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~Last Night~
One night after the Nirvana concert, Dave, Kurt and Krist all sat around the bar table talking. They were played a concert with a new band that was now becoming popular, their name is Kid Wickked, because it's really a goth rock n roll band. Kurt loves their music and their performance onstage. Kurt said he'd really love to play on stage with them sometime. The band was now playing.
"I really like them." Kurt said, taking a sip of beer.
"Yeah, they can rock the house." Krist said.
"I love how the guitar player is playing. It's like something I've never seen before." Kurt said.
"That's strange." Dave told him, then laughed.
Kurt laughed also. The band finally finished their gig, then came over and sat down with Nirvana.
"Hey, how about you all come back to are tour bus and have a real party!" Asya the lead singer told them, throwing back a shot.
Kurt looked at Dave.
"Sure why not." He said.
"Oh, you all are going to rock out like hell." Draconia the guitarist told them.
"Well, we love to party." Dave said. Then they all got up.

Everyone was having the time of their lives, just like Draconia said. Kurt was now waisted, well not that bad, he still knew what he was doing. Dave and Krist were on the couch getting high as usual. Kurt was now dancing with the lead singer Asya.
"You're a good dancer." She told him.
"Yeah, I once took dance lessons when I was a kid." He said, laughing.
She looked at him.
"Kurt Cobain, dance lessens. That's a little weird."
"Hey, I was a kid, what else was I suppose to do."
He stopped dancing with her.
"I'm thirsty." He said.
"There's soda in the fridge, in the back." She told him.

Kurt walked back to the bus, he walked into a little room and seen the fridge. He was actually confused, because he seen two. I guess it didn't matter. So he grabbed the first bottle of soda he seen and then drunk it.
For a minute he thought it tasted a little too sweet, but he didn't seem to mind. He took the can and then walked back into the front bus.
"Hey, I'm going to go and get some rest." He told Dave.
"Oh, alright then." Dave told him, then walked away.
"Now where are you going?" Deseray asked.
"Oh, I'm sorry, I was just going to go back to my place and go to sleep. You all throw one hell of a wild party and I'd love to come touring with you all sometime." Kurt told her.
"Thank You. Sure, you know how bad ass that would be. Well Kurt, thanks for coming and get some rest." She told him.
Kurt walked off the bus, and then went home. That's when it all started.

~The Next Day~
Dave opened his eyes, he swear he just heard a baby crying, or did he just dream that? He sat up, still looking really tired, but he was up now so he can't go back to sleep. He walked out of his room and then into the bathroom.
"Ahhh..." He heard someone scream. He walked back out into the hallway.
What was that? He thought. He kept hearing someone or something scream. He made his way down to the living room. That's when he seen it. A baby, short blond hair, with bright blue eyes.
"What the fuck?" He said, starring at the baby.
The baby had to be only about four months old. He went over to him.
"Hey, what are you doing, how did you get in here?" Dave asked, picking up the kid.
The baby held the remote to the tv, he was actually chewing on it. Dave thought it was cute. Just then Dave heard Krist come into the living room. Krist looked at Dave holding the baby.
"Um..Why are you holding a baby?" Krist asked.
"I don't know, I just found him here." Dave explained.
"Here, all by himself?" Krist asked.
"Yeah, you didn't bring him home last night, or anyone home with a baby, did you?"
"Fuck no!"
"What about Kurt, he left kind of early."
"I don't know, lets go ask him, usually the trouble maker is up this early." Dave said, joking.

They entire Kurt's room, but find him not there. Dave was caring the baby in his hands.
"Alright, he's not here." Dave said.
"That's strange. That's not like Kurt to stay out all night." Krist explained.
"I know, and he told me he was coming home and going to bed."
Krist shrugged.
"Maybe he had to go out somewhere." Dave guessed.
"What, at eight-thirty in the morning. No way."
Dave turned to him.
"Then where else is he?" Dave asked.
"I don't know."

