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Nirvana the band, all got ready and walked into the arena where they'll be having their last show for their summer tour. Kurt was real excited, he missed being away from everything else. All he wanted to do right now was finish this concert and then take a plane home, and then crawl into his nice comfy bed then go to sleep. Kurt walked into the backstage room, where everyone else was. He came over and sat on the couch, head back, looking a little sad. Krist picked up his base and started playing it, then looked over to Kurt.

"Yo Kurt, what's wrong?" He asked.

Kurt looked over to him.

"Huh, nothing." Kurt told him, lighting up a cigarette.

Dave came over and sat next to him.

"You sure?"


Kurt leaned back, and closed his eyes. To be honest, he wasn't really feeling one hundred percent tonight, he was having stomach pains again. Dave got off the couch and Kurt laid down on his stomach.

"Man, tonight is going to be the best concert we've ever had. Playing a three hour show." Krist said, playing the drums he had back stage.

"Hey now, don't get all worked up before we go on." Dave told him.

"No worries, I'm a professional, this is what I do." Krist told him.

Dave went back to playing the drums.

The first band was over.

"Nirvana to the stage." The announcer said.

They all got ready. Kurt, who was still on the couch decided to fall asleep, Dave went over and shook him to wake up.

"Kurt, hey man come on it's time to go on." He told him.

Kurt shook his head no.

"Leave me alone, I want to sleep." Kurt said, going back to sleep.

Dave smiled. Kurt can act childish sometimes.

"Hey, come on. Wake up." Dave said, pushing him.

Kurt sat up, with his eyes barely open.

"What?" He asked in a tiredly voice.

"Come on it's time to go on."

"Go on where?" Kurt asked, Dave looked at him. How could Kurt forget about their last concert? he thought.

"The concert. Remember?" Dave asked.

Kurt pushed away.

"No, I don't feel too good. Feels like I'm going to pass out."

Dave put a hand to Kurt's forehead.

"Wow, you do feel really warm." Dave said.

Kurt, all of a sudden remember he had a concert to do, so he jumped up off the couch and tried to grab all his things to get ready. Dave looked at him, then went over to him.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Trying to get everything together, the concert, we're suppose to be on right now." Kurt told him.

Dave stopped him.

"But you're sick, you shouldn't do this."

Kurt stopped.

"No I'm not, It'll be fine, I've went on stage before sick." Kurt explained.

"I know, but you're really burning up."

"It'll pass." Kurt told him, grabbing his guitar.

A stage man entered the room.

"Hey, come on lets go!" He ordered them.

Dave and Kurt ran on stage.

"Sorry we're late, Dave and I was having a discussion backstage." Kurt told the crowed.

Dave looked over at him from behind the drums. Kurt played a loud chored on his guitar, and then broke into 'Drain You'

Across town in a near by bank, people were working. Banks aren't suppose to stay opened all night, but this one doesn't close till twelve o'clock. A black Mustang car pulls up.

"You ready to do this?" Daniel asked.

The guy in the passenger seat puts his mask on and holds up his gun.

"Ready." He told him.

They both got out of their car and walked into the band.

"Don't move! This is a bank robbery. Everyone just stay calm!" Dan shouted.

He went over to the front desk, while all the others got on the ground, hopping nothing with happen to them. Dan through the women a bag.

"Fill it up, Quick!" He demanded.

He looked over to his companion, who was watching out the windows to make sure no cops are coming.

The cashier filled the bag, and handed it back to Dan.

"What's the fasted way out of here by not going out through the doors?" Dan asked.

"Um, down in the basement, there are some tunnels, that lead you to the Harvest Moon Arena." The women told him, scared.

"Is that so. Colin?!" He yelled for his partner.

Colin came over.

"Police are surrounding us now." He told Dan.

"Great." Dan said rolling his eyes.

"We're going to go through the tunnels, and out through this arena." Dan explained.

"But there's a concert playing there tonight. We can't get anyone killed." Colin told him.

"I don't want to get anyone killed, but if we have to. We will!" Dan, demanded. Colin looked at him.

They went down through the tunnels.

"Ewe this is so gross!" Colin said.

Dan looked back to him.

"You don't want to get caught do you?"

"No." Colin said, shaking his head.

"Then I suggest you keep up, and stop complaining." Dan told him.

