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chapter 1

I was laying in my bed twirling my hair in my fingers. The radio was playing are song rape me. I chuckled Kurt is so gross. Suddenly the song stopped playing. "Kurt cobain was found dead in his aberdeen home this morning". I jumped out of my bed and ran straight out the door I ran to his street. My eyes swelled up tears came rushing down my face. I dropped to the ground. Police cars and ambulances were scolded around his house I felt my heart stop. Kurts body was laying peacefully in the ambulance bed. I Screamed and hit my fist on the ground wishing that this was all a nightmare, a horrible nightmare. I got off the pavement and ran into the ambulance I amediantly grabbed hold off his frozen hands. Tears still streaming down my cheeks I say five simple words. "rock in peace my love". I started to stroke his face and whisper to myself its all a dream. I saw 'the whore' A.k.A courtney walking in the ambulance. There was just enough room for us all to fit. There wasnt a single tear in her eyes, she just stared at him like nothing happened. I starred at her with my eyes bloodshot and my mouth hanging open. She noticed my stare."what" she rudely said.

I was so pissed off with the fact that her husband had died and she didn't care.

"Fuck off courtney" I grabbed his hand again.

"excuse me Mr lover boy".

She was right about one thing I did love Kurt but not in that way ... I guess.

"shouldn't you have someone to Fuck" I snapped

She gasped.

I gasped mocking her.

She pulled the finger at me then walked out of the small van. I kissed kurts cheek. My heart was broken he was everything besides krist but that's another story.

I screamed at the police as they tried to drag me out of the ambulance I didn't want to leave him, ever. I got forced to leave his property ... But I was gonna see him again.

chapter 2

My head was buried in my knees. I heard a knock on the door I was not in the mood to talk to anyone. There was aeither knock.

"argh" I did a loud sigh

I dragged my body off the bed and pulled the door open. I was shocked there stood camera men and reporters. My mouth was wide open I was a wreck I didn't want to be interviewied with my tear stained top and shorts with sauce stains.

"hello Dave where here to do an interview on nirvana but Kurt has well you know what happened to him and krist has disappeared nobody knows where he's gone".

That bitch

"oh okay" she pushed me of the door way and walked straight into my messy house.

"eww" I heard her say quietly.

She sat her self down on a chair while the camera men stood up.

I sat down near here.

"so dave tell me about yourself"

I didn't know what to say.

"ahh I don't know" was all I choked out

---- 30 mins later----

The reporters were just about to leave but they stopped in the doorway.

"I've just got one more question that everyone wants to know Dave"

The reporter stopped for a second

"who is you're lover or who do you love"

My cheeks went red.

I instantly thought of Kurt.

*ohh suspense*

chapter 3 (last chapter)

My cheeks were red.

My eyes started to water (again) every thought I get about Kurt it makes my heart break into pieces. He was my bestfriend. He was my life. He was my love.

"soo..." she (the reporter) eurgered me to tell her.

"aaahhhhh Kurt" I mumbled

"what?" she pushed the microphone closer to my mouth. The camera was literally in my face.

I didn't want to say. I know ill get a lot of shit if I say I love Kurt.

"uhh no one I'm single" I randomly said.

"oh well okay thank you for you're time Mr coba- are sorry Mr grohl".

They were still talking to me but I shut the door on them.

Finally their gone.

I hate interviews.

I sat down on my couch and turned the T.V. Onto mtv I quickly turned it off when smells like teen spirit came on I never wanted to listen to music again. I lay on the couch staring blankly at the wall there was a picture of me Kurt and krist hugging.

"knock knock "

"who the Fuck is it this time" I screamed at the door.

I got up and forcefully pulled the door open.


Krist was standing there he looked terrible he had stuffy shoulder length black hair, ripped jeans, food stained beatles tee shirt and to make it worse dirt/pimple covered face.

He looked so depressed I pulled him inside and sat him down at a seat.

"krist are you okay"

Tears swelled his eyes


Long pause.

"he's gone"

"oh krist I know but we can do this together".

He dragged out a gun from his back-pack.

He slowly lifted it to his head

"krist what the Fuck you can't leave me, I can't loose my two best friends in two days, don't you fucking dare".

