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- Dave's POV -
July, your warm and dry July.

People wearing T-Shirts, shirtless guys, people wearing shorts... And then there's Kurt, who stills wearing jackets. I wonder if he knows what is wearing a T-Shirt. Or being shirtless. Well, I'll let him wear whatever he wants. Even dresses.

This is our situation: We're searching somewhere to live. We have enough money to rent a floor. But... What floor?

I start thinking, and my mind stays blank 'till I hear Krist yelling. "Man, I found a floor! You'll like it!" He was pointing at a 4-floor flat, called "The Price Floors". I heard about them. They're not really expensive, so they could be a good place to live.

"Guys, I think we'll live there. Price Floors, here we go!"

[ Some hours after ]

- Kurt's POV -
After talking with the floor's president, which I don't know his name, finally we have somewere to live instead of going house by house like, hi, we're three typical guys and we have to sleep here. Thanks to Krist for finding the floor and to Davey to rent it for all of us.

2nd C is the one they had for us. It isn't neither small nor big, and seems comfortable. It's got a big living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a room which I don't know what it's doing here, but it could be my second room.

While Krist sleeps alone, I sleep with Dave. He's jealous at us because he thinks we're a couple and he has to sleep alone, but Dave's jealous at him because his bed is bigger than ours. Why should he be jealous? Krist is so huge I feel sorry for the door. The door is just 6' 5" and Krist is 6' 8". He deserved that bed.

Anyways, we've have a floor. We have somewhere to live.

I go to the other room and look for something interesting. And there was something interesting. There's a computer. A laptop one. No one of us knows how to use a computer. We don't know about technology. Then I find the computer's manual. I read it for 15 minutes 'till Dave calls. "Hey, I bought some food. Why don't we have some pasta for dinner?" I check the clock. 8:42PM, goddamn. We're really hungry, even I'm hungry.

We got to the kitchen.

- Dave's POV -
We're having dinner right now. Krist is eating like a beast, I'm eating like I never did before and Kurt is eating. But he's not barely eating like he always does. He's eating like he was really hungry. That's really strange. I don't remember Kurt being that hungry before.

"Any problems, couple?" asks Krist. "Dammit, we're having dinner, you shouldn't ask us about our problems", I reply. "So you're really a couple?" he asks again. "No, we just have a strong connection. That we sleep together doesn't mean that we're a couple", I reply. Kurt is just eating and looking at us discussing.

Grrr, we're not a couple! We just have a strong connection. But... I love Kurt. I haven't been able to tell him yet, and I don't think I'll be able to tell him. We'll be a couple someday... If I'm able to show him my feelings someday. By now, we'll just sleep together.

"Then why are we sleeping together?", asks Kurt. "Because Krist is so damn huge he needs his own bedroom", I reply. Krist looks at me like I said something weird. Then he starts laughing. "Why is he laughing?", I ask. "I don't know. We've been friends since I was 16 and he's always been that weird", replies Kurt. I didn't knew they knew each other 7 years before I met them. Shouldn't they have a stronger connection? Ugh, I'm hungry like hell. I better finish my pasta.

We finish our dinner and I start washing the dishes and everything. "Can I help you?", asks Kurt. "No thanks, I can do this alone" I reply. "Why don't you go to the living room and rest a little 'till I finish washing?" I ask him. "It sounds like a good idea", he replies. He goes to the living room and turns on the TV. Nothing interesting, just The Simpsons.

- Kurt's POV -
While Krist is having a shower, Dave is washing the dishes and I'm watching TV. What a weirdo. Having a shower at 9:58PM? I wouldn't do that, even if they pay me. I think is because it helps him relax when he goes to bed. I'll let him, because he's one of my best friends along Dave.

I keep watching TV when someone knocks. I go to the door and ask. "Who is?" "It's your neighbour, man. I heard you're new, so I came to tell you some stuff", she replies. I know it's a girl because of the voice. Krist asks who is and I reply it's a girl who came to present herself. He gets of the shower and comes at the door, half naked. He's just covering his chest. I can see all his, erm, things down there.

