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Chapter One:Some Fear None,Wouldn't It Be Fun?

"Melissa!"My mom shouted from downstairs.

"Oh shit!"I muffled before throwing my cigarette out the window and vaporizing my whole room with the overwhelming smell of my deodorant.

I could hear the heavy thumps emanating from my mom's heels approaching my room.

"Melissa,are you getting ready ...what's that smell?"She asked suspiciously after entering my room without knocking.

"Um,nothing I was actually getting dressed,i guess I used a bit too much deodorant " I laughed nervously

She stared at me intensely before adding

"Well,hurry up,it's almost 6 PM.I'm warning you,you better not make Shirley wait on you,otherwise..."

"No mom I won't let Shirley wait on me,promise " I let out exasperated

She nodded before closing the door behind her.

God,that was a close one!good thing I heard her before,otherwise,I think I would have been dead by now!

You see,My parents are this super classic couple with traditional rules and manners.You know,the typical stuff,like my mom being a housewife while my dad works as a salesman (super cheesy,i know),my mom cleaning up the house and cooking,while my dad is probably fucking his blonde secretary, my mom pretending everything's alright with her marriage when clearly,it's not.You know,stuff like that.

And,let's not talk about my siblings!They are probably the most irritatingly perfect,well behaved,educated persons you could have ever seen.

My older brother,John,is already on the path to being a successful business man at the age of 27,everything went perfectly fine for him.He was independent,intelligent,polite,you name it.
He wouldn't have hesitated to humiliate me for every mistake I made until I turned 8,that was the time he moved out of the house.

Then came Julia,the annoyingly perfect 25 year old college student studying law to become a lawyer...or should I say another one of those scamming liars.She of course took the pleasure of replzcing my brother,making my life a living hell until she finally moved out.But the worst part is,she comes to visit regularly with her more-than -cheesy boyfriend.

During those days, I try to stay out of the house the longest I can...before getting yelled at because I came back at 6:30,which is probably the equivalent of 2:30 AM for my parents,who are already sound asleep at 8 PM.

Then,we have Mary.She usually obeys to my parents out of fear which pretty much means we get along ok.
I gotta say,she's the sibling I can stand the most,probably because she's more open-minded than the others.It must have taken her a lot of guts to come out of the closet in front of homophobic parents,which was the reason she got kicked out.It made me hate my parents even more at this point.They're real backward arseholes.

The last time I heard of her,she was living with her girlfriend in downtown Seattle. (She gave me her adress just in case but I never dared to go there because I don't want to be a burden to them.After all,they're 22 and I'm 17)

Of course my parents hoped that their last child would be as perfect as the two first ones, I gladly proved them wrong.Seriously,we're almost in 1987.I don't see why a single person would like to be a successful hypocrite like my two older siblings...

So tonight,to free myself of a super boring New Year's Eve (my parents would have basically gone to bed a tad later-9PM-because it's a special occasion.Way to ruin the spirit.),Shirley - who easily looks like a 17 year old to my parents-invited me to - I quote- "celebrate during a dinner with her family and a sleepover".
I just love how she has the talent to look like the most well behaved,respected teenager in front of my parents,when,in reality,she can let out the most offensive insults in less than two minutes.I love that girl.

I was actually surprised my parents accepted the offer.I guess it's mainly because they wanted to have as peaceful night without me around. (Which I really don't mind!),or maybe because "Shirley has such a good influence on me".

I still don't quite know what she has in mind in reality,but I'm sure it's gonna be an epic night.She loves keeping stuff a secret to create "the surprise effect" as she calls it.

After my mom left my room,I rerolled my Ramones cassette with a pencil,then put in my cassette player before jamming to "The KKK took my baby away" (Oh and if you're wondering,Shirley gave me this cassette.If my parents knew I was listening to the Ramones,i probably wouldn't have been here to tell you this.They're the kind of people who still think the Beatles were vulgar...),
While preparing my "stage clothes":a pleated black skirt with a white long sleeved shirt,brand new polished black shoes,and white socks who come up to my knees.The perfect outfit for a dinner according to my parents.

I put my curly auburn hair in a pony tail,applied some mascara and a bit of pink lipstick "to look like a proper lady".

