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Chapter One

My name is Anastasia Bertoli, but pretty much everyone called me Ana. I was in my junior year of high school, but it was the beginning of the year so I was still only sixteen. I had about three good friends and one best friend, actually, he was more like a brother to me and all my friends were his friends too so it worked out alright when we all wanted to hang out.


I turned my head and saw Kurt. Speak of the devil.

Yeah yeah, wherere we going after school?

I shrugged and closed my locker. Where do you wanna go?

I dont know, I dont care.

Alright, well go to your house after school and this weekend youre staying over at my place.


So what class are you going to next? I asked.

Biology, we have it together, remember?

Oh god, yeah, sorry, I said as we started to walk to class together. This week has been brutal on me, I cant think straight.

YeahI know what you mean.

Hello Ana, hello Kurt, Ms. Everhart smiled at us as we walked in the door.

Hi, Kurt said, and I waved and smiled back at her. Kurt looked up to Ms. Everhart so much, he didnt do that with any other teacher, ever or any person of authority at that. But for some reason, Ms. Everhart was different I guess I kind of saw it too. She didnt take any shit from anyone, but not in a bitchy kind of way she did it Kurts kind of way. She was a big equal rights activist and accepted everyone, and that had Kurt written all over it.

Once we sat down, the bell rang for class to start and Ms. Everhart stood at the front of the room. Im going to be out today because of some business I have to take care of. But Mr. Dannon is here to take over for today. You have your assignment on the board, be good for Mr. Dannon. She then left the room with her bag in her hand.

Kurt sighed a little then opened his notebook and rested the side of his face in his palm. He started scribbling something, then I looked up at the boarda packet, great.

Now class, Mr. Dannon, a chemistry teacher for the sophmores, said, if you dont finish this, Ms. Everhart still wants you to hand this in. So just get enough done as possible by the end of the period.

I walked to the front of the room, like everyone else, and got two thick packets one for me and one for Kurt. I put his in front of him then sat down again. I could feel his eyes on me so I looked over at him and smiled a little then leaned over to look in his notebook and laughed a little at the funny drawing of Mr. Dannon. He smiled a little. Shut up

Is there something I can help you two with?

We both looked up at Mr. Dannon and got serious. Kurt slapped his notebook closed and I said, No, quick and confidently.

Alright, well get to work. This is an independent assignment.

Yes, sir. I looked down at my papers. As he walked away, I made a face a Kurt. He opened his notebook and kept doodling and scribbling.

By the end of the period, Kurt still hadnt written anything on his papers. I was done with mine so I nudged him, Hey, you wanna copy my answers?

He shook his head and kept his concentration on his doodles. I sighed. Okay, class, we have five minutes left, Ill collect your papers now. Its alright if you didnt finish though. He went around the room grabbing everyones papers from their desks. UmMr. Cobain is it? Im not sure this is what she meant by you didnt have to finish it.

Kurt looked up at our substitute and put his arm over his paper so he wouldnt see it. Oh, he spoke softly with not a lot of care in his voice.

Now what do you want me to do with paper, Mr. Cobain?

I dont know he looked down at his notebook.

Well Im gonna have to take this and let her know what youve accomplished this class period.

Kurt nodded and continued in the notebook he was hovered over. Okay, do I have everybodys papers?

Nobody said anything.

Okay then.

Then everyone started talking. I wonder where Ms. Everhart had to go? someone asked.

Probably to some protest for faggots right, some other boy laughed.

I noticed Kurts jaw clench and his grip tighten on his pencil. So I had to do something, I know he wanted to but he was too damn quiet to say anything. I leaned back in my seat and looked at the guy who had made the comment. Hey, come on, you dont have to take it that far, I said.

What are you gonna do? he joked. Get your faggot boyfriend to do something about it?

Thats when I had had it. Go to hell! I

Dont bother with it Kurt grabbed my arm, Im not worth it.

No! They cant speak to you that way!

Getting your whore to stick up for you, faggot?

Fuck you! he stood up. Dont talk to her that way!

Hey! Mr. Dannon yelled. Watch your mouths!

But Mr. Da the bell rang and cut into my testament. Kurt grabbed his notebook and slumped out of the classroom. It pained me to see this kind of stuff happen to him, he was the sweetest damn kid but only knew how to stick up for everyone but himself. I turned back to the kids that were talking shit and they were all laughing. I stood up and slapped the one guy. Dont you ever talk to him like that! Ever! You asshole, youre just a big fucking asshole!

