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chapter 1

my body achaed. i have a migraine. its pouring down with rain. and im lonely i have no one that cares for me. no one. i could make out a dark shape in the distance. the shape started to running towards me. im kurt by the way i live under a old bridge all i have is my guitar thats probaly broken but what are you gonna do when youre a homeless teenager struggly to live. the person was still running towards me. i hope the persons not a rapeist or a crazy weirdo. the person that bi nmade out to be a medium sized male with longish dark brown hair and brown eyes he ran up to and put his hand on my shoulder. " are you okay its friggin pouring down with rain and your just sitting under a bridge" i could just make out what he was saying from the loudness of the rain. atleast someone actulley cares. "yeah im okay, i guess". "you sure ahh you can stay at mine for a few days or something like that". he gave me an innocent smile. i didnt know what to say but all i could say was yes. "sure" he reached for my hand and pulled me up. he was actulley quite handsome not that im in to guys well im not really sure maybe im bi or something. he was still holding my hand it made me feel safe. he opened up the car door for me. He turned the car radio up really loudly it was playing one of my favourite songs lets go by the cars. I tapped my foot to the them of the music. I needed to know who this kind stranger was. "what's you're name" he smiled at me. "Dave, you?". "uhh Kurt". We pulled up outside a grey colored house, very small, and had lots paint chipping. "well we're here" he stopped the engine and we both got out of the car. With my dirty soaking guitar in my hand and trying not to trip on my untied converse laces I followed Dave into the house. I lay my guitar on the floor and stood there admiring how clean it was while Dave ran into the kitchen and 'tried' to cook some food. I sat down on the couch and riddled with my fingers.

"thanks for everything, you didn't have to do this" he gave me a quick glance then placed the food on the table he then sat beside me. "its allright, you looked sad and lonely I thought I could help you". He passed me a plate of French toasts and a drink of coca cola. "thanks again" I said will taking a big bite of my food. He smirked the gave me a reasureing nod then he started to eat his food. I think were gonna get along well.

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