Colin gave him a mean look.

Back over at the arena, nobody knew that the bank right across town just got robbed, everyone was having a very good time. Kurt on the other hand, started to feel a little dizziness, SO he slowed down his pace just a little bit. Dave caught on to it, and it is worrying the hell out of him. He doesn't like to see his friends sick, especially if they're doing a concert.

"Thank you." Kurt told the crowed as they finished their song.

"Wow a three hour concert tonight, and it's only been an hour." Kurt said, messing with his soaked hair from sweat already.

"If you all don't know, this is our last concert from this tour." Krist told the crowed, the crowd cheered, but they were also sad, because it's the last time they're touring this summer.

"I don't want this concert to end." Kurt said, the crowed cheered even more.

"I can, then we can get cracking on a new album." Krist said.

Kurt smiled.

"That sounds great, but we should take some time off first."

"How about no!" Krist demanded.

"How about yes!" Kurt fought back.

Dave laughed, he loved it when they all would goof off during the concert.

Kurt left it alone and then started playing some riffs on his guitar.

Back in the tunnels, Dan and Colin finally made it to the arena.

"Wait, there's a band playing. Lets just rest first and then make our move." Dan explained.

"No one gets hurt right?" Colin asked.

Dan looked at him.

"Nope, just hold this band here for a while, and they can take us out of the state on their tour bus." Dan told him.

"But that's kidnapping."

Dan looked at him, mean.

"Would you rather go to jail?" He screamed.


"Then shut up. You're my brother, and you're going to help me out!" Dan told him.

"Alright. Man I really wish we could get some girls, I'd really love to have some action, if you know what I mean." Colin said.

Dan rolled his eyes.

"You and your sex addictions. I thought you were gay anyways?"

"No I'm bi. I like both." Colin explained.

"Well whatever, when we get out of the state, then maybe we can hit the clubs."

"Yeah, but that's going to take a while, and I'd really love to have it now!"

Dan rolled his eyes again.

"You're not taking advantage of anyone you hear!"

"Yeah yeah. I know!" Colin said.

"I think it's time to make our move" Dan said, getting up.

"Thank you we love you!" Kurt told the crowed.

The crowed cheered on, wanting an on core. That's when they heard gun shots and the crowed went nuts, and started to run for the exists. Their roadies and crew people dragged the band back stage, and put them in the room backstage.

"Hey what's going on?" Dave asked.

"We have shooters in the arena. The cops said they robbed the back across the street and they also have a witness that told them the fastest way out of the bank was through the tunnels that lead to the arena. You guys will be safe back here. If anyone's knocks, do not let them in!" The guard told them.

They were all shocked and scarred. Kurt seemed scared the most. He was only six-teen, still a teen. He's never been through anything like this before. He sat down in a corner and started shaking.

"We're going to die. We're going to die!" He said.

Dave came over to him.

"Hey, we're not going to die. The guard said we'd be safe. And hey?" Dave made Kurt looked at him.

"Krist and I will never let anything happen to you." Dave explained to him.

Kurt couldn't stop shaking, but he know what Dave said was true.

"We're not going to make it out of here, even if we do, we'll be shot right on the spot." Colin said.

Dan turned to him.

"Shut up! We will make it out!" He shouted.

They both got out of the tunnel and was walking through the hallway now, they've killed about three cops already. They turn and see a door.

"Hey look. Maybe we can hide in there." Dan said.

Colin looked at the door.

"A guards guarding it. I wonder why?" Colin said.

"Must be someone he's guarding. Who ever it is. They can be our ticket out of here." Dan explained.

They approach the guard and shoot him.

Inside the door, the band heard the gun shot.

"Someones outside." Krist said.

"Could be the shooters." Dave said.

Kurt went over to another corner and crouched down, so that no one can see him.

Dave ran over and jumped to where Kurt was.

"Shh. Don't worry, I wont let them hurt you." Dave told him.

"They're coming. They're coming! You can't stop them. They have guns and they want to kill us!" Kurt rambled.

"Well hey! We are not going down without a fight, you understand. So come on!" Dave told him, grabbing his arm and pulling him up.

The shooters started beating on this door.

"If you don't open up, we're going to break it down!" Dan shouted.

Kurt looked over to Dave.