"Ok, I'll open the door", I say. I open the door and she looks at Krist with the weirdest face I never saw. "Tell your friend I can see his elephant saying hi", she says. Krist flees to his room and quickly changes to his pajamas. Dave finished washing the dishes and comes at the door. "Who is?", he asks. "Our neighbour", I reply. Krist comes back, really ashamed because our neighbour could see his elephant.

"My name is Stacey. I'm ya neighbour. Don't think about me like the classic girl 'cause I'm manlier than my roommate", she says. I think is our turn. "Well, I'm Dave Grohl. This blonde you see here is my best friend, Kurt Cobain, and this huge weirdo next to me is Krist Novoselic", Dave replies.

"Krist Novoselic? It sounds like one of that Russian names", she says. "I'm actualy half-Croatian", Krist replies. "And why did you call me weirdo? I'm not a weirdo!", he yells at Dave. He got angry with him. But that's normal. "I'm sorry. They're jealous of each other. I don't know why. Probably because Dave shares room with me". I start laughing. She stares awkwardly at them and says "at least they look normal roommates. Not like my roommate. He's strange.", she replies. "That was all I had to tell ya. If ya need something, just knock at 2nd A and I'll reply. Bye!". Stacey goes back to her door.

"Goddammit. This was all because of you, Dave! I found a girl I like and you had to call me a weirdo! Now she think's I'm a weirdo", Krist yells. Dave is just ignoring him. "Anyways, it's really late. We should sleep", he says. I check my clock. 11:28. Time flies.

- Dave's POV -
I'm in bed with my Kurt. Krist is snoring like nobody has done. So loud I can hear his breath.

It's really warm but I don't want to open the windows because mosquitos and moths would enter and have the party of their lives with our blood and clothes.

I'm tired of all of what happened today. I wrap my arm around Kurt's body and sleep.


- ?'s POV -
Another warm day. And another day of psychology sessions. Yes, I'm a psychologist. People comes at my floor when they need help. And I don't really care, but I don't know why I'm working this summer. I should take a rest.

By now, I better turn on the air conditioner. It's really hot in here. Suddenly, someone knocks at the door.

"Brother, brother! Someone needs your help!"
"I know, Clifford. I know", I reply to him.
Clifford is my little brother. Since he's on holidays, I'll let him watch TV, go out with friends and do whatever he wants.

I open the door, and there's a guy with long hair standing in front of me. He seems worried.

"Who are you? And how did you end here?" I ask.
"My name is Dave. I heard there was a really good psychologist here, so I came", he replied.
"I never seen you before", I replied.
"Me and my friends moved here. We live at 2nd C", he said.
"Oh, my mistake. I don't usually notice people moving here", I replied. "I'm Berthold Buckingham. 24 years, British, psychologist. I don't know why I'm working at summer, but if you have some problems, I'll asisst you".

- Berthold's POV -
"So, what's your problem, kid?" I ask.
"Well... I'm in love with one of my roommates, but I don't know how to tell him, and I don't know if he loves me too".
"Oh, love issues. Tell me", I reply.
"His name is Kurt, but I want to call him 'Kurtie' without him looking awkwardly at me. He's a little depressive, but he's really fun and a good guy to talk with", he says.
"Ahem. Since when you, umm, love him, Sir Dave?" I ask him.
"Since five months ago, when we met. We're good friends, but I feel like we could be something bigger", he said. "I don't know how to make him know, or how to tell him..."
"You're in love with someone but you don't know how to tell him? I think I have a solution for this", I reply.
"Tell me!", he yells.
"First, you look at his eyes. Then, you start with a short, but emotional speech. After the speech, if he asks you what do you mean, tell him that you love him. If he doesn't ask anything, just tell him that you love him", I tell him.
"Are you sure that will do?", he asks me.
"Of course. Just have faith in yourself".
"Oh, thanks, Sir Berthold! I'll try it", he replies.

