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Chapter 1


"Krist! I'm going out for abit so can you please watch your little brother? Thanks" Mom said as she walked out the door.

Kurt was napping and mom would probably be gone the whole night seeing that she's going out drinking.

I went up stairs into Kurt's room still to find him sleeping. I sat on his bed and watched him sleep. I hugged him and he turned around to face me.

He sighed in annoyance "What do you want Krist?" He said muffling his voice in his blanket.

I giggled "Nothing."

"Then why are you bugging me?" He said trying to get out of my grasp but failed.

He got annoyed and sat up and sighed.

"W-Where's mom?" He said rubbing sleep out of his eyes.

"She's gone for the night." I simply replied back.

Kurt stretched "Oh."

I grabbed him and pulled him down.

"Why are you so grumpy?" I said smiling.

Kurt tried to push me off "Cause I just fucking woke up."

I just giggled at his swearing and decided to just kiss him. I moved down to his neck and started sucking on his neck.

He held a tight death grip on the fabric on my shirt and moaned. I bit down on the spot I was just sucking on.

Kurt arched his back up and dug his fingers into my back and moaned. I bit down a bit harder and Kurt again moaned out loud.

"K-Krist." Kurt moaned out.

I looked up " Yea?"

"I-I don't think we should-" I cut Kurt off.

I fished my hand into his jeans and into his boxers. Kurt arched his back up again and held onto me tightly.

I looked and smirked "You like this, don't you?"

Kurt said nothing but moans and gibberish.

I sped up "What's that? I can't here you."

Kurt flipped his head back "Y-Yes."

I just smirked and looked him straight in his blue eyes.

He kept holding onto me and moaning but with each moan I sped up.

"K-Krist I-I'm going t-to c-cum!" He said right before he shot cum into my palm.

Kurt let out a loud moaned before falling back onto the bed.

"How was that?" I said looking at him smiling.

"G-Good" Kurt said panting.

"next time you're gonna make me cum." I said looking into his eyes smiling.

Chapter 2


It's 3:35 in the afternoon and mom's still not back...I'm just sitting in my room drawing anyway and Krist is in his room watching t.v and practising his bass.

I looked out the window when I heard a pebble get thrown at it. It was Krist's friend Dave. I opened the window.

"Is Krist here?" Dave said.

"Yea. I'll let him know you're here." I replied.

I walked away and opened Krist's door. When I walked in my heart stopped as I saw he was watching gay porn.

"K-KRIST!?! TURN THAT SHIT OFF!!? DAVE'S HERE FOR FUCK SAKES!?!" I said startling him.

"Well let him in." Krist just said sounding snobby.

I walked down stairs to let Dave in only for him to trip and land on me.

"O-Oh shit sorry!" Dave stuttered out.

I pushed him off "It's fine." I said before half way walking up the stairs. "Krist is in his room." I said before fully walking up stairs into my room.

I shut my door and plopped on my bed exhausted. I sighed.

"I hope mom's okay." I said closing my eyes.

I still remember the day she got into a car accident and almost died. Till this day I worry it'll happen again but she'll actually die.

I sighed again and sat up looking around my room. I stood up and walked over to my guitar and picked it up.

I placed it on my bed and went to find my note book (That I hide from Krist.)

Once I found it I sat on my bed and placed my guitar on my lap. I started skimming through my note book to find the page I titled "all apologies"

I started with my opening cords then started to muble/sing.

"What else should I be? All Apologies"

"What else could I say? Everyone is gay."

"What else could I write? I don't have a right."

Krist ran into the room scarring the shit out of me making me throw my guitar in mid air.

"HEY KURT! WHATCHA DOIN?" He said slapping me on the back.

"N-Nothing." I said glaring at him.

Krist laughed a little "Mom's home now and Dave just left." I just nodded in response. Krist started rubbing my thigh.

Krist smirked "Maybe tonight we can...You know..."

I grabbed Krist hand off my thigh "No."

"Why?" Krist said in a pouty tone.

"Cause Krist we are brothers and we're not suppose to be doing this and if we get caught we'll be in big shit you jackass." I simply replied.

"C'mon Kurt!" Krist said straddling me.




"Please Kurt. I'm begging you."

"No Krist I'm not in the mood to do that tonight and i'm not willing to get caught." I said storming off angerly, leaving Krist behind in my room.

Chapter 3


"Boys dinner's ready!" Mom called from downstairs.

I got up and walked down stairs to see Kurt partly sleeping at the table with his head down and mom putting the plates an bowls on the table.

Mom nudged Kurt "Kurt,wake up." but Kurt just mummbled gibberish and pushed her away.

After 5 minutes Mom got fed up "Krist can you take your little brother to his room please. I'll get his plate ready for later." Mom sighed.

I nodded in response and picked Kurt up bridal style and carried him up to his room. Once I got him up to his room I placed him on his bed.

I kissed his cheek and walked down stairs.I sat at the kitchen table and dished my plate.

I looked at my mom and saw that she had a worried expression upon her face.

I looked at her "Mom..Are you okay?"

She sighed "Krist........Can I tell you something?"


"K-Krist...I'm getting married again." She said looking straight into my eyes.

"W-WHAT?!" I said standing up angerly.

She covered her face "Krist calm down.You're going to wake Kurt up and I know you and Kurt won't like this but you're just going to have to get use to it."

