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Notes: Written as a gift for cobrakid, as part of 2014's A Very Kinky Rockfic Ficmas Fest. The prompt was 'Dave Grohl,Taylor Hawkins (Nirvana ,Foo Fighters): Taylor is a huge Nirvana fan and Dave is biggest his idol. He`s always camped out in the front row at the band´s shows. Dave´s never been into the whole groupie thing but that gorgeous blond in the front row that´s been following them around since a few months has him seriously questioning this decision. What happens when they meet? .'

Part 1

April 1991 – Seattle

Dave was sitting tapping his sticks against a table in the dressing room in the backstage area of the OK Hotel although dressing room was probably a bit of an optimistic title, it was more of a big closet really. Kurt was sitting drinking, his fingers picking nervously at a loose thread on his sweater and Krist was tuning his bass. Dave was nervous, he didn’t know why he was so nervous, he had been playing in bands for years, had plenty of stage experience under his belt but this felt different, he felt like he was standing on the edge of a cliff where he was either going to fall or fly.

He looked over at Kurt who gave Dave a small smile, Kurt had such an expressive mouth Dave thought, thin but perfectly formed lips. He smiled back and focused on calming his nerves. He sighed and ran his hands through his hair, it had gotten long, it was now brushing past his shoulders but he loved the way it felt when he was drumming, flying around his head and whipping his face. Kurt came over and sat next to him offering him a drink from a cheap bottle of booze.

“You ok Dave?” Kurt’s voice was soft, almost like a whisper.

“Yeah, just a bit nervous.” He took a swig from the bottle feeling the hot warmth of the alcohol glide down his throat. “Don’t even know why I’m so fucking nervous.”

Dave had only known Kurt for about 6 months but he had grown close to his bandmate and roommate in that short time.

“You will be fine.” Kurt placed a hand on Dave’s cheek, he had such delicate hands and the touch made Dave feel comforted.

“You are the best drummer we have ever had, things are going to happen for us, we are going places.”

The promotor stuck his head round the door. “Five minutes to show time boys, time to go.”

Kurt gave Dave a quick hug and pulled him to his feet. “Let’s go Grohl.”

Dave picked up his sticks and headed out to the stage to play with the band he had just joined, a band called Nirvana.


The rest of the year went quickly. They played a few shows, rehearsed hard and then headed out to LA in May to record the bands second album at Sound City Studios with Butch Vig. Dave got his drum tracks down in a few takes, as did Krist with the bass tracks but Kurt’s guitar and vocal tracks took longer. But they knew they had something special in those songs and so they spent the time getting it right.

The album was finally released in September and that was when things went bat shit crazy. Within two months the album went gold and Smells Like Teen Spirit was a huge success being played on constant rotation on radio stations and MTV. The band set off to tour the album; the venues got bigger, the crowds got bigger and rowdier. Shows were dangerously oversold and the numbers of bodies squeezed in the venues was frightening.

Dave watched all of this happen from behind his drum kit, he was the anonymous drummer in the biggest band in the world, no one knew who he was except for a skinny blond kid from Laguna Beach.

Part 2

"Where's Kurt?" Dave asked Krist "We go on stage in 20 minutes."

The tall bassist shrugged. "He was with her last time I saw him." By her he meant Courtney. "They were out the back."

Dave sighed. This had become a regular occurrence, Kurt would disappear before a show often not returning until just before they went on. It was worse when Courtney was around, she dominated Kurt's life and Dave knew he was losing his connection with his friend.

The venue was packed, the kids in the front row were struggling to stay on their feet as the crowd surged and pushed, and bodies of crowd surfers flew overhead. Kurt was in a good mood tonight and the show went well, they eased through the set and as always Teen Spirit was the highlight of the show.

Dave rarely picked out faces in the audience, he concentrated on his drumming his eyes only skimming the crowd but tonight his eyes rested on a blond head in the front row. The blond hair belonged to a young kid, he could barely be out of his teens, and the kid was air drumming along to each and every track. Dave smiled, it wasn't often that the drummers got fans it was always the front man and guitarists who got the all the attention.

