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Chapter 1

Kurts POV

I sat on the step outside my house holding a cigarette in on hand and putting it up to my lips, blowing out the smoke and holding a lighter in the other hand.

"Hey!" Krist shouted, walking up the step and knocking the cig out of my hand. "They are bad for you Kurt." He looked down at the cig and violently stepped on it.

"Really?" I said sarcastically and looked up at him shaking my head. He nodded and pulled me up by grabbing my hand then letting go when I stood up.

"Come on lazy ass... we are going to be late for school." He said, slightly shivering as it's freezing out here. I lifted my head to look up at him. "I don't want to go school today Krist... can we skip, please!" I begged. There is no way in hell I am going to that place called school again after yesterday's event...

He looked down at me, as I am way smaller than him. "But we skipped a few days ago... we can't keep skipping otherwise the school would find out and get us in trouble and shit." He sighed.

I bit my lip lightly. "But I can't go back after yesterday's even krist... please don't send me" I begged even harder as I saw him walk over in the direction of our school.

"Oh boohoo... life is so hard for you Kurt because you accidentally fell on top of your crush, Dave, in PE yesterday... how horrifying." He said sarcastically again. I swear he's doing this to me on purpose.

"I hate you, you little bitch... you don't understand how awkward I felt when that happened" I blushed slightly thinking about yesterday... me falling on top of Dave, it was embarrassing but yet really perfect. I haven't had a proper conversation with him or anything. He's just in a few of my classes and I see him walking down he hall. The one problem is though I don't know if he's gay or not. I assume he knows I'm bi as everyone fucking picks on me at school for it by calling me stuff like 'fag'.

I did a long sigh as I think that Dave probably doesn't even love me.

"You okay Kurt... you look a little down." Krist said and put an arm over my shoulder to reassure me. I nodded and looked down at the floor. I took my bag off my back and opened it, pulling a pack of cigarettes out. I quickly grabbed 3 out, one for now and two for later. I went into my back pocket and lit it up, putting the other two cigs and lighter in my back pocket and put the lit cig in my mouth.

I saw Krist shake his head at me in disappointment, which I just pull a face to as he's starting to piss me off a little, as every time I smoke, he has to comment about how it's not good for me. Which I understand why he's doing it and I appreciate it as it does sort of help me from not doing it, but it gets to the point where it pisses me off.

I start to panic quite quickly as I see he school come into view. "Calm down" I hear Krist chuckle which only makes me panic more.

"You find this hilarious don't you Krist?" I looked up at him and pout, putting the cigarette in my mouth then taking it back out when it's done and throws it on the floor.

Krist just simply nods his head and laughs a little, then a little louder. "What's so funny?" I questioned, looking up at him with a puzzled face. I see that he points at a boy somewhat slightly in front of us. A boy with long brown hair, quite tall and skinny, wearing black jeans and what I'm assuming a band T-shirt with his school bag slung over one side of his shoulder. Dave.

I gasp slightly and blush as he's so attractive. Krist laughs some more and starts to walk really fast, grabbing my hand so I have to follow him. I start to stress out slightly as he starts to walk behind Dave. I start to really panic and shake my head desperately at Krist.

I needed to calm myself down as I'm panicking so much, so I grabbed another cig from my back pocket and placed it in my mouth without lighting it. I see Krist smirk as he starts to slowly raise my hand. I try my god damn hardest to pull back but he's too strong. I looked up at Krist and shake my head fast and desperately. He only smirked back in response.

Krist stretched my arm forward and made me stroke Daves arm. I gasped as he did this and felt my face get really hot... really fucking hot.

Chapter 2

Daves POV

As I was walk sluggishly out my house, I could see the school come into view instantly. I sight as I really didn't feel like going in today, I mean... who likes going school anyway, it's hell. I suppose I have to go though in order to get my grades so I can get a job in the future I guess.