Once the fake me was ready,I packed my duffel bag with a black and dark purple flannel Shirley had given me,a pair of black ripped jeans (yes,given to me by Shirley),a Rolling Stones shirt (yes,Shirley again),a pair of black leather Doc Martens (I think you get the picture now,I won't repeat it again),my eye liner,my lighter and my pack of Marlboros,while singing along to the Ramones.

I wonder what I can tell you about Shirley?probably a lot more than what I can tell you about myself!
I still remember the day I literally stumbled upon her during a protest I snuck into.I still remember her reaction like it was yesterday: (this happened about a year ago)

"Can't you watch where you're going kiddo?"She asked slightly amused and irritated at the same time

"I'm sorry,they're just so many people here!"I answered,amazed

"This is your first time,isn't it?"she asked with a grin on her face

I nodded shyly,and then the rest is history,we became inseparable!She's the big sister I always wanted to have!

I honestly couldn't imagine a life without her,she lit my fire instantly and hopefully it will never fade out.

"Melissa!"My mom yelled as I turned off my cassette player.

"Shirley's here!"

I squealed in excitement and quickly grabbed my bag and ran downstairs while preserving my excitement to not trigger any suspicion in my mom nor my dad,who had just came back from work.

I tried so hard not to laugh when I saw her dressed pretty much the same way as I was.God,what would I do without her?

She stared at me and returned the favor I had given her.

I swiftly got out of my house,while Shirley was still assuring my mother that everything would be alright,and inventing some stupid schedule about our evening.

Once we got in her rusted red car,I let out a sigh of relief before laughing with my best friend about what had just happened.

"I still wonder how she never thought of wanting to meet "my parents"!"She exclaimed

"Probably because you live on the other side of town,which is way too far for a woman like her!"I joked and we both brushed it off laughing.

"So,where are you taking me?"I asked excitingly

"Buckle up,kiddo,'cause we're having a two hour drive to Aberdeen!"She announced before starting the car.

And that's how it all started.

Chapter Two:Here We Are Now,Entertain Us

I tried to fight it,but curiosity got the best of me while we were singing along to "Light My Fire" by the Doors in the car at some point in our journey.

"So,what's so interesting about Aberdeen?"I asked during Ray Manzarek's organ solo.

She laughed,probably sensing some sarcasm in my voice,before answering me.

"If you must know,we are headed to one of my friends' party!"

"How did you meet someone from Aberdeen?!"I reacted,intrigued

"He was a recurrent client at the liquor store I work at,and turns out he frequents the same dealer as I do,so we kind of bonded like that!"She answered,winking

Don't get me wrong,Shirley isn't a junkie (at least not anymore).We sometimes enjoy a little puff here and there but we're not heavy addicts. (Plus,I have to be super careful not to come home,smelling suspicious, otherwise,God knows what would happen to me!)

"You wouldn't have brought any weed with you,would you?"I asked

She stared at me with a huge grin on her face.

"Why would I bring some when I'm sure there will be plenty where we're going!" She exclaimed excitedly

We both cracked up,not being able to stay serious,before she asked me to look in the back seat.I gasped,surprised of my discovery.

"Wait you brought 8 bottles of JB?!"

"Hey,it's a party after all!Since i have an employee's discount,I thought "Hey,why not getting myself some extra JB?""

"Plus,I need a reminder of the taste of me origins!"She added,with a thick exaggerated Scottish accent

"Oh my God,you are a genius!"I chuckled

Once the signs mentioning Aberdeen became more and more frequent,we decided to stop at a gas station to take a break and change our outfits.

I took a moment to enjoy a good cig in the snow while waiting on Shirley to get out of the restrooms so I could get dressed as well.

After about 10 minutes,she came out,wearing black leggings,a skinny red top underneath a black leather jacket and black high heels. Her beautiful fiery red hair was let down,the braids she wore before making her hair fuzzy,messy and thicker than ever,her gorgeous green eyes were embellished with a dark brown eye shadow and a thick eyeliner trait,and her pulpy lips were covered in red lipstick.

"Shall we exchange?"She asked as she motioned for me to enter the room she just exited while also pointing at my lighter and my unfinished cigarette I still had in hand.

I nodded energitically before handing her what she bargained for and heading to go get dressed.

I basically wore the clothes I packed earlier,let down my hair,now looking like a lion's mane,and applied black eyeliner on my dark green eyes.

