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Nirvana_Cobain enters room

Dave28: Well hello Kurt, why weren't you at band practice today?"

Nirvana_Cobain: Sorry, had a doctors appointment. How are you?

Dave28: I'm good. What was the appointment for?"

Nirvana_Cobain: My mom took me to get a shot.

Dave28: Ouch. That had to suck.

Nirvana_Cobain: Yeah it did.

(Krist_Extreme exters room)

Dave28: Hey Kurt your boyfriends here.

Nirvana_Cobain: Oh fuck you he's not my boyfriend.

Krist_Extreme_: Hey, hey. None of that.

Dave28: Why not?

Nirvana_Cobain: Because I'm not gay.

Dave: Aw Kurt come on, you remember the night we laid out underneith the stars?

Nirvana_Cobain: *rolls eyes*

Dave28: Aw he remembers.

Krist_Extreme: Dam you two make a good couple. Dave tell more about the night!

Dave28: :D Oh, we laid out this big blanket, and then laid on it, then we laid down beside each other, and watched the stars.

Nirvana_Cobain: ha, in your dreams Dave :L

Dave28: Oh and we got some alcohol. Kurt got really drunk.

Nirvana_Cobain: haha. Wow now I wonder why I don't remember any of this. Oh yeah that's right, because it never happen!

Dave28: XD. Say whatever you want Kurt, you remember. And you remembered the kiss we shared.

Nirvana_Cobain: :O :O NOOO!

Krist_Extreme: Woah! was it passinate?

Dave28: Oh it was too good. Kurt's just an amazing kisser. It'd love to be kissing him now.

Krist_Extreme: Dam, Kurt, maybe I should take you out sometime.

Nirvana_Cobain: Um, no than you.

Dave28: *imagines kissing Kurt all over*

Nirvana_Cobain: >:( Dave stop it!

Dave28: sorry, you're just too good to resist. Blond hair, then dark blue eyes. Hmmm.

Nirvana_Cobain: Jeez. *rolls eyes*

Krist_Extreme: Anyways, Kurt why did you have to get a shot?

Nirvana_Cobain: :( It was for the flu. My arm is killing me, you should have seen how big the needle was.

Dave28: Awe, my poor baby, come here and I'll make it better. *hugs*

Nirvana_Cobain: Awe Dave, you're too sweet. *hugs back*

Krist_Extreme: Kurt, you coming to practice tomorrow?

Nirvana_Cobain: Yup, if not Cayden will yell at me.

Krist_Extreme: lol. Yeah don't want to piss him off.

Dave28: *looks to kurt, and moves my hand up his leg*

Nirvana_Cobain: :O =O DAVE NO!

Dave28: lol. Kurt you ruin everything.

Krist_Extreme: lol jeez, should I leave the room, so you and Romeo can have your little moment?

Nirvana_Cobain: No, we're good. =)

Dave28: *sings* Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone I'll be waiting all you have to do is run.

Nirvana_Cobain: You'll be the prince and I'll be the Princess, It's a love story baby just say yes.

Dave28: lol. Wow you actually finished it!

Krist_Extreme: WTF, you two are nuts!

Nirvana_Cobain: No, just in love. *eyes light up.*

Dave28: o_o :S Thought you wern't playing?

Nirvana_Cobain: lol. Dave <3

Krist_Extreme: Kurt, you drunk?

Nirvana_Cobain: lol no. Too hyper!

Dave28: Oh no, please tell me you didn't have candy?

Nirvana_Cobain: *holds up a bag of gummy bears* I couldn't resist. I love them.

Dave28: =O you're not suppose to have them! Krist, lets steal them.

Krist_Extreme: No way! Last time I took something from him, he bit me!

Nirvana_Cobain: :P lol. Yes, and I'll do it again see. *bits Krist.

Krist_Extreme: :O you can't do that! I'm not there.

Nirvana_cobain: Never resist the vampire. :L

Dave28: Oh so my Cobain is a vampire now?

Nirvana_Cobain: I have been since you and I watched Twilight.

Krist_Extreme: :-\ You two watched Twilight?

Nirvana_Cobain: Yup, laid in bed with each other also. It was HAWT!

Dave28: Hmm. Yes it was.

Krist_Extreme: I want to be a vampire. Why does Kurt get all the good things!

Nirvana_Cobain: Because I'm Kurt Cobain. And for you to become a vampire I have to bit you.

Dave28: Oh god.

Krist_Extreme: Then come over.

Nirvana_Cobain: Later, met me at the bride. I have to go, my moms yelling for me.

(Nirvana_Cobain signs out)

Krist_Extreme: Jeez, somethings wrong with that boy.

Dave28: Lol, he's just being Kurt. I'm going see you later.

(Dave28 leave room)

(Krist_Extreme Leaves Room)

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