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1983. Just a typical May 1983 day. Just a saturday, nothing special.

A young, long-haired, blonde teen was walking through the street. He's 16 years. He wasn't really popular between the girls, who liked muscled guys before him. He didn't liked himself. He almost never smiled. He was thin, and he's never been on a relationship before. He never though he could be in one.

Some minutes later, he arrives to his best friend's house. A classic house, with two floors. His best friend was alone, because his mother got shopping. That means she'll take almost three hours.

The blonde calls at his best friend's house. He hears someone walking.

"Who is?"
"It's me, your idiot. Open."

The blonde was in trouble. He wasn't only less popular than other guys, but he also was their 'guinea pig'. He received lots of abuse and mockery because of being weaker than them.

His best friend opened the door.

"Oh, it's you, Kurt. Come in."

Kurt entered. He got to the living room, and sat on the sofa. He began crying. His best friend sat along him. He was really tall, and he often banged his head with the door. He was kind, and knew exactly what was happening to Kurt.

"You have problems?"
"Why should I tell you? You're not an useless weak bastard like me."
"You're not useless! Why do you say that?"
"Krist, girls don't like me... They think I'm an idiot who constantly wants to kill himself. Then there's the whole famous guy club... They..."

Krist took a tissue and cleaned Kurt's tears.

"Shhh, don't cry... What happened?"
"They hurt me. Not only with insults, but they... Would you take off my tee? I don't feel like taking it off myself..."

Krist carefully took off Kurt's tee, and saw a huge wound in his right shoulder. It was bleeding a little.

"What have they done to you!?"
"They abused me like... Like they always do... I told them to leave me b-but one of them began hurting my arm. They were laughing and... I couldn't do anything. I couldn't protect myself, they're stronger than me. I'm useless."
"Agh, stop saying you're useless. I'll bring some bandages and see if I can help you with that wound."

He went to the bathroom, and took out a medical kit. He got the bandages, cotton, and some alcohol, and quickly got back to the living room.

"I'm back. I brough something to help you with your wound. It will hurt a little, but I'll try not to hurt you more than you are."

Krist poured little alcohol in the cotton, and stroked Kurt's wound with it. Kurt began crying a little. It hurt more than he though.

"Shhh, it's alright. You'll get better, I promise."

After using the cotton, he wrapped the bandage aroung the wound, trying to cover the whole wound. Kurt was trying not to move in order to let Krist help him with his wound.

"Is this enough?"
"Y-yes. I feel a little better. Stills hurting, but less."
"Ah, you'll get better. Just have a little pattience. Everything will be alright."
"You're talking to me like I was a pregnant woman giving birth. That, or you care too much for me."
"Nah, I don't care for me like you were my son, but you're my friend, no, my best friend. Best friends are supposed to help each others. That's why I care about you. Because you're my best friend."
"And you're mine... You're my only friend. I don't know anyone besides you who wants to spend time with me."
"You'll find friends. You just have to wait for the right person."
"Oh, you... What time is it, anyway?"
"9:57PM. My mum will arrive soon. You should go home."
"...If I can find one."
"You don't have anywhere to live?"
"I sometimes go to my father's house, but he hates me. Then, I go to the bridge and sleep there. I often go to people's houses and ask them if I can sleep in their houses."
"You can stay tonigh here."
"But your mother..."
"Nah, I'm sure she'll agree. Best friends are supposed to help each others, aren't they?"
"Yes, they are."
"You know you can come whenever you are, I'll be here, ready to help you."
"That sounded like we were boyfriends."
"You're against homosexuality?"
"No, I'm not! I wish I was gay. But I don't know. I've never been with a girl before, nor with a guy. I'm not sure what I am."
"You won't take too many time to discover."
"...So I'm staying at your house, tonight?"
"Yes. I'll get a pajamas for you. It's mines, so don't expect it to coincide with your size. It's obviously bigger."
"Aw... Thanks. You're the best friend I'll ever have."

They hugged, and something happened at Krist's brain. It was like he felt something for Kurt. Not friendship, but stronger. Was it... Love?

Did he just fell in love with Kurt?

-- Narrator's --
The blonde was walking alone, like almost all the time. He was really grateful with Krist, because he helped him the day before. So he bought a pizza and soda to thank him. He wanted to have pizza with Krist, not only because he helped him, but because they were good friends, and friends eat pizza with each other, don't they?