I think I did something well. But I don't know if that will do.

- Dave's POV -
I'm at the couch with my Kurt. Oh, I'm really scared. I don't know how he will react... 'Calm down, man', I say to myself. I wrap my arm behind Kurt's neck and start my speech.

"There's... There's something I must tell you", I tell him, looking at his blue eyes, blue like the sky.
"What is it?", he asks.
"Well... Five months have passed since we met, and, erm, how to tell you... My feelings about you have grown really fast, and... Um, you're special for me. I-I think there can be something between us, but all this time I haven't been able to tell you. Now I'm ready..."
"What do you mean?", he asks again.
"Kurt, I love you. But not as a friend. I would, no, I want you to be my boyfriend... If you want, of course", I tell him, nearly crying.
"Oh... That was it... Well, Dave, I love you too", he replies.
My heart beats faster than everyday. "Really?", I ask him.
"Yes! I would be glad if we were a couple", he tells me, nearly smiling.
"Thank you!"
We hug and Krist enters.
"What the fuck are you doing!?", he asks, looking at us with his weird face.
"We're now boyfriends, Krist!", I tell him.
"...Oh. Maybe you're going to kiss, and then you're going to MY bedroom and make things I can't imagine", he says. "Well, I'll let you be a couple, but I want to join the club too!"
"You'll be the candleholder", Kurt replies.
"Damn. I leave you, couple". He winks and goes to his bedroom.

I hold my Kurt's hand, and we kiss. Romantically. This is so exciting, and strange... The brit's solution worked.

And... Kurt loved me too.


- Kurt's POV -
What a busy day. All I want is to lay on my bed and take a nap, but no. Krist took me to a lounge close to the floors, called "Sven's Lounge". In the other side, Dave's watching TV because he was more tired than us.

We arrive, and Krist gets really annoyed because the doors are a little small for him. We finally enter, and a blonde comes quickly.

"W-Who are you? New visitors?", he asks.
"Yep! We came to have a beer", Krist replies.
"Cool! My name is Sven, that's why I called my Lounge like that. I-I'm from Oslo, Norway, as you can notice in my accent".
"Nice to meet you, Sven. I'm Krist, and this is my best friend, Kurt. Don't expect anything too far from 'best friend0, okay?", Krist said, smiling like a retard.
"Oh-kay", Sven replies.

We sit around a little desk, who has a candle on its center. Sven brings us two beers, one for each one. Krist is drinking like a beast and finishes his beer really quickly. I'm drinking slowly. He looks at me.

"What's the matter? You tired, Stick?", he askes. Yeah, he calls me 'Stick' because I'm really thin. I don't mind, but that nickname is a little annoying.
"A little. I'm sleepy right now", I reply.
"Yeah, you take a short nap and then you don't sleep at night", he tells me. "You're really weird, Stick."
"Stop calling me Stick. It sounds weird. And you are weirder than me, man", I reply. He laughs.
"Do you want another one, or that was enough?", Sven asks.
"No, that's enough. The Stick is tired, I have to bring him to the floor", Krist replies.
"Awesome. 6 dollars, please", Sven says.
"Here ya have", Krist says, giving Sven the dollars.
"Thanks for the visit, guys! Hope to see you soon!" Sven yelled.

- Dave's POV -
The guys are taking a little long to arrive. I've been watching TV all this time, and I'm not tired. Just a crappy movie about a woman killing her neighbour because she had relationships with her husband. The typical Saturday evening.

Someone knocks at the door. Yeah, the guys are here. I open the door, and notice that my Kurt is sleepy.

