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Kurt and Dave inter the big living room of their house they all three live him. Kurt was so excited, him and Dave went shopping and finally bought something they can use.

"Do you think it works?" Kurt asked.

Dave looked at him.

"Of course it works you idiot." Dave snapped.

Dave searched through the rest of the bag, what him and Kurt bought today was a video camera, now they can film every second of their lives.

"Alright Kurt it's recording." Dave said.

"Hello World I'm your lead singer and really hyper star Kurt Cobain." Kurt told the camera.

"Hyper?" Dave asked.

"Yeah, I had about three pounds of candy today." Kurt said, laughing.

"God dam! Man I'm not going to get no sleep tonight." Dave said.

Kurt was laughing.

"Well aren't you going to introduce yourself?"

Dave turned the camera around to him.

"Hello, I'm Dave I'm your camera man for today and this is something we'd like to call, Dave and Kurt's video Productions number one." Dave told the camera.

"Wait!" Kurt said.


"Why is it called Dave and Kurt, why not Kurt and Dave?" Kurt asked.

Dave shoved Kurt.

"Shut up, or you're not going to be a part of this."

Kurt looked upset.

"What?" Dave asked.

"You pushed me." Kurt said, fake crying.

Dave rolled his eyes.

"Oh get over it." Dave said.

"I will." Kurt said, crossing his arms like a four year old would do.

"Dam you must really be hyper."

Kurt took something out of his pocket. It was a bag of skittles.

"And this is the reason why." Kurt said.

"Oh look it's Kurt's drug." Dave joked.

Kurt opens the bag of skittles and starts to eat them.

"Kurt, can I have some?" Dave asked, holding out his hand.

Kurt smacked it.

"No, my skittles, get your own!"

Dave laughed.

"Hey Kurt look over there" Dave pointed.

Kurt looked to where Dave was pointing to. Dave took the bag of skittles out of Kurt's hand.

"Dave! That's not fair give them back!" Kurt cried.

"Awe, what are you going to do?" Dave asked.

Kurt was chasing Dave, they ran into the kitchen, Kurt knocked Dave down on the floor.

"Let me up!" Dave told him.

"No! I want my skittles!" Kurt told him.

"Too bad, their all gone."

Kurt got up.

"You're so mean."

"Awe, I'm sorry."

"I'll cry." Kurt said.

Dave came over and hugged Kurt. Kurt pushed him away.

"Awe, baby don't be mad. I'll buy you a new bag of skittles." Dave told him.

"Really?" Kurt asked.

"Yes." Dave told him.

Dave helped Kurt off the floor.

"How about I bake you some cookies for now?" Dave asked.

"Yum. I'd love some!"

"Or would my baby rather have cookie dough?" Dave asked.

Kurt's eyes lit up and smiled.

"Cookie dough!" He screamed.

Dave laughed. He loved it when Kurt would act childish.

"Well viewers at him. This is Dave. And I have to go be Chef Dave and make my baby some cookie dough." Dave told the camera.

"And I'm Hyper Kurt. And I'm waiting on my cookie dough." Kurt said.

"So Goodbye and we'll see you all later." Dave said, then turned off the camera.


Kurt, Krist and Dave was at a party one night drinking. Dave and Kurt had their little video camera. The party was at their house anyways.

"Hello world, I'm the Lovely and Drink Kurt Cobain." Kurt said, introducing himself.

"And I'm Dave Grohl." Dave said to the camera.

"This is Productions two and this is a party we're having with our friends Metallica." Kurt explained.

"I can't believe we actually got Metallica to come to one of our parties." Dave said.

"Of course they'd come to our party, they happen to be our friends. He James!" Kurt said, going over to the lead singer James.

"Well Hello Blondie." James said.

"Say hello to the camera. We're filming for our productions." Kurt told him.

"Hi, I'm James Hatefield. I'm the lead singer of Metallica and partying with my new friends."

James grabbed Kurt.

"And this little guy is my favorite of them." James said.

"Ahh...Let go, I can't breath." Kurt told James.

James let go and started laughing.

"Hey Kurt, what's your favorite Metallica song?" Dave asked.

"Now you know the question to that." Kurt said.

"But our viewers don't. Tell them."

"Well, the album is called. Ride the Lighting. And the song is called Whiplash." Kurt said.

"That's so sweet. Hey Kurt how drunk are you?" Dave asked.

"Um..I don't know, how many shots have I had?" Kurt asked.

"Dam you must really be drunk, because I'm not even drunk."

"Hey, lets get out of here, I'm feeling too crowded. "

"Where do you want to go?" Dave asked.

Kurt grabbed Dave's hand and led him upstairs, and into Kurt's bedroom.

"Kurt why did you want to come here?" Dave asked, sitting the camera down on a table.

"I felt so crowded down there. I just want peace and quite right now."

"We can tell everyone to leave."

"Nah, let them stay. We have fucking Metallica here."

"Alright, so what do you want to do?" Dave asked.

Kurt grabbed more beer.

"Get drunk some more!"

Dave came over to him, and took the beer away.

"No!" He said.

"Why not?" Kurt asked.

"Kurt, you've already had about five tonight. You can get fucking alcohol poisoning. " Dave explained.

Kurt tried to grab the beer, but Dave kept it out of his reach.

"No!" Dave told him, sounded like he was talking to a two-year old.

Kurt got mad and laid down on the bed. Dave looked at him and smiled.

