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chapter 1


The day has ended. Finally! I was just about to get up and leave 'cause i'm 1 of the last people out of the classroom when Mr.Grohl called me over to his desk. "You're still missing that mapping project Kurt." Mr.Grohl said looking at me in the eye with a dead eye. "What map asighnment?" I asked looking very curiouse to what he ment by a missing project because I was sure I finnished everything.

"So if you don't know about it I take that you weren't here that day?" Mr.Grohl said furrowing his eyebrows."I guess I wasn't here....I don't know." I said looking at the ground mumbling those words. "well if it's NOT handed in by tomorrow then you have to stay after school. Sound fair?" Mr.Grohl said looking at me."Y-yea I guess." I said nervously as he stared at me into my Glassy white blue eyes. "I do not exept guesses Cobain. I need a defenant yes or no answer so is it a yes or a no kurt?" He said raising his voice slightly."Y-Yes." I said trying to ignore the fact he keeps staring into my eyes."Good now you may be dissmissed." Mr.Grohl said moving some papers around his desk.

chapter 2


I walked out of the school building taking the ally way short cut as it started raining."Shit!" I mumbled as I had to stop to take my bag off and put my books inside. I heard someone running and yelling its him and I turned around to see it was the person I hate the most. Chad Channing. I quikly put my stuff in my bag and got up and ran as fast as I could seeing as he had 7 of his friends with him to.

I turned into another all way and 4 of his friends popped up there out of no where and I turned around to run back to where I turned into this ally way but chad and a few of his buddy's came up in front of me."Why were you running Kurt? It's not like I'm gonna hurt you." He said while pushing me twords on of his other friend. I suddenly felt a hand go up my shirt while the others laughed.

I jumped by the sudden movment up my shirt and swung a punch at the guy. I realized I better get the fuck out of there now because I just pissed them off. I started running as fast as I could but chad tripped me. I got up right away but chad tried to grab my wrist but failed. I ran fast and far. I didn't care where I ended up I just ran. About a few minutes later the rain started to clear up and I ended up at a park with the sun rays beating down on me but I noticed it was also sun down. I sat on the swing and looked at my watch that was cracked from fucking chad. Getting my mind off that thought I started singing words softly

"Jesus don't want me for a sun beam, sun beams arn't made like me. Don't expect me to cry for all the reasons you had to die. Don't ever ask your love from me. Don't expect me to cry, don't expect me to lie don-" I was cut off by a familliear voice calling my name. It was my best friend Krist. "Kurt buddy what are you doing out here?" He asked me giving me a weird look. "I don't know I guess, but I guess I should get going home." I said jumping off the swing."I can walk you, Well that is is you want." Krist said looking at me then to the ground. "Yea! OF course you can walk me. We live on the street Krist." I said to him with a slight smile on my face as we both started walking back to our houses.

chapter 3


Once I got to my dorm no-one was there. I looked at the clock that said 8:30 on it. I went to take off my watch to through it out.Great. Fucking glass shards stuck in my wrist. I sat down at the kitchen table with a pair of tweesers and started picking at the glass. After about ten minutes I fianlly got all the glass shards out and I felt tired. I went up stairs to the second part of my dorm where my room was. I laid down in my bed and closed my eyes and started drifting away.

Dave (Mr.Grohl);

When I got home I sat at my desk and started marking the students papers then I found Kurts map that I said was over-due. I laughed a little and hid it knowing he would try and do it tonight but he wouldn't have his paper so he wouldn't be able to do it. The reason why I'm hiding his paper is because I have a crush on him and I still want to see him tomorrow after school. He's so cute when he blushes and when he's being shy. After awhile of marking the students papers I finished and I glanced at the clock that said 1:19 A.M.