A while after hitting the road again,I noticed we were actually in Aberdeen now-to which I've never been to.I recognized a small little local town overwhelmed by snow,and typical little shops at the corner of each street.Not exactly a place you would visit unless you know someone living here.
The streets were completely dead,which was quite creepy to be honest.I guess everyone is probably either at a bar or celebrating with their families.
I think this will be the first and last time I'll be coming to this town.

Before I knew it,we were in a residential area with small identical country houses and little gardens upfront.

It wasn't that hard to spot the house where the party was supposed to be held at,since it was the only one from which you could hear
loud music and notice a lot of activity going on.

We had a hard time finding a parking spot since most of them were already taken by people who I suppose are attending the party.Shirley's friend must be incredibly popular.

We had to walk a block,each of us carrying 4 bottles of JB in a cardboard box, to reach our destination. (I gotta say I sort of enjoyed watching Shirley struggling to walk with her heels while carrying the whiskey bottles!)

The music intensified as we got closer,making my heart skip a beat.

When we got in front of the old fashioned porch,the smell of weed and Marijuana overwhelmed my nose.

As we got to the frontdoor,we both noticed none of us could either open the door,or knock.I was about to drop the box I was carrying when I heard Shirley mumble "Fuck this" and pound energitically on the door with one of her heels.

After what seemed like an eternity,a very tall,rather skinny,brown/coal,and thick haired guy,with a very sympathetic face opened the door.His smile was so friendly,it almost made all my anxiousness melt away.

"Shirley!I'm so glad to see you!"He cheered before awkwardly trying to free her hands of their charge.

"Thanks,mate!"She winked before turning around and realizing I hadn't been introduced yet.

"Oh,um,Krist,I would like you to meet my bestie,Melissa!So,um Melissa,Krist,Krist,Melissa!"She added tilting her head back and forth between me and Krist.

I shyly greeted him as he excitedly invited me in.

"That redhead didn't stop talking about you whenever I would go there to fill up my booze cabinet!"He jokingly said,making me giggle and blush a little.

Once I entered his house,I immediately felt hit by the crowd of faces dancing,drinking or smoking in his enormous living room.I felt quiet uncomfortable since this was the first huge party I've ever been to,and being an introverted socially awkward and shy person,didn't make matters better.

All three of us headed to the small kitchen,to drop our cardboard boxes and prepare ourselves a good alcoholic treat.
I was about to get a glass when Shirley stopped me in my moves.

"Why get a glass darling,when you can directly drink from the bottle?"She asked,amused

"I have to teach you proper manners young girl! " She added,imitating my mum,which made us both crack up.

"We'll share a bottle if you want!"She offered,to which I gladly accepted.

"Ok,guys,i'll leave you prepare whatever the hell you want,but don't miss the surprise waiting for you in the living room!Make sure to be there in about 15 minutes!"Krist announced,as happy and excited as a little child on Christmas Eve.

"What surprise?"I whispered to my best friend after she had gulped down a good amount of JB.

"I honestly have no fucking idea " She answered,shrugging her shoulders.

After we both chose to mix a small amount of cherry liquor in our Scotch Whiskey,and goofed around a bit since we knew absolutely anybody here,we headed out to the area where the intriguing surprise would be.

I immediately noticed something was going on since everyone was gathered in front of something,but from where I was,I couldn't make out what it was.

"Why the fuck did Krist assemble a stage?!" I heard a big,tall guy ask

"Duh,he's gonna play some music,you dumbass!"an obviously drunk girl responded before wildly making out with him right in front of us.I'm guessing she's his girlfriend?Or maybe not.Well,who cares anyway?

We could barely see what was going on at the back of the room since they were so many people in front of us.We tried to make our way to the front of the stage as safe as possible (meaning without getting in trouble with a drunk and high nutcase ).

Once we finally made it,we noticed Krist was setting up a drum kit with a rather short,brown curly haired guy with a significant moustache.

"The screwdriver,Aaron " I heard Krist say to the other guy,whom I presume would be Aaron.

Just as I was about to take a sip of our special mixture,the door leading to the garage opened violently,making me jolt in surprise,almost making me drop the bottle.

As I turned around,I noticed a tall guy with pretty long dirty blonde hair and a thin beard barging in,struggling to carry two huge guitar cases in each of his hands.

"Thank you so much for helping me out there,motherfuckers!"He said sarcastically.He looked really pissed-off.

