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You're mine for eternity~Yandere!Dave x Kurt


I can't believe it! Kurt cheated on me with that son of a bitch whore!! With Courtney Mother fucking Love. The worlds most known skank.

Kurt's not home at the moment but that's okay 'cause I got some "business" to do with Love.

Kurt should be home at 5:30 and it's 5:25 right now, so he should be back at any time.

I finished cooking Kurt's meal and I already ate so I just started washing my dishes. I heard the door open and close.

"Dave, Are you home?" Kurt yelled from the door way.

"In the Kitchen! Your dinner is on the table!" I shouted back.

Kurt walked in and gave me a big hug as I washed my dishes and he walked back and sat at the table.

"Dave what is this?" He said poking at the maroon coloured slab of meat on his plate.

"It's lamb chops, love" I simply replied back.

Kurt got up and went to the cupboard and grabbed a cup then he moved to the fridge and got some milk.

Once he sat down he started eating and I went to the living room.

~~~Time skip until Kurt finished the meal~~~

Kurt stumbled into the living room and looked kind of nauseas.

I looked up and smiled "What's wrong Kurt?"

"D-Dave....What was in that meat? I.....I don't feel good." Kurt said holding his stomach.

"Oh nothing but except for that bitch you cheated on me with." I said smirking deviously.


I stood up and walked over to him "Cause you're mine and mine only."

I saw Kurt trembled and I went to hug him but he pushed me away.

"WHY DAVE? WHY?!" Kurt said with tears pooling out of his eyes.

"Cause you're mine for eternity" I said

I pulled out a pocket knife and I held it to Kurt's neck

"You will be mine for all eternity always and NO-ONE will EVER take you away from me."

And with one swipe of the blade, A thick red liquid poured everywhere.


The end

We Shall Fall Once More Once The Rope Is Cut~Krist x Kurt


A thin brown rope. I see it but as well Kurt can see it too. My hands are getting sore from hanging onto this rope. I can see that Kurt is struggling too.

Kurt cried out "K-Krist?"

I looked at him "Yes Kurt?"

"W-Where are you?....I-I can't see you!" I Kurt said struggling to keep his grasp on the rope.

"I'm across from you if you can see me" I replied back.

I know this is a weird situation for us to be holding on to a piece of rope,but me and Kurt are dead.

Now I know that but Kurt doesn't. I don't know what this place is but I know it's some where close to hell.

"Oh No! D-Don't! Please!" I heard Kurt cry out.

I knew what he was talking about. Chad was going to cut the rope and let us fall and die again for the 5th time.

I braced myself for it as he came by with a big pair of scissors.

"Kurt.....Just brace yourself." I said closing my eyes knowing what was to come next.

I heard the scissors open and I felt the rope become loose. I felt the wind go through me as I fell for a little while. I felt Kurt intertwine his fingers into mine.

I opened my eyes to see him smile with tears falling out of his closed eye lids

"I love you Krist." Kurt choked out.

"I-I love you too Kurt." I choked back.

But next I felt numb and everything was black.

We were dead once again.

Scream My Name!~Kurt x Krist(SMUT)

Kurt got out of the shower just as his house phone started ringing.

"Shit!" Kurt muttered as he got his pyjamas on.

Kurt ran downstairs and picked up the phone.

"H-Hello?" Kurt said in confusion.

"Heeeeeeeeey buddyyy! I'm Commmin over!" Krist slurred drunkly through the phone.

Before Kurt could respond Krist had already hung up. Kurt looked at the clock and saw that it was 12:56 AM.

Kurt sighed hoping his friend would arrive safely. He got snapped out of his thoughts when he heard pounding at the door.

Kurt sighed and got up. Once he opened the door Krist fell right on top of him.

"F-For fuck s-sakes Krist! You're t-too damn fat!" Kurt managed to gasp out while pushing Krist off of him.

Once Kurt finally got Krist off he went upstairs to set up the bed for Krist (Since Kurt normally sleeps down stairs when he has a guest over for the night)

Kurt turned around to be faced with the heavy beer smelling breath of Krist right in front of his face.

