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"Stop that!!" His head turned, blood dripping from his nostrils, he could taste it in his mouth and smiled, "There is nothing you could do that I haven't already done to myself, love." His eyes were dilated wide, covering most of the piercing blue. He gushed blood from his head; his blonde hair was matted and tangled with his own seeping, thick crimson liquid. His skull was barely intact on some parts of his face, and his face was absolutely RED.

He stumbled down the stairs, gripping the railing loosely enough to keep on his feet. A guitar riff was sounding in the back of his mind, a new one? He felt his feet falling out from under him, the steps seemed so far down and he misjudged…

Be nice! "Be nice to me!" He screamed in a howl as a petite bloody, body fell down the concrete stairs, landing in a blood drenched heap at the bottom. Dave jumped down, running to the bottom of the stairs, "Kurt!" The blonde picked himself up, wobbly legged and still staggered forward, seeing that brick wall in the distance. A door creaked open and he could see the fluorescent glow. He wanted it. Dave would not stop him.

Kurt's scathed hands reached out to the glow stick colored light that seeped out onto the dirty, alley ground. Garbage littered around his feet, he shuffled through it, smiling and staring forward. Dave stared, not knowing what he could do at this point, breathlessly, "Fuck you Kurt! I don't know what it is you see out there!"

The huddled, hunching twenty something Kurt, who looked more elderly than young, but with that sick, twisted gleaming in his dulled eyes. His head dangled at an inhuman angle, "You can't see it?" Dave's eyes got wider and wider as Kurt giggled madly, reaching out for his hand. Kurt ground his teeth together, licking his dry lips, "Come, follow me, I'll show you."

Dave tried to pull away from him, but he kept a firm grip, dragging his drummer toward the brick wall, trying to navigate towards the door. The door was black and red, flashing and changing colors as the glow stick greens and blues seeped out through any crack they could into the nearly pitch black alley.

Kurt reached out for the doorway but felt Dave's hand tremble and turned around, snapping his eyes up at Dave instantly. His expression was furious, and it scared Dave, but then immediately twisted into a mad man's smile, "Don't be scared! I only ever wanted to dance with you," One of Kurt's long, blood stained fingers touched Dave's lips, as he muttered, "Shh-hhh."

He turned his mad focus back to the door and yanked it open slowly. The instant it flung open a mad blur of fluorescent, blinding colors and ear drum murdering noisy beats and screaming. Dave shrieked, "SHUT IT!" Kurt twitched all over, his eyes rolling back as he took a step into the chaos.

Dave struggled against his grip, screaming and trying to escape this, "Let me go!" Kurt pulled him in with him despite all his desperate pleading and screaming. Kurt struggled through the doorway, yanking the screaming Dave with him. The moment they got in everything stopped, they were surrounded and enveloped by white light, and a chorus of screaming, hoarse, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah's" They were blinded by the light and impeccable noise that seemed to come from nowhere but melted into their ears, becoming a part of them.

Kurt exhaled softly, "Perfect,"

Dave yanked his hand away finally but felt his body freeze, paralyzed in the white light. There was nothing but he and Kurt in this nothingness. He whimpered, "Kurt take me out of here, I'm scared!"

Kurt closed his eyes and sighed peacefully, "Finally, we're here." His voice was ominous and all knowing. Dave stared at him and watched with horror and fear as the wounds that surrounded his face and body sucked themselves away. He watched Kurt heal before his eyes, and watched the crimson blood wipe away into the nothing. His blonde hair twisted and blew upward and then settled back down on his shoulders, shining clean.

Kurt had been cleansed before him, healed and everything. His skin was perfect porcelain, with no blemishes or anything, perfect as cream. His hair was gold, pure spun gold. Dave's lips trembled when he stared at him. Kurt had become an angel. No exaggeration, he was literally a golden haired, pale angel. All he was missing were white wings.

Dave's chest thudded, shaking and shuddering. He was terrified. What did this mean? Kurt re opened his eyes and set them upon Dave. Dave had never seen blue before that moment. Kurt's eyes were the purest, blue crystal in the entire universe, there was no other blue but his. They shone with sparkling radiance and stared into Dave, Kurt's voice rang around the nothingness, speaking all knowingly, "Nirvana."

Dave couldn't breathe, "W-what the fffuck are you talking about?"

A small, amused smile played at the corners of Kurt's perfect lips, "We made it."

The trembling brunette began to cry, "Kurt stop it!! Stop fucking scaring me!" Kurt stared at Dave for a moment before he reached out and touched one of his tears with the tip of his finger. A confused expression dashed across his angelic face, "…But… this doesn't make sense…" The next moment he looked at Dave there was a blue fire in his eyes, full of rage and pain. He thundered, "NO!"

Dave cried harder, seeing Kurt scream so hard and then got the sensation he was falling. Dave tried to scream but no sound would come from him. He stared up and saw that white, peaceful nothingness they were standing in set on fire. Kurt stood in the very height of the flames, his eyes on fire with blue igniting fires, staring down at Dave as he fell.

With heartbroken blue eyes.

Dave fell and fell, trying to scream, trying to cry. But was incapable of anything and could only fall. Back down to earth, through the stars, shooting down and down and down before thudding and hitting hard into his own body. "Dave?!" He opened his eyes slowly, it hurt. Everything was throbbing. It was as if he'd broken every part of him in that free fall of death.

His eyes started registering light and things in front of him. Krist kneeled over him with EMTs and ambulances behind him, "DAVE?!" He screamed, shaking his shoulders roughly.

Dave winced, and moaned. Krist heard it, "Dave?? Say something!!"

He croaked, "Kurt,"

Krist couldn't believe that's what he actually said and asked again, "Wha?"

Dave could barely speak but somehow found the strength to moan, "He's up there…"

Krist's eyes fell to the concrete, "Yes, we know…"

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