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Notes: Written as a gift for Shojobeatgirl, as part of 2015's A Very Kinky Rockfic Ficmas Fest. The prompt was 'Kurt Cobain,Dave Grohl (Nirvana): Dave gets a little too drunk, Kurt takes advantage to claim the drummer for himself.'

“What is it with all the fucking rain?” Dave grumbled as he looked out of the window. “I’ve never seen so much fucking rain.”

Kurt laughed. “It’s Washington State, it rains a lot.”

“Well it fucking sucks.” Dave turned to face Kurt. “There’s nothing to do unless you want to get soaked to the skin.”

Dave leant against the window frame, his long brown hair falling across his face and arms wrapped around his skinny chest. There was something about Dave that Kurt found intriguing, in the two months that Dave had been living with Kurt he found himself wanting to know more about the drummer from DC. But Dave had been quiet, reserved, Kurt need a way to loosen him up.

“I have an idea, be right back.” Kurt smiled at Dave and headed into his bedroom.

Kurt’s room was a mess; clothes both clean and dirty were scattered across the floor along with empty food cartons and bottles, and the bed was a tangle of slightly soiled sheets. He rooted through a pile of clothes next to the bed, his hands closed around a box and he pulled it free from the jumble of sweaters and shirts. He smiled to himself, this was just the thing to loosen Dave up.

Kurt carried the box back to the living room cradling it in his arms like a baby.

Dave’s eyes went wide as he saw what Kurt was carrying. “Shit Kurt, where the fuck did you get that?”

The blond grinned and placed the box on the wobbly coffee table. “It was a gift from the record label after we signed with them.”

“Johnnie Walker Blue Label.” Dave ran his hand across the surface of the box. “I’ve never had the blue label stuff, just the red label.”

“Me either, let’s open it.” Kurt tore at the plastic film around the box.

“Really? Don’t you want to keep it?” Dave knew it was a fucking expensive bottle of whisky.

“I’ve been saving it for a rainy day.” Kurt smiled and gestured out the window. “I think today qualifies.”

Kurt opened the box to reveal a bottle seated in a silk liner, the bottle looked so beautiful cushioned in the blue silk bed. “Go get some glasses Dave, proper glasses not the chipped mugs.”

Dave searched for clean glasses in the apartment’s tiny kitchen. The cupboard was pretty much empty aside from several boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese, which was Kurt’s staple diet, and an old box of Lucky Charms.

The sink was overflowing with dirty crockery, cutlery and glasses most of which looked as though they needed to be sand blasted to get them anywhere near usable. He found two glasses that didn't require soaking in acid, rinsed them under the hot water and dried them on his shirt which was a damn sight cleaner then the dish towel hanging next to the sink. They really did need to clean up.

Dave took the clean glasses back to the living room, Kurt was sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of the couch, which doubled as Dave’s bed, his long fingers caressing the bottle in the box. Dave took a seat on the couch and placed the glasses on the table.

Kurt lifted the bottle from its silk bed and held it out to Dave. “You open it.”

Dave took the bottle and held it up to the light. “You sure about this Kurt? Once it’s open it won’t keep for long.”

The singer smiled. “Then I guess we need to drink it all today. Go ahead and open it Dave.”

Dave twisted the cap breaking the small metal lugs then unscrewed the cap allowing the rich heady scent of whisky to drift across the room. Dave poured a small measure into the glasses and pushed one across the table to Kurt.

Kurt picked up his glass and raised it to salute the drummer. “To Dave, the best fucking drummer in Seattle.”

Dave smiled, he picked up his glass and raised it. “To Kurt, the best fucking singer songwriter in Seattle.”

The men clinked their glasses together and took a sip of the golden liquid.

“Fuck,” Kurt spluttered “that’s so fucking strong it burns.”

Dave coughed. “A very smooth blend with a silky texture like spider’s web, and an aftertaste reminiscent of peat and tobacco, with a hint of old socks.”

Kurt laughed, Dave had a great sense of humor and was very quick witted, it was one of the things Kurt liked about him. That and his gorgeous body.

Kurt drained his glass and smiled. “Drink up Dave, I didn't take you for a lightweight.”

Dave downed his whisky, throwing back his head, sending his long hair flying around his face.

Kurt immediately refilled both glasses giving Dave the bigger shot. “Down in one Dave.”

The men threw the whisky back, Kurt felt the burn as it slid down his throat and he smiled at the red flush that tinged Dave’s cheeks.

“Why don't we make this more interesting?”

“What do you mean?” Dave brushed his hair behind his ears, an action that Kurt found highly arousing.

“We should play Never Have I Ever.” Kurt lay on his back staring at the ceiling. “It’s a good way for us to get to know each other better.” Kurt couldn’t look at Dave, he was scared the drummer would see the desire in his eyes.

“What’s Never Have I Ever?” Dave asked.