"K-Krist You're t-" Before Kurt could finish his sentence Krist kissed him but it wasn't a gentle kiss. It was a rough sloppy kiss.

Krist pinned Kurt by his wrists against the wall so he couldn't move from his grasp. Kurt moaned a few times through the kiss.

After a little while of kissing Krist pushed Kurt onto the bed and Krist crawled on top of him. Krist smirked and laughed.

Krist undid Kurt's pant and fished his hand into his boxers. Krist grabbed Kurt's erection and started stroking it.

Kurt let out a few moans as Krist smirked and kissed him.

After a few minutes of that, Krist undid his belt and took off his pants. Krist flipped Kurt over and wasted no time sticking his erection inside Kurt.

Krist didn't go easy and for Kurt it was his first time.

"F-Fuck Kri-ist!" Kurt said through moans.

"Say my name!" Krist said.

Kurt didn't really try but Krist sped up.

"K-KRIST!" Kurt yelled as he sped up.

All of a sudden Kurt felt a hot slimly liquid shoot into him as he came. Krist slid himself out of Kurt. The two males laid on the bed panting breathless.

Kurt was tired so it didn't take him long to fall asleep.


Kurt woke up to the warm rays of the sun on him. Kurt turned around to face the other way but Krist was already up.

"Morning beautiful~!" Krist said smiling.

Kurt smiled back "Morning."

And I Love Him~Kurt x Krist (Fluff)


I laid in my bed starring up at my sealing, listening to the dull hum of my ceiling fan. I sighed and looked over to my alarm clock.

"3:50 in the morning" I groaned and covered my face.

I sighed and got out of my bed. I walked over to the washroom and ran the shower tap, letting the water run until it got warm. I went to the hallway closet and grabbed a towel and walked back.

I put the towel down and stepped in the shower, not giving a single fuck that I still had my T-shirt and boxers still on.

I stood there, letting the water dampen my cloths. I looked down and sighed.

"Why can't he like me back?" I mumbled out of breathe.

I quickly pushed those thoughts away and grabbed the shampoo bottle and started to wash my hair.

//////After the shower/////

I went to my closet and grabbed a dry T-shirt and boxers and put those on, then I chose a blue flannel and ripped jeans.

I proceeded to go down stairs and turn on the t.v. I smiled silently as come as you are played on MTV or as I like to call it, Empty T.V.

I decided to pick up my phone and call someone, But who? I don't know?

After 5 minutes of thinking I decided to call Krist. I was feeling lonely and I knew that he would be willing to comfort me.

I dialled his number and stood there waiting for him to pick up.


"H-Hey Krist...I um...Could you please come over?"

"What's wrong?"

"I...I'm feeling lonely and I-I need someone to just...be h-here with me..."

"Kay Kurt, I'll be over in about 30 minutes."

"Kay I'll see you in a few."

~Call ended~

I sighed and looked down. I shouldn't be feeling like this about him. He's straight. He doesn't even know that I'm bi...I really hate myself for this.

I pushed those thoughts away and walked to the kitchen to grab a pop tart and some strawberry milk.

Once I grabbed those I went to sit down at the table and ate it silently. I observed my kitchen in a slow fashion.

I heard a knock at the door which made me jump and almost choke on my milk.

"C'min!" I shouted.

I heard the door open and close which made my heart race knowing Krist was here. He walked into the kitchen and gave me a smile.

My heart raced as I blushed and returned the smile. He pulled a chair over and sat next to me. I just wanted to hug and kiss him but I couldn't and it was killing me.

I noticed he was starring at me smiling, I turned a darker shade of red.

"W-What?" I said looking down.

He grinned and chuckled. He pulled me into a warm embrace. I didn't know how to respond and my heart was racing.

I just stayed silent as my face was a shade of red. Krist cupped my chin and made me look up. I din't even pay attention until I felt his lips on mine.

I was shocked at first but I slowly responded. We kissed until he pulled away, our longs burning for oxygen.

"I love you Kurt, never forget that." Krist said looking into my pale blue eyes.

I smiled and hugged him.

"I love you too and I'll NEVER forget that!"

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