Dave gave up and walked out of the room. He took the infant and sat on the couch.
"You know, you really resemble someone, but who?" Dave asked.
The infant looked up at him, with the dark blue eyes. Then it hit Dave.
"Oh fuck! Oh No!" He screamed.
Krist ran into the room.
"What, what's wrong?" He asked.
"It's Kurt! The baby is Kurt!"
"What, no way. How the hell can Kurt turn back into a baby?" Krist asked.
"Think, a baby just shows up out of no where, and then Kurt's no where to be seen. And then this infants looks just like Kurt. How fucking strange is that?" Dave explained.
Dave sat the child on the floor.
"What are you doing?" Krist asked.
"A test." Dave answered.
"Kurt, come here." Dave said.
Kurt looked up at Dave, and crawled right over to him.
"No fucking way!" Krist said. Looking at Dave.
The baby laughed.


"I can't believe this, what the fuck are we going to do?" Dave asked.
"I don't know, but we have to find out how this happen." Krist said.
It's been two hours, they're really convinced that the baby is Kurt, considering Kurt is no where to be found.
Kurt was now playing with some things Dave gave him.
"We're going to need to go buy some things." Krist said.
"Like what?" Dave asked.
"Baby stuff. If he's stuck like a baby for some time now, he's going to need some stuff."Krist explained.
"I guess so." Dave said.
Kurt tried to stand up to walk, but feel right back down. He started to cry.
"Aw, shh. No crying." Krist said, picking Kurt up and holding him.
"Awe, poor thing, he hit his head." Dave said.
"He'll be alright. Dave, lets go out and buy some things, he must be hungry." Krist said.
"Alright, let me go get my keys."

Dave grabbed his keys, then headed towards the car. They didn't have a car seat yet to put Kurt in so Krist had to hold him. Kurt wanted to look out the window, he'd scream if he was forces to sit down. They pulled into a huge store. Dave grabbed a shopping kart and sat Kurt down in it.
"First thing on the list?" Dave asked.
"Baby food." Krist answered.

Dave and Krist spent like an hour in the store picking out baby stuff, bottles, cloths, dippers and a car seat.
They walked to a food court and got something to eat. Dave feed Kurt a fry.
"Should he be eating fries?" Krist asked.
"I don't know, but it seems like he's enjoying them." Dave said, laughing.
He feed Kurt another fry. Krist grabbed a baby bottle and milk.
"Here, give him this." Krist said, handing Dave the bottle.
Dave took it, and gave it to Kurt, it seemed like Kurt was capable of holding the bottle on his own.
"What a cute adorable baby." The heard a women say.
"Thanks." Dave told her.
"Mind if we hold him?" The women asked.
Krist looked to Dave.
"Sure." Dave said.
Dave got Kurt out of the high chair and handed him to the women.
"Such cute eyes he's got. Who's baby is he?" The women asks.
"He's mine!" Dave blurted out.
"He's adorable, must take after his mother."
"Oh yeah, he's a handful." Dave said.
The women gave Kurt back. Dave sat him on his knee.
"We got to get Kurt back." Dave told Krist.

They walked back to the car. Dave put the car seat in and buckled Kurt in. Kurt tried to fuss with it, he didn't want to be strapped down in a car seat. He kicked and screamed.
"Kurt, knock it off!" Krist yelled, trying to strape him in.
Kurt stopped, then Dave handed Kurt his bottle, Kurt took it.
"He's a feisty thing isn't he?" Dave asked.
"Nah, he's just not used to being in a car seat.

They all three get back to the house. Kurt had fallen asleep, so Dave carried him in and put him on his bed. He was so sure Kurt couldn't fall out of the bed since the bed was huge and Kurt was so tiny, before Dave put Kurt to bed for a nap, Krist put a diaper on him and some cloths. Dave thought Kurt seemed so cute laying there on his bed sleeping, so Dave crawled in bed with him. Maybe a nap is a good idea right now, he thought.