As the show ended Dave walked to the front to the stage and passed the blond kid in the front row, the kid grinned up at him with a mouth full of teeth and something about him made Dave stop for a second.

"Hi Dave," the kid said, "great show."

Dave nodded to him and made his way backstage where Krist and Kurt were already camped out drinking beer and whisky. The stage manager led in half a dozen girls, all skinny and pretty and eager to spend time with the rising stars of the music world. Dave had no interest in the groupies, he had spent a few nights sharing a bed with a pretty girl or two but in the end it left him feeling flat. There was no connection and Dave was big on connections. He preferred to spend his time with his friends, particularly Kurt, but Kurt was pulling away from him and Dave found himself feeling lonely and home sick.

He went outside for a smoke, he leant against the wall watching the crowd from the show make their way home. No one took any notice of him, he was just an ordinary guy smoking a cigarette and Dave liked the fact that he could remain in the background. It took the pressure off. He could see how the fame and notoriety was affecting Kurt and although he felt bad for his friend he was relieved that he didn't have to face the same kind of pressure.

He watched the crowd filter away down the dark street; groups of kids pushing and shoving each other, shouting, laughing, singing as they made their way home. The crowd thinned out to a trickle and finally the street was empty but for a few people who had hung around after the show hoping to catch a glimpse of Kurt.

Dave ground out his cigarette on the sidewalk and turned to go back through the backstage door when he noticed the blond haired kid. He was bouncing on the balls of his feet as he made his way up the street, he was still air drumming and Dave could hear him making the 'tshhhk' sounds of the cymbals and the 'thump' sounds of the bass. Dave smiled to himself, the kid reminded him of himself, a blond haired version of himself, and he wondered if the kid would be as lucky as he had been and end up playing in one of the greatest bands in the world.

Part 3

More shows, more interviews, more nights spent on the road. They were all tired but Kurt looked sick, his skin was pale and he had lost weight, and there wasn't much fat on him to start with. Dave was worried about his friend; physically and mentally Kurt was fading, he tried to help but the singer was pulling away from him, their friendship so stretched that it was in danger of snapping.

For Dave the only thing keeping him going was the music, he loved what they did as a band, what they had achieved. But most of all he loved playing live. He loved getting up behind his kit, playing to the kids and seeing them jumping and singing along. For him the live shows made the rest of the shit that came along with the fame bearable. They had quite a following now, he recognized people who came to multiple shows and among them was the blond haired air drummer. He had seen him at shows in California, in Washington, in Oregon and even in Texas, he wondered what the kid did to enable him to get to as many shows as he did.

Tonight they were playing back in California, he hoped the kid would be there, he liked to watch him drumming along, he liked his big goofy smile and his beach blond hair. He had exchanged a few words with the kid, enough to know that his name was Taylor and that he was also a drummer.

Dave stood at the side of the stage watching the support act, they were not bad, with a bit of work they could make something of themselves. His eyes scanned the crowd, looking for the familiar splash of blond hair at the front. He wasn't there. Dave was disappointed, for some reason it made him feel sad that Taylor was missing from the crowd, he wasn't looking forward to the show so much without him there.

Dave made his way back to the dressing room where Kurt was curled up on a chair his sweater pulled over his head hiding his face. Krist was lounging on a ratty couch drinking and strumming a guitar. Dave sat down next to Krist and pulled his feet up on the couch resting his chin on his knees.

"How is he?" Dave whispered.

The bassist shrugged. "He's been like that for an hour. He's waiting for Courtney."

Dave sank back on the couch and popped open a can of beer. They were all drinking too much, he knew they were, but nothing else seemed to help dull the pain, the pain Kurt felt and the pain Dave and Krist felt watching their friend dissolve in front of them. By the time they were due to go on Dave was fairly drunk but he still took his beer with him to the stage, he needed it to get through the show.