"That's it, we're breaking it down." Dan warned them.

Then all of a sudden, they used the machine guns to open the door.

Dave, Krist and Kurt all ducked for cover.

Colin and Dan came into the room.

"Fine them!" Dan demanded.

Kurt grabbed a pipe he seen, and ran after Colin with it. Colin turned around and grabbed Kurt. They both struggled with the pipe.

"Let go of it blondie!" Colin told him.

"Fuck you!, not a chance." Kurt told him.

"Dan, a little help over here!" Colin yelled.

"Sorry, I'm too busy trying to control these to!" Dan told him.

Dan was fighting with Krist and Dave, no way were they going down without fighting. Dave took his gun and hit them with it. Dave and Krist feel to the floor.

Kurt and Colin was still struggling with the pipe, Kurt accidentally let go over it. Colin seem it in his hands and then smacked Kurt across the head with it. Kurt feel to the ground hard.

"God Dam son of a bitches!" Colin said.

Kurt was knocked out cold.

"Get over here and help me tie them up!" Dan told Colin.

Colin and Dan started to tie up Kurt, Krist and Dave. Kurt was still knocked out, other than Krist and Dave who was awake.

"What do you want?" Krist asked.

"Shut up! We just need somewhere to stay for a while. Until the police get off our trail." Dan explained.

Krist looked over to Dave.

"And you're holding us hostage. Wont that give the cops an idea you're here with us?" Dave asked.

"Nope. Because once they ask if you guys are alright. You will tell the cops yes, everything is fine. And then we're going to get a ride out of town on your tour bus." Dave explained again.

Colin was examining Kurt.

"Well, I don't think I hurt him too bad." He said, getting up.

"Just a little bump on the head."

Dan came over to him.

"Did I tell you no one gets hurt!" Dan said.

"Yes, but I had to do something, he was going to hit me with it." Colin explained.

Dan sighed and then went back over to the other two. Colin stayed with Kurt.

"He sure is a pretty thing." Colin said.

Dan looked at him.

"Blond hair, eyeliner. Hey I thought only sluts wear eye-liner?" Colin asked.

"He's in a band." Dave said.

"Ah, so that makes him a double time slut." Colin said.

Dave was getting pissed. No one should take about Kurt like that.

"No, he's not, he doesn't even have a girlfriend yet." Krist said.

"Sluts don't have to have girlfriends." Colin told him.

"He's not a slut, he doesn't care for sex that much." Dave explained.

Colin was playing with Kurt's hair.

"My god he sure is pretty." Colin said.

"Hey, leave him alone." Dan told Colin.

Colin looked up at him.

"And if I don't?"

"I'll fight you myself. None of these people get hurt." Dan ordered.

Dan and Colin both stepped outside.

"Be quite, they said none of us get hurt." Krist told Dave.

"I know, but Kurt's been out for a long time." Dave said, looking over to Kurt.

"He'll be ok. The guy said he didn't hurt him too bad."

Kurt started to move, he put his hand on his head.

"Ow! God dam." Kurt said.

"Kurt you alright?" Dave asked.

"No, god, feels like I was hit by a truck." Kurt explained, getting on his knees.

"That guy had to hit you really good." Krist said.

"Shit. Are we going to die?" Kurt asked.

"No, they said they wouldn't hurt us." Dave told him.

"Yeah, they always say that."

Colin came back in.

"My, My look who's awake." He said, going over to Kurt.

Kurt jerked back.

"Hope I didn't hurt you too bad kid. You want something for some pain?" Colin asked.

"No I'm fine." Kurt told him.

Colin was looking at him.

"Wow, you're even more prettier when you're awake." Colin told him.

Kurt looked at him.

"Sorry, I'm not gay."

Colin smiled.

"You don't have to be." Colin smiles at him, and then gets up and leaves.

Colin sees Dan out in the hall way making a call.

"I want the blond." Colin tells him.

Dan turns to him.

"Want him?" He asks, sounding confused.

"Yes, Bad! he's so dam hot." Colin explains.

Dan hangs up the phone.

"We talked about this."

"I know. But come on just this once! I wont hurt him, just...I really need it."

Dan looks at him.


"Oh come on. You know it's hard to control a boner." Colin says.

Dan closes his eyes.

