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Kurt’s POV

The next morning when I wake up, Dave is showering. I giggle and get out of bed, I strip down, except my boxers, and go in the bathroom. The shower is all steamy, and all I can see is an ‘outline’ of Dave’s body. I find myself horny at this situation, so I snake my hand down into my boxers.

I rub myself slowly, trying to stay hidden from Dave. I back up, and rest myself against the wall, and keep touching myself.

Out of nowhere, the shower shuts off, and before I can get my hand out of my boxers and leave the bathroom, the shower door slides open, and there stands Dave, with a towel over his cock. I am fumbling with the door knob, trying to get out. Dave starts laughing like a banshee.

“What are you---what were you doing?”


“Aww, Kurt,” Dave says, following me out of the bathroom, “Aww that’s so cute.”

“CUTE? I mean, yeah I suppose it was---”

After Dave is dressed, he kisses me, tells me he loves me and asks me what I want for breakfast. I say just hot chocolate or tea, and some toast would be nice. Dave smiles and says I’m easy to please, and goes downstairs to fix it for me.

“Dave, I love your cooking,” I say, practically inhaling the toast.

“I was only making toast!” Dave laughs, “But thank you, Kurtie.” K. U. R. T. I. E. Again.

“You called me ‘Kurtie’ again,” I complain with a half smile. Dave pats my shoulder, and kisses my cheek, laughing.

Dave and I are trying to swing dance in his living room. He’s spinning me around, and bending me over his arm and stuff. We’re both laughing, when suddenly, Dave shuts off the stereo.

“Darling, you have got to get to school,” he says, “because you can get in deep shit if you don’t go.”

“I don’t want to go,” I say, clearly annoyed.

“But baby, it’s important for you to go. I mean, I know you’re smart, very smart, but they don’t just let you go because you have brains.”

“I heard of a 13 year old who was in college!” I protest. Dave shakes his head with a grin on it.

“Sweetie, go to school today, okay? Please?”



“I said no.”

“Baby, please go. I’ll buy you ice cream when you get home!”

“I’ll go. Fine. But I’m going to quit for good soon.”

Dave kisses me, and thanks me for saying I’ll actually go. He tells me to get dressed and he’ll drive me to school, even though I’m really late.

We get there, and I step out of the car. I want to puke. I despise this fucking place. Dave tells me to just go inside, he’ll come get me when schools out. I kind of pout, hoping he’ll drive me home, but he doesn’t.

“Go on, doll.”

Suppressing my anger, I look around, blow a kiss to Dave and walk up to the building. I decide I’ll trick Dave into thinking I’m going to school, and find the stoners. I’ll go get high or something for next 2 hours. I start walking off, when I don’t hear Dave’s car going.

I hear footsteps coming up the sidewalk, and hide behind this brick wall. The footsteps don’t stop, they come right up next to me…and it’s Dave.

“I knew it! I just knew you’d hide from me!” Dave grabs my shoulders, and starts to push me inside the school. Then he stops, and pulls me into a hug.

“Tell you what, angel. I’ll get you the hell out of here by tomorrow if you just go today,” Dave suggests. He kisses my ear, and rubs my back. I nod, and he releases me.

After school, I’m pissed off. I’m supposed to show for 3 Saturday detentions, and do my work in the principals office for the next 3 weeks. I’m so mad I could fucking---

“Ready to go, Kurt?” Dave asks, waltzing in the door, holding his keys. I walk over to him and explain the situation. There’s a look on Dave’s face, a smile, that’s really starting to make me mad.

“What are you fucking smiling for?” I ask, angrily.

“Just come with me,” Dave says, pulling me towards the door. I jerk my arm back, and follow him.

“I got you out of the school,” Dave says, “You’re done, no more school.”

“WHAT?” I shriek, overjoyed.

“Yep, that’s right, sweetums.”

“But isn’t there more to it than that?! A test or something?”

“Well---yeah, there is, and you’re going to be stuck taking it, unless you want to go back to--”

“No, no, I’ll take the damn thing.”

“Good, Trukie.”

“But stop calling me ‘Trukie.’”

“Okay, darling, don’t get mad at me, but you have that test just weeks from now, and I’m making you study. I’ll help you all I can, angel.”

“I’ll pass it!”

“Baby, please. Just study, I’d do it for you if I could,” Dave says, “I love you so much, Kurt, I’d never subject you to anything that was so bad I wouldn’t do it myself.”

“I love you too, Dave….but why do I have to go to school and you don’t?”

Dave half smiles but apparently doesn’t want to let on that he’s brilliantly smart, “I--I graduated early, skipped a few grades---.”

“Lucky bitch.”

Dave laughs. “Not always. But I am lucky I found you.”

The very next morning, Dave has me up a little early and is shoving books in my face. I am barely done pissing when he tells me if I study hard today he’ll take me out to dinner. I don’t think there’s any real way to get out of this studying shit so I’m going to study.

“Dave, there is no way that works! It’s impossible,” I say, pencil falling out of my hand 3 hours later.