I was getting tired so I went upstairs to my room and laid on the bed. I started thinking about Kurt and how Cute he is. I chuckled as I started drifting away into my sleep. Next thing I knew was when I opened my eyes it was 5:45 A.M. "looks like I should get ready." I mumbled to myself as I got up. I got changed into my regular T-shit and jeans and ate a slice of toast and an apple. After I finished that I put my vans on and headed out o my car and left.

chapter 4


The end of the day has come and now I need to find a way to leave the school building and get back to my dorm without getting caught. Right now I'm hiding in the library hiding from Mr.Grohl because he's in the library right now talking to Mrs.Rossanne. I'm sweating so much right now trying not to move. As I looked over to see if Mr.Grohl was still in and he wasn't just Mrs.Rossanne puting books away. I slowly got up and made my way to the door as I knocked a book over. "Shit!" I loudly whispered then covered my mouth and crouched. She looked over very confused and ask "Is A-anybody there? In her normal studder. She started searching through the library not paying attention to her surroundings I booked it.

As I was running I bumped into a taller figure and landed on the ground. "AHA! You were hiding this whole entire time for 30 minutes Kurt." Mr.Grohl said in a mocking tone. "And where is your assinghment?" He asked me. Shit I didn't do it. "I-I umm I D-Don't know." I said kinda shaking nervously. "well you know what that means right Kurt." MrGrohl said looking at me with a smug expression. I stood up and started walking as Mr.Grohl followed. "where do you think you're going?" Mr.Grohl said placing a firm grip on my shoulder which startled me. "I'm walking to the classroom." I said kinda annoyingly.

"oh.." Mr.Grohl said letting go of my shoulder as we reached the room. I sat at my desk and pulled out a blank piece of paper and started looking for my project paper. "Shit! Where the hell is it?" I said searching through my binder."Oh. What are you looking for? This?" Mr.grohl said in a happy but mocking tone. I looked up and saw my paper and I went up to him. "why do you have that?" I said trying to grab the paper but he moved." C'mon! Try and get it." Mr.Grohl said waving it around like he was bullying a 7th grader. "C'mon dam-" I said but I was cut off with a pair of lips crashing onto my lips. He had his arms around me like he was hugging me. I tried to push away but he was too strong.

He pulled away from the kiss leaving us both breathless (I didn't breathe the whole time he was kissing me) He then looked into my whitish blue eyes then moving close to my ear. "I want you so bad Kurt." Mr.Grohl cooed into my ear sending chills down my spine. I then felt a hand go up my shirt making me jump at the sudden movment. As much as I didn't want to enjoy this I did. "S-Stop Please!" I said pleading. "Kurt, I know you're enjoying this." he said slightly chuckling. "S-SHUT UP!" I said raising my voice slightly. "oh c'mon.... Don'y be like that!" He said to me in a calm voice.

chapter 5

Warning: Things WILL get SEXUAL in this chapter. You have been warned.


"I know you're enjoying this Kurt" I said in a mockingly like tone. "S-SHUT UP!" Kurt said raising his tone. I started bitting and sucking down on his neck to find his sweet spot and I did causing him to moan as I smiled against his neck. I put my hand down Kurts pant which startled him but he quikly relaxed. I started rubbing his member as Kurt tried to hold in moans but failed.

I started to go faster and he moaned like crazy. I stopped and started taking off his pants then took of mine. He started giving me a blow job as I dug my fingers into his hair and held on. Kurt started going faster but I stopped him. I signaled him to turn around and he did. I wasn't gonna go easy.

As I entered and started going fast Kurt gasped and moaned like crazy. I didn't stop my pace. "F-F-Fuck D-Dave!" he said. I then came in him then his came a few seconds later as he was about to collapse but I caught him with my free hand.

"I-I love you kurt." I said panting for breathe

"I-I love y-you too." Kurt said out of breathe and stuttering like normal.

chapter 6


It's been 2 days since me and Kurt had sex. Kurt hasn't talked much but he was always blushing looking down when asked a question, studdering, and muttering words very quietly. Right now it's lunch break and I saw Kurt in the park at the swings and it's odd 'cause it's raining outside. I got a sweater on and walked outside to the park in the far back of the field. I started sneaking up behind him and scared him. He got scared and lost his grip of the swing and fell.

"F-fuck! Don't do that!" he said in a mumble as he got up and brushed wood chips off of him as he was wet from a puddle too. "Hey! Why are you still so shy even though we've had s-" I said but saw Kurts face turn red and then he hit me. "OW! You know i'm 24 and I can easliy beat you but I love you too much." I said. "W-well sorry.......Just don't say it so fucking loud!" He said with his face all rosey from the cold wheather. The lunch bell rang to signify that lunch was over. "C'mon! Or you're gonna be late. I said tugging at Kurts hand. "No." "Hmm?" "I said no." Kurt said in a very suttle and audioable voice.