He sat behind his kit and launched in to 'Drain You', he closed his eyes and let his arms and hands take over, he didn't need to see his drums to play. They played three songs back to back and Dave was drenched in sweat, his hair hanging in rats tails around his face, his sticks slippery in his hands. They had a quick break between songs and Dave took the opportunity to grab a towel and wipe the sweat out of his eyes. He peered out in to the crowd and he saw a blond head and a big wide smile, Taylor was there at the front in his usual spot. Dave's heart skipped a beat as Taylor waved at him, there was something about him that Dave was attracted to, he felt his stomach lurch and he smiled back. Dave relaxed back on to his stool and picked up his sticks, he was ready for the rest of the show.

Kurt left immediately after the show, he didn't speak to Dave or Krist and neither of them saw him leave. Dave picked up a can of beer and went to find the bassist. Krist hung around with Dave for a bit, they signed some autographs and Dave had to fight off the advances of several girls who were determined to bed the drummer. He was lonely but not that lonely. The girls drifted away when they realized that Dave was not going to pick a bedmate for the night and Dave heaved a sigh of relief, it was hard work fending off horny groupies.

He went outside, lit up a cigarette and watched the smoke drift off in night sky.

"Hey Dave."

Dave squinted through the smoke and saw Taylor standing in front of him

"Hey Taylor." Dave smiled, he was happy to see the kid. "How you been?"

Taylor shrugged. "Ok I guess. Still working on my drumming."

Dave leant back against the wall and studied Taylor. His hair was bleached blond by the sun and it stuck out at all angles where he had been running his fingers through it. He was wearing a tank top and board shorts. Dave found board shorts ridiculous but on Taylor they were kind of cute. He was as skinny as Dave was and his shoulders and arms were muscled, the result of pounding the drums. Dave was pale skinned but Taylor had that Californian tan and Dave guessed he spent a good amount of time at the beach, he looked like a surfer.

"Want to come in and jam with me?" Dave asked. He didn't usually spend time with the fans, they could be quite demanding, but he wanted to send time with Taylor, he felt comfortable with him.

Taylor's eyes went wide and his mouth dropped open. "Really? You want to jam with me?"

Dave laughed at the expression on Taylor's face. "Yes dumbass, that's what I just asked."

"Fuck yes!" Taylor bounced up and down "Fucking hell yes!"

Dave flicked his cigarette in the gutter and opened the door to the backstage area.

"Come on then, let's see what you can do with the sticks.”

Part 4

Taylor's head was swiveling from side to side as he tried to take in everything at once, Dave laughed at how excited Taylor was at being backstage at the venue.

"Man this is fucking rad." Taylor bounced across the stage and ran over to Dave's kit which was still set up on the riser. He ran his hands across the cymbals and snare drum and looked over at Dave with an expression of complete rapture on his face. Dave felt something stir deep inside him, he wanted to be the one to give Taylor that expression, he wanted to make Taylor so happy that he wore that face every day.

"...and play?"

Dave shook himself, he hadn't heard what Taylor had said. "Sorry, what did you say?"

"I said is it really ok if I sit at your kit and play?"

"Fucking sit down Taylor and show me what you've got." Dave smiled as Taylor practically leapt on the stool and picked up the sticks.

Taylor spun the sticks in his hands, twirling them round his fingers which made Dave groan, fucking theatrical dick.

"If that's all you fucking have you had best get up and go home." Dave said with a smile.

Taylor winked at Dave, raised the sticks and then proceeded to beat the shit out of Dave's kit. Fuck, the kid hit the drums so hard that Dave thought he was going to tear right through the skins. He could play, no doubt about that, but his style was sloppy and his was timing out. Dave held up a hand and Taylor stopped with the sticks hanging in midair.

"Well..." Dave didn't want to disappoint Taylor but the kid needed to hear the truth. "Not bad, you can play but you need to work on your timing, and your posture."

Taylor looked crestfallen.

"Taylor, you just need to take it down a few notches. You don't need to hit the skins that hard and you don't have to play at 100 miles an hour."