"Kurt,we're already trying to set up the drum kit,so stop fucking whining!"Krist answered,slightly annoyed.

"Aaron don't fucking tell me you don't know how to set up a drum kit?!" The blonde guy/Kurt asked in disbelief

"No,no I can,it's just that we had problems screwing..."

"I'm gonna fucking screw you up If you don't do finish..."Kurt interrupted

I was already imagining the situation getting out of hand when suddenly,Shirley climbed up onstage.

"Wow,wow,wow,calm your asses down,guys!What the hell is wrong with you?!It's just a drum kit for God's sake!If you're going to fight like freaking kids,i might as well do it.Hand me the screwdriver,Krist " She ordered.Krist obviously gave her the tool.

She motioned for me to climb up before giving me a hand.

"Have you ever set up a drum kit?"She asked me

I shook my head mentioning I hadn't.I can't even play any instruments! (Even though I would love to,but the horrible people I have to call my parents,never let me of course!)

"Ok,me neither,I can only tune guitars.But it's fine,i'm sure we'd do a quicker and better job than those kids!"She added,lightening the atmosphere.

After a good 30 minutes of brain digging with The Sex Pistols' Nevermind The Bollocks' album loudly playing in the background,and standing every drunk person who would tell us we sucked,we finally,managed to set up that stubborn drum kit.

"Great job,girls!"Krist exclaimed,having watched us work for the past half hour.

"What would we have done without you?"He added

"Probably pull your hairs out!"Shirley replied,staring at Kurt in a dreadful way.

"Kurt's...an angry drunk,if you know what I mean...And he had a real bad day,but I can assure you he's not like this often..."our host apologized

"Well,that doesn't mean he can act like a dickhead."She reponded

Me and Shirley climbed down the stage,and chatted a bit while finishing the JB bottle together before the background music stopped and we noticed The three guys on stage,guitar and drum sticks in hands.

Krist was testing the micro before saying:
"Ok,hey guys,I'm Krist Novoselic" before being cut by a guy in the crowd yelling :
"We know who you are dumbass!"

Krist ignored it and continued
"This is Kurt Cobain " He pointed out to the blonde guy at his left.

"And the guy at the drums is Aaron Burckhard."

I was expecting Krist to start singing but to my surprise,he moved to his right and Kurt went behind the mic.

"Yeah,he forgot to say we were Nirvana."He added with a blank expression on his face.

"This song is called Mrs Butterworth."

Chapter Three:I'm A Negative Creep And I'm Stoned

I was completely speechless.
The vibe from that song was like nothing I've ever heard before.
I honestly can't put a name on that genre.It's not quite punk rock but it's not hard rock either.It's much more sloppy,in a good way.

Kurt's voice brought so much to it,and I honestly don't know if he was slurring the lyrics in purpose or just because he might be drunk,but either way,it was mind blowing!

Me and Shirley quickly started nodding our heads and jumping around to the beat,before a couple others joined us as well.

During Aaron ' s drum solo,Kurt started randomly talking about buying several bottles of Mrs Butterworth and setting them on shelves and working with plywood,which was actually quite interesting,even though me and Shirley were cracking up seeing Krist laughing his head off to Kurt's improvisation,while trying to stay concentrate at the same time!

Before we knew it,the song ended,to my disappointment.
I was hoping for another song to be played but Kurt announced they were taking a break and would come back in 15 minutes.

Oh well,At least I'll have time to go outside and warm up my lungs.

I informed Shirley I was about to head out ,to which she responded she was going to fetch us another bottle.

After making my way through the sea of strangers,I finally felt the freezing breeze of winter against my skin.

I sat on the porch's stair and lit up my tobacco-filled prize.I felt immediately warmer after a couple puffs.

It felt so good to finally have a bit of peace after having to deal with those kind of species.I'm not used to being surrounded by an overwhelming amount of jerks in one room.
A little break would get me going in no time!

Just as I was inhaling warm,relaxing smoke,I heard the front door behind me creek open.

"Oh,sorry..."I heard a raspy voice say.

As I turned around,I saw Kurt heading towards the frontdoor.

"No,it's fine,really.After all,i'm the one who should leave and you should be staying here!" I joked.

"Why is that?"He intriguingly asked,after having sat beside me.

