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Just Friends

The weather was shit, it was getting dark out. The band were walking home from a party. It started to rain and Dave didn't have a jacket. "Are you cold?" Kurt mumbled. "It's fucking freezing, man" "I know" Dave said sarcastically. Kurt started to take of one of his jackets. "No I don't need it" Dave insisted. "Don't be silly Dave, I'm wearing 6 of them" Dave took the jacket from his frontman's hands. He slipped the green knitted jumper over his shoulders. He smelt the vodka Kurt had probably spilt weeks ago. "Kurt, when did you last wash this?" Kurt giggled and said "last year, probably" Kurt giggled again, this time Dave joined in. Krist had already left by this time, however, they'd only just noticed. They both turned around, "stupid bassists" they laughed again but this time it was different, Daves hand had met Kurts and their fingers began to inter twine. It went silent. "I love you Kurt." Dave whispered. Kurt stared at him in confusion, "i love you too dude, just friends though yeah?" He said jokingly "I don't fuck drummers" they both laughed, Daves laugh was a little more forced apposed to Kurts soft giggle. They reached the bridge where they parted, "Goodbye" they said to each other. "See you tomorrow"


The band met up the next day. Kurt has bought round some of his art. "What do you guys think?" He asked. "Is that a foetus?" Krist said in a kind of confused, yet impressed voice. Kurt's art was unique, it was always different. "you're mad" Dave implied. Everyone knew there was something different about Kurt, it stood out, you couldn't miss it. However, Kurt disclaimed. He pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and began to spark a match, the flame lit up his face. "you ready kid?" He asked Dave. Strangely, he didn't respond in any way. He was still. Time had frozen for him. He stared at Kurts fingers plucking at the strings of his guitar. "Did you learn rape me?" Dave was still oblivious of what was going on. "Wake up man we have a gig in 3 days". He looked up, still staring at Kurt's eyes, "I'm sorry but your eyes... They're... So..." He hesitated for a second. "What is it?" Kurt asked. "Red, they're so red. How much did you smoke?" Krist reached over for his bass and said "not enough, man, not enough" they all laughed and began playing. Through out the whole song Dave stared at Kurt's lips. He thought about kissing them, doing other things. He kept trying to forget about that tingly feeling Kurt gave him, but it wasn't as easy at is seemed.


it was the day of the gig, the band had rehearsed 5 songs. "You got the list?" Krist asked Dave. "Yeah dude, let's go!" He patted Krist on the back and left for the stage. Krist stood still for a second, he felt odd, he has butterflies in his stomach. "I'm just nervous" he told himself. "Come on faggot" Kurt shouted at him. "I am not gay!!" He said in a firm voice. He joined his two best friends on stage and plugged in his bass. He started at Dave, who was staring at Kurt, and wondered what it would be like to play drums as well as Dave did. Krist admired everyone with musical talent, he was drawn in by the sound of his fellow band members playing. He was mesmerised, He started playing the wrong cords and plucking the wrong strings, it was pretty hard to do that accidentally, I mean there is only 4 strings. Krist fell to the foor, he'd fainted, too much to drink most probably. The band stopped. Dave walked over to Krist and held out his hand. His smile made Krist smile too. "Stop smiling and take my hand you ass" Dave joked, he picked up his bassist and began playing again. Krist stared at Dave waiting for a change to mouth the words "thank you" at him. Unfortunately, Dave was still staring at Kurt.

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