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Dave Grohl turned his head to Kurt Cobain. The three musicians - Krist Nolvoic as well - were sitting in their living room, watching tv. Krist wasn't paying attention - he was staring at Dave's thick, black locks. His hair, for some reason, was.. mesmerizing.

Then he was snapped into reality, when Dave flicked his forehead. " Oww. '' He muttered, and Dave chuckled. " I'm gonna go take a shower.. '' He announced, looking lewdly at Krist, who blushed and hid his face in his hands. Kurt began to laugh at the tv station. Dave stood up, pushing his hair that got stuck in his collar out. The drummer of the grunge band stripped his shirt off as he walked down the hallway. He pants came off when he was in the bathroom.

Krist covered his mouth at the images in his mind, and couldn't help but follow. Kurt hardly noticed. Krist followed silently, hair down. He heard the water running, preparation. Krist opened the door, and saw Dave, boxers only. Krist smirked and walked up behind him. He got his attention by bumping into him. Dave gasped, and winced.

" You scared the fucking fuck out of me. '' Dave said quietly. Krist put his hand on Daves shoulder, and turned him around. Then he kissed him on the lips, his tongue searching Daves mouth. Dave moaned loudly as Krist gripped his hips and pulled him up. Dave wrapped his arms and legs around Krists waist and neck. " Krist.. ? '' Dave moaned lightly as he was pushed to the wall. " Hm? " Krist then kissed Daves neck. " I.. oh God.. I love you.. ''

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