I tried to snatch it from his hands but he was to tall.

"I thought I should say goodbye before I go"


I screamed my head off.

There was aloud bang.

He was gone.

I fell to the ground I felt my life pass if there not going to love I don't want to. I kissed krist's lifeless body. "say hello to Kurt for me, ill be there soon, I love you like a brother"

My tears dribbled down my face.

I grabbed the gun out of krists hand.

I pulled it to my head.

"Goodbye cruel wor-"

I pulled the trigger.

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"better to burn out then to fade away"
- Kurt cobain

chapter 1

this the second story of 'if you die ill die with you'sooo yeahyou should probaly read the first one to understand it properly,
*spoiler alert krist, kurt, dave are dead*(you should already know that if you read the first one)*

*kurts pov*

The afterlife sucks, I've been dead for a day and I already hate it, I have waited for this moment for a long time but all it is is you just hanging around earth, apparently if you commite suicide you don't go to heaven or Hell. I really miss everyone especially Dave and krist they were everything I had but I had to be selfish and ruin there lifes by dying.

I was sitting on the wishkah bridge smoking a cigarette. To bad people can't see ghost. I threw the cigarette in the water and walked off I had to see Dave or krist, someone, anyone.

I stood outside Daves window he looked like shit. No literally like shit. messy hair bloodshot eyes dirty clothes he must of took this really hard. He sat on his couch crying his eyes out as he held a picture of us and krist in his hand.

"dave" I fell terrible. What I have done has caused people to fell miserable. I'm an idiot.

I stayed the night in Daves house lying on his floor. Even though he couldn't see, feel, or hear me I wanted to be with him. I heard a knock on the door. It was reporters. Boring. They were talking about stupid shit until they asked who did Dave loves. I've always wanted to know I kinda have a thing for him. Yes I know weird I love my bestfriend.

I gave Dave an evil stare I needed to know.

"kurt" he mumbled. Oh my fucking god he loves me. I felt Iike I was gonna explode inside.

"what" the lady pushed the microphone closer to his mouth.

"no one I'm single" he said. Argh he didn't say me.

Finally they left.

"I love you Dave, even though you can't hear me " I muttered he didn't hear.

There was another knock on the door.

"Fuck off" I yelled. Why do I bother

Oh Fuck it was krist he looked horrible nevermind Dave but krist looked so bad.

My mind was going nuts what the hell was happening. Krist grabbed out a gun.

"krist please no" I screamed. I started to cry knowing that I did this.

The gun fired.

There was screams.

I ran out of the house and back to the wishkah bridge.

"you stupid idiot, why would you do this to your friends" I started screaming at the water.

I felt someone hug me from the back I turned around scared it was a suicidal rapist nirvana fan.

"krist" he gave me a huge bear hug

"I missed you so much, why kurt"

He gave a saddened but relieved look.

"I couldn't take it stupid bitch courtney who I hate, I just couldn't wait for the divorce and guess who's not my daughter Frances and plus I just really don't know I wasn't thinking straight I was Fucking high as Fuck".

He patted my back "its okay atlest we have eachover"

"Fuck Dave"


He must feel so alone

"what about Dave he has no one we were his only family" I was so stressed out pore Dave

"oh shit he must feel stink"

"do you think he's gonna do it"

I ask not looking krist in the eyes

"maybe, we had a good life I hope he doesn't do it just because of us".

I was kindof hoping he'll do it, I don't think I can handle not being with him. I love him so much.

In the distance I could see a figure part of me was exited it might be Dave it feels like years since I've seen him.

As soon as I noticed the hair. I ran as fast as I could run he started to run to. Bad idea. We were running to fast. We banged straight Into eachover. We forcefully hit are body into the dirty ground.

"oh my god Dave I love you so much it feels like years since we last saw eacho-" he pushes his lips onto my mouth. I flinch. He gives me a sloppy but passionate kiss.

"what. The. Fuck." krist yelled from the bridge

"woough" krist whistles at us

Dave pulls away from the kiss. He puts his hands on mine "I love you Kurt cobain will you be my boyfriend".

"oh my Fuck". "of course".

Krist stares at us with happiness and shock.

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