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Chapter 1-Goodbye


I can't take it anymore. I don't know how I survived 2 years without my crush Kurt. I miss him. I'm sick of paparazzi's always coming up to me and asking me about Kurt. I haven't even heard from Krist for 2 years and everybody in my family hates me.

I already wrote my notes and I know that I won't regret this cause I'll be in some sort of freedom and I hope I can see Kurt again.

I also got the bullets and all of that stuff here but I just need to load my gun up now.


It's loaded up and everything is in place so on the count of 3 I'll pull the trigger. My hand trembles as I mentally say it.




I wasted no time on pulling the trigger and everything went white.

Chapter 2-You don't remember me?


I woke up strangely to sounds of laughter,screams and cries with images flashing in my mind. I sat up and looked around confused furrowing my eyebrows.

"What the hell?" I mumbled under my breath standing up. Everything was black except one area that had a light shinning down on it....It kinda looked like a stage like.

I started walking, hearing nothing but the sound of my foot steps.


Sounds of screams became vivid in the back which confused me cause no one else was there but me. I turned around to see a black flood of goop pouring out and I wasn't even close to the light.

I started running as fast as I could but I felt the black goop swallow my feet and soon up to my chest. I tried to move to get out of it but no use. I screamed for help at the top of my lungs. A hand reached out of the blackness and pulled me out of the goop while I squinted my eyes.

Once I opened my eyes I was met with a forest like-ish area and a women with really messy long brown hair and a crap ton of bracelets with ripped blue bell bottom jeans and a brown ripped vest with a white tank top.

"So I see that you'll be joining us too!" She said smiling.

Scratching my head in confusion I quickly said "Y-Yea...I guess so..."

"The name's Janis Joplin....An old 60's singer if you know me..." She said still smiling.

"Well my name is Dave Grohl, I was a drummer from the huge 90's grunge band from NIRVANA."

"Ohh~! So you're the guy who's name gets said around here alot but nobody knows who "He" Is." Janis said shaking my hand.

I just looked in confusion not knowing what to say.

Furrowing my eyebrows I opened my mouth "Where am I or We exactly?"

"Oh this place, This is purgatory. And no this forest area isn't the whole thing. This is just where I like to stay." Janis said with a stern expression. "You know you can walk and look around too." She chuckled.

"O-Okay then...." I said starting to walk. I wonder who else is here. Is Kurt even here? It was weird knowing that you're dead but you feel soooooo alive.

Lost in my thoughts I wasn't paying attention til I snapped out by bumping in to someone.

"H-Hey can you please watch where you're going? Thank you" An oddly familiar voice said. I looked up to check who it was.

"Sorry I- Kurt!?!?!" I said grabbing his hand but he just furrowed his eyebrows.

"Sorry but do I know you?" The familiar blonde spoke.

"Oh..Sorry...You don't remember me?" I said awkwardly and sadly at the same time.

"I'm sorry but I'm afraid not."

Chapter 3-I remember you!


"No,Sadly I don't" I said feeling weird.

The dark haired male looked to the ground with shame "Oh...Okay then."

He walked off and I walked away as well. I wondered who he was and how did he know me and my name. But I don't want to think about it too too much. As I walked the thought kept playing in my head that he some how knew me.

I finally reached my house and walked in. I shared a house with Jim Morrison and there he was sleeping on the couch. I wasted no time and started walking to my room.

As I got in there something zapped me as my vision went full white for a minute. Vivid pictures started flashing fastly with me and that man named "Dave". Everything was spinning and by the time it stopped I fell to the ground on my knees.

"I-I know him...." I said shocked and feeling dizzy.

I got up fast and started running. I needed to tell him that I do know him and that he's not a complete stranger to me. I ran out the door not even bothering to shut it and kept running.

I bumped into a few people such as Amy winehouse and Jimi hendrix but I didn't care. I kept running until I saw him walking around with his head down.

"DAVE!?!" I yelled as I pounced onto him.

We were laying on the ground as he looked up confused.

"I-Uh-Kurt what are you doing?" Dave said.

"Dave...I...Remember....You." I said hugging him breathless.

Dave stared up in confusion for a moment but then he hugged back. I was so happy that I can remember who he was and all of that stuff.

"I'm glad Kurt, I'm glad." Dave said hugging me while stroking my head.