"Kurtie, you should take a nap", I tell him.
"That was what I was going to do", he replies.
"Where have you been?", I ask.
"Oh, we've been at a Norwegian lounge close to the floors. Nothing interesting. Just me and the Stick drinking beers", Krist replies.
"If you call him 'Stick' again, I'll shave you", I tell him.
"Damn. You call him 'Kurtie' and it doesn't matter, but I call him Stick and it's serious business!". Krist gets annoyed.
"I can call him 'Kurtie' because he's my boyfriend", I reply.
"Guys, stop discussing. I'm really tired", Kurt says. "I'll take a nap, then".
"Okay, Kurtie. Sweet nap!" I kiss his cheek and Krist looks at me with his weird face.
"Whoa, man, you kissed him! Look everyone, Dave kissed Kurt! What's next? Kurtie and Davie fucking in their bedroom? I can't wait for the next chapter!" He starts saying unknown words and dancing like a drunkard.
"...Don't think he's a weirdo. When we were younger he acted like that too", Kurt told me.
"I don't think you'll be able to sleep after watching Krist like that", I tell him. He laughs.
"I think so. I'll try to". He goes to our bedroom.

After all of this, I think Krist has a new name. Krist Drunkardselic. "Everything fits with 'Selic', who knows?" I laugh and go to the living room to watch TV.


- Kurt's POV -
I love Dave. And he loves me. It's been three days since he told me his feelings about me. I still surprised. There's... There's someone who truly loves me. Then there's Krist. We're like brothers.

I'm on my room, reading a book. Nothing interesting, just a violence themed book. Someone knocks at the door. "Hey Kurt, it's me, Dave!"

Oh, Dave. I'm glad you came.

I open the door and he enters. I sit on our bed and he askes me what I'm reading. "Nah, is not really interesting. Just a lame violence book, nothing really good". He laughs. I give him the book and he takes a look. "C'mon, this isn't even violence. Is just people fighting another people. I wonder why this is called 'violence'!" He throws the book at the floor.

Suddenly, the phone rings. Dave quickly picks it and replies. "Who is?" "Hey Dave, it's me, Joey! Don't you remember?"

Joey is one of his friends. He has a friend group, aside from us. It's been a while since they don't go out.

"Ah yeah, Joey. How's been?" "Fine! I think we could go out, like we did before. Remember? Me, you, Kyle and Lia. The Magestic Four!" "Yes, I remember!" "Well David, would you like to hang out with us again? Like we used to do two years ago."

There's an awkward silence in the room, and Krist is looking at us with weird faces, like always.

"Erm... Yes! I would be glad to hang out with you! At which hour?" "10:00PM. We'll be back a little late, so tell your mates." "When will we return home?" "Around 1:00AM or 2:00AM. What do you think?" "It's late, but it's OK."

Krist is sitting next to me. Dave looks at us and tells us his business.

"Promise me you'll take care of yourself", I tell him. "Don't worry babe, I'll be careful", he replies. "You aren't talking seriously, aren't you? Man, you're 22 years old. You can perfectly take care of yourself!", Krist yells.

"Shut up! I know perfectly what to do. I don't need advice from an old man. And it's nearly 10:00PM, so I'll get ready", Dave replies.

