slowly put his things away before standing up and making his way to the door.

"Kurt? Can I speak with you?" Mr. Grohl asked. Kurt nodded and stepped up to his desk.


Mr. Grohl stood up. "Are you sure you're alright? You just seem so upset today."

Kurt looked down, avoiding eye contact. "Yeah, I'm great. I promise."

"You can be honest with me, Kurt. You could tell me anything and it would stay between just me and you."

And Kurt really wished he could trust someone. He wish he had a friend. Someone to tell him things would be okay.

"I said I'm okay." Kurt said, but not in a mean way. "I'm just really tired. I stayed up late playing guitar. I'm sorry."

Dave sighed. He knew there was something his student wasn't telling him, but he decided to just leave it alone.

"Okay. If you're sure... You can go now. I'll see you tomorrow. Have a good day, Kurt."

"You too." Kurt replied before rushing out the door.

Mr. Grohl tapped his chin, wondering what was really the problem. And he would do anything to figure it out. Even if he had to spy on him.


"Oh god!" Kurt screamed, his hand moving faster as Dave pound into him from behind.

"Mr. Grohl... I-I..."

"You what?" Dave whispered in his ear. He grabbed a fistful of Kurt's blonde locks and pulled his head back.

"I love being treated like your whore." Kurt admitted. His teacher grinned before placing kisses down his neck.

"Mm. You're so tight baby." Dave whispered in his student's ear. Kurt moaned softly from underneath him.

"Oh... I'm gonna... Mr. Grohl... I'm gonna..."

"Gonna what?" He asked in a whisper.

"Kurt! Get up for school!" His mother yelled, waking him up from his dream. After seeing her son was awake, his mother went back downstairs.

Kurt's heart thumped in his chest. He pulled the cover off him to see his sheets were a dirty mess. He couldn't believe such dream he had.

But he didn't have time to think about it. He quickly changed his sheets and got ready for the day.


"Detention, Mr. Cobain!" Mr. Cantrell said, slamming a note on Kurt's desk. Kurt slowly rose his head up from the desk and blinked a few times. He was so sleepy, he could hardly keep his eyes open.

"Which room?" Kurt asked.

"Room 124."

That was Mr. Grohl's room. But Kurt didn't really mind. He was actually probably Kurt's favorite teacher. He always seemed to be nice to Kurt, and treat him like no other students. But Kurt didn't really think anything of it.

With only two class periods left, the rest of the day went by pretty smoothly. Kurt was actually glad to have to stay after school. It meant less time at home.

After the hallways were mostly empty, Kurt knocked on Mr. Grohl's door. Only after a few seconds passed by, Mr. Grohl opened the door, inviting Kurt inside the classroom.

He gave the teacher the note, explaining why he had detention. Dave looked over it before looking up at Kurt.

"Falling asleep in class, hm? Such a bad boy." Mr. Grohl teased him. Kurt took a deep breath in before taking a seat in the front of the class. He was surprised to see there was no other students in the room. But it was Friday, so most students were probably on their best behavior today.

Dave took a seat as his desk and the room fell into silence. As Kurt stared at the floor, Dave was reminded of his fantasy. The ones where he fucked Kurt right in detention.

And right here the two were. No other teachers or students in the building. Everyone was gone, and everything was quiet.



"You're falling asleep again." Mr. Grohl said with a chuckle. Kurt rubbed his tired eyes.

"I-I'm sorry." Kurt whispered. He was just so tired. And when he got tired, he just let everything out. And he did. Tears began to pour down his cheeks.

"Kurt?" His teacher whispered. He stood up from his seat and quickly walked over to Kurt. He kneeled down in front of him.

"Shhhh. Don't cry, Kurt."

"Fuck, I just wish I was dead, you know that? This week has been so. Fucking. Terrible."

"Why has it been so terrible?" Dave asked, rubbing Kurt's back for comfort.

"I can't tell you."


Kurt sniffled. "Because you'll tell the cops and all this shit. And I don't want that."

"What if I promise not to say a word?" Mr. Grohl asked.

