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Chapter 1

It was a rainy day, and Kurt, Dave, and Krist were all inside their tiny apartment practicing their instruments. Kurt had his guitar out, Dave had his drums out, and Krist got his bass and they began playing some songs such as Dumb, Breed, and Heart Shaped Box. After a few hours, Krist's phone rang so he went in the other room and left Dave and Kurt alone for a while. "Listen Dave, there's something that I've been wanting to tell you for a while now." "What is it Kurt", Dave asked curiously. Without saying anything, Kurt leaned in and began to kiss Dave. "K-Kurt w-what are you doing?", Dave asked "I love you so much Dave. And I have since we first met." "Oh my god I love you too!", Dave exclaimed. The two men began to kiss again until Krist walked back into the room. Luckily, the tall bassist didn't see a thing. "Maybe we can finish this later", Kurt said with a smile. "Of course we can. Love you, bye", Dave said and left the room. "Bye", Kurt said and blew a kiss to the young drummer. "I'll see you later babe."

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