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It was the end of the concert Kurt was destroying the stage, as usual. He was pissed off because their having technical difficalties. Kurt went over and started to destroy the drums, then he started stacking them, he walked over to the speakers and started walking on them, then all of a sudden he jummped off the speakers into the drums. He lay there for a while, then everyone came over to him to make sure he's alright. He got up and the crowed cheered, louder than they ever did. Kurt was still pissed off, Dave noticed. He went over to Kurt, and put his hands on his shoulders.

"Calm the fuck down!" Dave, demanded.

"I can't!" Kurt, screamed back.

Dave rolled his eyes.

"I know something that will." Dave told him.

He put his hands on Kurt's head, then tilted Kurt's head up to his. Kurt looked at him with kind eyes. Kurt knew what Dave was doing, he always does this when Kurt's angry and can't calm down.

Dave locked lips with Kurt. The crowed was shocked at first, but them started to cheer. The people knew Nirvana wasn't gay. Kurt knew he should pull away now, but he was enjoying the kiss so much.

The stayed kissing for about two minutes, then Dave pulled away.

"Feel better now?" Dave asked, looking at him.

Kurt locked eyes with Dave.

"A little." Kurt told him, Kurt looked to the crowed and laughed.

He walked over to the microphone.

"If you all didn't know, that was planned, just to piss off the straite people." Kurt lied to the crowed.

He laughed and went backstage.

"I'm taking a shower." Kurt said, getting up from the couch.

"You shouldn't take a shower here, wait till we get back to the hote." Dave told him.

"Nah, I feel like taking one now." Kurt said, leaving.

He walked into the bathroom, and went over to turn the water on. He got into the tub, and then sat down, having the water from the shower come down on him. He started to cry for no appearnt reason. He then got up and decided to finally take the shower.

All of a suden the door to the bathroom open.

"What?" Kurt asked, seeing Dave.

"What?, well as you know, this arena only has one bathroom, and I have to go." Dave told him.

"Whatever!" Kurt said.

Dave turned to him.

"Exactly what is your problem today?"

"Nothing, I just feel like being by myself right now!"

"Fine." Dave said, leaving.

"Wait." Kurt said.


"Dave, do the kisses mean anything to you?" Kurt asked, worried.

"No, not really. I thought we only do them just to calm you down."

"I thought so to, but tonight, I don't know, was just weird." Kurt explained.

Dave ran into the shower, grabbed Kurt, and started kissing him. This time Dave ment to do it passinate, so passinate that the room started getting really hot. Dave broke away.

"Anything?" He asked.

Kurt looked at him shocked, he can't believe Dave just did the. Kurt grabbed Dave and then started kissing him without one word. Kurt run his fingers through Dave's wet hair.

"This doesn't mean we're gay right?" Kurt asked, breathing heavey.

"Not if you want it to." Dave answered.

He pushed Kurt up against the shower wall and then started kissing him again. Dave held Kurt's hands up over his head and then locked fingers with him.

Dave pulls away, Kurt stares at him. Dave smiles.

"I think it's time to get out of the shower." Dave said.

Kurt laughs.

"Yeah. I'm soaked and you are to." Kurt said.

They both got out and got dressed, well Kurt got dressed, Dave just put on some dry cloths.

Kurt tackeled Dave to the ground laughing.

"So are you calm down now?" Dave asked.

Kurt looked over at him and smiled.

The bathroom door opens and Krist's walks in.

"Um...Why are you two on the floor?" He asks.

Kurt starts to laugh.

"We were playing." Kurt lied.

Dave looked at him.

"Alright." Krist said, leaving.

"You're such a lier!" Dave told Kurt.

"I know, but he bought it."

~The End~

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