"Dave, it's already 10:00PM. You should be quick. You're late", I tell him. "Agh! Get the fuck out, Jesus Krist, I'm dressing!", he screams. He's dressing really quick. Krist slowly gets out of our room. "Jesus me? Oh, thanks!"

~~~~ ---- ---- ---- ---- ~~~~

It's already 1:47AM. I'm worrying about Dave so much I can't sleep. Krist is watching crappy movies, because there's nothing interesting right now, and I'm in my room, trying to sleep.

"Come here, Stick. I need to talk with you!", he yells. "Goddamit, Jesus Krist, don't call me that!", I reply. "Then why can you call me 'Jesus Krist'?", he asks. "Because it sounds cool. 'Kurt the Stick' is not cool", I reply.

He's sitting in the sofa and I sit next to him. He gets closer to me and it feels awkward. "So... how's your relationship, Princess?" he asks. "Um, why am I the princess?", I ask him. "Because you look so innocent. How's your relationship?" "Nothing interesting... We only kiss. We haven't done other things yet." He laughs. "But you will. And you'll tell him it will hurt. He'll tell you it won't and then you lovebirds will make things I don't want to think about." "That's sick, man! I'm not thinking about making love to him... Yet." "Yet, you say. You're going to make it, and when you make it, I'll be in my room, listening, like an idiot." "Like an idiot you are", I tell him.

Someone knocks at the door. It's Dave. It can't be someone else. I open the door and yes, it was Dave.

"'Grill', I missed you so much!" I hug him strongly. "Grill? Just because 'grill' and Grohl sound similar, you're calling me Dave Grill?", he asks. "Yes. Right now I'm Kurt the Stick, Krist is Jesus Krist and you're Dave Grill", I reply. "Umm, we should call you Angel. Kurt Cobangel." We smile. Krist is behind us, looking at us with a really weird face.

"Why don't you go to sleep, couple? It's too late for you kids to stay awake!" He yells. "Ah yes... I've been partying too hard. We should get sleep. You can watch dirty late-night TV shows, Jesus Krist. If you want", he tells Krist.

We go to our bedrooms and I go to bed. "Dave. We have to talk before sleeping. Krist told me if that someday, we'll do things. Dirty things. In our bedrrom. And he'll be listening in his bedroom, like an idiot he is". "Oh, you know how stupid he can be sometimes. Sure we love both enough to kiss and hug and do all that things, but I don't know. It could hurt. And I'm a virgin". "I knew you would say that, but I didn't knew you were a virgin", I reply.

"Shut up, guys! I'm trying to watch this shit!", Krist yells, from the living room.

"...yeah, we should go to sleep. G'night, Angel". He kisses me on the cheek and we sleep.


-- Dave's POV --
I'm really bored. Man, why is July so boring? It's inhumanly warm, too, so I'm shirtless. Krist thinks I'm crazy, but I'm sweating like I never did before and we need a fan. Because it's really hot here. Hotter in the street.

I go to the kitchen and pick up some ice, thinking it would melt fast, but I'm sure it won't. I take an ice cube and place it in my belly. It's damn cold, and it's melting a little fast. "I could cook an egg in my belly", I think. I laught a little.

Kurt's tired of this inhuman hot weather, too. I go to our room, and he's laying on our bed, staring at the ceiling.

"What are you doing? Talking with the ceiling?", I ask.
"Dave, I have to ask you something...", he replies.
"What is it?"
"Do... Do you think I'm ugly?", he says, looking at me with his piercing blue eyes.
"Of course you're not! You're beautiful. More beautiful than most of the girls out there!", I reply.
"Are you sure? Just look at me... I'm fucking thin. My body is disgusting. And my face was made by the Devil. I'm not... I'm a monster", he says, nearly crying.
"Don't say that! Kurtie, you're beautiful. At least for me. I don't care if you're too thin, your body is not disgusting, you just have to eat a little more. What has done the world to you to make you think you're ugly?" I reply.
"It was... when I was a teen, with 16 to 17 years. I was abused by a group of strong, tall guys who laughed at me because I was... Trash, trash for them".
"Shh, calm down. You shouldn't believe people when they tell you that things. You're not ugly, nor a monster. You're how you are", I reply, stroking his cheek.
"...You're not lying? You're saying the truth", he says. I nod.
"I'm not lying. I couldn't lie to you. You're special for me", I reply.

-- Kurt's POV --

-----O----- WARNING! Slashy Scene Ahead! -----O-----
