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Slash and Axl were in their apartment discussing their gig that night.

Axl: Slash you need some clothes dude.

Slash: What are you talking about I have clothes.

Axl: Yeah two shirts and a pair of pants.

Slash: What? I...I... Well what's wrong with that?

Axl: Just go get some clothes.

Slash: Fine.


Duff is walking down the street into an ally with Izzy and Steven looking for hell knows what.

Duff: Steven why did you drag us here again?

Steven: To look for my cat (looking through the dumpster.)

Izzy: Since when did you get a cat?

Steven: Since I found it, yesterday.

Izzy: Dude we can get you another cat.

Steven: But I want Carl!

Duff: You name your cat Carl? (pulling Steven out of the dumpster and then continue walking.)

Steven: Yeah my cousin Brooke had a cat named Carl and always like the name.

Izzy: Dude just give up we will never find him.

Steven: Yeah I guess you're right. But he was just the only cat for me- OH MY GOD THERE HE IS WITH THAT SON OF A BITCH!

Krist Novoselic: Hey look a cat. (picking up the cat and peting him.) Look how cute he is, Kurt.

Kurt Cobain: Why are we friends?

Steven: HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY CAT YOU SON OF A BITCH! (Punchs Krist hitting him straight in the nose, knocking him out cold.) Carl! (picks the cat up)


Duff: I am so sorry about Steven.

Kurt: No it's ok. This is great.


Slash: This looks fucking awesome. (looking in the mirror with his top hat on.)

Dave Grohl: Wow that is a great look.

Slash: Thanks man. Just how do I get out of here without paying for it?

Dave: Walk out.

Slash: Will that work?

Dave: Yeah. If you look like you own it, they wouldn't ask about it. Tell you what I will distract them, while you slip out.

Slash: Uh, ok.

Dave: Great. (moves towards the door with a coat opens the door.) Oh look I am stealing a coat. I will never get caught. Hahaha. Fuck the police.

Store manager: Look! Someone is trying to steal a coat!

20 guys run out of the store after Dave who is now running for his life.

Slash: (walks out the store, unharmed and with a new look.) What a bunch of dickheads. (looks at them chasing Dave.)


Izzy: Did you have bring that cat backstage?

Steven: Yes! (petting him.)

Axl: So who are we co working with?

Duff: A band named Nirvana.

Dave: (Krist and Kurt behind him) That would be us.

Slash: Shit just got real.

Steven: You came for Carl again didn't you?!

Krist: (cowarding in fear) No I only came for the gig!!!

Steven: (grabs an ax) I wouldn't let have him! (chases Krist)

Krist: AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (runs away from Steven)

Axl: Alright who gave Steven the ax?

Dave: Was I not suppose to?

Slash: It's ok uh,...

Kurt: Krist.

Slash: Krist he will get tried out. Just keep running!

Axl: Hey Slash nice hat.

Slash: I know right?

Duff: I am not impressed...

Slash: (takes off his hat pulls out a bottle of vodka and gives it to Duff)

Duff: I approve. (opens the bottle and drinks it)

Slash: (puts hat back on his head)

Izzy: Guys I did a bad thing.

Axl: What did you do?

Izzy: I killed Steven's cat on accident.

Slash: You did what?!

Izzy: It was an accident!

Duff: (picks up the dead cat) This cat has stab wounds.

Izzy: Ok so I murder the thing.

Duff: Why?

Izzy: It kept cawling me and hissing. It was so fucking annoying I couldn't take it anymore!

Steven: I lost Krist. Where is Carl?

Axl: Steven, Carl is dead.

Steven: What?! (tears in his eyes)

Duff: Here. (gives Steven the dead cat)

Steven: (Holds the cat)

Carl: (comes back to life in Steven's hands)

Steven: Carl! (hugs it)

Dave: What the fuck just happen?!

Slash: I don't know...

Kurt: It's got to be the drugs...

Duff: (throws his bottle of vodka over his shoulder. Realzies what did. Runs back for it.) I am sorry, baby. I didn't mean it.

Izzy: Let's just pretend this never happen.

All except Steven and Krist: Agreed.

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