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Chapter 1


Chad pulled out of me as he finished. I hate him so much and I wish I never decided to live with his and Pat.

I layed there. Just crying. I felt so useless.

Chad whispered in my ear "I'll be doing that again tomorrow."

I just shivered and silently cried. He got up from the bed and put his cloths on. He walked out of the room closing the door behind him.

I sat up and put my boxers and pants on. I grabbed my shirt and walked over to the washroom.

I looked in the mirror and sighed looking at the bite marks and bruises on my neck that Pat and Chad left.

"I am so fucking ugly..." I muttered to myself.

I put my shirt on then I grabbed my scarf and rapped it around my neck. I left the washroom and went into the bedroom and grabbed my note book that I hid under the bed.

"Hi Kurt. I know you're not doing so well with all of the rape and abuse going on. I know one day you want to get out of this slum hole but just try and keep your head up high but I know that won't be easy with the situation you're in but trust me it will....I hope."

I closed my note book and hid it back under the bed. I pulled my knee's to my chest and cried myself to sleep that night.

Chapter 2


"We're going to be having a party tonight so you can't be seen any where at all. You're going to have to stay up here." Pat said.

I just sat on the bed and nodded.

"well what time will it be starting at?" I asked.

"In an hour." Chad simply replied.

"We won't be checking up on you so you better not try to pull any bullshit like leave or something." Pat said getting up in my face.

I just looked down.

"Well we better start getting ready." Chad said to Pat. Pat just nodded and they both walked out the room.

I sighed and laid down. I looked at the clock.

I sighed and mumbled "7:30"

I laid there just letting my thoughts go wild. I looked out the window to already see a shit ton of people already standing outside.

I stood up and walked to the washroom. I opened the medicine cabinet and moved bottles of medication till I found my razors.

I looked at them and sighed. I rolled up my sleeve and held the razor to my wrist.

I took a deep breath in "3...2..1" I moved the razor fast to make a cut which was soon to be filled with blood.

I made about 10 more marks until I stopped. I looked in the sink to see nothing but the white colour now stained by crimson.

I turned on the tap and watched as the crimson colour slid into the drain of the sink.

I looked at my wrist and breathed shakily as I brushed my fingers over the fresh wounds.

I rolled my sleeve down and left the washroom and knelled down to the ground to grab my note book from underneath the bed.

I wrote all over 1 page until their was no more room. I just want to leave this fucking dump of a place.

After I finished that I put my notebook back in place like I always do. Once again I sat there on the floor just thinking.

I got startled when I heard the door open and saw another male enter the room.

"O-Oh shit sorry!" The male said.

"N-No I-it's fine!" I said standing up.

He opened the door enough to fit through. He was actually pretty attractive.

He had long dark brown hair just a bit over his shoulders. He had gorgeous chocolate coloured brown eyes and he was a bit taller than me.

"Why are you up here?" He asked.

"Well...um....I-I just don't like parties." I lied.

"Oh..Well I'll stay up here with you then....Oh and sorry my name is Dave." He said smiling.

"Okay well my name is Kurt." I said looking down.

"So you must live with Pat and Chad." He said breaking some silence.

I just nodded in response.

After about quit a while of talking the party ended but we didn't notice until Pat and Chad came upstairs.

Me and Dave just froze as they opened the door and glared at us.

"Well I think I should get going." Dave said before he stood up.

"I'll see you tomorrow." Dave whispered in my ear.

I watched as he walked away until I couldn't see him anymore. Aswell Chad and Pat watched until he left out the front door.

By this time it was 3:49 AM. Chad and Pat walked closer to me looking pissed.

I stood up but had no where to run.

"No-one was supposed to be up here." Chad said gritting his teeth.

I couldn't think of anything good but instead my mind just told me over and over again

"You're fucked Kurt."

Chapter 3


I walked home in the pitch black darkness of the early morning as rain drizzled down. I was so happy to meet Kurt.

He is is pretty hot to be honest. I just find it strange that he would not like parties and just socialize but hey, he can like what he likes.

I didn't know hat he was living with Chad and Pat. It was kinda like he was that 1 thing you never noticed in a puzzle book.

I can't wait to see him again later though. Kurt's all I can think about at this moment.