I kiss Dave, short and soft, but lovely. He kisses me on the cheek, and I hug him strongly. I barely hear his heartbeats, but they are fast. Like he was excited. Really excited.

Suddenly, we kiss, and I feel butterflies in my stomach. I roll my tongue with his, and he's breathing fast.

"A-Are you sure you want to make this?" He asks.
"I'm sure. Don't worry. I'll be careful", I reply.

We kiss again, and I kiss him for a long time. He's sweating because of the high temperature, and I think I'm too. Our tongues are dancing, and I take my tee off because of the temperature.

"It's so goddamn hot here."
"I know, dear. I'll take mines off, too."

Dave takes his tee off and I can finally see how hot he is. He's got the perfect body. I touch his muscles, and start massaging his belly. He moans lowly. I think he's liking it. Slowly, I start to suck on his nipple. He moans a little louder than before. I think I'm doing right with him.

I think he wants something more. Something I can give him. But it's his first time and I'm not sure if he'll like it.

"Dude, do you really want me to make that to you?", I ask him. "It will hurt."
"I know it will hurt", he replies. "Do it, please. Show me your love."
"Hmmkay. But I'm telling you it will hurt."

I start unzipping his trousers, and then I take off his underwear. He's damn hard. 20cm. It's not bad for him. I lick his dick a little and he moans lowly. I wonder if there's someone listening to us.

I stop licking, and I take off my trousers and underwear. He looks at my 17cm and smiles.

"So... Are you ready?" I ask him.
"I think I am. And you?"
"I am. But it will hurt, man."
"I know!"

He lays on his stomach and I'm above him. I can't believe I'm doing this. Slowly, I thrust my manhood inside him. He cries loudly. I told him it would hurt. But he's so brave I didn't knew he had a tender side.

I began to thrust in and out. He's crying because of the pain, and I feel bad for him. It's his first time. He never did this before. I know how it feels. I surround his dick with my hand and shake it, just to give him a little pleasure.

About a minute later, he starts moaning. Loud, but lovely. Because of my hand. I don't think he started to like this. I keep thrusting in and out with all the love I feel for him, and I'm moaning too.

"D-Dude... This is so good", he says, while I'm riding him.
"I know."

I can't believe this is happening. In fact, I think I'm going to wake up because of Krist slapping me. But not. This is actually happening. And I love it. And he does too.

"Something... Something wants to come out", he says, moaning louder than I expected.
Our first time and he's orgasming!?

Little later, he finally comes. He explodes in my fist, and fills our bed with his 'juice'. I come a little later, outside him, soaking his back with my 'juice'.

I've done this. We've done this. And I'm glad we've done this.

Someone knocks at the door. It's obviously Krist, who has been listening to our poems from the living room. He nearly catches us. I'm laying over Dave, breathing, and he's smiling and breathing hard.

"Looks like someone had an incredible experience, doesn't it?", he asks, smiling ear-to-ear.
"Why the fuck did you enter? You broke our romantic layout!", Dave replies.
"Tell me, how was it? Did it hurt? Did the Stick ride you like a bitch?"
"Shut up!" Dave rises from our bed and slaps Krist.
"...Is that yours?", Krist says, looking at Dave's manhood.
"We've just done this, and you want me to tell you the whole experience?" I ask him. "Go to your room, Krist, you're drunk."
"Oh. Kay, but if I catch you again, you're telling me your games. With details!"
"Alright...", I reply. "I won't", I whisper to my Davie. He laughs.

-- Dave's POV --
We've just done this. It hurted. If it wasn't for him shaking my maraca, I wouldn't have gave him my juice.

I'm not virgin anymore. I wasn't expecting to do it with a guy. But I did it, with a guy who loves me.

And I'm fine.


-- Narrator's --
Dave couldn't believe they just done that. Two days ago, he was a virgin. Now, he's not a virgin anymore, but he never though that he would lose virginity that way. He always though he would make it with a girl, but it was with a guy. And it hurt. But, after all, he liked it.

He wouldn't tell anyone about his experience. He wanted to keep his status clean. If someone asked, he would tell them he hasn't found a girl yet.

Obviously, Krist was watching TV, and Kurt was in his room. Dave was making sandwiches for everyone. It was lunch time, so they should have something.

