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Ding Ding

That was the barber shop bell. Kurt Cobain walked into his rare hair cutting session. "This is going to be torture." He whispered under his breath and ran a hand over head lovingly, hating to part with any of his gorgeous blond locks.

"Hello." A man with a moustache said enthusiastically, marveling at how much hair this beautiful young man had and thinking how much to over pay for 'extra labor'. "So I'm here for a haircut." Kurt told the man in a sad, cold voice. "Well it won't be too bad, how much do you want off?" He asked nicely with a greedy glint in his dark brown, almost black, eyes. "Just a little." Cobain replied, knowing that this man interpretation of 'a little bit' would probably be the downfall of his looks. "Well I'll only do about an inch, but you could do with a shave as well, so I'll clean you up." Before Kurt could protest he was pushed into a chair and had a towel wrapped around his head.

Dave Grohl walked in quietly from the back and handed the barber 20 dollars. The moustache man smiled evilly, cut out the lights, put the 'Closed' sign in the door and left, Dave heard the old car zoom away. "Okay Kurt," Dave said in a sadistic voice. "blow me off, tell me you don't wanna hang out, we'll see about this." Dave's normally happy, innocent face was demented with rage. He'd thought he loved Kurt but love is a lie. He sat open legged on Kurt's lap and tied him to the chair, at which point Kurt kinda squealed and tried to get out. "What the hell is going on!" He shook his violently and the towel came off and to his horror he saw one of his best friends, one of his only close friends. Before he could even gasp Dave's tongue was down his throat and his hands down his pants. Kurt felt extremely violated but really good at the same time. Dave is the good one. The innocent one. Why would he do this?

Dave looked Kurt in the eyes. "I'll let you go but I swear if you hurt me I'll tie you right back up!" He untied Kurt, a look of anxiousness on his face: Both men were small but if it came down too it, Kurt would win in a scrap. Kurt lunged for the rope, pushed Dave quickly in the chair and tied him up, resuming the position Dave had just used on him. "Bitch if anyone's doing the raping around here it's me!" He quickly kissed Dave's neck while trying to get the skin tight jeans off. "Damn, your tinier than me." He noticed Dave's chicken legs. Dave smiled "Funny how you notice my legs when everything else is just, how do it put artistically, in your face?" Kurt did notice, but would continue to tease Dave until he was as rigid as he had been at first. He sat on him again as he did before and kissed him roughly. "My arms hurt." Dave thought aloud. Kurt bit his neck, drawing blood. "OUCH YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Kurt chuckled. "Your arms don't hurt anymore." Dave glared at him, but the pain subsided and he starred at Kurt lovingly, as usual. "I could make you a Floyd the Barber case, but I choose to not smother you in my ass." Dave blinked twice. "Thanks?" Kurt kissed him again. "No problem."

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