Dave didn't sleep, he keep looking at how cute Kurt looked as a baby just laying there sleeping. He was wondering to death how the fuck did this happen to Kurt. Maybe it had to be when they where partying with that goth band, them people were really weird. Dave thought. Kurt brought Dave out of his thoughts when Kurt woke up and started to cry. Dave handed him his bottle. Dave sighed."
"Well little one, guess you're stuck like this until we find a way out." Dave said.
Kurt just looked at him with them blue eyes, still sucking on the bottle. Krist entered the room.
"What are you doing?" He asked.
"Nothing, I put Kurt down for a nap when we got back, but now he's awake."
Krist smiled.
Kurt dropped the bottle, and got up on the bed.
"How are we going to fix this Krist?" Dave asked.
Krist came over and sat on the bed.
"I don't know, how ever Kurt got turned like this, we have to find a way back." Krist explained.
Dave looked at him.
"But we don't know how it happen. All we know is it happen when we were hanging out with them goth kids." Dave explained.
"Hmm...Maybe we should start there first." Krist decided.
"I guess." Dave said.
"Hey, but for now. It's kind of nice having Kurt sweet for a while." Krist said, grabbing Kurt and hugging him. Kurt laughed.
"Kurt's always sweet, baby or no baby."
"Yeah he is."


Dave was on the couch flicking through some channels on the tv. He's had a pretty rough day by taking care of Kurt. They have told all their producers and people that Kurt's been sick with his stomach pains and couldn't do any shows right now. They believed it and canceled them. Kurt started to cry. Dave rolled his eyes.
"Oh Kurt come on." He said, getting up off the couch and go over to the play pen.
"What?" He asked.
Kurt kept crying and was biting his thumb.
"What's wrong Kurt?" Dave asked, picking him up.
"You hungry?" Dave asked, trying to feed him a bottle, Kurt turned away from it.
"What's wrong, shh..Don't cry. Oh God. Krist!" Dave screamed.
Krist came into the living room.
"Yeah?" He asked.
"Krist, somethings wrong. I can't get him to stop crying. I tried to give him a bottle, and he's not hungry. What if somethings wrong?" Dave panicked.
"Alright calm down." Krist said, coming over to him.
"He doesn't seem like he has a fever." Krist said, feeling his head.
"So then what's wrong?" Dave asked.
"I don't know." Krist said.
"Should we get him checked out?" Dave asked.
"No. He'll be alright." Krist told him.
Dave sighed. He put Kurt on his shoulder and carried him up to his room. He lay Kurt in his bed.
"Kurt, what are we going to do with you?" Dave asked.
Dave noticed Kurt was chewing on his thumb.
"Oh, hey what's this. Kurt's growing his first tooth." Dave said.
"Krist get in her!"
"Now what?"
"I found out whats the matter."
"He's teething. Where'd that teething ring go you bought?"
"I put it in the freezer in case he needs it."
"Would you mind going and getting it.
Krist rolled his eyes and ran downstairs. Kurt was still crying.
"Shh...It'll be alright." Dave told him.
Krist ran back upstairs with the teething ring.
"Here. Now can I please go to bed now?" Krist asked.
Dave gave Kurt the teething ring, and Kurt stopped crying, he was chewing on the ring.
"Krist, you have a responsibility here to." Dave told him.
"Alright Dave, lets talk about that. How am I suppose to take care of him, when you wont let me anywhere near him?" Krist said.
"What's that suppose to mean. You take care of Kurt also." Dave said.
"No I don't, every time I go to hold him or feed him or something, you always take him away, claiming he's your baby. So daddy. There's your kid, so I'm off to bed!" Krist said, walking out of the room. Dave turned back to Kurt. Kurt looked up at him.
"You understands what's going on don't you?" He asked.
"Well, don't worry. Every things going to be alright." Dave told him.

The next day Kurt and Dave were watching the music channel, they were playing some good music. Kurt was playing with his toys in the middle of the floor, and Dave was on the phone talking to someone. Krist came into the living room and sat down on the couch, he started watching the music channel.
"Alright, and that was Guns N' Roses at number twelve on the count down today. Up next we have a hot new band that's making their way into the music media with their second album 'Nevermind' Here is Nirvana with their new music video 'Smells like Teen Spirit." The host on the tv show said.
Krist watched as the video started playing, wow number eleventh. That's not bad. Krist thought. Krist all of a sudden looked at baby Kurt.