As I was walking up the schools drive, I could hear someone run up behind me and laugh. I didn't bother turn around though as I didn't want to look at the person who was laughing at me. I just rolled my eyes and somewhat about 10 seconds later, I felt this hand run down my arm. I could tell it was a mans hand. This is why I fucking hate school. Everyone makes fun of me because I'm gay. They say stuff like "you look really sexy today Dave" or they would start touching me, just to tease me and I've had fucking enough of it.

I could feel the anger boil up inside of me when I heard this other person laugh even more. Then I felt the hand on my arm again and it moved up and down. "Stop it Krist!" Someone said in a sharp, shaky voice behind me. I swear I heard that voice before. The hand was still on my arm and I felt really awkward. I had to do something.

I quickly turned around. "What is your problem?!" I half shouted. It was that boy. The boy who fell on top of me yesterday in PE and the one who is in some of my classes, I could tell he felt awkward when he bit down really hard on his cigarette and hid his flushed face with his long dirty blond hair. I am pretty sure that his name is Kurt.

His friend soon said. "Sorry Dave... that was my fault. I made Kurt stroke your arm because he-" he was soon interrupted by Kurt smacking his hand on his mouth. I saw that Kurts face was quite red and he spat his unlit cig out his mouth and it fell on the floor. What a waist... he then stormed off in front of me, walking to school quickly.

I shook my head and carried on walking. I shortly reached the school doors and went to my first lesson, thinking about what the hell just happened and sighed, looking out the window.

'I'm sure he's gay though...' my mind was thinking 'I swear I hear people call him fag and everything in the halls... so if he is gay why would he make fun of my sexuality like that if he's the same?' I sighed some more and placed my head on the desk, closing my eyes as the teacher brags on about how to carry the 4 or some shit.

Kurts POV

I stormed off when I spat my cig on the floor. Man was I pissed at Krist. He almost told Dave I have a crush on him!

I walked quickly into the school building and didn't bother go to first period. Instead I ran straight to the bathroom and got a stress ball out of my bag, squeezing it and trying to rip it. I'm not sure why I have one in my bag. It's just sort of in there... I'm pretty sure the school gave it me when they noticed I get angry quite often.

Eventually I heard Krists voice calling after me. "Kurt... I'm sorry man, I thought you would of liked to touch his arm" he smirked. I must admit, I did really enjoy touching his arm and I glad Krist did that but it made me feel so awkward. I bet Dave hates me now.

I didn't bother looking up at Krist, instead i just continued to look down at my stress ball and continued to squeeze it. "Well... I didn't like it" I spat.

"I bet it turned you on" I could tell he was smirking even more.

"No!" I said in mortified voice.

"Come on. Stop lying Kurt, I knew you liked it" he smirked some more. "I bet if anything else, it turned Dave on as well"

"Fine! I did like it, are you happy now because I'm not!" I banged the back of my head against the bathroom wall and let out a huge sigh, giving the ball one last squeeze.

Krist smirked as he finally got what he wanted. "Come on, I'll take you to class"

"I'm not going" I said sharply, throwing the ball across the school hall.


I looked up but still didn't make eye contact with Krist. "Because..." I sighed yet again and said in a softer tone "because Dave is in that class with me and I practically sit next to him on the other desk"

Krist then started persuading me to go to class and said I should start to make a move on Dave.

After about 5 minutes I finally agreed to go to class. I was so nervous, what if Dave hates me. I stood up from the bathroom floor and started to walk to class with Krist behind me. I looked through the window and saw that Dave had his head on the desk. What's wrong with him? I turned around and saw that Krist must of left as he's no longer here... great.

Chapter 3

Kurts POV

I got nervous by the second but I eventually walked into class 20 minutes late. I didn't say anything to the teacher and looked at Dave, he didn't move his head.

"Why are you so late Cobain?" My stupid maths teacher spat. The second she said my last name, I saw Daves head lift to look at me then immediately put his head back down again. I blushed.

I just shrugged my shoulders and took my seat next to Dave.

"I won't ask you again, why are you late?!" She said the last part quite aggressively. I shrugged my shoulders again and sat back in my chair, rocking on it slightly.