He was close to Krist's house, and suddenly, someone grabbed him by his shoulder. He turned around. "Oh, look, an idiot with a bag. What's in that bag? Show me." Kurt was a little scared. It was easy to get abused in that times. "Won't you show me?" He handled the bag to the taller guy in front of him. "Look guys, this idiot has a pizza and soda. Is this for us? Because thanks". "N-No, it's for a friend... I'm going to h-have dinner with him", he replied, a little scared. "Oh, you're going to have dinner with a friend? How childish! Only kids have dinner with their friends!" "That's not childish! H-he's my best friend, can't I have a pizza with him?", Kurt asked, more scared that before.

"I love weak, stupid dudes like you. Guys, why don't we have some fun with this retard?", said a redhead. "Of course we will, Albert!", said the guy in front of Kurt. "We're going to teach him a lesson", said another one. "Listen. The redhead you see is Albert. The muscled one is Zack, and I'm Donny. We don't like people like you." Kurt tried to flee, but Zack grabbed him by his arm, strongly, dragging him closer to that group. "We're going to have lots of fun with you", said Donny. "Hey people! There's an idiot here who has disturbed us! Come and enjoy the spectacle!", yelled Donny.

Albert was holding his bag. Zack threw him down, and he hitted his head with the floor. Kurt began to cry. "The baby's got hurt? C'mon, that's nothing!" Between the people watching them, there was Charlie, one of his gay friends. Charlie knew that he was suffering, but if he tried to help him, he would pay it. There were two guys too, Nicholas and Tom, that used to insult him at the high school, but they wouldn't insult him anymore.

Suddenly, Donny started to kick Kurt, while he was in the floor. He didn't cared about which part of his body was, he kicked him hard. Kurt began crying louder. "Why do you cry? This is nothing! I've done worse things to another idiots!" He took a large stick from the floor, and he didn't only kick Kurt, but he also hit him with the stick. Kurt began to bleed because of a wound in his right arm.

"What are you doing here? Waiting to insult Kurt?", Charlie asked. "No. We're not going to insulte him anymore", Nicholas replied. "Yes. We insulted him because we were bored. We're not bullies, like that guys." Before replying, Charlie could hear how Kurt begged for help. He felt really sorry for him.

"You keep crying?", said Donny. "I can see how useless are you. I don't even know why your mother gave birth." He hitted him harder with the stick, and kicked him faster. "Hey Zack, you should kick him. He's really vulnerable. He won't even defend himself."

Before Zack could do anything, a voice could be heard from the public. "Leave him!" It was Krist. He was watching his friend crying, and getting constantly hit. "Leave my friend alone. He hasn't done anything to you. Why are you hurting him?", Krist asked. "Because he's weak. We won't hit anyone strong. We like to hit weak people", Donny said.

Zack didn't noticed that Krist was behind him. Krist stole Zack's stick, and hitted him, knocking him out. He threw the stick far away. "Hurting people just because they're weak? Have you heard about rights?", he asked to Donny. "Shut up, you hippie." He looked mindfully to Donny. "Ok, ok, we'll leave Kurt. Take that bag, take him. Guys, we're off. Albert, give him the bag. We're over, guys!" Donny took Zack, and he fled, along Albert.

"Are you alright?", Krist asked to a weakened Kurt. He had wounds nearly in his whole body. He was shaking because of the fear. "Y-yes... I'm f-fine... Agh", Kurt replied. Krist held his preciated Kurt like a children. "And what are you looking at? This is over", he said to the people. Most of them got to their houses, except for Charlie, Nicholas and Tom. "Nicholas, I'm not insulting Kurt again. Look what happened", said Tom. Nicholas agreed with him, and they got to their houses, too.

"Is he alright?", Charlie asked. "He'll be fine." "Who takes him? I have to study for a exam", Charlie asked. "I'll take him with me. Good luck, man." Charlie got to his house. It was late. 7:43PM. "I have to ask you something. What's in that bag?", Krist asked. "P-pizza... And soda... I though it w-would be cool to... To have pizza with my b-best friend...", Kurt replied. "I won't make you talk too much. You're really damaged, so you're weakened. I'll take you to my residence. I'll help you with your wounds."

> FIN <

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