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Making An Entrance


I was just sitting in my Bio class, minding my own business, when three guys walked in. Can I help you three? my teacher asked as they made their way quietly to the back lab table.

No, the blond one said, dont mind us.

Yeah, dont mind us, the tall one added.

Yeah, were just stopping in, the one with black hair said. The blonde one said and pushed his chair over and laughed but the guy with black hair stood right back up and got situated again. I thought we were gonna push Krist over! he wined.

Hey, fuck you, man! the tall one said.

If youre going to stay in my class, I must ask for no interruptions, my teacher said and surprising agreed to let them stay. May I at least ask who you are?

Well, Im Kurt, the blonde one said.

Im Krist, the tall one said.

Im Dave, the one with black hair said.

And in unison, they announced to the class, And were Nirvana!

Pearl Jam:

Photography class wasnt much better than Bio, except five guys ran into my class this time. One of the shorter guys with wavy brown hair jumped on my table. Good morning, period three! he yelled with his fists in the the air while the other three guys just stood in the front of the class poking each other and laughing.

Who are you? my teacher yelled. Get down from there?

Hey! the guy on the table turned to face my teacher. Whats your name?!

Mr. Duke. Now, who are you??

Well, Mr. Duke! he put his fist on his hip and moved his weight to one side. Im the King round here!

Alright, Im calling for security Mr. Duke tried to head over to the phone, but one of the guys wearing a hat stopped him. He was a little shorter than my teacher but he kept chest bumping him.

You wanna go man? Sthat whats going on here? You wanna mess with the king?

One of the guys with brown hair started laughing and pushed him. Shut the fuck up, Jeff!

Damn it, Stone! he turned around to the guy that pushed him. Were in a school! Were in a school, you cant say that!

Yeah! the guy on the table said. You cant say FUCK!

Um excuse me, I said.

They all turned to stare at me. Hey! You're the one we were looking for! the guy on the table said pointing at me.

Yeah, Ive been having a weird day, so you wanna just get it over with? Who are you guys?

Thats King Edward Veddward, Stone said.

The guy on the table glared at him sassily. Im Eddie Vedder. And thats Stone! And Jeff in the stupid hat! And Mike! And Dave! He turned back to me. Dave doesnt say much, he just smiles a lot.

And do you have some weird group name or whatever?

Weare Pearl Jam! He jumped off the table and ran back out the door yelling, And we love Soundgarden!


For some reason, my algebra class was particularly empty today. There werent many kids in class for whatever reason. I sat there bored as hell until four guys pushed the door open. They just stood in the doorway until my teacher noticed.

She looked up from the board and noticed the four strange men watching her. Oh! she said startled. Im sorry boys, but what do you want? Im in the middle of a class.

Uh, nothing from you, a guy with long curly hair said. Were here for her though. He pointed at me.

What, I mumbled.

Yeah. The four of them walked in and pushed a bunch of desks next to mine. The guy with curly hair rested his chin on his fist and stared at me for a minute. Hey.

I looked up to my teacher. I swear I have no idea who they are.

But again for some strange reason, she let them stay.

Who are you? I asked as my teacher continued with the lesson.

Well Im Chris, he said. Thats Kim, he point to another man with long dark hair. Thats Matt, he pointed to the guy with short blonde hair. And thats Ben, he pointed to the taller guy with short brown hair.

Okay I said. But who are you???

Well the four of us are Soundgarden. He smirked at me. Did I mention that we love Pearl Jam?

Alice In Chains:

My lunch was clear, but by the time I got to health class the weird stuff started up again. The door swung open and in walked four more boys - one with short blonde hair, one with long blonde hair, one with curly brown hair, and one with wavy black hair.

Here we go again! I groaned.

Hey, so whatre guys talking about? the one with black hair asked.

Well, Sean, the one with brown hair said, this is a health class. Theyre probably talking about the penis and the vagina.

The one with short blonde hair snorted in attempt to suppress his laughter.

Hey, now! the one with long blonde hair said. Thats completely inappropriate!

Dont even talk, you speedo-wearing little termite! the guy with brown hair said.

Hey! he yelled back. Dont start spreading rumors! Im no termite!

The one with short blonde hair started to light up a cigarette. Damn it, Layne! the guy with long blonde hair yelled.

What? he mumbled. You were the one who poured the booze you didnt finish in the bush outside!

That was supposed to stay between us, he huffed. You broke my heart.

Aw Im sorry, Jerry, he embraced the other man from behind. I didnt mean it.

Dont talk to me! the guy with long blonde hair ran out of the room.

Im trying to makes things right, babe! he tried to be serious, but he couldnt help laughing a little.

Gentlemen, my teacher finally said, Ive been very easy about your intrusion but Im going to have to ask you to leave.

Fine, Jerrys not here anyway, the guy with short blonde hair said, so its no fun. He waved to me with his smoke between two fingers and left. Layne is out, yo!

Mikey, carry me! the guy with black hair said and jumped on the other guy. But the man with brown hair fell under the taller mans weight.

What the fuck, Sean?!

Carry me, Mike!

Ugh, you little shit. He crawled out from under Sean and pulled him by his legs out the door.

Whooo! Sean yelled.

When the door closed it was silent. A moment later the door opened again and the man with long blonde hair stuck his head in. By the way, were Alice In Chains.

A/N: I hope you guys liked it!! There's more to come! BTW a big thnks to Amanda for the title!!!

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