"I don't fucking know!" I took a deep breath as I was getting pissed by the minute, I then mumbled the word "bitch" under my breath which I'm assuming she heard as she had a full on go at me. I just sat back in my chair again and placed my fingers in my ears to show her that I don't give a shit about what she's saying and I certainly wasn't listening.

"KURT COBAIN! GO TO THE HEAD OFFICE NOW!" She screamed so I could hear her. I shot up and kicked my chair back. "FINE FAT BITCH!" I screamed back and grabbed my bag from under the desk.

Dave raised his head after I screamed at her as it made him jump. "What the fuck?!" He said to me but loud enough for the teacher to hear him.

"AND YOU DAVE GROHL! HEAD OFFICE NOW!" I snickered a little when she said that to him but I quickly ran out of the room as I didn't want to walk to the office with Dave.


I opened the office door and looked in. There was no one here yet, so I took a seat and threw my bag across the floor in rage.

Eventually, the door opened and I saw Dave take a seat next to me as that was the only chair.

This. Is. Awkward.

We sat in silence for about 2 minutes waiting for the head teacher come in. "Why do you hate me?" Dave said, not taking his eyes off his shoes. Hate him? I never said anything about hating him, if anything else it's the opposite...

"H-hate you... what do you mean?" I said in a shaky voice, as I'm trying to calm down.

"Well you and your friend were picking on me when you were walking to school this morning" he sighed and continued to look down. "You were stroking my arm to laugh with your mate because I'm gay" he looked so sad. My heart dropped, but slightly lifted when he said he was gay.

"You're gay?!" I said in shock then covered my mouth with my hands when I said that. He simply nodded.

"Stop acting like you didn't know I was gay" he said a little harshly.

"I honestly didn't know you were gay in all honestly..." my smile dropped lightly and I stood up "come on" I said looking at him.

"Where are we going?" He looked confused.

"Well I'm going home. If I stay here any longer I'm going to scream and kill myself. Are you coming?" He looked up at me and shook his head. I walked over to the other side of the room to grab my bag. I opened it and pulled out two cigs and threw one Dave.

I took one last look of him before I walked out of the office and snuck out the building.


I walked over to the bridge I normally stay under to get away from everything in the world. It's quite a nice place.

I stood up, as there was mud everywhere and I didn't want to sit in it, and reached in my back pocket to grab my cig and lighter. Today has been so confusing and I want it to be over.

I sighed and leans my head against the bridge.
Why does he think I hate him? Is it how I act? Does he hate me?

I looked down at the floor and bit my lip, letting a sigh fall from my mouth.


I opened the front door. "Mom, I'm back from school" I lied. I saw her walk over to me and she wrapped her arms around me.

"How was school?"

"It was fine." I lied again and made my way upstairs. I walked by my sisters room and saw her painting her nails. I decided to go in and talk to her.

"Hey Kim" I said and jumped on her bed, laying on my back and looking up at the ceiling.

"Oh, hi Kurt" she said, not looking at me but instead blowing her nails. "How were things at school today with Dave" she winked.

I blushed slightly. "Terrible..." then I explained to her everything and she started laughing.

"Wait" she said, still laughing "you called the teacher a bitch and you stroked Daves arm?" She started laughing again "that's cute Kurt. I bet he got so turned on"

I gasped a little as she said the last part. "Shut up" I said in a funny tone "please Kim, you won't tell mom about me will you? Like about me liking a boy and the fact that I have anger problems at school and I sometimes skip." I said worriedly.

She looked up at me and truthfully said "I cross my heart Kurt, you're secret safe with me" she looked over at me and gave me a reassuring smile, then it turned to a smirk "only on one condition" she smirked even more.

I bit my lip as I got nervous. "What do you want me do" I sighed.

"Please allow me to dye your hair and put make-up on you Kurt!" She said excitedly "you will look so beautiful!" She said in like a fan girl voice.

Make-up... make-up. Is she taking the piss? But anything for my mom to not find out.

I took a long sigh "Fine!" I groaned and looked up. She started screaming "Yay! You'll look so beautiful Kurt! I'm also going to a party tonight. I'm going to Lisa's house, I met her a few weeks ago and you are coming too" she smirked. Oh God...