I was so mad at her. I don't want her to get married to anyone else. Dad left her and now she's going to try with another asshole.

There was a knock at the door.

"W-Who is that?" I said glaring at her.

"It's him. Be nice Krist." She said standing up.

I stood up and walked away leaving my halfly full plate on the table. I walked upstairs to my room passing Kurt's room and saw him sitting up.

"K-Krist what's going on?" Kurt said yawning.

I held his shoulders tightly "Kurt, moms getting married.

Kurts eyes widened "What?"

Mom walked upstairs with the guy who she's marring

"And this is Krist and Kurt." She said smiling at him.

I just glared at him as Kurt just stared blankly at him. I looked at Kurt when he moved closer to my ear.

"T-This can't be happening..."

Chapter 4


I don't like my mom's new husband. He just gives me bad vibes. Kurt told me he's actually scared of him, but of course mom see's nothing wrong with him but to me he's everything I hate.

He's always acting like he's me and Kurt's birth dad and I hate it. I worry about Kurt now 'cause ever since we met mom's new husband he's been staying in his room almost 24/7.

I knocked on Kurt's door "Kurt? Can I come in, please?"

Kurt opened the door a little bit "Yea?"

"Can I come in please?" I asked.

Kurt opened his door and I walked in. He shut the door behind me and I sat on his bed. Kurt sat beside me.

"Why are you always in your room?" I asked.

"I...I don't like being out there. I don't like him and I want him to go away and leave our family alone." Kurt said looking down.

I hugged Kurt "I know but we're gonna have to get use to it mom said. but I see where you're coming from."

Kurt stood up and walked away without saying anything. I followed him and saw that he stopped part way to hear weird noises.

Chapter 5


I stopped as I heard noises which sounded like moans and groans but the worst part about it was what my Mom said.

"I can't wait for us to have our baby."

My heart shattered into a million pieces. My eyes were pooling over with tears. I turned around to see Krist standing there in shock and a glimpse of anger.

I ran past him but before I could shut my bedroom door he held it open and walked in. He shut the door behind him and came up to me.

He gave me a big hug and I hugged him back, sobbing into his shoulder.

"Why? Why i she doing this?" I said through sobs.

"I don't know Kurt, I don't know." Krist said looking down on me while petting the back of my head.

I felt so lost, broken and hurt. The same feeling I felt when my dad told me and Krist that he was divorcing Mom.

I let go Of Krist and ran to my door and opened it.

"FUCK YOU MOM!! I FUCKING HATE YOU, YOU SLUT!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs while tears fell from my eyes still.

chapter 6


{A few days later...}

I'm so tired. The school day is finally over. Kurt was not feeling good today so he stayed home with our new step father. I walked home looking down in silence since I was alone.

I looked up and saw my house a few more doors down. I walked faster and finally reached my door. I sighed and looked down, opening the door.

I shut the door quietly and jumped when I heard something get thrown and Kurt scream and cry. I threw my bag down and ran upstairs.

"KURT!!" I yelled, running upstairs. I opened his bedroom door to see him with bruises and cuts all over him while my step dad stood there getting ready to punch him.

I ran in front of Kurt and took the punch in the gut. I looked up to see that step dad was not happy. He kicked me a side and walked over to Kurt and picked him up by the collar of his T-shirt.

Kurt cried for me to get help so I ran down stairs and looked for a phone. But when I found it, it was smashed to nothing. I didn't know what to do so I grabbed a frying pan and ran back upstairs.

When I got back to Kurt's room I saw our step father strangling him witch made me pretty pissed. I snuck up behind him and whacked him on the head with the frying pan.

He was knocked out cold and Kurt pushed him off. Kurt sped over to me and hugged me while crying into my chest. I hugged him back. I didn't know what else to do.

I picked Kurt up bridal style and walked down stairs. I looked out the window and saw Dave walking over so I opened the door with Kurt staying close to my side.

"Dude what the fuck happened to Kurt?" Dave said in concern.

"Step dad." I simply replied.

"I was gonna ask if you guys wanted to sleep-"

"We'd love too." I said cutting Dave off.

Chapter 7


I walked with Dave in awkward silence, just listening to the tip tap of our shoes.

"Hey dude, you okay?" Dave said with a look of concern.

"I..Um..Yeah." I said still looking down.


We turned around to see Krist bolting to catch up to us. I giggled and Dave laughed. Krist caught up to us panting breathlessly.

We kept walking with Krist and Dave talking nonsense as I kept looking at the ground. Not long after that we reached Dave's house.

"This is gonna be a long night..." I thought while walking up his porch step.

Chapter 8


We sat in my living room playing my N.E.S. I happened to notice that Kurt was sitting off in the corner with a note book.

I couldn't tell if he was drawing or writing but I'm pretty sure he's good at both.

I just stared at him until Krist's voice snapped me back.

"Dude, I gotta go to the washroom, I'll be right back and don't get a head start!" Krist said chuckling a bit.

"I won't" I said punching his leg as he stood up.

I watched as he walked out still smiling like I wasn't going to do anything but sit there.

I turned around and crawled over to Kurt observing what he was doing. After a few seconds he finally looked up to observe the room and then turned to me.

I guess I was a bit too close to him cause he jumped a bit.

"Oh, Hi..." He muttered softly.

God I loved his soft, quiet voice, barely audible

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