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Kurt was laying down in bed one night, couldn't sleep, kept tossing and turning. Everything ran through his mind at night, which makes it more harder for him to fall asleep. Usually he goes and sleeps in Dave's room, and when Dave's not around he sleeps in Krist's room, to try to have someone to fall asleep with. Kurt some times just needs his time by himself, that's why he's in his own room right now. But something wasn't right, he sighed throwing the covers away from him, and then getting up and walking down a hall. He came to the first door he seen, he opened it and went over to the bed, he knows who's room this is, and he also knows what he's doing. He crawled up into the bed.

"Dave?" He asked, still crawling over to him.

The bed was huge, could fit all of Nirvana into the bed.

"Dave, you awake?" Kurt asked again, this time taking his hand and lowering it into Dave's boxers.

Dave was awake, and knew exactly what Kurt was doing, he's done this a couple of times before. Kurt's not gay, Dave thought. But he does love the dick, doesn't he. Kurt's touch was just right, putting his hands around Dave's cock, and rubbing it. Dave was actually getting to like this, and so was Kurt, then Dave did something that frighten Kurt. He put his arm around Kurt's. Kurt jumped back in surprise.

"I didn't know you was awake!" He said.

"Shh..It's alright. We don't we just keep this our little secret?"

"Yeah, alright."

Dave gave him a friendly, nice look. Kurt picked up one of his blankets Dave leaves in the room, and he puts it around him, laying down and finally getting some sleep. Dave stared at Kurt as he slept. How his breathing was, how he looked so peaceful with the moonlight coming off his face. Dave smiled, and laid back down.


Kurt started to walk down a ally way, this way had hookers down the ally. Kurt didn't care about them, he just walked on by as they called for him. Some cussed him out for not paying attention to them and some just fucked off. Just what Kurt wanted. He wasn't out looking for sex, he barely cared for it. All Kurt loved was to play music and sing. That's what his whole life was about. Then out of no where Dave came and pushed him up side the wall, making sure no one was around.

"What are?" Kurt tried to say, but Dave cut him off.

"Shh. No. I win this time."

Kurt looked confused. Dave went to unbottened Kurt's jeans.


"Be quite, someone might hear you."


"Returning the favor." Dave said smiling. And then gave Kurt the best blow job he's ever had.

Kurt put his head back on the brick wall trying to stay quite, but it was hard, god dam Dave gives some good blow jobs. His eyes started rolling back as he was loving it. Then Dave finished. Kurt looked down at Dave, Dave was whipping his face off.

"How was that?"

"Fucking fantastic. Didn't know you liked dick."

"I don't. But it seems like you do."

"No, I've never been fucked, but I've have gotten blow jobs for money."

Dave was shocked, Kurt was selling himself.

"No Dave, don't think of it like that. I don't sell my ass. I just want it sometime."

"By men or women?"

"Both, sometimes."

Dave came over and kissed Kurt, Kurt looked at him.

"I want you." Dave said.

"Dave, I'm not gay."

"I know, but I want you. You belong to me, no one else."

Then Dave took a pocket knife out of his back pocket. He grabbed Kurt's wrist, Kurt seemed scared.

"Dave what are doing?" He asked.

"Making you mine."

Dave placed the knife down onto Kurt's wrist and sliced open his wrist. Kurt gasped as the knife ran through. Dave released his hand, and Kurt grabbed it to inspect it. It was bleeding like hell, did Dave knew what he was doing? Kurt thought. Then Dave turned the knife on him and sliced his wrist open. Dave grabbed Kurt's hand again and then put his cut he had on Kurt's.

"Dave, you can get sick now by mixing your blood with someone else's."

Dave rolled his eyes.

"Oh stop, you'll be fine. Just go home and put a cold rag on it." He told him.


That same day Krist and Dave was in the Nirvana house, Kurt was no where to be found, Dave was getting worried, that Kurt had taken the car and probably wrecked some where. Kurt was accident prone by the way. The phone ranged and Krist answered it.

"He did what?!" He asked. Dave came over.

"God dam it! We're on are way." He slammed the phone down.

"Come on."

"What happen, was it Kurt?" Dave asked, panicked.

"Yeah, Kurt did a shit load of cocaine and can't be controlled.

Dave ran out of the house, trying to get to were Kurt was, think god it was actually one street down. Kurt's dealer Zeppy is also his friend, not just friend, but best friend. They walked into the house. They saw Kurt on the floor having a tantrum or something. Dave ran over to him. But Krist went over to Zeppy.

"Easy alright."

"What did he take?"

"Um..Heroin he did, and cocaine."

Dave looked over to Zeppy and Krist.

"That's fucking dangerous!" He shouted.

"How much cocaine?" Krist asked, ignoring Dave and Kurt.

"I-I don't know, like twent grams."

Krist looked shocked. twenty! How the fuck is he still alive?!

"How the fuck could you let that happen, you're suppose to be his friend."

"I know, I know, but he came over he seemed really lost, and I wanted him to calm down. I didn't know he'd take it all. Honest."

"We half to get him home." Dave said, lifting Kurt up. Krist came over also to help.

"I'm sorry. I really am-" But Zeppy was cut off by Krist's fist in his mouth.

They brought Kurt home and laid him in Dave's bed. Kurt's sure going to get scolded tomorrow that's for sure, Krist thought.

"I'll stay with him, you can go." Dave said.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, he seems to be calming down some." Dave looked down at Kurt.

"Spiders, ahhh, leave me alone! Noooo!" Kurt screamed.

Dave had to laugh, Kurt was being too cute. He played with his hair, wanting him to calm down. He laid down beside him, taking him into his arms.

"Shh..." Dave said, singing Kurt some lullaby.

Kurt knew the song, Dave has always song it too him when Kurt was upset or anything. Kurt started to calm down some, and Dave sighed.


Kurt woke up with the sun in his eyes, it hurt so bad, his head was pounding and he felt his heart racing, feeling like it was going to beat right out, he tried to sit up, but found a pain deep inside his head. He put a hand up to his head.

"Owe, what the fuck." Kurt said, trying to remember what happen.

"Glade to see you're finally awake." Dave said.

Kurt tried to open his eyes.

"What happen?"

"What happen, you don't remember?"

Kurt shook his head no.

"Fucking cocaine and heroin? Are you fucking insane!" Dave screamed.

Kurt shut his eyes from Dave's screaming. Kurt feels like he's having a very bad migrain.

"Please, no screaming."

"No screaming! Why the fuck not, you almost go and kill your self. You know I was worried to death about you."

"Alright, stop." Kurt said, putting his arm over his eyes.

"No, you're going to stop, you're going to stop all these drugs. Krist and I talked it over, you're going to rehab." Dave explained.

Kurt jummped up.

"You can't do that too me."

"Oh yes we can, we already have everything set up."

Kurt started to cry.

"No, it's not that serious. Please I can't go. I can't." Tears streaming down his face. Dave came over to him.

"It's too much Kurt, we could have lost you last night. You're going, end of discussion. Game over."

Kurt hugged Dave and cried.

~the end~

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