Dave moved to stand behind Taylor and placed his hands on his shoulders, he could feel the heat radiating off of Taylor's body and the scent of his sweat made his head spin. Dave thought of himself as bi-curious but at this moment in time he was more than just curious. Taylor turned round in the stool to look up at Dave and Dave had to stop himself from kissing the blond sitting at his kit.

"You need to straighten your shoulders," Dave said turning Taylor back around "and keep your elbows tighter." He slipped his hands along Taylor's arms moving them into position. "Now try."

Taylor beat out a rhythm, he was gentler this time and slower and his playing was better for it.

"Fuck man, that's awesome." Taylor spun round to face Dave. "You rock."

His face was covered in sweat and his hair was sticking up in wet clumps. He looked as sexy as fuck.

Dave turned around to hide his full on boner, he picked up a guitar and sat on a speaker next to the drums. He started strumming out a melody that he had been working on and Taylor picked up the rhythm and played along. Dave was surprised, Taylor had picked a drum pattern that was almost identical to the one that Dave had imagined to go with the song. Dave started to sing softly and Taylor added some harmonies, the kid could sing as well as drum. Dave finished up the song, laid the guitar down and stared up at Taylor who was breathing heavily.

"That was fucking great Taylor, what else can you do?"

Taylor shrugged. "Guitar, a bit of piano. That was a cool song, is it a new Nirvana track?"

Dave shook his head. "No, just something I've been working on." He smiled shyly at the blond. "I don't usually let anyone hear my songs, you're the first person to hear this."

Taylor climbed off the stool and sat down next to Dave. "Well it was fucking amazing. You should play it for Kurt."

"No, Kurt writes the songs for Nirvana. Maybe one day I'll have my own band, then I can write the songs."

Taylor fiddled with the sticks in his hands. "Maybe I could be in that band with you." He looked over at Dave with a huge grin on his face "When I can play better that is."

Dave laughed. 'Who knows? If I need a drummer/singer/guitarist/pianist I might just give you a call."

He got up and ran his fingers through his hair. "In the meantime why don't we go and get a fucking drink."

Part 5

"How old are you Taylor?" Dave had bought the drinks as he wasn't sure Taylor was actually at the legal drinking age.

"I'm 23."

Dave gave Taylor a withering look. "How old are you really?"

Taylor hung his head. "20."

Dave snorted into his beer. "You look 16."

Taylor fumbled in his back pocket. "I'm 20 I swear, I have my drivers license to prove it."

"I believe you Taylor, but don't go shouting about your real age, you will get thrown out."

Taylor giggled. "I'm such a dick sometimes, I just don't think."

Dave laughed, it had been a long time since he had felt so carefree and happy and it was down to Taylor. He was infectious, you just had to spend five minutes with him and he brightened your world.

"What do you do Taylor? Apart from play drums, guitar, piano, sing and stalk drummers in world famous bands?"

Taylor smiled. " I work in a music store, but one day I will be up on a stage making music not selling shitty music to shitty people."

"I can believe it" Dave meant it. "You have talent, now you just need practice."

Taylor fiddled with his hair. "Do you think you can teach me? I mean you are the best drummer ever, well next to Stuart Copland, and I could learn so much from you."

Dave looked at Taylor and felt his heart beat faster in his chest. The kid was beautiful, sexy, funny and just fucking perfect and he would love the excuse to spend time, lots of time, with him but it wasn't going to happen. He felt part of himself die inside.

"I wish I could Tay." Dave felt tears forming in his eyes. "But its too difficult. I don't have time, I'm always away...." He let the sentence drift away.

Taylor reached over and took Dave's hand. "I know, but I just had to ask." He smiled that million kilowatt smile, the smile that left Dave weak at the knees. "Just imagine if you had said yes!"

Dave squeezed Taylor's hand. "One day Tay, one day."

"Never say never." Taylor checked his watch. "I have to go. It's a long drive back home." He held on to Dave's hand not wanting to let go.