Whoa, he held his hands up. Calm down bitch, I didnt do nothin.

I hope that when you die, Satan keeps you as his sex slave, then youll just be a bigger assholeyoull need one. I grabbed my back pack and tried to find Kurt. I found him sitting up against some of the lockers scribbling away in his little notebook again I always wondered what hed been writing in there.

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Chapter Two

Youre room is so damn messy, my mom would never stand for this, I said as I closed his bedroom door behind us.

He threw his backpack on the floor. My mom really doesnt care.

I sat on his bed. Will you let me look at your notebook? I asked.

You dont wanna look at it. Its stupid

No its not. Its takes up most of your time, I should at least get to just take a peak. Please?

He thought for a minute then handed it to me. He never put it in his bag, he always carried it around in his hands where he knew it was safe. I took it from him, opened to the first page, and flipped through millions of little drawing and notes. I smiled as I looked at and studied each one. He had a thing for seahorses and their babies, I thought that was cute. I eventually got past the first couple pages and found the stuff he did today in class. There was the drawing of Mr. Dannon, a drawing of the kids in our biology class, one of meI think it was meand a couple of other silly doodles of biology stuff. Then on the very bottom of that page, and I made sure he wasnt looking before I read it, he wrote in his scribbly handwriting:

Ive lost my MIND many times, and my wallet many more.

IN the simplest terms:

1 Dont RAPE

2 Dont be predjudice

3 Dont be sexist

4 Love your children

5 Love your Neighbor

6 Love yourself

Dont let your opinions obstruct the aforementioned list

Just as I finished reading it over once, he grabbed the book from me. Thats uhthats nothing. He had spelling and grammar issues, but he had the write ideas, I knew that much, he always had the right ideas just like Ms. Everhart.

I smiled and rolled my eyes at him a little. I thought that was cool what you wrote. You dont have to hide anything from me, Kurt. What am I gonna do?

Be an asshole like everyone else he mumbled.

My eyebrows slanted downward as I sat up. Are you crazy? Kurt, I love you. Id never do that to you!

He just looked down at his feet and didnt say anything.

I could never, ever do that to you. I got up and hugged him. After a moment he gave in and put his arms on my back and his head on my shoulder. Im always here for you, Kurt. Always. I opened my eyes and looked at the notebook on his dresser, on the cover he had wrote, If you ReAD Youll Judge.

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Chapter Three

After school, Kurt, Abby, Dani, and Emily all came over to my house. My friends and I sat on my bed and Kurt sat on the floor up against the wall. This is weird, Dani said.

Why? I asked.

Well, I dont know, she said, I mean, weve all hung out before and everything, but weve never all slept in the same house before. She looked over at Kurt playing with his fingers.

Yeah, Abby said, I know what you mean.

So? Were all friends, right? Whats the big deal?

Well its not a big deal, Emily said, at least I dont think it is. Its justsomething new. Its something we havent done before so its a little weird for us.

Okay, but theres nothing wrong with it, I objected.

Kurts POV

No! Not at all! I mean, we love hanging out all together, one of the girls said, I dont know who. I wasnt really paying attention.

Yeah and just cause Kurt is here doesnt mean we cant do stuff we wouldnt normally do.

I looked up, my name caught my attention.

What the hell, Dani! Ana pushed her a little. Why do you even need to say that? Its Kurt! Not some asshole pervert!

I stood up. Im gonna go get somethinguhfrom downstairs.

As I made my way to the kitchen, I heard Ana grumble, You better apologies when he gets back up here!

I took a deep breath and sat at the kitchen table sipping from the glass of water. Hey, honey, Mrs. Bertoli said, whats going on?

I shrugged and looked down at my glass. Nothin, I sighed. Its just, I dont know whats wrong with Dani and Abby and Emily. We used to be pretty close but I dont think they like me anymore.

She sat down across from. Well they have a good looking guy sleeping in the same room with them, of course theyre gonna act a little weird.

I laughed a little. Are you talking about me?

Well I hope youre the only boy up there with them.

Well thanks, but Im not really good looking at all.

Dont even talk like that! Youre a very handsome boy Kurt, every one of those girls up there is lucky to have you as a friend.

Well sure Im a good friend but that doesnt mean I stopped myself, I didnt really want to talk about it.