I just nodded my head. "Seeing as your hair is blond Kurt, we don't need to bleach it, we can just put dye on it and it will show." She smiled. I've never seen her so happy so I laugh a little.

She grabbed my hand and lead me into her bathroom. She filled the bath tub and put in red cool aid. "Red?!" I said quite loudly. She just giggled and nodded her head. "Take your shirt off otherwise you'll get dye all over it"

I did as she said and I took my shirt off then dunked my head in the red water, waiting for it to dye.

A few minutes later and I pulled my hair out, seeing that it's pretty red. "Woah..." I gasped and chuckled. Kim looked and me and smiled, washing my hair and the blow drying it.

I walked over to the mirror and looked at myself. My hair is so fluffy and red. I smiled and walked over to put my shirt on. Kim quickly grabbed me before I had the chance to put my shirt on and she gave me a dress. I groaned and walked into the bathroom, shutting the door to put the dress on then walked back out.

Kim started laughing "Its perfect! We just need make up and then we are done!" She squealed and I stopped her. "No make up" I said.

"Fine! Just allow me to put eyeliner and lipstick on you though please" she begged and I agreed.

When she was all done with me I walked into my room and into my mirror, staring at myself and smiled. A real smile.

I sat down on my bed and grabbed my guitar playing a few songs I wrote.

Chapter 4

Kurts POV

A few hours has passed since I have looked like a girl you could say, and Kim walked into my room.

"Hey gurrrrl" she smirked. "I'm going Lisa's party now get your shoes on." She clapped and smirked some more.

I stood up from my bed and put on some ankle socks what were on the floor then my converse as there is now way she is making me wear high heels. Just no.

I walked down the stairs and saw that mom has left as there is a note on the table from her. I waited by the door for Kim to walk down the stairs and then she smiled at me. "Lets go" she smirked and walked out the house.


We finally arrive at this dumb party. I took in a deep breath as I was generally nervous. "Kim... what if everyone starts laughing at me because... you know, I'm dressed like a girl?" I turned to look at her. She just smiled.

"Don't worry, they will find you adorable" she started to pinch my cheek "I heard that Lisa also has a brother around your age as well so you can hang around with him" she smiled sweetly and winked. She turned around to knock at the door.

This tall woman, who I am assuming might be Lisa, opened the door and hugged Kim, greeting her and she finally looked down at me confused. "Are you Kurt?" She questioned and I nodded. She smiled a little and stepped back from the door way to let me and Kim in.

I slowly walked in and practically wanted to die as I didn't want to be here and it's full of girls. Lisa turned to me. "There are some beers in the kitchen fridge, go help yourself to some" she said quite loudly over the music and then smiled sweetly. I nodded my head and sat down on the sofa, looking board as fuck because I am.

Lisa walked over to me. "Come on Kurt, make it look like you are having at least some fun" she said and grabbed my arm, pulling me off the couch.

"But I'm board. I hate girly parties like this Kim" she giggled.

"You're literally dressed as a girl Kurt, how can you not like being here?" Then she laughed. I giggled too and rolled my eyes.

"Why don't you go and hang around with Lisa's brother? I'm sure she'll tell you where he is." She looked into my eyes and I shook my head.

"I think I'm going to get some beers. You want some?" I said. She shook her head in response and walked over to a few of the other girls.

I sighed and found my way into the kitchen. I flicked on the lights and walked over to the fridge, getting a beer out and then closed the door. Then I noticed something. I gasped really loud. What the fuck...

Sorry this chapter is short :(

Chapter 5

Kurts POV

I stood there in shock. My crush... standing in front of me. I felt myself go red in the face as he started to laugh. I'm so fucking embarrassed. The day I'm dressed as a fucking girl I meet Dave. I stared at him, unsure of what to do as I see him laugh some more, feeling my face get hot.

Daves POV

I bit down on my lip lightly as I see Kurt like this after I finished giggling ... he looks actually sort of cute... his blushed face matches the colour of his hair perfectly. I knew that my cheeks were red.