"Hey, don't be mad." He said, playing with Kurt's blond hair. Kurt looked at him with his blue eyes.

"I'm doing you a good favor." Dave told him.

"Whatever." Kurt told him, looking away.

"Sweetheart, don't be like this."

Kurt turned his head away. Dave smiled. Then decided to tickle Kurt.

"Dave. Stop." Kurt said laughing.

Kurt looked at Dave. Dave leaned down and started kissing him. Kurt broke the kiss and starred up at Dave, then Dave leaned back done and kissed him roughly.

"Dave, should we be doing this?" Kurt asked.

"Sweetheart, whatever you want. I'll give it to you." Dave told him, he hooked a thumb in the waist of Kurt's jeans and pulled them down slowly. He stared deep into Kurt's eyes.

He went in for another kiss, trying to undo his own pants. He through his t-shirt off and then took Kurt's off as well. Dave started sucking on Kurt's neck.

Kurt arched his back and moaned.

"Ohh...Fuck that feels good!" Kurt said.

Kurt took hold of Dave's arms and pulled their bodies closer.

"Ahhh...!" Kurt gasped at the sudden surge of pleasure. "More! More!" He pleaded.

Dave looked at him and smiled. Breathing heavily, Dave got on his knees.

"Hurry up..." Kurt said "Don't tease me..."

Dave pulled Kurt's cock out and started sucking.

Kurt was moaning and screaming. It felt dam good.

Kurt gasped again, and pre-cum began leaking from his cock. "Please, Dave." he begged. "Keep going...please..."

Dave did. Kurt dug his figure nails into the sheets of the bed.

"Fuck me Dave, please!" Kurt begged.

Dave smiled.

"Are you sure Kurt?" Dave asked.

"Fuck yes!"

"It's going to hurt, you know." Dave told him.

"God, I don't fucking care, just do it already!" Kurt pleaded.

Dave came back up to Kurt, he was scared, he didn't want to hurt Kurt, but Kurt wanted this bad. Or was Kurt just that drunk? Dave wondered.

"Ready?" Dave asked.

"Yes, fuck yes!" Kurt told him.

Dave pushed in. Kurt clinched his teeth, from the pain.

"Should I stop?" Dave asked.

"No, just keep going." Kurt told him.

"Does it feel good?" Dave murmured. "Does it feel good?You're so damn tight.."

Kurt's only response was to moan out of annoyance and sheer desire. "Yes...god, yes..."

In an instant, Kurt felt Dave push inside him, and he cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. "Jee-sus, oh fuuuuck..." his whole body tensed, then he came for the second time that evening in a series of violent spasms that seemed to last forever.

Dave felt Kurt's ass tighten around his cock, and he could hold it in no more. Throwing his heas back and howling in ecstasy, he climazed inside Kurt, more powerfully than he ever had before. He pulled out of Kurt, and collapsed on the bed, next to him. "

Ah...! That was...Fun!" Dave said, breathing heavy.

Kurt turned his head and looked at him. Blue eyes so closed shut from getting drunk, and sweat just pouring off of him.

"Fucking...incredible!" Kurt finished breathing heavier than Dave. Dave looked at him.

"You alright Kurt?" Dave asked.

"Yeah...Just..Let me get...My...Breath." Kurt tried to say.

Dave rolled off of the bed, and decided to get dressed. He through Kurt his clothes also and told him to get dressed. Then he looked at the camera, he glared at it for a second.

"Oh fuck! No no no!" He screamed.

"What's wrong?" Kurt asked.

"You fucking filmed that?" Dave asked.

Kurt got up off the bed, wincing in pain.

"Opps...I didn't mean to." Kurt told him.

"Kurt! WE JUST MADE A GOD DAM PORN VIDEO!" Dave screamed.

"Shut up!" Kurt told him.

The door opens. It was Krist. Kurt said on the bed laughing, but not too hard.

"Who just made a porn video?" Krist asked.

"Oh, my, god!" Kurt said.

"We just made a porn video Krist. Dave and I did." Kurt said.

Krist looked shocked.

"What the fuck. How did that happen?" Krist asked.

"Kurt was drunk as fuck!" Dave said.

"And brought the camera in here, and 'accidentally' left it on." Dave explained.

"I didn't mean to, it was an accident." Kurt said, he got up and went over to Krist and hugged him.

"Now my ass hurts." Kurt said fake crying.

"Kurt stop!" Krist said, pushing him away.

Krist grabbed the video camera.

"Hey, you know. I bet we can make some good money with this video." Krist said.

Kurt looked shocked.

"NO!" he screamed.

"Why not?" Krist asked.

"Do you know how many girls out there wants to fuck me already?" Kurt said.

"Dave if that video gets out. My life would be ruined." Kurt said.

"Oh, well, we sure don't want that." Krist said.

Krist handed the tape back to Dave.

"You better put that somewhere safe so no one will find it." Krist said, then walked out the room.

"Kurt, you better get some sleep, we have band practice tomorrow. Come on lets go to bed." Dave said.

"Dave?" Kurt asked.

"Yeah?" Dave asked.

"Do you regret it?" Kurt asked.

Dave went over to him.

"No. But Kurt you were drunk and I wasn't. I just don't want you to think I took advantage of you." Dave told him. Then walked out of Kurt's room, shutting the door behind him.

Kurt feel back on his bed.

"Ow..." He cried out in pain, holding his stomach.

"God, Dave fucked me too hard. I hope I can even walk tomorrow." Kurt said to himself. Then feel asleep.

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