“You’ve not played Never Have I Ever?” Kurt giggled. “It’s a drinking game. We take it in turns to say something that we have never done, if the other person has done whatever the other person hasn’t they have to take a drink, if they haven't then they don't drink but the person who made the statement has to.”

“Sounds like fun.” Dave smiled. “Drinking games are always fun.”

Kurt sat up and poured out another two shots. “Double shots. Ready for this Grohl?”

Dave grinned at the blond. “You first Kurt.”

Kurt sucked at his bottom lip, he didn’t want to go straight in with the sexual questions but he didn’t want it to be boring.

“Never have I ever worn women’s panties.” Kurt smiled shyly.

Dave beamed a smiled, “Neither have I, drink up Kurt.”

Kurt swallowed his whisky and refilled the glass. “Your turn.”

“Never have I ever played never have I ever before today.” Dave grinned, he knew he had Kurt on that one.

“Fucking smart ass.” Kurt laughed and drank another glass of whisky. He decided it was time to ramp it up a level. “Never have I ever been caught masturbating by my mother.”

Dave cheeks flushed bright red, he downed his drink without saying a word.

Kurt giggled, Dave looked so sweet, his head bowed, his hair hiding his face.

“Fuck off Kurt.” Dave ran his hands through his hair pulling it away from his face. “Never have I ever had sex on a train.”

Kurt raised his glass to his lips then placed it back on the table with a grin. “Sorry Dave, I’ve never done that either, if you’d have said bus…….”

Kurt filled Dave’s glass, “One mouthful, no fucking about with girl sized sips.”

Dave hadn't noticed that Kurt had poured out more than a double shot, he groaned and drained his whisky.

Kurt twisted his hair around his finger and looked over at Dave. “Never have I ever thrown up straight after sex.”

Dave glared at Kurt. “How the fuck did you know about that?”

Kurt sniggered as he refilled Dave’s glass, again pouring him more than the double shot. “I didn’t, but I know plenty of people it has happened to. Drink your whisky Dave.”

Dave swallowed the whisky, he laid back on the couch grinning, he was feeling the effect of the alcohol, he had the uncontrollable urge to giggle.

“Never have I ever been stoned in class.”

“Really?”Kurt took a gulp of whisky. “Were you one of those goody two shoes at school?”

Dave shook his head. “My mom’s a teacher, kind of makes things difficult.”

Kurt gazed at Dave; his long dark hair was falling over the side of the couch, his long skinny arms were flung behind his head and his face was flushed by the alcohol. He looked really cute, really fucking cute.

Kurt shuffled over to lean up against the couch, he placed an elbow on the cushion and rested his head in his hand. He gave Dave a wicked smile.

“Never have I ever had sex in the back of a van.” He knew that this was something Dave had done, he’d told Kurt about it a few weeks ago, some groupie when he was touring with Scream.

Dave nudged Kurt with his elbow. “That’s not fair, you already knew about that.”

Kurt tickled Dave on the ribs making him giggle. “Who said this game was fair? More whisky for you Grohl.” He topped up Dave’s glass, this time it was almost a full tumbler, and watched the drummer empty the glass.

Dave was feeling quite giddy, time for him to find out something about the blond singer.

“Ok Cobain, never have I ever had a threesome.” He would put money on the fact that Kurt would have had a threesome.

Kurt smiled softly. “I can’t believe that you’ve never had a threesome.”

Dave giggled “Not unless my dreams count.”

Kurt grinned and poured another large measure of whisky into Dave’s glass. “I’ve never had a threesome either, you need to drain that glass.”

Dave pouted. “I’m fucking shit at this game.” He drained the glass and looked over at the smiling singer. “I’m sure I’ve had twice as much whisky as you.”

Kurt brushed the hair away from Dave’s face. “At least twice as much. Are you drunk Dave?”

Dave gave Kurt a lopsided smile. “A bit.” He rolled onto his side to face Kurt. “Quite a bit. I’m actually probably nearer wasted.” He burst into a fit of giggles.

Kurt chuckled softly. “You’re so fucking cute when you’re drunk.”

Dave sniggered and gave Kurt’s shoulder a gentle push. “Get on with the game Kurt.”

“Ok, ok.” Kurt trailed a finger around Dave’s lips. “Never have I ever kissed a man.”

Dave’s eyes grew wide. “You think I have?”

“Have you?” Kurt ran his fingers through Dave’s hair, he loved Dave’s hair, it was so thick and soft.


“Have you ever wanted to?” Kurt moved his fingers to caress Dave’s neck, the drummer swallowed hard.

“I guess…….maybe.” Dave mumbled. He felt his face and neck flush red, and it wasn’t just from the effects of the whisky.

Kurt climbed onto the couch, he lay on his side facing Dave and placed a palm against the drummer’s chest. Their faces were just inches apart.

“Do you want to now?”