Kurt, Mrs. Bertoli said seriously, Kurt look at me, honey. Dont get so down on yourself, youre a very good looking kid with the ideas and good intentions that half the adults on this planet dont even have. Dont listen to anything anyone says, theyre just jealous.

I smiled a little. Thanks. I stopped twirling my glass and stood up to go back up to Anas room.

Oh and Kurt, I turned around to hear what else Anas mom had to say. Youre the only boy I trust with my little Ana the only one. I wouldnt let any other boy in her room.

Thanks, Mrs. Bertoli, that made me feel kind of good. You know how much she means to me. I went back into Anas room with a slight smile on my face it was really hard to get me to do that sometimes.

As soon as I walked in, Dani looked up at me and then looked kind of ashamed. Sorry about that, Kurt. About earlier. The other two girls added their own little sorrys in.

Ehits alright. I sat down on the bed next to Ana. They all looked at each other, expecting a different reaction from me I guess.

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Chapter Four

I sat in Algebra II class as bored as ever. I was tapping my pencil on my desk when I looked down and saw a little folded up paper on my desk. I opened it and read it to myself in my head Hi! -Emily I looked over at her in the desk next to me and she waved with a big cheesy smile. I rolled my eyes a little and smiled as I tried to fit a little note on it back to her. I slid it back on her desk. She opened it and gasped.

Emily, is there something I can help you with? Mrs. Collins asked.

Uh Emily stammered, and then the bell rang. Mrs. Collins diverted her attention elsewhere while everyone hurried out of the room. Tony! Emily called. Tony was the only senior in our class, he had to retake the class because he hadnt passed it last year. Other than that, Im pretty sure he was in all senior classes.

He turned back to look at us. What? he asked with a stupid smile on his face.

What Emily mocked him.

Oh god, I thought to myself and turned around while putting my face in my hand.

What? he said more confused.

Why are you talking to me, get outta here.

He looked around really confused. What are younevermind. He turned to walk out of the room.

Why did you do that?! I punched her in the arm.

I wanted to double check on what he looked like! Im sorry, I forgot!

Alright, girls, Mrs. Collins said, get to your next classes. Lets go.

We walked into the hallway where we saw Kurt. I ran up to him and Emily followed. Hi, I said.

Hey, Kurt said.

Ana likes Tony! Emily sang. Ana likes Tony! Ana likes Tony!

Would you shut the hell up? I snapped.

Whos Tony??? Kurt panicked.

Nobody! I yelled and then turned back to Emily. Dont tell anyone! I wrote that note for you and you only! Ill tell Dani and Abby myself, okay??

Yeah, yeah, whatever. You still like him

Can someone please tell me who Tony is??

Later, Kurt! Ugh! Dont you go blabbing, Emily!

Okay! Okay! Calm dont.


Then lunch came around. We all sat in this one hallway that was kind of quiet, but for some reason it got a little busy today. So will you please tell me who Tony is now? Kurt begged.

I cant believe youve never heard of him, he

Hes a senior! Emily interrupted me.

And a womanizer, Dani rolled her eyes.

No! Abby said. Hes really sweet, hes just had a lot of girlfriends!

Still a womanizer Dani mumbled.

Whatever, I think hes really nice, Abby said.

He is nice, I tried to speak for myself.

Yeah he is, Emily interrupted again, but he does kinda have that reputation of a man slut.

And you like him why? Kurt asked.

Oh! Shh! Shhh! I hid my face behind Kurts arm. Here he comes, I whispered.

We all just watched him walk by. I think he waved at me but it couldve been directed towards our group as a whole. When he wouldnt have been able to hear me anymore, I shook Kurt by his elbow. See! Did you see him??



I dont knowhe looks

He looks?

He lookscocky. He looked down at me and shrugged.

I put a pout on my face. Nooo! Tell me that you like him!

I cant tell you anything until I actually know him! Im just saying he looks cocky and he sounds like a jerk from what you guys have told me. But I cant say my opinion until I know who he is.

Okay well you have to meet him, you cant just say you dont like him.

I didnt say I didnt like him, I just

I know! Stop trying to turn this around on me when Im trying to turn it around on you!

Kurt gave me a look, then I groaned and shoved my face in his chest. He laughed at me and put his arm over my shoulders.