"Okay... But promise me."

"I promise whatever you tell me will only stay between me and you. I won't tell a soul."

"My dad... He... Well, never mind."

"It's okay. Come on, just spit it out."

Kurt looked into his teacher's eyes, wondering if it was okay to say. But he didn't really care anymore. He couldn't just keep it to himself. He just wanted someone to care.

"My dad beats me. He beats me almost every night unless I get lucky enough for him to pass out on the way up the stairs. And for the past few days... he's been... ra-...raping me."

Mr. Grohl's eyes widened. His hands balled into fist. And his teeth sank deeply into his bottom lip.

But he tried to calm himself. He knew anger wasn't the best way to handle the situation. And he wouldn't want to scare Kurt.

"Kurt, please tell me it isn't true." He pleaded. Kurt wiped his eyes.

"I wish I could."

Dave didn't know what to do. His heart felt broke. How could such bad things happen to someone so wonderful?

Mr. Grohl took Kurt into his arms, giving him a strong hug. And that was exactly what Kurt needed at the moment. He could say he felt a bit better telling someone what had been occurring, but he really hoped Dave keeps his promise and doesn't tell anyone.

"It's going to be okay, Kurt. You're not going home tonight. You're coming with me." Dave whispered in his ear. And all Kurt could do was agree.


"This is wrong though. Teachers aren't suppose to have students at their house." Kurt pointed out.

"Which is why no one knows, and no one is going to know." Dave said.

"Mr. Grohl?"

"You can call me Dave. Outside of school of course."

"Okay. But, my father is going to be so upset. It'll be worse when I do go back."

"Then you can't go back. You can stay here with me."

"Someone will eventually find out." Kurt sighed. Dave shook his head.

"Don't doubt yourself. No one ever comes here. Well, except my friend, Krist. But don't worry he's cool. He won't tell anyone."

Kurt was unsure though. He knew someone would eventually find out. Nothing ever works as planned. But for now, he was happy to be safe and away from his father.

"I hope you don't mind sharing a room with me." He said. "I only have one bedroom because you know, it's only me here."

"It's okay. That's fine."

"Okay. Well, come on. You can take a shower and lay down. I know you're tired. You can borrow some of my clothes."


Dave watched as Kurt walked out of the bedroom, wearing one of his old t-shirts and pajamas. They were a bit too big, but it was so adorable Dave could just squeeze him.

"I feel weird wearing another persons underwear." Was all Kurt said. Dave chuckled a little.

"You'll get used to it. Does your parents ever leave throughout the day? Maybe we could stop by and you could sneak in and get some clothes."

Kurt shrugged. "My mom works most of the time. My dad's only gone when he needs to get more beer."

"Well we have the whole weekend to hopefully sneak in." Dave said. Kurt nodded.

"Yeah. So, umm, I guess I'll sleep in the floor."

Dave shook his head. "Nu uh. You can sleep with me. Unless your uncomfortable with that. Then I'll sleep in the floor."

Kurt really didn't want to put him out of his own bed. So he agreed they could both sleep in the bed. Besides, it wasn't uncomfortable to him.

That is, unless he has one of those dreams again.

"Are you ready for bed? I'm pretty tired." Dave asked. Kurt wrapped his arms around his teacher, catching him by surprise.

"Thank you, Dave. For letting me stay with you, and not telling anyone about this. You're very kind, and I don't know how I could repay you."

Dave smiled and wrapped his arms around Kurt. He just realized Kurt was super skinny. He wondered if he starved himself. But he did eat a bunch of Mac n Cheese that he requested for.

"I just want to make sure you're safe, Kurt." Dave whispered, making Kurt smile a bit.

"Well," Kurt said, pulling away from the hug. "Let's go to bed now."

The two laid down, their backs pressed together. As bad as Dave wanted to turn around and wrap his arm around Kurt, he didn't. But being beside him was better than nothing. So after saying goodnight, the two fell into a deep sleep.

And then the dirty dreams began to play in Kurt's head.

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