"Well,i'm guessing you know Krist for a long time now,so you could practically own this place!"

"Yeah,you could say I sort of do now..."He added seriously.

"Why?'Cause I'm homeless."He chuckled sarcastically,as if reading my mind.

"Oh,shit.That sucks,i'm sorry..." I said,offering him a cigarette.

"I don't want your pity.By the way,I'm sorry if i acted like a complete dick earlier..." He said after having lit it.

"You should probably excuse yourself to your bandmates instead..."I suggested awkwardly

"Yeah,probably..."He scoffed.

"I'm such a fucking pathetic creep " He said,after an awkward silence,anger filled in his voice.

"Why do you say that?"I asked,curiously

"Because you're wasting your time talking to an immature,drunk and high dude who has to depend on his friend to live under a roof..." He answered,zs if it was obvious.

"Well,um...Do you have a job?"I asked,not knowing what else to say.

"I used to work at my high school as a janitor,mopping the same floors where the fucking cunts I used to try to fit in with would bully me constantly...Every single fucking day I used to clean up for junior cunts who would bully misunderstood kids...
And then my ex decided she had had enough of me squatting her place ''doing nothing" all day."

"I'm so sorry..."I said,feeling sorrow for him.

"It's fine,like i said,I don't need anyone's pity." He bluntly responded

"You know,I don't think you're a negative creep,you just need to get back on your feet and..." I started,trying to cheer him up.

I stopped talking when he suddenly stared at me,in utter astonishment,as if something had clicked in him.

"A negative creep..."He whispered,pensive.

I was waiting for him to deliver his thought process when suddenly,the frontdoor opened frantically.

"Hey Melissa,why are you staying all alon..."Shirley yelled rather joyfully, before realizing I had company.

"Oh...sorry...I didn't know you were with..."She added awkwardly,before giving a spiteful look to Kurt.

"Yeah,um,i'm gonna go inside " He sighed,probably uncomfortable of what had happened,before stumping on his cigarette and leaving me with my best friend.

"What did he say to you?"She asked,slightly mad.

"Nothing,nothing,don't sweat it!"I reassured her,giggling forcefully.

"You know I don't buy bullshit!"

"Shirley,he's actually an ok guy once you ge to talk with him" I added,trying to convince her,and calm her down by the occasion.

"I really hope you're right,for once " She concluded,calmly this time.

"Heeeey,what is that supposed to mean?" I asked mockingly offensed.

"Oh come on it's not a discovery!" She chuckled,before i nudged her elbow and we both started laughing.

"Ey come on now,you don't want to miss the rest of the concert!"She winked,changing the subject.

Chapter Four:Shut Your Mouth

As we entered the massive room again,the humid,heavy air welcomed us with open arms.

The band was already on stage,preparing their equipment to play us another round of their songs.

After strumming a few chords on his guitar,Kurt announced bluntly:
"Ok,so this one's called Floyd The Barber.Um,if any of you are familiar with the Andy Griffith show,then you'll probably know who I'm talking about."

Aaron tapped his drumsticks at the same pace four times before an upbeat,drum pattern,followed by the heavy yet strangely disembodied echo of an electric guitar were being played.Not before long,you could hear Kurt singing/yelling:

"Bell on door clanks, come on in,

Floyd observes my hairy chin,

Sit down chair, don't be afraid,

Steamed hot towel on my face,

I was shaved,

I was shaved,

I was shaved,"

The lyrics quickly turned from routine-esque to absolutely dark and scinical,before getting to an amazing guitar solo performed by no other than Kurt,while Krist and Aaron followed to the rythm of the chords.

Not long after,the song abruptly ended by distinctive percussion beats.

After that,they decided to play a couple covers including a Lead Belly song,which I think is called "Ain't It a Shame"( to which they added their twist to it of course!)

At the song's ending,Kurt announced that that was all they could play us for now,to which a random guy (with high chances of being drunk) shouted they were losers and their music sucked.A lot of people started whisling,as if to encourage that drunken asshole to sting even more.
As Krist laughed nervously,probably not knowing what to do,Kurt clutched his guitar tighter and tighter by the second,his eyes filled with anger,and Aaron,tried to tell them to shut up,Shirley suddenly climbed on stage out of nowhere and yelled:

"And just what the hell gives you the permission to piss on their work?!
Would all of you be able to play any of these instruments,let alone,sing in front of everyone?
I bet these guys worked their asses off to give you some entertainment so that this party wouldn't suck even more than it already does!And,let me tell you,It's not Krist's fault if it's a horrible party,it's yours for fuck's sake!Now all of you either shut your twatty mouths or sod off!"

