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Dave's P.O.V.

I was sitting down and smoking a cigarette and listening to the radio, when I heard something. Kurt had killed himself. Did I hear it clear or is my mind just fucking with me? my eyes widened and I dropped my smoke, and I turned the radio up. The story continued and my eyes filled with tears. I just seen him a few days ago. This hasn't happened. I didn't believe anything. I turned on my T.V and the news was on. It was true. Kurt is gone. The suicide note was read and it made me sob so fucking badly. My best friend is gone. I can't do shit about it. I got up and walked to my room. There's nothing to live for anymore. I loved Kurt. He was my best friend, more like a brother to me. My mind was full of questions and other shit. My phone rang and it was Krist.

"Did.. Did you.. Hear?" he asked. He was crying, I could tell because his voice was shaky and I could hear him sniffling.

I sighed. "I did. I need alone time. We both do. I can't believe this." I said.

"Alright. Love you, dude." he said and he hung up.

I laid down on my bed and there was a picture of me, Krist and Kurt on my nightstand. I was sobbing like crazy and fell asleep, slowly.

Daves pov or whatever.

I woke up, and I was sweaty and still sad, and I felt sick and weak. I looked at the time and it was 5:48 am. My head felt heavy and so did my chest. I laid there in the complete darkness and just cried. I felt something sit on my bed and I got scared and got up. It was dark so I saw nothing.

"Dave. Don't cry. I'm sorry I had to do this, but I can't anymore. I'm so sorry." I heard. It was Kurt. I was scared and happy at the same time.

"Kurt..? Dude what the fuck? I'm sorry if I was such a sucky person. But dude, I fucking miss you. I don't know if I'm dreaming or just crazy, but I fucking miss you. Don't leave, please.. I need you." I said.

"I'm just here to say goodbye and good luck. Good luck in life, and I hope you become a better person than I ever was. I love you, man. I hope you really know that. I'm sorry I left. I didn't want life anymore. Life is a fucking asshole. If you see Courtney, tell her to read the letter. The letter. Goodbye Dave." he said.
And then the bed lifted back up and nothing was there. I turned my light on and there was a cigarette and lighter on my bed. The cigarette had pen on it that said, 'For Dave' in bad writing. Kurt left it, I'm guessing. Tears came into my eyes, but I wiped them away. Kurt was happy. He was happy. My stomach hurt and I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to listen to music anymore. I didn't want to see the light again. I just laid there.

1:26 PM.

There was a knock on my door so I got up from my bed and answered it. It was Krist. He hugged me tightly and started to sob. I didn't have any emotion. We stood there for a while and he got up and sat on my couch, and so did I.

"Kurt came to say goodbye last night." He said.

I nodded.

"me too." I said.

he handed me a cigarette and I took it, and he pulled one out and smoked it. He had a bag and he pulled it out and there was all the pictures of the band, all of our memories. I sat beside him and we went through them.

A month later.

It's May and I still am not doing anything. I have only left my house once and that was to get cigarettes and achohol. I'm still depressed, and I'll always be. Kurt, why did you have to leave? I loved you.


I actually went outside. It was 5:00 pm, and I went for a drive. I was in Ireland. I passed by a kid.. and he was wearing a fucking Nirvana shirt.

3 months later.


It's already been four months since the death, and it's hard for me to stay sober. I still haven't left my house that much. Krist isn't doing well either. We aren't talking, we aren't hanging out, we aren't doing anything. I'm a fuckin' wreck. Courtney seems fine, she doesn't seem destroyed, and she was married..

-an hour later-

It was 5:00 am. My head was heavy and I was damp from just sitting there. Kurt, you're making me miserable. You were so.. perfect. I miss you.

I pulled out a cigarette, and something tapped my back. I looked behind. It was a man, with long, blonde hair, blue eyes and he looked so pale and dead. Under his eyes were dark circles and his face was so pale and white.

"Kurt?" I asked the man, quietly. I was shocked.

"Yes. Kurt. Dave, I know that you're stressed.. but it's also putting pressure on me. Everytime you cry, it's like a cloud that starts to rain over me. Just me. Maybe I could.. stay with you for a week? just me and you." he said. His voice was still raspy and soothing.. Dave stood and and hugged Kurt tightly.

"Please do.. Can you come and sleep with me?" I asked. He nodded.

We both laid down, and I cuddled next to Kurt, though I was always taller than him. He smiled.

"Please don't leave.." I said, whispering.

"I won't. I promise I'll be right here when you wake up." he said. He kissed me on the forehead and started to put my hair behind my ears. It felt so comfortable. He still smelled like old body spray. After a while, I fell asleep.

I love you.


Dave woke up, and I was playing guitar. He smiled.

"Kurt." he said.

I looked at him, and I went and laid beside him. I stroked his hair, and he cuddled me tightly.

"Kurt, can I tell you something, since we only have a week?"


"Well.. I've always loved you. I was so.. destroyed when you died. I still am. Deeply. I love you, Kurt. Will you.. be mine until you're gone?"

I looked into his eyes, and nodded. He smiled. Not just his mouth, but his eyes were smiling. I sat ontop on him, and he hugged me so tightly. I didn't want him to let go.

"I'll love you endlessly." he whispered in my ear. I did a weird purr and cuddled him. For the rest of the night, we watched movies, ate and had sex.


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