"W-Why?" I said shocked at his sudden response. "I-I don't know I just don't wanna go." he said walking away twords the dorm area. I chased after him tryin to get a better response but didn't. "I just want to be alone right now Dave. Okay....." Kurt said looking at the ground. "Okay...B-But I'll be checking on you after classes are done okay?" "Okay."


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chapter 7


I sat there on my bed playing my gutair angery and sadess started getting to me. 'Why did Krist hit me earlier?" I said throwing my gutair sobbing into my hands and to top it off I share the dorm with him. I heard stumbling and things getting knocked over and mumbling. Shit he's drunk. I went to pick up my gutair and put it in the case. I went to stand up and about 1 cm away from my face and all I smelt was beer. I went to move and go down stairs and Krist followed . Now I was starting to get scared. Every move I made he followed. I finally went back to my room and tried to shut the door but Krist stuck his foot in the door.

"Why the fuck are you trying to shut the door?" He said very angerly. "I-I just wannd b-be alone.." I said while I was shaking. Krist kept putting all of his weight on the door until I couldn't keep it closed. I fell to the ground and sat up slightly. I started getting hit, punched and kicked. It hurt. After about 20 minutes Krist stopped and walked away slamming the door. I was bleeding everywhere. I slowly stood up and laid on my bed and cried. Cried and bled. after awhile I fell asleep.


Finally all the classes are over and I could go check up on Kurt. I walked over to the dorm area and knocked on his door. No-one answered. I knocked again. Still no response. I knocked afew more times but of course no response. I buzzed in the code afew times too. No response. I checked the door knob and for some reasone it was unlocked and i'm getting worried. "Kurt? are you here?" I said slowly walking through his dorm. It was wired. I went upstairs to take a look up there and every door was opened except for one. I checked the door knob but it wasn't locked. As soon as I saw what I did my heart filled with sadness ,anger and hurt. I ran over to Kurt who had cuts and bruises and I'm pretty sure that there was some broken bones.

chapter 8


I fluttered my eyes open slowly as I felt something wet on my face. It was Mr.Grohl who was washing my face that still had dried blood it. He tried to sit me up but I winced at the pain. "A-AH S-STOP IT H-HURTS!" I screamed as Dave moved away trying not to do anything to cause me pain. "O-Oh shit! Sorry Kurt!" He said nervously. I slowly sat up. "S-sorry for yelling at you....." I said looking at the ground with shame and guilt. "N-No it's fine but please Kurt..... tell me what what happend!" He said pleading for an answer. My eyes started tearing up as eye remembered what Krist did to me earlier.

I started sobbing into my hands for a few minutes as Mr.Grohl rubbed my back. "K-Krist beat m-me f-for no r-reason at a-all and he c-came back d-drunk.... I-I DON"T KN-KNOW WHY AND I-I JUST WANNA KNOW!" I said just not wanting to remember it all. Not one even one bit. "That makes me FUCKING angery Kurt! Where is he?" Dave said in a tone of voice that scared me. "I........I don't know...." I said in a very quiet voice. All of a sudden we both looked over to my door as we heard the door slam. "KURT GET DOWN HERE NOW!?" Krist yelled at the top of his lungs from down stairs. I started skaking as Mr.Grohl just looked very mad.

I heard Krist mumble a few things but I couldn't make it out to what he was saying. I looked over to where Mr.Grohl was but he wasn't there, he was behind the door hiding.Krist entered my room and stormed at me. "I told you to get the FUCK down stairs!" He said to me grabbing my wrist and dragging me out of my bed. "Ghaagh! It hurts!" "I don't give a shit!" "Stop!" " NO!" "PLEASE!" "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Krist said as he punched me across the face. "HEY! DON'T FUCKING SLAP HIM YOU ASSHOLE!" Dave said picking me up. I was getting scared because my vision was starting to fade and so were Dave and Krist voices and I couldn't speak do to all of the pain I'm going through. Someone just help me already. Please!

chapter 9


I've been gone for a few hours underneath a bridge hiding since I was scared of witnessing the fight that was going on beetween Krist and Mr.Grohl. I felt my hand being rubbed by something....Furry? I looked down to see a black and white kitten at my hand.

