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“Are you ready, sir?”
Kurt nodded to the surgeon as he was headed in the surgery room, wearing a green hospital gown.

Dave and Krist smiled him in a friendly way.

As Kurt left with the doctors, they both headed to the hospital cafeteria.

“So, what will the surgery include?” asked Dave.

“You know… Mainly a change of eye colour and some other facial feature changes. I think that will be enough.”

“That was why Kurt was so happy… He never liked the way his face looked anyway…”

“I’m really glad the rehab program went well man…”

“Yeah Kurt wasn’t doing drugs… The drugs did him…”

“So, how about the suicide thing?” Dave remembered.

“Well, we already found the corpse of a guy, approximately his height, that shot himself two days ago. He didn’t have a family, so there won’t be much search for him. He will serve well for the photos.”

“I asked him to write the note. He got bored after a while and asked Courtney to finish it.”

“Where is she, by the way?” Krist asked.

“Oh, she’s heading to the house to find her “dead husband”. It’s the first and the last time we cooperate, I swear.” Grohl smiled.

“Kurt decided about his new name. From now we call him Taylor.”

“Taylor?” Grohl asked intrigued.

“Yes. Oliver Taylor Hawkins. He also said that he’s gonna play the drums. He always hated the fame of a guitarist and singer.”

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