Dave felt his stomach flip over....he wanted to ask but he wasn't sure if he could. Then he looked into Taylor's eyes and the decision was made.

"I'm in a hotel down the road. If you want you can stay there tonight, with me." He swallowed hard, what the fuck had he just done?

Taylor placed his other hand on his chest in a show of shock. "Are you propositioning me David? Do you think I am that kind of boy?"

Dave wasn't sure if Taylor was joking or not, then Taylor laughed. "That would be cool, I've had a few too many beers anyway, stupid to try and make the drive. Are you sure you don't mind?"

Dave felt relief wash over him. "Its fine, just as long as you don't fucking snore. You don't snore do you?"

Taylor laughed. "I have no idea! You can tell me in the morning"

Part 6

What Dave had failed to mention to Taylor was that despite all the awards and gold records the band still shared hotel rooms. Dave was in a room with Kurt but with Courtney in town the likelihood was that she had booked a separate room in a separate hotel for herself and Kurt.

Dave unlocked the hotel room door and crept inside with Taylor close on his heels. Dave flicked on the light, both beds were fully made up but only Dave's bags were in the room, Kurt had obviously checked out to spend the night with Courtney.

"Nice digs man." Taylor raised an eyebrow at the two beds.

Dave shrugged. "Just so you know that I'm not that kind of boy either."

Taylor laughed and flung himself on the nearest bed. "Never said you were."

Dave had stopped off to buy some beer on the walk back to the hotel, he tossed one to Taylor, popped one himself and flopped down on the other bed. For the first time in months he felt relaxed and happy, Taylor had a way about him that let Dave just be Dave and not Dave the drummer from Nirvana.

"So Tay, how did a nice boy like you end up in a place like this?" Dave winked at the blond on the other bed.

Taylor took a long slurp of his beer and lay on his side facing Dave. "Long or short version D?"

"We have plenty of time, go for the long version." Dave loved the sound of Taylor's voice, it was kind of raspy and sexy and he could listen to it all night.

An hour later he regretted that decision, Taylor could talk and talk and talk. Not that it wasn't interesting but Dave felt worn out just listening to him. They discovered that they shared a lot of musical heroes, Zeppelin, Police, Beatles, Rush and Dave found out that Taylor was the biggest Queen freak he had ever met. He had to tell Taylor to shut up about Queen in the end as he didn't think he would ever stop if left to his own devices.

"Sorry D, I get carried away sometimes." Taylor finished his can of beer and popped another.

Dave laughed. "Understatement."

Dave also popped open another can, they were on the last of the beers and Dave felt comfortably numb. "Why do you like Nirvana so much? We're just three dicks fucking around who happened to be in the right place at the right time."

Taylor sat up nearly spilling his beer in the process. "That's exactly why. Gives me hope that one day I will be the dick fucking around in the right place at the right time." He belched really loudly. "Sorry, too much beer does that to me. I need to use the bathroom"

Taylor jumped off the bed and headed in to the small bathroom.

Dave checked his watch it was 3am, where the fuck had the time gone? He really needed to get some sleep, they were driving out to the next show in the morning and he really needed some rest. He heard the toilet flush then Taylor appeared back in the bedroom.

Dave got up to use the bathroom. "Tay its 3am, I need to get some sleep, that cool with you?"

"Yeah sure, I have to sleep too. I'm a grumpy shit if I don't get enough sleep."

Dave used the bathroom then came back to find Taylor sitting on the edge of the bed, he was twiddling his hair around his fingers and looking at the floor.

Dave knew what Taylor was thinking, he was thinking the same thing.

"Umm, I'm in this bed," Dave sat on the other bed. "you can have that one if you like." He felt his face flush bright red.

"Umm, ok." Taylor didn't move.

Dave pulled off his shirt and pants, he was now only in his boxers and he quickly got in the bed before Taylor could see his erection.