Chapter 4-Trouble maker.


I was super happy that Kurt remembered me and I almost wanted to cry seeing my crush remember me. We were in the woods so no one knew where we were actually.

I wanted to kiss Kurt so badly but I didn't want him to hate me on my first day of "Purgatory".

We both jumped when we heard a weird noise that we didn't recognise at all.

"Dave. What the hell was that?" Kurt said in a loud whisper.

I looked up with confusion "I don't know."

Kurt looked real worried to the point where he looked like he was gonna cry.

"I don't wanna here that sound any more." He said starting to cry in his hands.

I didn't know what he meant until I heard a gunshot that was pretty loud. I got up and Kurt didn't move but stayed and cried so I picked him up and carried him bridal style.

We walked over to where the gunshot sound came from and about 30 minutes later we found a shot body of Selena Quitanilla. I remember when I was still alive and she was on the news about her death.

"Famous Musician shot dead. Selena Quitanilla. 1971-1995"

Many gathered around and Kurt had fell asleep. I turned around to leave but instead bumped into Jimi Hendrix.

"Hey! Watch where yo goin' man." He said in a annoyed tone.


As we were walking I couldn't help but think how cute Kurt looked when he sleep. He just looked so peaceful for once. Kurt was usually sarcastic or just being Kurt.

I was guessing the house that looked like his and Courtney's house was his and sure enough it was. I opened the door and walked in with Kurt who was still in my arms asleep.

I shut the door and walked upstairs. I opened a door to a room that was obviously Kurt's room. I walked over to his bed and placed him down.

I started to walk away until he grabbed my wrist.

"Please. Stay." He said begging with his tired eyes.

I hesitated and decided to lay with him. I layed down and he snuggled into my chest. I blushed but I liked it. I do have a huge crush on Kurt but he doesn't know and I'm scared to tell him, but I know I have to soon.

Chapter 5-You love me?


I woke up with Dave hugging me in his sleep. I smiled because he looked cute. I shifted slightly and woke him up by mistake.

"Oh H-hey." He said still sleepy.

I giggled "Hi"

Dave sat up then looked down at me. I blushed a little but he didn't notice.

"Um....Kurt...Can I tell you something...?" Dave said scratching his head nervously.

I smiled "Sure!"

He looked down covering his face and I got concerned.

"Dave, A-Are you okay?" I said in a concerned tone.

Dave opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. He grabbed me and pulled me over and just stared at me into my eyes.

"K-Kurt, I love you!" Dave said trying to take himself seriously.

"W-What?" I said confused.

Dave said nothing but instead kissed me. I was confused and shocked at first but then I kissed back. Dave pulled away and said it again.

"I love you Kurt. You're beautiful, you're smart, you're just perfect Kurt." Dave smiled.

I smiled and hugged Dave.

"I love you too Dave."

chapter 6-What are you doing?


"I love you too Dave."

Those words made my heart melt in pure happiness. If I could I would kiss Kurt all day but he wouldn't let me knowing him.

Kurt got out of the bed and went to change while I was still in my normal cloths.

After Kurt finished getting changed he came out of the washroom. A knock from the door was heard and Kurt went to get it.

I followed him for some reason and I don't know why but I did.

Kurt opened the door and there stood Jim Morrison high off his ass. I got worried when he fell on top of Kurt passed out.

Kurt groaned out of annoyance "For fuck sakes..."

"Here." I said dragging Jim off of him.

Once I reached the couch I threw Jim onto the couch and walked away to help Kurt up.

Chapter 7-The new comer


Me and Dave just sat at the kitchen table and talked and laughed. Dave put his hands over mine and I smiled. There was a knock on the door. I got up and walked over and opened it.

Kurt smiled "Oh, Hi Janis."

Janis smiled back "Heyya Kurt, This is a new comer so yea....Are the others here?"

"Yea, Dave's here and Jim is passed out on the couch..." Kurt scratched his head.

"Oh well that's typical for Jim but any way this is John Lennon." Janis smiled again.

I held out my hand and smile "Nice to meet you John, I'm Kurt."

He shook my hand.

"Nice to meet you Kurt." John smiled back.

I can tell we're gonna be friends.

Chapter 8~Dreams


Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Running home. Light is closer, Hope is closer! Wait, where is my home? Where, where, where, where, where?! WHERE IS IT?!

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