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Kurt Cobain- 18

Frances Bean Cobain- 1 week old

This is before Nick created the Kids Club. I do not own Rugrats or All Grown Up. Caution- His stories are more sutible for teenagers cause it talks about a life of raising a child.

Kurt's POV

How could this happened? We only slept together one time and she got pregnant. I'm no longer seeing her. And I took my child with me. I thought she was bad influnce on her.

Frances Bean- Ahhhh!

Kurt- Here you go. Daddy's here for you *feeds her the bottle*

Here she is. Frances Bean Cobain. My only baby daughter. She looks alot like I did when I was young. Nothing like my ex girlfriend. She's the most beautiful baby in the world. I developed strange insane behavior at home. I would destroy things, yell at my parents, and cut myself for it. So they send me and my daughter to my uncle and aunts house. Then I met my annoying cousin Nick. I would just ignore him and pretend he wasn't their at all.

Frances Bean- *fussing*

Kurt- It's time to burp. *pats his daughter back*

Frances Bean- *burps*

Kurt- Good girl. Look at your beautiful blue eyes.

Nick- What's her name?

I looked at him like he was crazy.

Kurt- Frances Bean.

Nick- Can I hold her.

Kurt- No way. You might drop her.

Nick- Please?

Kurt- Oh all right. But you have to sit down.

Nick- Your so cute. Hi. Who a little cutie pie? You are.

Frances Bean- *smiles*

Kurt- Oh boy.

Nick knew that meant he had to give Frances back to me. Frances attempts to grab my long blonde hair. My hair goes to my shoulders. I know right? I had to drop out of school to raise my daughter alone. It's hard being a single parent to one baby who is a newborn.

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