Kurt stopped what he was doing in the middle of the floor and walked up to the tv. Kurt put his hands on the tv screen and watched the music video.
"Dave, come here quick!" Krist shouted, not taking his eyes off Kurt.
Dave entered the room.
"What?" He asked.
"Look at your baby."
Dave looked over to where Kurt was.
"You think he's remembering?" Krist asked.
"Nir-vah-nah." Kurt tried to say.
Krist and Dave looked at each other shocked. Kurt's first word. And it was their bands name.
"He's starting to Remember." Dave told Krist.
Krist looked over and Dave and then back at Kurt, who was still watching the Nirvana music video.

Dave sat in the living room playing with Kurt. Kurt's been trying to start walking now, but he really wasn't that good at it, he's still too young to start walking, so Dave taught him how to stand up, holding onto the couch.
Dave was eating ice cream, he tried to feed some to Kurt, but Kurt wouldn't take it.
"Kurt, come on. You love ice cream." Dave said.
He tried to give it to him again, but Kurt turned away. Krist walked into the room.
"What are you doing?" He asked.
"Trying to give Kurt ice cream, but he wont take it. Krist you try." Dave said, handing him the cup with ice cream in it.
"Come on Kurt open up." Krist said, trying to feed him. Kurt turned away.
"He thinks it's medicine." Dave said.
"I know he does."
"Because it comes from a spoon." Dave explained.
Dave grabbed Kurt's hand.
"Alright now."
Dave kissed Kurt's hand.
"Hmm. That's good stuff." Dave said, walking away.
Kurt looked at Dave and smiled, Krist put the spoon in his mouth and fed Kurt.
"Oh, we got you now." Krist said smiling.
Kurt finally realized that it wasn't medicine that what was on the spoon was delicious. Krist fed him more.
"Krist?" Dave asked.
Krist looked up at Dave.
"What?" He asked, cleaning the ice cream away from Kurt's mouth.
"When Kurt turns back into his original self...Do you think he'll remember any of this?" Dave asked.
Krist sat Kurt on his lap. Kurt laughed.
"I don't know. Should we want him to?"
"I don't know."
Dave took Kurt from Krist.
"You're getting too attached to him being like this aren't you?" Krist asked.
"Well he is sweet. But we have to figure something out, peoples going to start asking around, where's Kurt. Then what are we suppose to say?" Dave asked.
Krist walked over to Dave.
"For now, Kurt's on vacation."
"Yeah, but that's not going to last long."
"Then we need to find a way to fix it." Krist said.

Dave carried Kurt to his room, he laid him down in his crib. It's a shame, they bought all this baby stuff and it's not going to last long.
"Kurt, I love you as a baby, but we need you back sweetheart. If you can understand me. We need you back." Dave told him. Kurt couldn't talk yet, all he could do was look at Dave with them dark blue eyes. Dave gave Kurt a bottle. Then walked out of the room.

The next day Dave wakes up and finds that Krist is feeding Kurt.
"Hello sleepy head." Krist told him.
Dave tried to rub the sleep from his eyes. Then he looked at Krist feeding Kurt.
"Krist, what's in that bottle?" He asked.
"Soda." Krist said.
Dave looked at him.
"What, why the hell are you feeding him soda?" Dave asked.
"Because, I got up early and I heard Kurt crying, so I went to get him. The bottle in his crib was empty, and we didn't have no milk." Krist explained.
Dave went over to Krist and grabbed Kurt.
"Give me my baby!" He screamed.
"Your baby, since when did Kurt become your kid?" Krist asked.
"Since now everyone knows I have a kid!"
"Well what will the think when Kurt turns back?"
"I don't know, that he lives with his mom now."
"Dam Dave." Krist said walking away.
"Come on, we need some things for Baby Kurt." Dave said.