Everyone-including me-stood silent for a couple seconds,not expecting someone to actually react this way.

Krist,noticing that the same guy was about to respond,insisted that everyone have a couple drinks and said he was going to put some "actual good music"chuckling (i hope it was sarcastic!) before disappearing off stage and playing some shitty rap music,to which people started dancing,of course.

After the crowd dispersed into several groups of people,Shirley joined me,looking as if she was trying to contain her rage as best as she could.

"That was...really impressive!" I started,trying to calm her down.

"Impressive,my ass!"She grumbled before Krist came to join us.

"Wow,Shirley,what you did there was above incredible!I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw you standing out for us!"

"Well,of course!I'm not that fucking donkey-brained!Only brainless people would react this way to such incredible music like yours!Why did you even invite these asshole anyway?"She responded,sounding calmer.

"I don't know,I guess they were going to add some entertainment or make my party less boring.If they wouldn't have come,there would have only been me,Kurt,Aaron,maybe you and Melissa,and a couple good friends of mine,who declined to come because they knew those jerks were coming..."He sighed, disappointed.

We all stood there in silence,listening to music probably created in a filthy garage where a non-skilled guy would rap about getting high,before Shirley's face was illuminated by an ear-to ear smile,and devious eyes.I know that expression far too well!She had something very special in mind...

"What if...we organised our own party?You could tell all of these drunken fuckers to get out of here and we could have a nice little gathering!" She proposed excitedly.

I knew it.Another Manson-esque plan!

"That would be an awesome idea...but I'm afraid they will crush the reputation i fought so badly to get in high school..." He considered.

"Who gives a fuck about reputation now?" Kurt suddenly asked from behind Krist,slowly coming forward to us.

"It's not like you're in high school anymore,plus all those cunts are doing is using you,they won't care about you anymore after this party" He bluntly continued.

"Um,I think what Kurt is trying to say is that those people aren't much of a value,compared to close friends." I suggested,trying to cheer up Krist,who seemed a bit hurt after what Kurt had said.

"No,Kurt's right,even though I wish he wasn't..."

"You know what?I still have my basement!We could go there and have our little party!" He suddenly announced.

"I think it would be even better if you would just kick them out.It's your house and party after all,but I could understand that it must be hard to make that slow species understand that they are kicked out of a party,which I presume never happened to them before."Shirley responded,to which we all nodded,not wanting to have to fight with 50 to 60 drunken,probably violent guys.

"OFF TO THE BASEMENT WE GO!!" Shirley yelled enthusiastically,grabbing a couple bottles with her. (As if she wasn't tipsy enough!)

After we entered the basement,I sat down at one end of a huge couch which could easily fit six to seven people,while Shirley layed down on the other end,taking the rest of the couch's space.Aaron plunged into a neon green beanbag,and Kurt layed on a psychedelic rug in front of me and Shirley.Before Krist joined Kurt on the rug,he turned on an apparent old record player before the familiar sound of loud heartbeats followed by ticking clocks and screwdrivers rang to my ears.

''Hey,isn't that Pink Floyd?''I asked,surprised

''Yep!Speak To Me from the Dark Side Of The Moon!''He responded

''In other words,the perfect album to get high on!'' Aaron joked

''Are you implying something?''Shirley asked suspiciously

''Of course he is,Aaron's stoned 24/7!''Kurt said,to which everybody laughed while Aaron was convincing us-and probably himself-that it wasn't true.

For the next hour,we talked about everything and nothing,made stupid jokes,emptied bottle after bottle,until we suddenly heard numbers being counted down from upstairs.

''What?! Is It now?''Shirley asked,startled.

''Oh Geez!Yes!There's only 30 seconds left before 1987!'' Kris yelled enthusiastically

We started all counting down as loud as we possibly could (which wasn't really a hard to do since we were pretty wasted).

Everything was great until came the last 5 seconds,where Shirley announced:

"Ey guys,prepare yourselves to be kissed!"She winked,while giggling like a little girl.Boy,was she drunk!