After making a sandwich, Dave went to Kurt's room to give it to him. Dave knew he barely ate, but he wanted to make sure he ate. Before entering, he could hear Kurt crying. Something was happening.

"What's happening?", Dave asked.
Kurt didn't reply. He was in one of his depressions. He was too sad to reply.
"Answer me, please. What's wrong?", Dave asked again. "I know that sometimes I can be an idiot, but I don't know what's wrong with you!"
"Leave me!", Kurt screamed. "I need to be alone! I don't need anyone!"
"I won't leave you unless you tell me what's wrong!"
"You want to know what's wrong!?"
"I have to know what's wrong with you, Kurt."
There was a silence on the room.
"...I know that you think that I'm in one of my depressions. But... Ow!"
"What the hell!? There's blood coming from your right arm!"
Dave grabbed Kurt's right arm and saw two cuts near the wrist, one of them was deep, and the other one was large.
"You... You were cutting yourself!? What's wrong with you, again?"
"I don't want to live anymore!"
"Don't say that! Why don't you want to live? You have lots of time left!"
"I hate myself. I hate my life. And I hate the world!"
Kurt cried louder. Dave was worrying for him.
"Calm down! You don't have to hate anyone! Listen! I know your life sucks, at least for you, but why are you doing this!?"
"Because it keeps me away from my depression... That's why!"
"Fuck, you're bleeding too much. I'm going to the bathroom to pick up some bandages. Stay here. And don't cut yourself again. Understand?"
Kurt stoped crying. Dave always made him feel better. At least, a little.

-- Kurt's --
Damn, now Dave knows I cut myself. He must think I'm crazy or that I have a severe mental disorder, but that's not true. I'm not depressed, I'm just tired of my life.

He wrapped that bandages around my cuts. He told me to relax a little. He got to the kitchen to continue with our lunch, but inmediatly he came back.

"I forgot. I've been thinking about taking you to a psychiatrian. Not the brit, but one I know really well. He might help you."

I don't want to go to a psychiatrian. I'm fine, goddammit.

-- Dave's --
I can't believe Kurt was doing that. Physical pain to keep himself away from his mental pain? That didn't sound really good. He's hurting himself both physically and mentally, I should help him. If he wanted me to.

He needs to rest. That cuts in his wrist couldn't be real. But they were. I'm scared on what he could do. Because I love him too much. If he killed himself... I wouldn't know what I would do. I would kill myself. I can't look at him like that.

He's everything for me. I have to stay with him. In the best, and in the worst.

-- Narrator's --
Kurt was asleep right now. He could've took the "relax a little" too serious. But he needed to rest.

Dave was in the living room, with Krist. He needed someone to talk with.

"What happened in your room, man? Something wrong with Kurtie?", Krist asked.
"Not only something wrong... Kurt's depression is worse than before."
"What's wrong?"
"I saw him on the room... And he... He cutted himself."
"That's it... There were two cuts in his wrist. He was crying because of the pain, but... He though that hurting himself physically would soothe his mental pain... His depression. I think he... He wants to kill himself."
"He can't kill himself! He's our best friend. We should do something."
"I don't know how we could help him. I though about bringing him to a psychiatrian. Not Berthold. I know someone who's pretty good with depressive people. We could bring him there."
"What's his name?"
"Jordan Gordon. He once helped one of my friends with a huge depression and social anxiety. Now he's better."
"We'll call him tomorrow. By now, why don't you just keep an eye in Kurt?"
"Jesus Krist, why should I keep an eye on him and not you?"
"Because I have better things to do. Watch TV and enjoy the summer, for example."
"Kurt is like your brother."
"...Ohkay, I'll help you."
"We're doing this together. We can help him."

~ FIN ~


-- Narrator's --
The next day, Dave called Jordan Gordon, a well-known psychiatrian. Sadly, Jordan was on holidays until September 2nd. Two weeks, but it was too much time for Dave.

"Hey Grill, come here! I have news!", Krist yelled. He was at the living room, obviously watching TV.