"Kurt?" I questioned and looked him up and down. He nodded his head at me. He looked mortified which made me giggle again.

"Oh my god! Why are you dressed like that?" I looked at him in the eyes and he looked up at me, quickly moving his face when he made eye contact with me. "My sister gave me a 'make over'" he sighed, putting emphasis on the word 'make over'.

He looks so different. He still looks like a complete bad ass but a kind, softer bad ass which made me smile. I watched as he walked over to the fridge and pulled some beer out.

"Kurt come upstairs with me" I said. I didn't mean it in a sex way or anything... I saw as his eyes went wide.

"I-I don't k-know" he stuttered and walked out of the room. I quickly grabbed a few cans of beer from where I was sitting and followed behind Kurt. I quickly grabbed his arm and took him upstairs with me. I heard him sigh and he looked really uncomfortable.

I took him into my room and laid him on the bed and I sat down on a chair beside my bed. I watched him as he was admiring my room.

"You play guitar?" He whispered, taking a drink of his beer. I nodded and smiled. Dave what are you doing... this kid made fun of you today and now your being a kind to him?

" I'm better at playing the drums though" I said in a lighter tone. He nodded his head.

"I play guitar" he said after a few minutes of silence, the silence wasn't awkward at all... it was more tense as we were waiting for someone to speak up.

I walked over to my guitar and gave it him. He simply shook his head and gave it me back. "I'm left handed" he said in a whisper again.

"Oh, cool" I said and put my guitar back on the stand.

I watched as he laid back on my bed, looking at him. That dress really shows off all his curves and it's quite short as well. I noticed he is actually quite skinny for a boy which was actually really attractive, to me anyway.

The dress goes way above his knees and just bellow his ass. I watched him some more as he put his hand down his dress and I'm assuming into his bra, as he pulled out a cig and lit it.

"What were you and your friend doing this morning to me?" I really wanted to know as it's getting on my nerves. He looked down and shook his head. He then began to slowly spread his legs open a little, which I went wide eyed too as you could almost see up his dress, but then he must of realised what happened and he quickly closed them. Seeing that his face is turning red.


As the night went on, me and Kurt became more drunk and became more closer friends. I made my way to the bed and sat down next to him. I saw his cheeks go red and he looked away, putting his cig in a bowl what I gave him as an ashtray.

"Are you still a virgin" he slurred. And looked at me in they eyes, he smirked. I felt my face get really hot.

"Ummm..." I said. Kurt put his arm around my shoulder and lean in to my ear.

"It's fine if you don't want to say." He slurred even more, he was so drunk... He continued "I'm not. I lost it to this biiiiitch she was a right pain in the ass. She moaned really fucking loud every second, then my dad came in my room and bang! Shit happened." I didn't know what to say, I became more uncomfortable as he lean into my face even closer. "But I wish I lost my virginity to you" he slurred in my ear and began to nibble on it.

My face went so red. Too red. I quickly pushed him away and he was laying back on the bed. He spread his legs open really wide. "Go on Dave." He smirked.

What the fuck. I could practically see his bulge through the dress.

I just sat there. Not doing anything. "Why are you so horny?!" I said in a pathetic whisper.

"Because of you" and he wiggled his eyebrows. I just looked at him in disbelief.

"Ugh" he groaned. "You're not high enough" he rolled his eyes. "Do you want weed or heroin, if I have to be honest I haven't used it yet apart from the weed." he asked me and giggled. He went in his bag and pulled all sorts out.

Who is this guy. What's he doing. What the actual fuck.

"What the fuck man?!" I whispered again.

He continued to look at me then he rolled his eyes even more when I didn't answer him. He grabbed the weed and rolled a few up. He lit the it up and shoved it inbertween my lips. It was good. I blew the smoke out and looked at him, he smirked and rolled more up, about 6 and packed all the other stuff away.

"Do you like it?" He questioned and looked at me. I nodded my head and continued to smoke. He smirked at me and then giggled, spreading his legs out even wider.


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