''Wait,do i actually have to kiss someone at the end of the countdown?'' I thought to myself,quite worried,since i've never been to a party like this one before and had never kissed anyone.


''So,if i do,it'll have to be with...'' I thought before looking up and realizing Kurt was in front of me.




"HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" We all yelled before Shirley jumped on Krist and kissed him rather wildly, while me and Kurt agreed to shake hands (I'm relieved he wasn't as wasted as those two,to ask for a kiss!), and Aaron complained about him being left out.

"Oh,hush your little mouth, whiny wimp!" Shirley exclaimed,joking,after having pulled away from Krist.

"Oh,and Krist,don't get the wrong idea mate,we're both a hella drunk and probably haven't had intercourse in a very long time!" She continued before we all bursted in laughter.

As for the rest of the night,I remember having a couple more shots,but wouldn't be able to recall anything else from that fateful party.

Chapter Five:Damn The Consequences

I woke up in a jolt,my head spinning,having no idea of my wearabouts for a couple seconds,before looking around and realizing I was in Krist's basement,next to a snoring Shirley and sleeping Krist,Kurt and Aaron.

"What time could it be? " I thought to myself,seeing as everybody else was asleep.Before I could think any further,i was hit by massive poundings in my head.

"Fuck,what did I do last night?" I whispered,clutching my head with my hands,before hearing the steady and even ticking sound of a pendulum.

I looked up and realized,to my surprise it was 10:30 AM.

"Holy crap!"I let out before getting up in a hurry and searching for my shoes.

"What's with all the rush?" A groggy raspy voice asked while I was putting on my Doc Martens while trying not to lose balance.

As I turned around,Kurt was smirking,an unlit cigarette in his hand.

"I didn't know you were awake!" I whispered loudly in surprise.

"Couldn't sleep.Was about to take a puff outside,care to join me?"

"I'm in a hurry,my parents will kill me!"I let out swiftly while zipping my bag up.

"Still living with your parents,huh?Aren't you a lucky one!How old are you anyway?"He asked.

"I'm actually 17..." I answered before nervously tapping on Shirley's arm in an attempt to wake her from her snoring haze.

"Shirley,for God's sake,wake up!" I let out in exasperation.

"There's no point in it,she won't open her eyes just yet after all the booze she drank!Neither will the others!Why are you so desperate to make her suffer from a hangover this early?"He asked curious

"She was supposed to drive me home...I'm already late,my parents are probably going lock me up in my bedroom for the rest of my life!"

"Where's home at?"

"In Seattle...It's ages away!"

After a long awkward silence alternated with heavy snoring,Kurt headed upstairs,motioning me to follow him while adding:

"Come on,I'll drive you.I'll take Krist's car,i'm sure he won't mind!"He winked

I had no idea what to say.What would Shirley think once she would wake up?What would my parents say once they see an actual guy sitting in the same car as me?

Nevertheless,I followed him automatically,trying to empty my panicked mind,before stopping dead in my tracks as we were heading to the front door,making sure not to trip on wasted quaterbacks laying on the ground.

"Wait.Um,Kurt."I said,grabbing his sleeve,hitting myself mentally for being such a selfish spoiled brat. (Or at least,that's what my parents would say)
"It's really nice of you,and all,but It wouldn't feel right if you drove me two hours away from here..."

"Don't sweat it"He cut me.
"I myself have to head there for um... "business" "He chuckled.


"So,uh,you still in school?"He asked awkwardly,after having exhaled cigarette smoke,already overwhelming the whole car.

The highway was completely deserted,the only things slowing us down were -well I guess it's not surprising giving the date and the time.

"Yeah,unfortunately..."I sighed
"In a fucking catholic school for "Well educated young women"" I continued,attempting the best posh british accent I could,laying my pinky up.

He smirked slightly before asking

"I'm getting the feeling your parents are stuck up assholes,am I right?"

"Ha!They would probably be best friends with the freaking Queen of England!Don't get me wrong,I don't blame the Queen,it's her duty to be ladylike but why the fuck do my parents feel like they have to copy her?"I ranted

The only reaction from him was a slight cornered smile and a head shake,while inhaling cancerous air,rolling his window down and throwing what was left of the cigarette in the cold winter breeze.

"What about your parents?"I asked after a long silence.

"Oh,you don't wanna know...It's the most fucked up story ever..."