Dave, Krist and Kurt were in a store shopping. They had to buy some things for baby Kurt and for them selves also. Kurt was making a fuss because he didn't want to be carried, and Dave couldn't let him down, because Kurt wasn't that good of a walker yet.
"Can you keep him quite?" Krist asked.
"I can't, he doesn't want to be carried." Dave said.
"Then fucking just let him walk."
"Sure, a four month ol' baby walking. He can't even talk yet Krist."
"He's got to learn sometime." Krist told him.
Dave put Kurt down on the floor. surprising Dave and Krist found at the Kurt was doing a good job standing on his own. It's just the walking he has to practice with.
"Alright, what's the next thing we need on the list?" Dave asked.
"Baby food."
They walked down to the food isle and picked up everything they need for them and baby Kurt.
"Do you think we should buy him some baby toys?" Dave asked.
"No. He's not going to be a baby for ever. He'l turn back soon." Krist whispered, making sure no one was listening to them.
Dave picked something up.
"Here, he needs one of these."
"A teething ring?" Krist asked.
"Yeah, he's starting to grow his teeth." Dave told him.
Dave looked down, then started to panic.
"Krist, where the fuck is Kurt?!" He asked.
Krist looked down.
"Fuck Dave, I thought you were watching him!"
"I was, he must have slipped out of my hand."
"Fuck. KURT!" Krist yelled, going after and trying to find Kurt, Dave followed.

Kurt was trying to walk, he was holding on to everything he sees. People where starring at him, wondering who's parents would have let their baby wonder around. Kurt let go of the shelf he was holding onto and started to run, when he ran into a man.
"Woah there little fella. Where did you come from?" The guy asked.
Kurt didn't say anything, he just stared at the man with the dark blue eyes.
"You must be lost. Alright, come on, lets try to find your parents." The guy said.
They guy tried to pick Kurt up, but Kurt backed away from him, he knew something wasn't right.
"Hey, I'm not going to hurt you." The man said, holding out his arm.
"Kurt!" Dave said, running up to him, and hugging him.
"Oh thank god you're alright!" Krist said.
Dave looked up at the man.
"He your kid?" The man asked.
"He's my son!!" Dave told him.
"Well, I should tell you, don't let him out of your site again." The man said.
"It was an accident." Krist said.
The man handed them a card.
"Then you better make sure that accident doesn't happen again." The man said, walking away.
Dave starred at the card.
"Fuck!" He said.
"What?" Dave asked.
"He's from Social services. He can take Kurt away from us if we're not careful." Krist explained.
"Come on. He doesn't even know our names." Dave said.
Dave grabbed a hold of Kurt. Kurt didn't want to be picked back up.
"Stop it Kurt!" He screamed.
"Here, give him to me." Krist said, trying to hold him. But Kurt only cried even more.
Dave took him into his arms and Kurt seemed to calm down. He placed his head on his shoulder and decided to go to sleep.
"Well finally the little rug rats asleep. He's such a handful." Krist said.
Dave laughed.
"Come on. Lets get out of here." Dave said, then walking to the cashiers and checking out.


Krist sat in the living room playing with Kurt. Kurt sat in his high chair, laughing at Krist. Krist was holding a thing of toy keys away from Kurt.
"Kurt. Can you say Nirvana, come on. Nir-vah-nah. Like you said before." Krist said.
Dave entired the room, he was smiling. He never seemed Krist look so happy.
"What are you doing?" Dave asked.
"I'm teaching him how to talk."
Dave laughed.
"He's only four months old."
"He talked yesterday."
"Yeah, that's because he was watching a Nirvana video."
"Come on Kurt, say anything." Krist said.
Dave ran back into the kitchen and then brought out an ice pop.
"Kurt, if you talk I'll give you this." Dave teased, showing him the ice pop.
Kurt looked up at it, and then tried to reach for it.
"Nope, you half to talk first." Dave told him.
Kurt's blue eyes looked from Dave to Krist and then back to the red ice pop.
"Kurt, say Nir-" Krist said.
"Nir..." Kurt tried to say.
"Vah." Krist said
"Vah." Kurt tried to say.
"Nah" Krist finished.
"N-Nah." Kurt finished also.
"He said it!" Krist shouted.
"That's because I had an ice pop in my hands teasing him." Dave explained, then gave Kurt the ice pop.
It was one of the ice pops that had the plastic over them, so they wouldn't make a mess.
"Krist, can I talk to you for a minute?"Dave asked.
"Lets go into the kitchen."