"God, I wish you haven't had said that!"

"Well come on. I need it bad!"

"No!" Dan's final words are.

Colin was pissed, he needs to get laid, and he wants to do it soon. He couldn't wait till he got out of the state, he needed it and he wants it now.

He turns around and goes back over to the room.

"You up now!" Colin tells Kurt.

Kurt, who know has blood all over his head, looked up to him.

"Get up. We're going somewhere." Colin told him, pulling Kurt up.

Kurt didn't want to go anywhere, his head was pounding and his stomach felt like led from the stomach pains.

"No I don't want to go anywhere!" Kurt said.

Colin jerked him up.

"Yes, blue eyes, you're coming with me!"

Dave got up.

"Stop. If you're going to do anything, take me."

Kurt looked at him. He know Dave was only protecting Kurt.

"Sorry, he needs his head checked and cleaned." Colin lied.

He and Kurt walked over to the next room. Colin locked the door and throw Kurt on to the bed.

"We're going to have some fun." Colin said, in a creepy tone.

Kurt didn't understand. Then his eyes widen when he seen Colin go for his zipper on his pants. Kurt freaked out.

"No, no, please you can't!" Kurt begged.

Colin wasn't listening. He took Kurt's pants off and his own. He held Kurt down as Kurt struggled.

"Stop, please!" Kurt begged,but Colin wasn't stopping.

Colin gets up and throws Kurt onto the ground, Kurt lands hard as he almost hits a two by four long with nails in it.

"Let me go please!" Kurt begged.

Colin got on top of him.

"Yes, I want to hear you beg!" Colin demanded.

Kurt starts to cry, he couldn't believe this was happening to him, why here, why at sixteen years old. Men don't get rapped, only women do. Why him! He wondered.

Kurt tried to reach out and grab something, but he only found the two by four log, he tries to hold on to something, his breath catches, tears stream. His palm of his hand presses down on the rusty nail, that was in the two by four. Blood runs down the nail and onto the floor, but Kurt doesn't care about the pain in his hand, all he can think about was this bastard rapping him. Colin looks at Kurt. Kurt's eyes are full of fear. He puts a hand on Kurt's head and moves the hair. Kurt pushes his head away from Colin's hand.

"No!" He said.

"Come on baby! You know you're enjoying it." Colin said, putting his hand on Kurt's head again.

All Kurt could do was lay there will this guy rapes him, and Kurt cries.

The door swings open, Dan sees Kurt on the floor covered in tears with his hand a bloodie mess.

"You son of a bitch!" Dan yells, and then comes over and jerks Colin away from him.

"What, I had to, I couldn't stand it anymore!" Colin explains.

"You hurt him!" Dan yells.

"I didn't hurt him." Colin tells him.

Dan goes over and examines Kurt.

"He'll live, and as for you, you're going to learn to start following orders!" Dan told him. Dan leaves the room and Colin follows. Kurt lays there still crying, holding his bloody hand. Dave promised nothing bad would happen! Kurt thought.

Dan pushes Colin into a wall.

"Why the hell can't you keep your dick in your pants for once?" Dan yelled at him.

"Because, I was Honey as fuck, and he was hot as fuck!" Colin explains.

"But I said no one gets hurt."

"I know. But I didn't hurt him, I swear. He landed on the nail himself." Colin said.

"You better hope he did." Dan told him walking off, then Dan turns back to him.

"You know, it's not even worth it anymore." Dan told him, throwing the money on the ground.

Colin was shocked, what was his brother doing. He ran over to him.

"What do you mean?"

"What do I mean? I mean. I'm giving myself up, this one was worthless. And I'm going to jail and so are you, but you will be going away for longer."

"Yeah and why's that?" Colin asked.

"Because once, little blondie starts talking, he going to say you rapped him."

Colin looked shocked. He didn't think about that. You can go away for a long time for rapping.

"No, wait, please. I can't go to jail." Colin pleaded.

"Then start fucking paying attention!" Dan snapped.

Kurt was still laying on the floor of the room. He stopped crying, and his hand stopped bleeding. He sat up and looked at it, it was a deep cut, and noticing how rusty the nail was, he probably knew he was going to need a tetanus shot. Kurt got up and walked over to the door, he opens it, and sees Dave and Krist in the other room. Kurt doesn't pay no attention, just walks past then, with his head hung down.

