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Chapter 1


"GET BACK HEAR KURT AND LET ME EXPLAIN!" I yelled harshly at the top of my lungs.

All of a sudden their was a big loud slam of the bedroom door. I stumbled over to the bedroom door and knocked on it lightly.

I looked down in sadness "C'mon Kurt,open the door and let me explain."

Kurt opened the door fast and looked at me pretty pissed "Oh what? Explain how she "Raped" you when you told Krist you enjoyed it. I don't think so and this is the 5th FUCKING TIME I CAUGHT YOU CHEATING so I'm not falling for your FUCKING bullshit again so you can lie to me again and again and again." He slammed the door.

"FINE BE THAT WAY!" I yelled and punched the door.

I walked over to the couch and covered my face and hot salty tears fell out of my eye sockets.

"Why can't every thing be normal again?"

Chapter 2


I sat there. Still on that couch 5 hours later but I was drinking beers at the same time. I've already had 7 of them.

Kurt came out of our room with a bag of cloths and his guitar. As he walked closer to the door I stood up and stumbled over to him.

"Where the fuck are you going now?" I mumbled

He didn't answer which made me pretty pissed.

I grabbed him by the shoulders and slammed him into the door.

I yelled in his face "Did you not FUCKING hear me? I asked where the FUCK are you going?!"

Kurt tried to push me off and me being my drunk self I got made and slammed him into the door again.

"G-Get the F-FUCK OFF OF ME!" Kurt spat out

I shook Kurt violently "WELL WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!"

Kurt pushed me off "I'm going to krist now bye."

He walked away and I tried to grab his wrist but he moved it away.

"Well....When do you think you'll be back?" I said looking down

"I.......I don't know...Just be safe and stop your drinking." Kurt said not even looking at me.

He opened the door and walked out and shut it quietly.

Chapter 3


I was walking in the cold and now rainy weather. I shivered and thought to myself "How did I get myself into this situation? Why is he so mad? Did I do anything? No....Did I..?" I started to tear up as my thoughts started jabbing at my emotions like knives cutting a head of lettuce. Sooner then I thought, I began to be blinded by my own tears. "Fuck!" I mumbled and turned into an ally way, sniffling and wiping my tears up.

As I walked down the back ally I cried silently, looking down so no one would see me like this. I hated crying and I hated this feeling but it seems like I'm stuck to this feeling in life. I looked up as I walked and next thing I knew, I was at Krist's house. I ran up to his door and started pounding on it hoping he was home.

"Come in!" I heard Krist shout. I ran inside, right up to him and hugged him shaking and crying, I must've startled him. "Hey, man, you okay?" He said softly as he hugged back. "N-No! I never am and I don't know what to do!" I said through my tears. He sighed "What did Dave do now?" I started to shake, "W-WHat do you think he did?!" I said then ended up bursting into more tears. Krist gently and soothingly rubbed my back, "There, there, my friend" I started to play those words over and over in my head. Sooner then later I started to calm down feeling good with my emotions but my breathing still shitty of course.

Krist looked at me we a concerned look and spoke "Hey, do you want anything? A drink, Hospital? Anything?" I looked at him with a fake smile "No thank you, I'm great" Krist quickly pulled me into a hug and rubbed my back. "Kurt, you need to leave Dave. He's no good for you! H-He's abusive and manipulative! Please leave him now and I'll help you out with getting a job and a place to stay. He's literally driven you to start selling your own body because he "needs the money" Kurt, please listen to me. I know it's hard and you're scared b-but.........." He looked down and sighed as I looked at him worried but feeling like a wimp.



"I....I love you"

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