"Alright. What's this about."
Dave turned to Krist.
"Guess who's coming back to town."
"The band we were partying with the night Kurt changed." Dave explained to him.
"You mean Kid Wixxed."
"Yeah, them."
"Well that's good. Now we can find them, find out what Kurt took and then have them change Kurt back." Krist said.
Dave looked away.
"What's wrong?" Krist asked.
"Nothing." Dave told him, frowning.
"You're attached to him being like this aren't you?" Krist asked.
"Well Dave. It's kind of nice having a baby around for a while. And especially Kurt." Dave explained.
Krist shook his head.
"Dave, he can't stay a baby forever. You have to move on."
"Why, why does Kurt half to go back?" Dave asked.
"Because. Kurt's already starting to remember Nirvana. What happens when he gets older and some how them memories of this other person comes into Kurt's mind and he comes to you asking why he's having memories of things that haven't happen?" Krist explained.
"But they have happen, they're appart of his life."
"But he's not going to know that. How are you suppose to explain to him. Oh Kurt you were actually twenty-three before, but then you got turned back into a baby. What do you think he's going to think?"
"I don't know." Dave said walking away.
"Well I do know. And I also know, we need Kurt Cobain back so that everyone will stop wondering where he is."
"Alright!" Dave shouted.
"So, when are they coming back?" Krist asked.
"Four months from now." Dave told him.
"Alright. So we got four months to still play with Baby Kurt." Krist said, trying to cheer Dave up.
"You're right. Lets just make the best of it." Dave said, smiling.

Krist and Dave come back into the living room, where Kurt was. Dave picked him up out of the high chair.
"I'm going to miss you baby Kurt." Dave said.
Krist looked at him.
"You act like he's being token away from you now. Dave you still have four months with him."
"I know, but. Aren't you going to miss him as a baby?" Dave asked.
"Sure I'm going to miss him as a baby. But Dave, we need the band back." Krist explained to him.
Dave held on to Kurt, hugging him.
"I know."
"Then we have to do this." Krist told him.
Dave shook his head yes.


Dave was on the phone talking to his Grandma, she said she wanted to came out to California to visit her grandson. Dave didn't mind, he told his Grandma to come out to visit. But Dave forgot, him and Krist had plans to go out and have some fun tonight, so Dave's grandma would have to watch baby Kurt. Dave's Grandma Maria doesn't know anything about Kurt turning into a baby, so they had to keep that hidden, so they changed Kurt's name.
"Dave, she's here!" Krist yelled for him.
Dave ran into the the kitchen where the front door was.
"Hey Grandma!" Dave said hugging her.
"How's my grandson doing?" She asked.
"I'm good. Mom this is my band partner Krist." Dave introduced.
"Well hello, you may call me Gran-Gran." She told him.
Krist smiled.
"It's very nice to met you." Krist told her.

Dave came in holding Kurt.
"Grandma I'd like you to met Kirst nephew Kur- I mean Jamie." Dave said, trying to keep Kurt hidden.
"Awe, how adorable is he?" She said, taking Kurt into her arms.
Kurt smiled.
"Grandma, I was wondering. Krist and I had plans to go out tonight that I forgot all about. Do you mind if you would watch Jamie for us?" Dave asked.
"Oh, not at all. You know how I love babies." She said, playing with Kurt.
"Exactly, where are you two going?" She asked.
"Oh, just out to a party with some friends." Dave told her.
"Oh, alright. Well you two have fun."
"Grandma, please don't let Kurt stay up late. And he's teething, so give him his teething ring."
"Sure thing honey."
Krist and Dave walked out the door. Kurt, who had no idea who this women was, started to cry.
"Oh, honey don't cry. Want your bottle?" She asked, handing his his bottle.
He took it and through it to the ground.

Krist and Dave entered the party.
"Wow, are first night away from Kurt." Dave said.
Krist looked at him.
"You're not going to talk about him all night are you?"
"Then can you please stop!"

"Jamie please stop crying!" Grandma Maria told him.
Kurt looked up at her, and stopped crying. She picked him up and sat him in the middle of the floor where his toys are.
"Play." She told him.
Kurt sat down and played with his toys.

Krist and Dave were drunk. Krist was like smashed, but Dave wasn't that drunk.
"Thank god none of us is driving home." Dave said, laughing.
"Yeah." Krist said.
Dave looked sad.
"I miss Kurt."
Krist rolled his eyes.
"Seriously? You said you wouldn't talk about him!" Krist yelled.
"Well it's actually hard not to. Can we go Krist please?" Dave asked.
"Whatever." He said, then they got up and left.