Krist and Dave noticed something wrong.

"Kurt, what happen?" Dave asks.

Kurt doesn't look up, not even one word.

"Kurt, answer us. What's wrong, did that bastard do anything?" Krist asked, worried now.

Kurt still didn't say anything, he looked up, and his eyes held no emotions. Krist and Dave looked at each other, this isn't good. They thought.

Colin and Dan came back into the room, then comes over to Krist and Dave and untied them. Colin sees Kurt over in the corner.

"Now we're going to let you go, but you tell the cops you haven't seen us, understood!" Dan explained.

"Yeah, sure." Dave said, taking the phone.

"Dude, no don't help them, they did something to Kurt." Krist said.

Dave looked at him.

"I have to, if they keep us here, we're just going to get killed, but if the let us go, we can get Kurt some help, and will be alive." Dave explained.

Dan smiled.

"Good cover. Now call."

Dave called the police and told them to back off. That the two shooters are heading out of state.

Dave and Krist kept their word on not saying anything. The both got up and went over to Kurt and help him get out.


Kurt, Dave and Krist, all walk out of the building, the cops run over to them.

"Our you all alright?" One cop asks.

"We're fine, but Kurt, something happen to him." Dave explained.

"Alright, we'll get you all checked up over to the hospital." The cop explained.

They all agreed. The cops took Kurt over to the ambulance. They put Kurt into the ambulance, and all he did was stare at the building. There's no way he'll ever forget this, never!

Dave and Krist, both sat in the waiting room, they were fine, they were all checked up and was claimed they're fine, except for some bruises. They were now waiting on word from the doctor to see how Kurt was doing. Dave couldn't take it anymore.

"I'm going to go try to call Cayden again." He said getting up.

"Why, you tried calling him a thousand times now, he's not answering." Krist explained.

"We have to keep trying. If something is wrong with Kurt, and we don't tell him, he'll kill us." Dave told Krist.

Dave left to go make his phone call.

The doctor finally came out of the room. Dave and Krist stood up.

"How is he?" Dave asked.

"Kurt will be fine, he's had a very big scare tonight. Looks like something has traumatized him, but we're still on aware of what that was, he's not talking, but he is responding with us. Which is a good sign." The doctor explained.

The doctor looked over Kurt's chart.

"As we can see the patient is only six-teen. May we ask where is parents are?" The doctor asked.

Dave and Krist looked at each other.

"They live in Aberdeen, Washington. They don't care nothing for Kurt, that's why he's with us, because his parents don't care nothing for him." Krist explained.

"Well that's ashame, as long as you're not his guardian, we can't give you anymore information. I suggest you get a guardian or someone to come down." The doctor explained.

The doctor turned and walked away.

"Well this is too great. As long as we're here, we can't do nothing. I wish Cayden will pick up his phone!" Dave yelled.

All of a sudden, Dave cellphone ranged.

"It's Cayden." Dave said.

"Cayden, hey you have to get down here. We're at the hospital, we're all fine, but Kurt's been into some trouble, they wont release him to us, they said because he's only sixteen he'll need his guardian. Please we need you to come down." Dave explained to Cayden.

"Hello, my names Cayden, I'm here for Kurt Cobain?" He asked.

The nurse looked at her chart.

"Oh yes, Cayden, we've been expecting you. I see you're Kurt's guardian. I'll tell the doctor you're here." The Nurse told him.

The nurse got up to leave, Dave and Krist came over to Cayden.

"I'm sorry, I would have got here sooner, but I was stuck at a meeting." Cayden said.

"It's ok, all that matters is that you're here now." Dave said.

They saw the Doctors and Kurt came out.

"Ok, I need you to sign these papers." The nurse told him.

"Hello, is this Kurt Cobain?" A women come up to Kurt and asked.

"Yeah that's him. Who are you?" Cayden asked.

"I'm Sandy, I'm with the Children services." Sandy explained.

"Alright, well can I help you with something?" Cayden asked.

"Yes, the hospital called me in. They said, considering Kurt is only six-teen and has no real guardian, that I'm suppose to take him into my custody." Sandy told him.

"What no, the hospital told me I could take Kurt him, because I'm here to sign as his guardian."