“No, see, doll you do this. Are you watching? Good,” Dave rambles on and on, “It comes out! See?”

“You’re too smart for me,” I say, “You should’ve never taken me back.”

“Oh,” Dave sighs, embracing me, and holding me close to him, “Having ‘brains’ is important, but happiness is better…and I met you I haven’t been happier in my life.” Once again, Dave has me close to tears.

He always knows just what to say to make me all teary. I hold onto him, not wanting to let go.

“I just love you so much,” Dave says, releasing me, kissing my lips and pinching my cheeks like adults do to little kids. I smile, and a single little tear falls out of my eye.

“Awww,” says Dave, wiping the tear off, “You don’t have to cry, sweetie.”

“I love you too,” I squeak, wiping my eyes, and picking up my pencil. I smile at him.

“Okay how much more until I can get that dinner you promised?” I joke. Dave doesn’t have to get me jack. I’d love him until hell iced over.

I just finished doing my studying, and Dave and I are getting dressed to go eat in his room. Well, neither one of us is dressing up but I studied for hours and hours in my boxer shorts. You’d think a person would want to get dressed.

Dave is combing his beautiful brown locks of hair in his mirror, while I tie the laces on my Chucks. I finish that, and find my flannel shirt, and a t-shirt to go underneath it. I put both on, and we are ready to go. The only thing he really takes care of is his hair, and his bodily cleanliness. I don’t think I’ve seen him do laundry once…his mother probably does it when we’re gone or something.

Dave wraps his arms around me, pressing his t-shirt, jeans, and Converse clad body against me, but only for a second. He kisses me on the nose and says we should get going.

Arriving at the restaurant, Dave and I walk up to the door, Dave holding it open for me. I prance through it, and Dave giggles a little. I smell the air, it’s heavy with the aroma of good food.

We sit down at a table, and Dave just looks so sexy I want to just push him over and make out with him right there on the spot. But I don’t, I can’t.

“I love you,” I whisper real quietly, “a lot.”

Dave smiles. “I love you too,” he whispers back.

For dinner, David and I enjoyed a gourmet pizza, two beers and a sundae each. We are in Dave’s car now, riding home. We pass a bunch of pine trees, and a few stores.

When we get home, we get out of the car, and Dave, stating he can’t stand it anymore, takes me into his arms and winds up making out with me in the parking lot.

We have our arms wrapped around each other, and are seriously going at it. I whimper when Dave pulls back. He licks his lips and smiles at me. I smile in return.

“I love you,” Dave whispers, still holding me.

“I love you too,” I whisper back. Dave releases me, and grabs my hand. He leads me up the stairs to the apartment, and when he twists the doorknob, he finds we are locked out. I giggle a little, and Dave shakes his head.

“Damnit! I bet they’re in bed. Shit. Now where are we going to sleep?”

“Well we aren’t going to my place, that’s for sure,” I say, “Hellllll no.”

“I know, babes. How much money do you have?”

A little startled by the question, I dig out my wallet and open it up. I look inside and there’s near 5 bucks in it.

“Er--only about 5 bucks.” I say.

“Hmm..I was thinking we could go to the motel down the street. The window is shut from the inside or I’d get us in that way.”

“I can sleep in the car.”

“The car? Baby, you can’t do that, your back!”

“Yeah, I’ll take any room you have available,” Dave says, holding the money out to the receptionist.

“I have a smoking room, 102. That be okay?”

“Yeah, anything. How much?”

The receptionist types something up on the computer, draws out two room keys, and says, “25, even.”

“This is the dumpiest motel I’ve ever seen,” Dave says, coming into the room. It actually looks halfway decent to me. It might be a bit better than my house, in some ways.

“It’s not so bad,” I say, flopping down on the bed. Dave shrieks and yanks me up from it.

“Don’t do that, anyone could’ve been there!”

“Darling, it’s what the bed is for. Sleeping. You have to lie on it to sleep,” I laugh. Dave shakes his head.

“I know. I just--yek. Let’s get the comforter down and…ah hell, just sleep.”

Dave and I climb into bed, Dave saying he’s sleeping in his jeans tonight. I’m surprised he didn’t try to find a hairnet from someone. I ask Dave if I can shut the light off, and he says to just go ahead. I shut it off, kiss Dave on lips, and roll over onto my side to go to sleep.

The next morning, I wake up to see Dave watching the news on channel 5. It’s muted, no sound coming out. I move around in the bed a bit, and Dave turns to look at me.

“Morning baby,” Dave says, un-muting the news, and picking up a cup. I smile, and ask what’s in the cup.

“Coffee from the lobby. It’s not that good…but you can have the rest.”

I mumble a thank you and just tell Dave to set it on the table. I’m still lying down, so Dave hops up on the bed, and moves until he’s comfortably on top of me. I smile devilishly, as to ask what he’s doing. I only get a little kiss on my lips in return. Holding himself up by his elbows, which are on either side of me, he continues to childishly play with my hair and kiss my nose, lips, ears, chin, eye lids and forehead.

“I love you,” Dave tells me. I grin.