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Chapter Five

I walked into school with my head on Kurts shoulder nearly falling asleep. I was so damn tired because of all the work I was being hammered with in school. I woke up a little when Kurt poked my side and said, Hey, lover boy is to your left. I jerked my head up and turned to my left and sure enough, Kurt wasnt lying. Tony was actually looking at me and I was a little embarrassed when he noticed how excited I had gotten. He smiled and waved at me, so I did the same.

I broke out of my trance when Kurt pulled on my waist a little. What was that for? He was actually noticing me?

Well I need to let him know that youre not for sale.

Um, do you see a ring on this finger? Im for sale!

You know what I mean

No I actually dont, explain.

Nah, nevermind.

Kurt, please. I pulled away from him and stood in front of him, but he just gave me a just-drop-it kind of look. Kuuuuurt. I poked his chest repeatedly. Telll meeeee.

Noooooo. He went to mimic my actions, but then realized it wouldnt be a good idea to poke my chest. I gave him a haha-I-win kind of look, but he just went straight and poked me in the stomach as an alternative. No.


Ugh, fine. If itll get you to stop begging.


I just meant that he might just see you as a sex object. He shrugged as we kept walking. Youre not for sale though

Ohwell, I dont think he does, I dont even think he likes me. We stopped at my locker. God, its always so cold in this school I mumbled.

Here, Kurt said, take my sweatshirt.

No, then youll be cold all day.

Nah, Ill be fine. I have a long sleeved shirt on.

You sure?

Yeah, just take it.

I slipped his jacket on myself, it was big on him to begin with, and now its extra big on me, but it was warm. I smiled up at him. Thanks.

Yeah, no problem.

I gave him a hug. See you at lunch I guess. I pulled myself from his arms. Dont be sad. I used my two pointer fingers to move his lips into a smile.

Im not, he mumbled through my distortions.

You seem sad. Dont be sad.


I kissed his cheek. You look very handsome today Kurt Cobain.

He made a face and snickered.

Dont give me that, I said, you look good every day. Youre like, extremely photogenic, but not only in pictures.

Youre crazy.

Dont be sad. Love you, try to have a good day.

Kurt even makes school pictures look good!!! What is thiiiis??

Chapter Six

I walked into Algebra with Emily and we sat down in our usual seats. Wait, she said, whose sweatshirt is that? She leaned in closer to me and whispered, Is it Tonys? Wait nothat doesnt look like something he would wear Whose is it??

Calm down, its Kurts. He gave it to me a while ago and I keep forgetting to give it back.

Oh she sat back in her seat seemingly unsatisfied. Nevermind then. You should stop wearing it, Tonys gonna think youre dating him.

What? Youre crazy! He doesnt even like me. I mean, he barely knows I exist.

Thats not what I heard him say yesterday after school.

And what exactly did he say yesterday after school?

He said, Aw man, Id love to ask her out but shes always with that kid! Shes hot too, Id probably fuck her if she wasnt a junior! Exactly like that, thats what he said, I swear. Alex told Noah who told Kristy who told Abby who told me and then I told you.

I almost believed you, then you added everything at the end.

Fine, dont believe me, but as soon as you stop hanging around Kurt so much, hell ask you out.

I guess hell never ask me out then cause Im not gonna stop hanging around Kurt until the day I die.

Well then I guess youll never get the Tony experience.

Um, come on, chicks before dicks.

Kurts a guy

Yeah well, Kurt could be a manly girl whos into other girls. Ah! Kurt could be a manly lesbian, you know its true.

She laughed at me and rolled her eyes. Whatever you say.

Hello class, a voice sounded from the front of the room, but it wasnt Mrs. Collins. Im Ms. McConnell and Ill be youre substitute for the day. Now take your seats so I can get attendance down. Please raise your hand or say here when I call your name. Ms. McConnell looked like a sweet old lady but she was honestly just a crazy old bitch who overreacted a whole lot.

Anastasia Bertoli. Of course I was first.

Here, I said and raised my hand.

Christina Caravaggio, and she continued to read off the names. The only name she said besides my own that caught my attention was, Anthony Kiedis.

Present, he called out.

Excuse me, I asked to say here not present.

Sorry, Ms. McConnell.

Excuse me, I did not ask for an apology.

Sorry, Ms. McConnell.

Do I need to send you to the office?

No, Maam.

Thank you, Mr. Kiedis, now please behave yourself.

Youre welcome, Ms. McConnell.

She gave him a glare. Excuse me. Then she continued to read off the names. Robert Pallazzo.