"Is that so?" Sandy asked.

Kurt who was understanding this knew what was happening. Sandy came over to him.

"Hi there Kurt, I'm Sandy, I'm here to take you with me." Sandy told him.

Kurt ran over to Cayden and hugged him.

"Look, I already signed the documents. I'm his guardian, he's coming home with me." Cayden argued.

Sandy through her hands up.

"Fine, but I'll be seeing you in court." She told him, and then walked away.

Cayden knelt down to Kurt.

"Hey. How about we say we got something to eat, and then go home." He said to Kurt.

Kurt smiled,that meant yes to Cayden.

They all walked out the door.

Across town Colin and Dan tried their best to get out of town. They're so lucky right now that the cops aren't on to them. Dan was still pretty mad at his brother, and his brother said he'd try anything to make up for it.

"Come on, the air port isn't far from here. Just a couple more miles." Dan said, out of breath as they ran.

"I'm hurrying. It's just we've been running for ten miles now, and we haven't even took a break." Colin complained.

Back at a restaurant Nirvana sat at a table with Cayden.

"So, where to next?" Cayden asked, not wanting to talk about tonight and what happen.

"Well as you know, it's the end of our tour, so we were just all going home." Dave told him.

"Oh yeah, now I remember. Well we can stay at a hotel tonight, and then tomorrow be on the first flight out of here."

"Sounds good to me." Krist said.

Cayden looked over to Kurt, Kurt ate all his food, and was now righting down some stuff. Cadyen stopped him. Kurt looked up.

"Sleep will be a very good thing for you right now wouldn't it?" Cayden asked it.

Kurt understood and smiled.

"He seems like he's fine to me. He just needs some rest." Cayden explains.

"But what was that thing about court that, that women was talking about?" Dave asked.

Cayden gave a chuckle.

"That women can't do anything." Cayden said.

Dave looked at him.

"Why not, no one here is his legal guardian. And he's only sixteen. They can take him away, even though he's famous or not." Dave explained.

"They can't do anything, because Kurt is mine!" Cayden explained.

Dave and Krist looked at each other and then back at Cayden. Kurt smiled.

"What do you mean?" Krist asked.

"When Kurt was thirteen and out on his own, he was playing in clubs with different bands, well one day, Kurt came into one of the clubs and got into a fight. I was there, I couldn't let this poor kid get beaten up, so I took a pool cue and hit the big guy over the head with it and helped Kurt. Well we got talking him and I, and he told me he was a great singer. I managed him for a long time. Then one day, I found out this kid was on his own, no parents no guardian, so I told him, come stay with me, then one day I just up and decided to adopt him." Cayden explained.

"Wow, you really care that much for him?" Krist asked.

Cayden looked at Kurt, which Kurt returned the stare.

"I do."

Kurt smiled. Kurt came over and hugged Cayden, then he looked towards the door.

"You want to leave?" Cayden asked.

Kurt nodded his head yes.

"Alright lets go." Cayden told them all.

Colin and Dan finally made it to the air port.

"What if they know who we are?" Colin asked.

"They wont. The cops don't know who we look like." Dan told him.

They walk over to the ticket booth.

"Yes, my brother and I need two tickets to Boston, Texas." Dan told her.

She looked it up on the computer.

"I have two tickets to Boston, Texas. It'll be about two-hundred dollars." The women told them.

Dan and Colin looked at each other.

"We'll take them." Dan told her.

She gave them the tickets and they gave her the money.

"Have a good trip." She told them.

Cayden rented a hotel, and they all went to a room.

"I can't believe you only got us one room with two beds." Dave said.

"Hey, it was cheap and this way I can keep my eyes on all of you." Cayden told him.

"Whatever!" Dave said.

They entered the room. Kurt went to lay down on the bed as soon as he walked in. He crawled onto the bed, and pulled the covers down, then got under them.

"Not even going to get undressed Kurt?" Krist asked.

Kurt only looked at him.

The others got on their night cloths and then crawled into bed as well. Cayden slept in the bed with Kurt. Kurt, wrapped his arm around him.

"Glade you're here." Kurt told him.

Dave and Krist was surprised. Kurt actually, finally said something.

Cayden kissed the top of his forehead and went to sleep. Kurt stayed awake for a while.

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