Dave got to the living room as soon as posible. "What kind of news?", he asked. "I know why Kurt was so depressed yesterday. He's got bipolar disorder. It's a mental disease that swifts from a maniac, happy mood, to a strong depressive mood. That could explain why he was cutting himself." "Don't remind me. Still scared because of that", Dave replied. He was a little surprised of Krist's knowledge, as he though Krist was a little stupid. But he wasn't.

"And where's Kurt?", Dave asked. "He's in his room. I think he's drawing, because he stole one of my pens." Dave got to Kurt's room, who also was him's. They shared room, because their bed was too small for Krist. "Can I enter?" "Of course you can." Dave was surprised. Kurt didn't sound any depressive or angry this time.

"So you're drawing. Could you show me a drawing?", Dave asked. "You know you can see my drawings, just ask me", Kurt replied. Kurt showed him the drawing. It was a young guy, really thin, with long hair, getting raped by an older, muscled one. The young guy was crying and had his mouth wide open. The older one looked like he was enjoying it. "N-Nice drawing. What does it mean?" "It's hard to explain", Kurt replied. "But it happened to a close friend when we were teens. I wanted to make a graphical representation. We were really vulnerable at that times, so it was easy to get kidnapped, or raped." "I understand", Dave replied, a little surprised.

13:30 arrived. For Krist, it was time to make food for his bandmates, and for him. But no, it was Tuesday. Dave usually makes food at Tuesdays, because around that hours, there was a program that Krist loved a lot. "Grill, why don't you make the food? I have to watch Students!" "I knew you would say that", Dave replied. He got to the kitchen, and Kurt followed him.

"What does my Angel want to eat today?", Dave asked. "It would be good to have some pasta." "We have spaghetti, lasagna, and noodles. What do you want exactly?" "Noodles. We had spaghettis the previous week", Kurt replied. "Ok. I'll take some time. By now, you should go to the living room and wait while Krist laughs like a psycho with that students thing."

Kurt sat on the sofa, along with Krist. "Hey, watch this! Josh doesn't fit in the door, and he's smaller than me! I'm 6' 8", and he's 6' 5". I don't fit in the door too!" "You nearly fit in the bed", Kurt replied. It was really warm outside, and inside, so Kurt turned on the air conditioner. "Um, why do you like Students so much?", Kurt asked. "It's obvious! It tells the story about 5 students and their misadvertures. They're a really diverse group. There's a music lover, the tall one, a smartie, a lazy one, and a girl who doesn't like girl's things. Only The Simpsons can beat it!", Krist replied. "Oh, look at this! Adam the smartie got an A in the Language exam, and he wanted an A+! Now he's angry and paying it with Gray! Ain't that funny?" He laughed so hard he fell from the sofa. He was still laughing.

"I have the weirdest bass player in history", Kurt said. "Worse than Paul McCartney." "Guys, food's ready! Come here if you don't want it to freeze!", Dave yelled. "Why do you think food is going to freeze? It's incredibly warm today", Kurt asked. He got to the kitchen, and left Krist laughing like a weirdo in the floor.

At the kitchen, only Dave and Kurt were eating, because Krist didn't want to miss anything of his lovely TV show. Dave was even more surprised that before. Krist was right with Kurt's mental disease. Kurt was eating. And not a little, but all the noodles. "S-So you were hungry?", Dave asked. "I was. I've been one day without eating. Why would you think I wouldn't eat anything?", Kurt replied.

Kurt was actually bipolar. He changed mood quickly. Not inmediately. Sometimes day-by-day. He could spend 3-4 days with a huge depression, and another 3-4 days being really lovely.

Krist stopped laughing, and Students finished. "You were right. He's got that bipolar thing." "So should we bring him to a psychiatrian? That Jordan guy, remember?", Krist asked. "No. He doesn't need one. He just needs our enderament. I'll do my best", Dave replied. "Cool, but do you think that's enough?" "Yeah. We're good friends, and you're like a brother for him. Even like a father." "No. I'm just like a brother for him. You're his boyfriend. You're right. We can help him", Krist said. "Shut up. We share love, but we're not boyfriends yet. If you say that again, I'll shave you." "I got shaved in 1990, nah." "Umm... You won't watch Students again!", Dave yelled. "Ok ok, I'll shut up", Krist replied.

> FIN <

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