Hes not here today, Tony said.

Excuse me, did I ask you?

No, I just

Ill send you to the office if you really want me to, Mr. Kiedis.

But I didnt do

Get in the hallway!

The class was having trouble holding in their laughter by now.


Mr. Kiedis, now!

He got up out of his seat and walked into the hallway as Ms. McConnell followed him. We all tried to stay quiet to hear what was going on. From the hallway we heard the two voices go back and forth at each other. Now, Mr. Kiedis, I dont need any more of your smart ass remarks for the rest of this class period, do you hear me?

There was no seriousness in his voice when he talked and this whole scenario was a big joke, but I dont think the substitute was catching on. But, Ms. McConnell, I

Excuse me, I was talking.

Sorry, Ms. McConnell.

Excuse me! I said thats enough of the smart ass remarks.

Yes, Maam.

Now go back into class and dont interrupt anyone anymore, ya hear?

Yeah, I hear.

Excuse me, Mr. Kiedis, Ms. McConnell continued to argue as they walked back in the room. Tony had that stupid smile on his face and Ms. McConnell was up to her shoulders in aggravation. Well now that that fiasco is over, I can start the lesson for Mrs. Collins.

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Chapter Seven

Lunch wasnt completely the same as it usually was today. We were all just talking and hanging out just as we always did, but today Tony and his friends passed by again. They passed by, he looked at me, looked away, then stopped walking. His friends kept on walking in the direction they had been going in the first place, but he just stood there for a moment as if he were collecting his thoughts. He then walked over to our group and introduced himself.

We know who you are! Emily said.

Yeah, umI was just uh, I wanted to talk toDani for a minute.

Oh she said shocked. Well the answer is no.

What? Listen, can I just talk to you. Its kinda important.

Ugh, fine.

They walked into the next hallway and I was really upset. Tony was going to ask out Dani Ana Abby said. Are you alright

Yeah, I said with a fake smile. I didnt think Id actually be this upset to see him with another girl, I mean, I barely knew him. Im fine, I lied.

See, I told you, Kurt said, you dont want anything to do with him.


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Chapter Eight

Kurts POV

Ana and I sat in biology together as always. Youll be getting your packets back today, Ms. Everhart said, Ive graded them on what youve accomplished. Some of youdid better than others. Those others will need to improve. We got our work back and all mine said was, See me after class! I looked over Anas shoulder: 20/20

I turned my paper over and slumped back in my chair. The one teacher I actually kind of liked probably hated me now.

At the end of class, I tried to sneak out with everyone else but she didnt let me go. Kurt, Id actually like to talk to you for a minute if you dont mind.

Do you want me to stay with you? Ana asked.

I shook my head. No, its fine.

Alright. She threw one arm around me really quick then left. See you later.

I walked over to Ms. Everhart. Do you know why I want to talk to you? she asked.

I looked down at my feet. Cause I didnt do any of my work.

Well, not exactly. Im a little concerned about you, Kurt. You never blow off your classwork. Is everything alright? At school, home, anywhere else?

I shook my head. Yeah, everythings fine.

You can talk to me, I wont tell anyone. Im not forcing you to open up, but Im always here if you need to talk, alright?

Yeah, okay. I started to walk out of the room.

Oh but Kurt, I would like you to make up that assignment. Can you have it to me by tomorrow?

I nodded. Yeah, sure.

Thank you.

Picture: Ana

Chapter Nine

Anas POV

Lunch was a little unusual again today. Again, Tony and his friends passed by and again he stopped, his friends kept walking, and he said hello. Hey, he said and then looked at me, I was wondering if you wanted to come to this party with me.

I sat up shocked, pointed to myself, and then asked like an idiot, Me?

He nodded, Yeah, and then smiled.

Oh a little smile curled my lips. Yeah, Id love to. When?


Yeah sure!

Bring one of your friends if you want, he said. Where do you live?

Uh25 Everly Place.

Cool, Ill pick you up at eight, sound good?


See you then.

See you. Then I just sat there dumbfounded as he caught to his friends. They looked back at me for a second then they all walked away. Oh my godoh my god! What the hell just happened? What just happened??

You just agreed to go on a date with Tony, Emily said giving me a look.

Well he didnt say it was a date, Kurt said.

Oh shut up and let me have my fun, I jokingly scolded him. So what did he talk to you about before, Dani?

He asked me if you were single and if youd say yes if he asked you out.