As I continue to walk home I tried to remain calm as I heard leaves crunch behind me. It sounded like they started to speed up so I sped up and decided to look but nothing was there until a kitten jumped out at me.

I jumped back until I saw how cute he was. I decided to check and see if he had a collar or not and he didn't so I took him.


Once I reached my door, I opened it and walked in. I sat the kitten down on the table. I opened the fridge and grabbed a piece of meat and went back to the kitten.

I fed it meat till the meat was gone. I picked up the kitten and headed to my bedroom and laid down with the kitten.


I woke up and stretched and looked at my clock.

"2:35..." I groaned. I got out of bed and looked out the window and saw that it was raining. I was still going to see Kurt today though.

I stumbled down stairs and got myself a bowl of cereal and ate all of it. After that I walked up stairs and got some clean cloths then had a shower.

After that I dried my hair. I waited for my hair dry up a bit more so I played with my kitten. I felt my hair 30 minutes later and it was pretty dry so I put on my shoes and my jacket.

It was cool out there but I was fine and I didn't mind. Once I reached Chad and Pat's house I knocked on the door. No one answered. I knocked again but still, no one answered.

I checked the door knob and it was unlocked so I walked in quietly. I looked around down stairs and no one was to be found so I checked up stairs.

All the doors were open except for one. I opened it slowly and saw Kurt sleeping. I walked in quietly and sat on the bed but I guess I woke up Kurt.

Chapter 4


I woke up to Dave sitting on the end of the bed. I quickly woke up and grabbed my scarf and wrapped the scarf around my neck.

"Good afternoon!" Dave chirped.

I smiled "Good afternoon."

Dave gave me a big hug and I hugged back. "How long have you been here?" I asked stretching. "20 minutes." Dave simply replied.

"Why are you wearing a scarf?" Dave asked. Fear over came me as I was scared to tell him. "I-I'm cold." I said trying not to sound suspicious.

Dave tugged at the scarf "I can keep you warm!" He giggled. "Please don't tug at the scarf." I said. He just looked down in confusion but it changed to a smile "Okay!" he said.

For the next little while we just talked and laughed until I heard the door down stairs open. I looked at Dave wide eyed. "You have to go!" I said in a stern voice trembling. "W-Why?" He asked. I opened the window and grabbed his arm. "Brace your self!" I said before I pushed him out the window. Chad and Pat came upstairs.

"Who was that?" Chad said angerly

"N-No one!" I said trembling.

Chapter 5

Dave's p.o.v.

I layed on the grass as I felt a quick jab of pain but I quickly snapped out of that when I heard Kurt and Chad...Arguing?

"Who the hell was that?" I heard Chad say

"N-No-One!!" Kurt said sound scared as hell.

I watched the 2 bicker back and forth but what I saw next enraged and hurt me. Chad pounced down on Kurt but I could no longer see them, I could only hear Kurt scream in terror while Chad screamed back.

"P-PLEASE STOP!!" Kurt screamed at the top of his lungs as I heard figgiting and banging against the wall.

"SHUT UP" Chad said grunting.

I couldn't control it, My emotions and heart took over and I ran through the door not caring if it closed back or not.

I saw that I startled Pat but I didn't give a fuck.

"Dave, what the fuck are you doing??" Pat said abit angry, approaching me. I pushed him but he grabbed my wrist and half way pulled me down.

"Get. The. Fuck. OFF OF ME YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!" I said kicking and punching him with my free hand.

Once I got free I ran upstairs immediatly and opened the door. There I saw Chad on top of Kurt Trying to rip off his clothing and scarf but Kurt hung on to his cloths and ecspecially his scarf.

"DAVE HEL-" Kurt screamned but Chad cut him off by forcefully kissing him. Now that pissed me right off.

I grabbed a small plank of wood that was in the corner of the room and I charged at Chad, hitting him as hard as I could.

I knocked him out cold. He fell limp onto Kurt but Kurt kicked him off. I helped him and he fixed his scarf. I did see an odd mark but i'll ask him about that some other time.

He hugged onto me tightly and cried ito my chest. All I could do is hug him back and tell him that it was okay but I knew it wasn't.

I picked him up bridal style and carried him all the way to the back door. I walked down all the backlanes I knew to get to my house and got home safely.

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