It looked up at me and meowed. "Awww~! Aren't you cute!" I said slowly picked up the kitten that kept staring at me and placed it on my lap and instantly turned into a ball like position and closed its eyes."Kurt! Kurt? Are you here?" I heard Mr.Grohls voice ring through my ears as he got closer and closer.

I turned around and he crouched beside me and just stared blankly at me for 1 minute and it creeped me out a bit. "Uh umm M-Mr.Grohl? H-Hello? Are you okay?" I said waving and snapping my fingers in front of his face."Y-yea umm sorry I was just thinking" he said still staring.


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chapter 10


Once we got back to my dorm I looked around and saw some stuff broke.Mostly glass and pictures in frames.I let out a sigh and closed my eyes.It reminded me of when my mom and dad got into fights.I snapped out of my thoughts when Dave said something to me that caught my attention.

"You came from a rough home too,didn't you..."

I looked over to him in shock at his sudden question.

"Y...You came from a broken home as well?"


"It's just.......It's just so hard to see my dorm like this it's just like it sends me back to a place I'd never wanted to be."

every time I looked around the room my eyes started to tear up the more I that about the shattered mirror that was my childhood.Hot salty tears started streaming down my face like a water fall as I saw the picture of my now dead sister Kim broken on the floor.

I slowly walked over to it and keeled down slowly picked it up looking at it as Dave slowly approached me.I hugged the picture tightly and sobbed and I couldn't control it.He hugged me tightly as I hysterical sobbed.I turned around and sobbed into his chest until I had no more tears and was started to fall asleep.

I awoke and I guess I did fall asleep with Dave still hugging me but still asleep.I smiled.He looked cute when he was asleep.I slowly moved his arm and I woke him up by accident.He let go of me then stretched.

"Hey"He said in a raspy voice.

chapter 11

Here's a little smut like chapter for you's :3



"Hey" I said in a raspy tone

"Hi" Kurt said and snuggled into my chest

I hugged him and he giggled. His smile made my heart melt and couldn't help but smile back.

He looked up at me and smiled again. I couldn't hold it any longer so I kissed him.

I forced my tongue in his mouth and fought for dominance. I flipped him over so he was laying on his back on the ground.

I pinned him down and smirked. He just smiled and giggled abit. I kissed him again but a bit more harsh-er.

He moaned a little and again and again and again and with each moan made me crave him more and more.

I finally got tired of being teased by his kisses and made him sit up. I fished a hand into his pant and rubbed his dick.

Kurt arched his chest out and moaned as I wrapped my arm around him and put a finger in his mouth.

"Ohh god Dave (moan) Fuck!" Kurt said grabbing the sleeve of my shirt I smirked against his neck.

I started sucking his neck then I bit the spot that I sucked.

"F-For fuck sakes Dave." He moaned into my ear.

I smiled and started going faster and faster as Kurt started to hold a death grip onto the fabric of my shirt.

I knew Kurt came when he moaned loudly and I felt a warm liquid squirt into my hand.

chapter 12


(A few days later)

I was washing dishes in silence until Kurt woke up. He looked around the room and saw nothing to do so he looked back at the ceiling.

"I'm booooooooooooooooored." Kurt said laying on the couch.

I looked at him and kinda smiled "Run around then." I simply replied.

Kurt rolled over and almost fell off the couch "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo that's boring Dave. I mean lets go out and do something!

" As soon as he finished his sentence he fell off the couch making a loud thump noise.

"Owwww!" Kurt said sitting up and rubbing his head. "That's why you don't roll around on the couch." I said laughing a little.

I glanced at Kurt who looked insulted "Oh yea! W-Well maybe you shouldn't have such small couches!" Kurt said sounding like a 5 year old trying to insult an older kid.

I smiled and laughed "You're too adorable Kurt!" Kurt looked down and blushed and started fiddling with his thumbs.

I put down the plate I was washing and stared at Kurt in confusion. "A-Are you okay?" I said furrowing my eyebrows. Kurt looked up and smiled "Yea i'm fine!" he chirped and smiled so I smiled back.

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