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Kurt ran over real excited and opens the door.

"Did you get it?" He asked Krist.

Krist showed him the thing.

"Right here baby." Krist said.

Kurt grabbed the Ouija board out of Krist's hands.

"Dam this is going to be so fun." Kurt said.

"Alright, just calm down there a bit." Dave told him, walking up next to Kurt.

Kurt ran over into the living room and started opening the game. Dave rolled his eyes.

"He's such a child." He said laughing.

Dave and Krist laughed, then walked over to where Kurt was.

When Krist was out buying the game, Kurt and Dave decorated the whole house, putting out candles everywhere and having a big circle in the middle of the floor.

Kurt took the game out and places it on the circle in the middle of the floor.

"You all ready?" He asked, smiling.

"Lets do this!" Krist said.

"Wait, we should say a pray first, you know just to keep us safe." Kurt said.

Dave rolled his eyes.

"Whatever Kurt."

"Alright, join hands."

They all joined hands, Kurt started the pray.

"Lord, please keep us safe as when we play this game, please don't let anything happen to either one of us." Kurt said.

They all stopped holding hands, and then put their hands on the triangle piece.

"Who wants to start?" Dave asked.

"I will." Kurt said.

"Is there anyone with us here that wants to play?" Kurt asked.

Krist looked at him. Then the triangle started to move.

"Anyone moving it?" Dave asked.

Everyone shook there head no.

"Shh, it's spelling out something." Kurt told them.

They looked at the bored and seen it went to yes.

"What's your name?" Dave asked.

The triangle moved again.

U-R-S-U-L-A it spelled out.

"Ursula, is that your name?" Kurt asked.

The triangle moved back to yes.

"How did you die?" Krist asked.

B-U-R-N-E-D it spelled out again.

"Fire?" Dave asked.

S-T-A-K-E. Spelled out again.

"You're a witch?" Kurt asked.

The triangle moved back to yes.

"How old are you?" Kurt asked.

23. It spelled out again.

"Is there a way you can prove to us you're a witch?" Dave asked.

"Dave, don't upset her!" Kurt pleaded.

Dave looked at Kurt, Kurt's eyes looked scared.

"Kurt she's not a real witch, if so she needs to prove it, do something bad." Dave yelled.

G-E-T-T-I-N-G M-A-D.

"Oh, we making the ghost upset. Come on prove it!" Dave shouted.

Then all of a sudden Kurt started shaking.

"Kurt?" Krist asked.

"Ahh..." He screamed.

"Kurt, what's wrong?!" Dave asked.

Kurt didn't answer, he fell back onto the floor on his back.

Krist put his hand up to his mouth and started freaking out.

"KURT!" Dave screamed.

Kurt started tossing and turning, having his eyes go white, with devilish sounds he making. Then his mouth started to bleed.

"Stop it! Stop you're killing him!" Dave shouted.

The board wasn't moving because they all three took their hands off the triangle. Kurt was helpless, the witch was possessing him, and there was nothing Dave or Krist could do about it!

"Let him go, stop!" Dave pleaded.

"I believe you know, just leave Kurt alone!" Dave told her.

Then all of a sudden, Kurt stopped screaming, his eyes turned back to blue. He started to cry.

"Krist, get some water." Dave told him.

Dave went over and hugged Kurt.

"I'm sorry. Do you want some water?" He asked.

Kurt didn't say anything, just laid with his head in Dave's lap crying. Krist came back with the water.

"You shouldn't have did that." Krist told him.

"I didn't know that would happen to Kurt." Dave said, scarred. Hugging Kurt.

"Fuck this shit." Krist said.

"Look, just get it out of here. I never want to see or play with one of them ever again." Dave said.

Dave was playing with Kurt's hair. Kurt still had blood on his mouth. The witch made him bite down on his lip making it bleed. Kurt looked tired.

"We're never playing with that again." Kurt said.

"I know. That's why Krist is getting rid of it." Dave told him, pissing Kurt.

Kurt looked up to where Krist was, he seen Krist burning the Ouija bored.

~The End~

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