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Chapter One:The Man Who Sold The World

Kurt's POV:

I was awoken by the familiar ringing sound of my phone. Sleepily Iput the covers back on my head, wishing the sound would tune off.

I lazily picked up the phone only to see it was nobody else than Dave.

-Hello?I answered with a raspy voice.

-Man,where are you?We were supposed to meet up 30 minutes ago!

I quickly looked up my clock only to see it was 9:30
Shit,I missed the band practice!

-Oh Crap,Im sorry Dave,Ill be right on my way right away!'

I got out of bed as fast as I could, stumbling and grabbing the first pair of pants that I found. I quickly ran downstairs, grabbed my keys,my backpack and my guitar case and rushed out my house.

I got in my pale green rusty 70's styled car and drove as fast as I could. Eventually, I was driving faster over the speed limit.After what seemed to be an eternity, I finally arrived at Dave's house.

"What took you so long, man?" Dave asked impatiently.

"Come on, Dave, chill out man." Krist said calmly.

Oh well,whatever,nevermind!Lets practice already!I announced

We headed towards Daves garage to start practicing.

'Did you write new sheets?Oh wait,let me guess,you still have writers block!Dave added sassily

Well,as a matter of fact,I actually do have a sheet!

Are you serious?!Thats great!Krist cheered joyfully

I excitingly took out my sheets from my backpack,grabbed my guitar and started to play a few cords froma song i decided to call Come As You Are.

"Oh my god, that's amazing!" Kris cheered enthusiastically. I looked over at Dave, waiting for his reaction. "Not bad." He nodded. Dave went to go and sit by his drumkit, starting to tap out a rhythm to go along with it. Kris picked up his bass and followed the rhythm. It wasn't long before we all began play in harmony.

After playing the song instrumentally,we decided to play it again,this time with the lyrics.

Come as you are,
As you were

As I want you to be,
As a friend

As a friend

As an old ennemy

Once we were happy with the song,we decided to wrap it up and packed up our stuff.

''Oh Gosh,i'm exhausted!''Kris yawned

''But's it's only 12:30!''Dave answered

''When's lunch,i'm starving here!''My stomach confirmed what i was saying by growling loudly.

We finally went out to a stake house,and ordered the most expensive dish to celebrate the fact that we'd composed a newsong.Once the waitress served us our drinks,Krist raised his glass and made a toast.

''To Nirvana!"'We allshouted,which gained the attention of other costumers,gazing weirdly upon us

Chapter Two:Won't I Believe It?

Journal Entry 22/6/1988

A lot has changed since i decided to quit college to form a band with Kurt and Krist.I can't actually say i had a lot of support but i made my way through it anyway and i really don't regret anything.Sure life's tough but i would be awfully surprised if someone told me the opposite!Anyways,now that Nirvana's a part of my life,i feel like i 've-we've done an accomplishement,like we were meant to live for something...

"Hey man," Kurt said on the phone earlier.

"I've been working on a new song and I need some help for the finishing touches. Any ideas?"

"Yeah man, I always have the best ideas!" I replied enthusiastically.

The song Kurt had began writing was titled "School", a song about feeling lost and miserable about college...which seemed perfect for us.

Krist and I joined Kurt at his place to start rehearsing the backing music to accompany the song.

I gotta say,the song turned out to be a very good one.If Kurt continues to write songs at this pace,we could play in front of a crowd within a short period of time.

I'm hoping that everything will turn out fine for us in the future,

Lots of love,
Two or three kisses,

Dave Eric Grohl

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