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Kurt, come to the cemetery by the old school at ten-thirty tonight.


Kurt read the letter and then stuck it back into his pocket. Why did he want to met at a cemetery? Kurt wondered. He looked at the big iron gate that covered the cemetery at night. No one was suppose to be out around this time by a cemetery, it's against the law. Kurt was shaking, he didn't like cemeteries at all, especially at night, who the fuck knows what might happen. And then again, it was like below zero degrees out. Kurt looked around, where the fuck is Dave, he wanted me to met him here and then he's not here. Then he felt something grab him from behind. He screamed.

"Shh. You half to be quite or we wont get to have no fun." Dave told him.

"Fuck Dave, you scared me to death!" Kurt said, trying to calm down.

"Well, then it's a good thing we're at a cemetery." Dave joked, climbing the fence.

"Dave, that wasn't funny." Kurt said, watching Dave.

Dave was over the big iron gate now.

"Come on Kurt, you can make it."

Kurt climbed up. The gate was ice cold. Kurt climbed over the gate and then jumped down.

"You alright?" Dave asked, helping Kurt up.

"Yeah I'm good."

"Then come on, we're going into the back of the cemetery." Dave said, dragging Kurt along.

Dave could feel Kurt shaking like a crazy person, he swung Kurt in front of him.

"Calm the fuck down. It's just a bone yard, ghost aren't real!" Dave screamed at him.

Kurt looked at him.

"I'm not fucking scared. It's freezing out here." Kurt explained.

"What? It is not. I'm burning up." Dave told him.

"You're fucking weird man." Kurt said, trying to break lose of Dave's grip.

"Stop Kurt! I'm not going to let anything happen to you."

Kurt started to cry a little.

"Dave, let go, please I don't want to do this, we're going to get caught!" Kurt pleaded.

"We wont get caught, and if so Oh well. Aren't you suppose to be Kurt Cobain, who doesn't give a fuck. Just stay with me, and nothing will happen." Dave told him.

Dave let go of Kurt's hand, then ran over to some where.

"Dave! where you going. Don't leave me!" Kurt said.

"Over here." Dave yelled.

Kurt ran over to him. He tripped on a grave stone he didn't see.

"Woah, easy there you alright?" Dave asked.

"I'm alright, but I think I hurt my wrist." Kurt said.

"Let me see!" Dave said.

He looked at Kurt's wrist, it was only a scratch, nothing serious.

"It's not that bad. Look." Dave said pointing.

"What is it?" Kurt asked.

"It's the Lady in White's grave." Dave explained.

"What about it?" Kurt asked.

"They said on this exact same night, she murdered her husband in her wedding dress, then waited for the cops to come and find her, but when the cops came, she ran out the window and committed suicide." Dave explained.

Kurt just got a cold chill.

"Is this what you wanted me to come here tonight for?" Kurt asked.

Dave grabbed Kurt's face and kissed him.

"They said, on this day, she comes back and haunts anyone that gets in her way." Dave said, he leaned down and kissed Kurt again, this time tounge to tounge. He pulled away and looked at Kurt's scared eyes.

"But hey, it's just a rumor." He said.

Then went back to kissing him.

Kurt laid down in the grass, then Dave lay on top of him. Kurt had calmed down just a bit, Dave was here which was good. Means he wasn't alone. Kurt kissed Dave. Dave reached for Kurt's jacket he was wearing but Kurt stopped him.

"What's wrong?" Dave asked.

"Leave the jacket on." Kurt said.

Dave ran a hand over Kurt's hair.

"Baby, it's not cold." Dave said.

"It is. I'm shivering!"

"That's just you baby."

Dave tried to take the coat off again, but Kurt grabbed his hand and pulled it away. Kurt tried to get up, but Dave held him back.

"Where you going?" Dave asked.

"Apparently you don't want to do this." Kurt said.

"I do, but you want take the jacket off." Dave explained.

"I don't want to! Why can't you understand that?" Kurt asked.

Dave walked over, grabbing Kurt's arm. Kurt jerked back.

"No! Let me go!" Kurt screamed.

"As you wish!" Dave said.

Dave had a good strong grip on Kurt's arm, but when Dave let go, Kurt feel back and smacked his head onto one of the grave stones. Kurt lay there on his stomach not moving. Dave looked shocked.

"No!" Dave thought. Then ran over to him.

"Kurt! Wake up!" Dave yelled.

Kurt moved and then put his hand to his head. Dave turned him over.

"Fuck, I'm sorry! I didn't know that would happen!" Dave tried to explained, hugging Kurt.

"You promised me you wouldn't let nothing happen!" Kurt screamed,crying.

"I know I'm sorry, fuck, we better get you home!" Dave told him.

Dave got up, ready to leave, but then Kurt grabbed his hand.

"No. Lets stay." Kurt said.

Dave looked down at him.

"What?" He asked.

Kurt got up.

"Yeah, I want to have some fun. You promised fun, and I want it!" Kurt pleaded.

"I think you need to go home."

Kurt shook his head no, and then kissed Dave.

"I don't want to. It's more funner here." Kurt said. Then dragged Dave on the ground kissing him. Kurt took off the jacket. Dave smiled.

"I guess that bump on the head made you finally realize you're fine." Dave said.

"Shh. No talking." Kurt told him, then kissed him again.

Kurt moved his hand down Dave's leg and then into his pants. Dave looked into them dark blue eyes.

"Fuck me Dave!" Kurt pleaded.

"You sure?" Dave asked.

"Yes, dead serious!" Kurt said.

Dave and Kurt seen a bright light coming towards them. Kurt panicked.

"Hey you two!" The guy said.

Kurt and Dave got off the ground, lucky their close were still on. A guy in a cops outfit came up to them.

"Hello officer, may we help you?" Dave asked.

"You two know you're not aloud in here at night." The officer said.

"No sir we didn't know, my friend and I were both playing around." Kurt tried to cover.

"Well let me just tell you, you can go to jail for trespassing at night, but for now. I'm going to just let you two go free. So get on home." The Officer yelled.

"Yes Sir." Dave said.

"Come on Kurt, lets get the fuck out of here." Dave said, Grabbing Kurt's arm and then leading him out of the cemetery.

Kurt looked back at where the Officer was, how the fuck did he get in here though, then he seen the Officer disappeared. He started to breath heavy.

"Stop! Stop Dave wait!" Kurt said, Dave stopped.

What?" Dave asked.

"He disappeared. He just fucking disappeared!" Kurt screamed.

"Calm the fuck down." Dave said.

"I cant, I seen it with my own eyes."

"Kurt, ghost aren't real. No one was there, the Officer probably walked off." Dave explained.

"No, I saw him. It was real." Kurt said.

Dave looked back at the place were the guy was. Then he climbed the gate to get over. So did Kurt.

~The End~

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