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Dave Grohl walked into the messy Seattle apartment of Kurt Cobain. The small apartment was dark and smelled like teen spirit. He found a green chair and slumped into, rising again when Kurt came back in. He looked into Kurts eyes, or better describing it, his soul.

"What's up, mista Cobain?" Dave asked, trying to cheer the depressed looking singer up.

"Just wanted to see my drummer. He's so cute and sweet." Dave raised an eyebrow and decided to play along. "Well my singer aint bad himself. He's intelligent and talented and just ah-mazin! Not to mention the ass."

This made Kurt smile a bit.



"Can I kiss you?"

Dave blushed, hid his face in long dark hair and hiccupped.

"Is that what happens when your nervous?" Kurt asked, holding back a laugh. "Kinda." Dave replied.

Kurt got close and whispered in Dave's ear.

"Well what happens when I do this?" He ran a hand up Daves thigh. The Drummer closed his eyes, took the deepest breath of his life and suddenly smashed into Cobains face.

They kissed awkwardly at first but then Kurt grasped Dave's thigh and pulled him closer. Dave ran his tongue over the roof of Kurt's mouth.

After minutes of ravenous kissing they seperated, each trying to inhale as much air as possible. Kurt kissed Dave's cheek. "Your hot."

"I learned it from my singer."

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