Dave watched as Taylor stood up and pulled off his shirt, he hesitated then he pulled at the covers of Dave's bed. "Is it ok if I sleep in here with you?"

Dave pulled back the covers to let Taylor slip in the bed. "Do you always sleep in your shorts?" Dave asked.

Taylor giggled. "I don't wear anything under my shorts."


Taylor slid in the bed and put his arms around Dave's neck, they lay facing each other, Dave could feel Taylor's hot breath on his face, it smelt of beer and cigarettes much like his own did he supposed.

"Thank you D." Taylor whispered.

"Thank me for what?" Dave whispered back.

"For spending time with a beach bum waster like me. A big rock star like you could easily have spent the night with a pretty girl."

Dave put his arms around Taylor's skinny frame. "I wanted to spend the time with you. You're special Tay." Dave's heart was pounding in his chest, he was surprised Taylor couldn't hear it.

Taylor smiled and drew Dave towards him, their lips met and then their tongues. The kiss was nothing like Dave had experienced before, it was deep and sensual and the soft stubble of Taylor's cheek rubbed against his face. Dave pulled Taylor closer, he could feel the blond's erection pressing against his hip and he was sure Taylor could feel his own erection.

Dave ran his hands down Taylor's back, he was so skinny that Dave could feel every bone in his spine. Taylor moaned and pressed himself against Dave his hands grabbing at Dave's hair his fingers tangling in the long tresses. Dave felt his cock throbbing in his boxers, he wanted to reach out and touch Taylor but he was afraid he might come there and then.
Taylor pulled away and looked at Dave.

"D, I've never done this before. I mean I've had sex before but never with a guy."

"Neither have I." Dave brushed the hair back away from Taylor's face. "We can just go to sleep, we don't have to do anything."

Taylor laughed. "You think I can sleep with this?" He grabbed Dave's hand and placed it on his erection. Dave almost pulled away but he gently trailed his fingers over Taylor hard cock causing Taylor to moan again.

Dave pulled Taylor back to him and kissed him hard and his hand stayed caressing his cock through the fabric of his shorts. Taylor pulled at Dave's boxers, Dave lifted his hips so that Taylor could pull them off completely then he pulled off Taylor's shorts.

Both men lay looking at each other, they were breathing hard and for a moment neither of them moved. Taylor reached out and took Dave's cock in his hand and started to stroke him in a slow, firm grip. Dave groaned and he found his own hand encircling Taylor's hard cock. They faced each other, both stroking the other man's cock, both moaning at the pleasure they were giving and receiving. Taylor's breathing became more like panting and Dave knew that he was reaching his climax, he ran his thumb across the head of Taylor's cock and felt the wetness of his pre come. Taylor moaned and increased his stroke speed, Dave felt his balls contract and he knew he couldn't hold back much longer.

"Dave, I'm going to come." Taylor was panting and moaning. "I'm coming."

Dave felt the hot cum coat his hand, felt Taylor's orgasm ripple through his body, it was all he needed to set off his own orgasm.

"Tay, oh fuck Taylor." Dave shot his load over Taylor's hand, his body bucked with the force of his climax and he collapsed against Taylor.

Taylor smiled at Dave. "That was fucking amazing."

Dave returned the smile "That was fucking amazing."

Taylor laughed. "I think I can sleep now."

Dave kissed Taylor's forehead and turned out the light. Taylor snuggled up against him and they fell asleep wrapped in each others arms.
Dave awoke to an empty bed. It was 7am. He rolled over to find a note scrawled on the back of a flyer from the venue.

D - Thank you for the best night of my life. I had to go but I didn't want to wake you so I left you with a kiss. My number is at the bottom of the page, call me if you ever need a drummer/guitarist/pianist/singer for that band you may one day have. See you soon.

T x

PS - you snore you fucker!'

Dave smiled, he knew that one day he would have his own band, not now but someday in the future and he would need a drummer. Maybe if Taylor practiced enough he would be the right drummer. He tucked the note into his suitcase.

Never say never, Dave thought to himself, never say never.

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