Back at the Nirvana home, Gran-Gran was feeding 'Jamie' Ice cream and letting him watch tv.
"Well there you go. I bet you feel better now." She said.
Kurt looked up at her.
"You better sleep. You need your rest."
Kurt's eyes were already tired, he just wanted to see Dave.

Dave and Krist came through the door.
"Well hello boys, did you have a fun night?" Gran-Gran asked.
"Yeah, it was awesome." Dave told her. Then went in to the living room.
Dave seen Kurt was asleep on the couch, so he picked him up and was holding him.
"Was he a good boy?" Dave asked.
"Yeah, except when you two left, I couldn't get him to stop crying." She explained.
"Awe, poor baby missed us." Dave said.
"Say Dave, where's that little fella, Kurt?" She asked.
Dave looked over to Krist.
"Out of town." Krist finished.
"Oh, that's too bad. He's such a good boy."
Dave smiled.
"Yeah he is."

Kurt decided to wake up, he was still on Dave's shoulder, he started to cry.
"Hey. I missed you!" Dave told him.
Kurt realized that it was Dave holding him, then he went back to sleep.
"Must be tired. What did you two do all night?" Dave asked.
Gran-Gran laughed.
"Oh nothing." She took Kurt's hand.
"Watched tv, played and had ice cream. He's so sweet. Reminds me of someone else."
Dave's eyes flew over to Krist.
"Really, who?" Dave asked.
"Kurt." She said.
Dave laughed.
"Who knows, maybe it's Kurt's kid." Dave joked.
Gran-Gran laughed.
"Well I'm off to bed. When you see Kurt, tell him I said hi." she said, then walked out the door.
"Wow, I really thought she was going to say he was Kurt." Dave said.
"Nah, no one will ever find out that this baby is really Kurt." Krist said, playing with Baby Kurt's hand, watching him sleep.
"Come on, lets put him to bed." Dave said, going up the stairs.


A few weeks later Kurt started to grow a little bit more, learned some new words and finally learned how to walk. Krist though this was good for a four month old. Kurt also started teething more and more, he started to chew on everything now, especially the tv remote which would always be covered in baby slobber when you'd always go to pick it up. Now that Kurt can walk, Krist and Dave started baby-proofing the house. They didn't want Kurt to fall down some stairs or something and get hurt. No they wanted him perfectly safe. Baby Kurt still drunk out of the Tiger baby bottle, it was his favorite one, any other one he wouldn't drink out of. Dave tried to give him sippy-cups and Kurt refused them, and throw them down. Krist and Dave also noticed how when a Nirvana song or video comes on, Kurt stays quite and listens to them without a sound. Krist thinks he's remebering more and more every day. They know they half to do something real quick about this, but then they also don't want to. Krist and Dave was in the kitchen talking, when Baby Kurt, came over to them. He pulled on Dave's pants leg. Dave seen him and bent down to him.
"What can I do for you?" He asked.
Kurt was chewing on his finger as he talked to Dave.
"Baby Hungwy." Kurt said, in his baby talk.
Dave laughed at how cute Kurt was being.
"Hungwy are we, well what would you love to eat?" Dave asked, picking Kurt up and bringing him to his high chair.
Kurt's azure eyes scanned the kitchen. Kurt pointed up to the cereal. He couldn't say that word yet, so he had to point it out for Dave.
"Cereal. Nice choice, really good for a baby."
Dave pulled down the box of Trix and put it onto a bowl and started feeding Baby Kurt. The cererial was a little hard on Baby Kurt's teeth, so it took some time to feed him. Dave tried to feed him one last scoop, but Kurt turned his head away.
"No." He said.
Dave realized Kurt was now finished, so he took the bowl over to the sink.
"Bowtle." Kurt tried to say.
Dave smiled, he loves the way Baby Kurt's talk. He comes over and gives him the bottle.
"Guess I'm going to half to teach you proper grammar."
Kurt stared at him, drinking his bottle. Dave knew since Kurt had his bottle, he wasn't going to talk anymore. He picked him up and sat him in the living room to play with his toys. Kurt played with his toys for a while and then crawled up on the floor still with the bottle in his mouth and went to sleep.

