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Kurt came running down the stairs of the Nirvana house, all dressed and ready to go some where. He had on a long sleeve shirt, with finger less gloves, mascara to bring out his blue eyes and was wearing his famous white sunglasses. Kurt didn't see Krist in front of him, so Kurt ran into Krist. Krist held his arms.

"Woah, easy there, where are you off to in such a hurry?" Krist asked laughing.

"Krist." Kurt said, trying to get his breath. "I was just on the phone to a friend, he wants me to come to a party with him and get drunk and have some fun. There's this band that's going to be there, he says their really awesome." Kurt explained to him.

"Oh, alright. Have fun. Dave and I are going to go out to some club, so if you need anything, call us on your cell." Krist told him.

"Yeah, alright. I half to go. Bye." Kurt told him, running out the door.

"Kurt!" Krist said.

"What?" Kurt asked.

"Calm the fuck down, at this rate, you're going to kill yourself." Krist told him.

"Yeah. I will, I half to go." Kurt told him, out the door and then down the steps.

"He worries me." Krist said.

Dave came over laughing.

"Chill. He'll be alright." Dave told him.

"Easy for you to say. Ever since we've known each other. He's been so hyper and like that. I swear it's going to kill him." Krist explained.

Dave rolled his eyes.

"He'll be alright. Stop worrying." Dave told him again.

"As much as you love him and your his boyfriend, how can you not worry so much about his hyperness?" Krist asked.

"Because, I want him to be happy. And if hyper is what makes him happy, then I'm happy he's happy." Dave tried to explain to him.

Krist looked confused from what Dave just said.

"He's going to a party, you know there's going to be chicks there. So you know he's going to be banging them!" Krist told him.

"Only if he's drunk he will. Kurt and I love each other, and he wont do anything unless he's drunk."

"You sure about that?"

"Positive." Dave said. Krist got up and left.

Kurt entered the party with his best friend Zeppy.

"So, is this band worth hearing about any good?" Kurt asked.

Zeppy shrugged.

"I don't know, I've never really heard them." Zeppy said.

"What are their names?"

"Um..Hollywood Rock."

"That's an awesome name." Kurt said.

Zeppy turned to him.

"Not as good as Nirvana."

Kurt smiled.

"Yeah, well are names named after water, theirs is awesome."

"Hey, Nirvana rocks. Stop dissing your own band!" Zeppy told him.

Kurt laughed.

"But that's what I always do."

"How does Dave feel about that?"

Kurt took a sip of beer.

"About what?"

"You dissing your bands name."

"He don't care, he kind of laughs and jokes about it." Kurt explained.

Zeppy looked away.

"Whatever." He said.

The band took the stage.

"Hello, we are Hollywood Rock, and we are here to rock to night, are you?" The lead singer asked.

The crowed cheered.

"Lets get rocking!" He screamed, then the music started to play.

Kurt, was really liking the band.

"So I see you're really injoying the band." Zeppy said, walking up him.

"Yeah. I love them, they're awesome!" He tell him.

"So, who's better, them or Nirvana?"

He turn to him.

"Come on. Weren't you the one dissing your own band, and name?" He asked.

"Yeah, but I was just joking."

He rolls his eyes.


"Hey, anyway you can get me to met the band?" Kurt asked.

"Probably, give me five minutes." He said, then left.

Kurt sit at a table waiting for Zeppy to get back. Not sure where he went or anything, but he's rocking out to this bands music, he thinks they're fucking awesome!

"Got a sweet deal." Zeppy said, coming back over to him.

"Oh yeah, what's that?" Kurt said, taking a sip of soda.

"You get to met the band."

Kurt looked at him stunned.

"Seriously, how did you hook that up?"

"Just talked to the manager."

"Fucking awesome. Can we go back there now.

Zeppy lead him backstage. Kurt loved hanging with Zeppy, he can get you anything you want. He gets Kurt everything, even drugs. And especially money. They inter a room.

"Kurt this is the band, band Kurt." Zeppy introduced.

"I'm Sienna, the drummer." He said.

"I'm Diamond, the bass player." She said.

"I'm Mason, the lead singer.

"And I'm Cat, the guitarist."

"Nice to met you all. I'm Kurt. Kurt Cobain." He said.

"Cobain. You're in a band?" Cat asked.

"Eh, yeah."

"What are you doing here?" Mason asked.

"My friend Zeppy told me about you guys and I love you're music, it's like nothing I've never heard of before." Kurt explained.

"We love Nirvana also." Diamond said.

Kurt laughed.


"So Kurt, come on sit down, have a beer and party with us." Mason said.

Kurt did as what he told him to. For Kurt, if he only knew this night would change him and also Nirvana's lives forever.

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