"Oh,sorry,I didn't want to bring bad memories to your mind..."

"Nah,don't worry,those dull cunts will be kissing my ass once I'll make it in the music industry"

"The music industry?!"I exclaimed

"Yeah,I'm meeting with a guy named Jason...Evergreen?-I don't know,it's something along those lines - so anyways,I'm meeting up with him to discuss if our band-Nirvana- would have any chance to make a record."

Holy crap!That took me completely by surprise!

"Wow that's amazing!Congratulations!"I squealed,to which he seemed amused

"Ha,you're cute " He chuckled

Wow.No one has ever said that to me,let alone a guy!It mean i'm sure he's joking,but it still felt weird...

Shit,stop it,you're not five anymore!
I thought to myself as I felt my face get hotter by the second.

"God,all this smoke is killing me!" I exclaimed,attempting to justify my tomato red face.

"I think that's precisely what it's meant to literally do" He responded,in a smart-ass way.

I nudged his elbow jokingly before asking:

"So does Jason work at a record company?"

"I think he knows a guy from a record company called Sub Pop,so we might make something work out with him...Oh shit,we're running low on gas.Guess we have to pump the car up again..." He announced before while taking the nearest exit.

"No problem,I can't possibly be any later than I already am,so i'll probably still die anyway!"I joked

As Kurt parked the car right next to a gas pump,I had just realized I was still wearing my smoke stenched and "vulgar" clothes and as much as I didn't want to,had to change into "proper clothes" if I wanted to avoid my parents from a stroke.

I suddenly got out of the car carrying my huge duffelbag on my back,and was heading for the store when Kurt asked:

"Are you going to rob the goddamn store?"

I turned around,trying to contain my laughter and answered:

"Nooooooooo.I am possibly going to humiliate myself in front of everyone including you once I come back!"

Seeing the look of confusion on Kurt's face, I quickly explained the whole ruse me and Shirley came up with to not make my parents freak out and lock me up in my room until my thirties.

To that of course,he laughed his head off while pumping Krist's car.

I flipped the bird to him before entering the convenience store and rushing to the restrooms to change.

The rest of the road consisted of small talk,awkward silences and radio station zapping.

As I finally noticed skyscrapers slowly replacing white cornfields,I could feel an overwhelming knot forming in my stomach,my subconscious probably warning me of what might happen once I step a foot in my house.

I directed Kurt through the maze of streets until we reached a street I was more than familiar with.

"So uh...I guess this is where you're stopping..."He said,rubbing his eyes,the lack of sleep probably getting to him.

"Thank you so much for everything Kurt.I owe you big time!"

"You're fine,don't worry!Time for some boring interview time for me..." He sighed while I was crawling to the back seat to get my duffelbag.

"I'm sure you'll do great!I'll cross my fingers!Besides,you don't even need luck,it's already on your side!"I cheerfully said before winking.

He smiled in a reserved way while staring at me as if to thank me.

I suddenly took his palm and wrote down my phone number with a pen I found in the cupholder,before instructing:

"Don't hesitate to call me once you're done to inform me!Oh-slight warning- Do not call before 9PM,that's usually the hour my parents go to bed,which means I could easily access the phone for once!"

"Wow,your parents sure do smother you a lot!When I was 17 - which was only 4 years ago- I was kicked out of my home and found shelter under a fucking bridge!"He said,in as monotone voice.

Fuck,that's heavy.I wanted to confort him but heard the familiar sound of the small bell hanging on our frontdoor,ring.That was my definitely my dad going out to shovel the fresh snow off our driveway.


"Is that your dad?"He asked,looking in the same dorection as me.

I nodded swiftly,praying he wouldn't see me in this car.

We stayed a couple minutes in silence,not knowing what to do,and just watched my dad at his task.

I still haven't understood how in the world he didnt see me since Kurt's (or rather Krist's)car was parked right in front of our house,and am very aware of how lucky i was.

"Fuck it,i'm going!"I whispered before quickly saying goodbye to Kurt and opening and closing the door as quietly as possible.

I slowly walked towards my dad,having his back to me,digging up the snow with his shovel.

"Um,hey dad!Happy New Year" I said in the most superficially joyful way I could.

He turned around,stared at me straight in the eyes, and asked:

"Do you know what time it is?"

I instantly regretted being back home.

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