Dave walked into the kitchen and noticed Krist was on the phone to someone. He hung it up.
"Who was that?" Dave asked.
"The manager that manages that band we partied with."
"And what about it?"
"I asked if we could hang out with them when they come here."
"He doesn't know yet, he has to check with the band. I told her to tell them it's Nirvana, they partied with us before."
"Alright, and then what?"
"We take Kurt with us and tell them what happened, and try to get them to change him back."
"Sounds like a good plane."
Krist sighed.
"I hope so. It's either this, or destroy Kurt and our lives."
"Oh Krist come on, our lives wont be destroyed, we'd still have Baby Kurt."
"Yeah, till up to the part where he starts remembering."
Dave sighed. He went back into the living room and seen Kurt was asleep. He took the bottle from him, knowing Kurt shouldn't be drinking on a bottle in his sleep.
"I want you back as the actual Kurt, but I love the baby side of you also." Dave said to him, as he slept.
Dave picked him up and decided to carry him to his room.

Two hours later Dave and Krist was all sitting around the table in their living room doing cocaine. It was only for fun, just so they'd have something to do, Krist said he was really bored, and decided they should go get some cocaine. Dave was really against it at first, since they have a baby in the house now and they need to take care of him. But Baby Kurt is sleeping and so Dave and Krist have some time to their selfs.
Kurt started to wake up, he didn't feel like crying, although he did noticed his bottle was gone and that Dave wasn't around for him.
"Da-dah." Kurt said, standing up in the crib.
"Bowtle." He said again, looking around for Dave, but there was no Dave.
The Kurt did something crazy that was really dangerous, he started to crawl out of the crib, he feel and landed on his belly. He didn't cry, just got back up and started to walk out of the room and down to the hall, to the steps that lead to the living room.

"Hey, I'm going to run into the kitchen and make something to eat, you want anything?" Krist asked, knowing the cocaine was wearing off.
"Sure, I'll just come in with you." Dave said, getting up off the couch.
They never seen Baby Kurt walking down the stairs, but they should have. Kurt was too small to be walking down the stairs of the huge house they live in.
"Me hungwey." Kurt said, going into the living room and looking for Dave. He never found him.
"Da-dah!" Kurt screamed, but still nothing.
He went over to the table Dave and Krist was sitting, he stared at the white powder on the table.

Dave came back into the living room, he spied Kurt standing by table with his figers in his mouth.
"Kurt." Dave said, walking over towards him.
"How the fuck did you get down here?"
Kurt started at him.
"Hungwy." Kurt said.
Dave started to panic.
"You climbed out of your crib. Kurt that's fucking dangerous!" He screamed.
He seen Kurt was licking something off of his fingers, he reached for Kurt's hand, noticing the white powder, then he looked over at the table.
"Oh fuck!" He said.
He noticed the white powder on Kurt's hand was the white powder that was on the table, Kurt had eaten all of it. Dave started to panic.
"Krist! Krist! Get the fuck in here now!" He screamed.
Krist walked into the living room, holding the sandwich he made.
"What?" He asked, noticing Kurt.
"Did you wake him up?"
"No. He fucking climbed out of his crib, and Krist, he fucking ate the cocaine that was on the table!" Dave screamed.
Krist emidantly dropped the sandwich he was holding and ran over to Kurt.
"How the fuck did he get out of his crib?" Krist asked.
"I don't know, he must have crawled out."
"Shit, he needs to go to the hospital right now!"
Dave turned quickly to Krist.
"What, no. They'll take him from us!"
"Well what else are we going to do, he's ate too much of that stuff, he could die."
Then Kurt started to cry.
"What's wrong?" Dave asked.
"I don't know."
Kurt started to walk away covering his ears, he couldn't take Dave and Krist fighting. The Kurt falls down to the floor uncontentious.
"KURT!" Dave screamed, running over to him.
Krist got up and dialed nine one one, he knows he shouldn't, but it's a risk they're going to half to take.

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