Dave sucked in a breath, Kurt could feel Dave’s heart thumping against the palm of his hand, the drummer gave the smallest nod of his head.

Kurt smiled. “Me too.”

The blond leaned forward placing his lips lightly against Dave’s and ran his tongue gently across the drummer’s bottom lip. Dave’s lips tightened for a second then parted slightly allowing Kurt to slip his tongue into his mouth. The singer swirled his tongue around Dave’s mouth, it connected with Dave’s tongue, Kurt placed a hand on the back of Dave’s head and pulled him closer crushing their lips together. A soft moan escaped Dave’s mouth as Kurt pressed his body against the skinny frame of the drummer, the blond singer’s erection digging into Dave’s hip as he ground his pelvis against him. Kurt tangled the fingers of one hand into the long brown locks whilst the other slipped under Dave’s shirt tracing small circles on the skin of his chest.

“You’re so god damn sexy Dave,” Kurt breathed against Dave’s lips “you’ve been driving me wild for weeks.” He pulled up Dave’s shirt exposing his stomach and chest.

“Kurt, I……” Dave’s words turned into a moan as Kurt’s fingers flicked a nipple teasing it hard and erect.

Kurt placed small kisses along Dave’s jaw bone working towards the soft spot behind his ear then kissing and sucking his way down Dave’s neck. He reached his collarbone, Dave was so skinny that the bone jutted out, Kurt ran his tongue along the bony ridge to the soft hollow where it met the shoulder. He pulled at Dave’s shirt, pulling it up and over Dave’s head throwing it on the floor, then took the drummer’s hard nipple in his mouth rolling it between his lips and sucking gently.

“Fuck……” Dave moaned, he felt himself growing hard as the singer sucked and nipped.

Kurt lifted his head, he looked into the liquid chocolate eyes of the drummer and smiled.

“I want to taste you Dave.” He placed a small kiss at the corner of each brown eye. “Let me taste you.”

Kurt brushed his hand over Dave’s stomach caressing the smooth skin with his guitar calloused fingers, he hooked a thumb under the waist band of Dave’s jeans and popped the button. Dave sucked in a breath as Kurt pulled at the zipper and slid his hands into Dave’s boxers his fingers grazing the head of Dave’s hard cock. Dave groaned at the touch.

Kurt slid off the couch on the floor, he pulled Dave into a sitting position, yanked his jeans and boxers to his ankles and knelt between the drummers thighs. Dave’s chest was heaving, his breath was coming in ragged gasps.

“Kurt, what are you doing?” Dave looked down at the singer kneeling between his legs, blond hair flopping over his face, blue eyes boring into him.

Kurt leaned forward resting his forehead against the drummers and took his cock in his hand.

“I’ll stop if you want.” Kurt slid his hand along Dave’s hard length. “Do you want me to stop?”

Kurt ran a thumb across the top of Dave’s cock smearing the drops of pre-come across the head, Dave bucked raising his hips off the couch.

“No,” Dave whispered “don’t stop.” He head was spinning from the alcohol and the hand caressing his erection.

Kurt gripped Dave’s right leg and forced it wide, he dipped his head and sucked at the soft skin of Dave’s inner thigh his other hand still working the drummer’s rigid member. Dave groaned louder. The singer’s rough stubble scratched against Dave’s leg as he kissed up towards his groin, Dave’s balls contracted at the touch and he squirmed on the couch.

Kurt removed his hands from Dave’s thigh and cock, he grabbed Dave’s hips and pushed him back in his seat. Dave gasped as Kurt took him in his mouth, soft lips closing around his cock, wet tongue lapping around the head.

“Jesus Kurt.” Dave closed his eyes and let his head drop back against the couch. “Jesus.”

Kurt smiled around the cock in his mouth, he took it deeper, letting his lips travel up and down the shaft swirling his tongue around the head and rim. He placed a hand around the base of Dave’s cock and began to pump with a slow measured pace, mouth and hand working in unison. He heard Dave moan, he increased the pace pumping the drummer harder and faster, working him from root to tip.

Dave began to rock his hips forwards pushing himself into Kurt’s mouth, his fingers grabbed a handful of blond hair, pulling at it as he neared his climax.


Dave was mumbling now, completely lost in the moment, Kurt lapped his tongue around the swollen head urging Dave on, fist pumping fast and hard. Dave thrust his hips forward one last time and let out a guttural growl as he released his hot come on to Kurt’s tongue.

Kurt swallowed it down, licking and sucking until the drummer was spent.

Kurt let Dave’s cock slip from his mouth, he placed his elbows on the drummers thighs smiling at the drummer who was breathing heavily.

“Shit Kurt…..that was…..” Dave just stared at the blond in front of him.

Kurt smiled. “Never have I ever had a man suck me off.”

He picked up a glass of whisky from the table. “I believe you need to drink this Dave.”

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