“I love you too.”

We checked out of the motel, and are going to go to Dave’s and grab some breakfast. Afterwards, we plan to practice, and eat something for dinner.

“I hope to hell we aren’t still locked out,” Dave says, “I’m fuckin’ cold.”

I laugh. “Cold it is.”

“Damn right. That’s fucked that we had to stay in that shitty motel last night too.”

“Oh come on, it wasn’t that bad!”

“Baby, I’m glad I have you. Without you, I would’ve probably stayed up all night.” At that, I laugh pretty loud.

We show up at the apartment, and Dave goes straight for the door, his arm wrapped around my shoulders, trying to keep us both warm. He extends his arm, and wraps a hand around the door knob….

“WHAT THE HELL?! We’re still locked out!! Fucking HELL!” Dave curses loudly, but never removes his arm from me. Dave drags us over to the window, which is snugly shut just like last night.

“Damnit to fucking hell!”

“I’ve never seen you so mad,” I comment. Dave looks at me.

“Well it really pisses me off that they would lock us out. I have an idea, lets wrap around back,” Dave says. The balcony goes clear around the building. “And see what they are doing.”

We walk around back, me just a bit scared because I’m sensitive to heights. Dave gets us over to the back window, arm still around me, and looks into the room.

“HOLY FUCK.” Is all he says. That’s all he---we can say. His parents are fucking on the bed…with the curtain peeled just enough for us to see them. Dave drops his arm from my shoulder, and grabs my hand. We start running back around to the front, and down the stairs.

“You could’ve knocked,” I say. Dave looks at me like I’m insane.

“Babes, I am so not knocking with my PARENTS humping in bed. I’m not about to see my dad in his boxer shorts, and my mother in her wonder bra.”

Deciding to take the bus to Waffle House, which is close to Krist’s house, eat and hang out with Krist for a while. We probably can’t practice, our equipment is in the apartment.

“So then Kurt and I were stuck getting a motel,” Dave continues, to Krist. He nods, a bit bored I guess.

“You can stay here anytime,” he says, “We don’t have much to eat, but hell, it’s shelter.”

“Right.” I say. I know all about shelter without food.

After finding a pair of drumsticks (we leave the drum kit at Krist’s place) and borrowing a lousy guitar from some kid Krist knows, we launch into practice. Dave is pounding away harshly at his drums, Krist’s bass sounds great and my gravelly voice is howling away. We sound a bit shitty, but we aren’t using the best equipment.

2 hours later, my voice is aching and Dave’s arms are bound to be tired. I am guzzling water as Dave stands next to me, telling me how he missed his lucky drumsticks.

After practice, Dave tells me we should probably head back to his place and see if the door is open.

“I wish that bus would hurry up,” Dave comments, “I’m freezing!”

“Well the bus schedule said we have a 15 minute wait, let’s cuddle,” I say, scooting towards him. Dave smiles weakly at me.

“You know we can’t do that, angel. We’ll get our asses kicked.”

“Fuck it, we’re both cold. I know these asshole rednecks would seek warmth if they needed it.”

Dave smiles, and pulls me close to him. Somehow, our lips find the way to each others, and the 15 minutes flies by.

“Ahh--home at last,” Dave says, going up to the apartment.

“Hopefully,” I add. Dave chuckles.

He goes straight for the door, and twists the knob. It’s open! We both smile, and quickly get inside to escape the freezing air.

“Baby, let’s go take a nice hot bath together, drink some hot chocolate and yell at my parents for locking us out.”

In the tub, Dave’s resting on top of me. We are a bit tired to fool around, and basically just want to relax. Our eyes are closed and I’ve never felt more at peace.

After we get out of the tub, naked and pruny, Dave picks me up and carries me to the bedroom. He tells me he’ll settle this once and for all with his parents, and for me to just sleep. He promises a cup of hot chocolate when I wake up. I love Dave so much it’s insanity.

A bit later, I wake up and Dave is staring out the window. He didn’t see me wake up. He’s staring out the window…and I think he’s crying. I decide to not ask what’s wrong, but to just watch him for a bit.

Yeah, he’s crying. I can see it now. Little transparent tears are streaming down his face slowly, and falling off his chin. Landing on the carpet.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” I ask finally, sitting up. Dave whirls around, wipes his face and looks at me.

“Nothing’s---wrong,” Dave starts, “I’m fine.”

“No, I saw you crying. What’s wrong?”

“…baby…I love you so much…I want to give you everything…but…my parents..”

“Your parents what?”

“…They just…don’t understand us, and don’t…fuck I hate them…approve of you.”

“So? Fuck them.”

“I---I know---but they are---”

“Come on, Dave, they are what?”

“…….We have to either move out or I have to leave you.” I go all quiet, and pull my knees to my chest, and feel tears stinging my eyes.

Dave grabs me, wraps his arms around me, and holds me. I hold him too. We can’t not be together. I’d--

“T-tell you what,” Dave starts, coughing and wiping his eyes on his sleeve, “I’m not leaving you. I’m definitely not leaving you.”


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