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Walking through the front glass doors of my new high school was more than just nerve racking, I was about to shit my pants. Who knows what I had in store for me here, all I know is I just want to go back home in Portland where everything wasn't this crazy. The only kinda good thing is second semester just started and I wasn't the only one receiving new classes. Moving from place to place wasn't such a big deal anymore since my family and I practically lived in my Dads '67 Impala but for some reason this place, Seattle, was something different. I walked into the office to get a school map, even though I had already had two school tours when I got enrolled over break but I had to kill sometime before the bell rang and I didn't want to hang around the halls alone with everyone else socializing. I walked up to the main desk about to ask the secretary when all of a sudden bursting from the door behind me, "WELL SO WHAT IF WE JUST JAM ALITTLE IN THE CAFETERIA!" A medium height, brown haired girl was yelling with a security guard on her arm pulling her with her Fender on her shoulder and a small Marshall amp in her hand. "LET GO OF ME!"

"Ms. Dugaurd, Ms. Christie here was jamming in the halls with her groupies again." The security guard said to the secretary at the front desk.

"Um, they're not groupies, they're my friends. Who cares we weren't hurting anyone!" The girl said, she looked over at me, "This is probably the 10th time this year that this has happened! Can you believe these people?!"

"Haha, well I don't know, I couldn't jam at my old school." I said back talking about my band from my last place, Demons Raising Hell. Haha not the name I chose but who cares, I was the drummer and it was pretty fun.

"Okay Ms. Christie this actually is you're 10th time and it'll have to be a Saturday school, not much else we can do, were running out of options to get you back in line," The secretary said.

"Put me back in line?! I'm not cattle, I'm a guitarist and 10 years from now I'll have a hell of a lot better job than sitting here telling kids what to do." She jumped.

"Okay well kid go sit over in that chair," She snapped back pointing at a chair lined on the wall behind us. Ms. Christie, I guess, went and sat down rolling her eyes. "Now on to you, what's up?"

"I was just wondering if I could get a school map?" I asked politely, even though I was barely polite to anyone. The secretary handed me one as the bell rang and I walked out the door past the girl who was studying me over, I smiled to her straight face and searched for my first period class.

English. ~ Chapter 2

Tabris Fleming

Ahhh room 209, English, great. I walked into the filled room right as the bell rung again. Whispers arose as I chose an empty seat in the back corner where the seats around me were empty too, this class wasn't big at all. Obviously they knew right away I was new here and the group of preppy looking girls kept whispering and turning back towards me. I have no patience for this, I don't like people staring at me or talking about me secretly and I have the worst temper ever. The only thing that calms me down is drumming, drumming is why I became such a calm person, hah! No, well, kinda.... I don't know but its made me calmer and I carry my favorite sticks and a drum pad with me everywhere. To bad I couldn't take it out now to calm my anxiety, I just take out pencils instead. Five minutes after the bell rang finnnaally the teacher gets up to teach something but she's calling out names for attendance instead. Right when she starts shes interrupted with the door slamming open with the girl from the office walking through. "Why are you so late?" The teacher asked, her name was Mrs. Carlson. "You've had 20+ tardys last semester why not start your new record."

"Then go to the office and find out." She snapped back. Guess we both have the same short patience. The teacher ignored it and started saying names. The girl looked over the room and came to sit in the empty chair next to me. "Hey," she whipered over to me. "My name's River Christie." She stuck her hand out to shake, I reached over to shake it when she moved it and chuckled.

"Very funny." I rolled my eyes. "I'm Cali McCloud."

"So. You said you 'jammed' earlier?"

"Yeah.... yeah uh I use to jam in the halls with my old band Demons Raising Hell."

"Demons Raising Hell?"

"Demons Raising Hell," I reassured her, "We were a rock band."


"Yeah.... were.. I'm not sure what they're doing now but after I left-" I paused getting interrupted.

"Girls! Stop talking, or I'll assign seats!" Mrs. Carlson shouted. I kept quiet.

"Fine," She snapped back then looked to me laying her head down and covering her face with her arm. "I've always hated her. We'll talk after class."

In a Band ~ Chapter 3

Tabris Fleming

I waited for River as we filed out of the room, of course she'd be last and of course I'd be first so now the whole class could check me out as I stood there. She came out as we walked down the hall. "Okay so what exactly did you do in Demons Raising Hell?" she asked me while we stopped at her locker.

"I'm the drummer," I replied.

"GREAT. What kind of music are you into?" Being from Portland and moving throughout the northwest I wasn't that far from Seattle an the music here was only getting better.

"I'm actually into the music scene over here right now."

"Really?!" She smirked and closed her locker. "This is awesome then, beyond awesome." She handed me a sheet. "If I don't see you in any other classes meet me here. Today, my bands been looking for a new drummer and you seem pretty cool, I think my bandmates will like you."

"Oh! Okay," I replied opening the paper.

"See ya Cali."

The bell rang and I walked out the door and down the steps to my dads Impala. It looked so badass just sitting there between the trees and right in front of the schools steps for everyone to see. Same with dad he was standing outside his door with his leather jacket and sunglasses on smoking a cigg. "Hey Dad!"

"Hey Pumpkin," he always said that and I never really cared I thought it was sweet. "How was your first day?"

"Shitty like all the other ones, but I think I have another band."

"Already?! See I told you being yourself wouldn't hurt!" We both bursted out laughing, he was so not the cherry pie Dad he just sounded to be. "Seriously though, whens practice?"

"Tonight, if that's fine?"

"Sure, I don't care but you're going with Jake." Jake was my older brother, he dropped out to be a tattoo artist but it was pretty hard for him to find a job when we kept moving place to place. "He's at the apartment."

"Cool, cool." Jake was a pretty cool dude, he wasn't like any other peoples brothers, we were pretty close probably since we were only ten months apart. We always had to bunk together and fend for ourselves when Dad was gone on jobs but he was like my second father, he raised me and he helped me out when no one else was there. I loved our deep late night conversations, he'd let me cry on his shoulders when I was sad and gave me his jacket when I was cold, he supported all my bands gigs and took me record stores when he missed any. Him and Dad were exactly alike, looked alike, acted alike, loved the same music and loved the same cars. Jake was the perfect brother anyone could ask for, I could do anything with him. We arrived at the apartment where Dad dropped me off and he went to a job, surprisingly he was already in his Chevelle. I ran up to the window, "Hey! Do you think you could drive me to my new bands gig?"

"New bands gig?!" He looked up at me, his seat was laid back and he was listening to Zeppelin tapes. "You just got out of the old one a week ago and today's your first day!"

"Hah! Yeah, so?! Lets go!"

"Fine, where?" I handed him the ripped up piece of paper River gave me with the address on it, he sat his seat up, I got in the passenger side and we went down the road.

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