Really?? I thought hed asked you out!

Nope. It was honestly kind of cute. He doesnt do that with the girls he goes with. Maybe he wants to be serious about you.

He better be!

All my friends laughed at me.


Nothing, youre just stupid sometimes, Abby said.

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Chapter Ten

I had chosen Dani to go with me since her and Anthony already seemed to have some sort of relationship or at least I guessed they did since he had asked her about me the other day plus shes good at this kind of stuff.

Anyway, she was helping me pick out something to wear because I was so fashionably illiterate. I dont think youre gonna find anything in there, I said as she rummaged through my drawers and closet. My whole wardrobe consists of jeans, flannels, and old tee shirts.

Yeah, no kidding. Well Tony definitely didnt ask you out because of your style.

Heh heh, funny.

Sorry, she laughed. No but seriously, I dont know what youre gonna wear.

What about Alexs stuff?

Did she leave anything here? Dani asked.

Almost everything. We walked into my sisters room. She was at college now and she had left almost all her stuff here. She rarely ever visits but she said I could take whatever I just never did because we have very different styles.

Why didnt you tell me this earlier? You couldve been dressed twenty minutes ago! She looked through the clothes in Alexs room and to no surprise, she found something. So here, she threw some stuff at me. Just wear this shirt, these pants, and these boots.

You couldnt have gotten this stuff from my room? All I had in my hands were a pair of dark jeans, a grey tank top, and black boots with a little heel.

Here stuff is just better. Plus, you dont wanna over do it.

I sighed, Oookay. Then I got dressed and went downstairs to meet Dani. To my surprise, she was sitting at the kitchen table with Kurt. What are you doing here? I asked.

He looked up at me and smiled a little. God, you look beautiful.

I think I blushed a little. Yeah I was wearing my sisters clothes and I paid a little bit more attention to my hair and makeup than I usually did, but I didnt see how I looked all that different.

I just wanted to stop by, he added. He got up and walked towards me. Wait, whats this? He looked down at my shirt. We live in Seattle, Ana. And its almost October. And its nearly eight oclock. What the hell are you doing with just that on?

I smiled up at him. Youre cute.

Ana, Im serious! Youre going to a high school party too.

Kurt, Ill be fine. I promise.

No! Take my jacket, I dont need it!

Kurt, Im going out with another guy, Im not gonna wear your sweatshirt.

And why not?


Dont Kurt me! Take the god damn sweat shirt!

The doorbell rang. Well, thats Tony and his friend, we better go.

Not even a goodbye? he protested like he was my father.

Good bye, Kurt. I opened the door. Hey, I said with a smile.

Hi. He smiled back at me.

I turned around. You gonna be waiting here to make sure I get home?

Youre on a roll tonight missy. Dont do anything stupid.

Same rule goes for you then.

Dani walked to the door. We should go, Ana. HI, Tony.

Okay, well Kurt wont stop talking.

He came up behind me and hugged me. Im serious. Dont be stupid. He kissed my cheek and I winced like he was my mother embarrassing me.

Yeah, yeah. See you later. I nudged him off of me.

Picture: Anthiny and Hillel being themselves XD (Hillel is coming up in this next chapter)

Chapter Eleven

Hillel, Anthonys friend, and Dani actually kind of hit it off in the car, so they had no problem going off on their own at the party. Hey, Tony! Someone came up to us. Here! Have a drink, man!

Fine, but just one tonight, Tony said. I got company, I cant be getting shitfaced.

The guy laughed. Ha! Tony, youre getting soft!

Alright, Robbie, get the hell outta here.

Okay, Tony, you got it! The guy left. So this was a high school party, a bunch of loud, drunk people listening to music and dancing like idiots. This was new to me, it was kind of cool, but I had no intentions of drinking.

You want any? Tony held his cup out to me.

What is it? Beer?


No thanks, I dont drink.

So you are a good girl. He smiled a little.

Yeah I guess so. I shrugged with a little smile.

Are you up for trying new things?

Yeah, Im down for whatever.

Cool, he laughed, youre gonna have fun tonight.


Picture: Flea, Anthony, and Hillel (Sorry, I know we all love Flea, but he's not in the story yet) And they're a little young in this picture

Chapter Twelve

Its been two hours and Tony and I were pretty comfortable around each other by now. Honestly, Tony was really cool. He wasnt that jerky stereotypical guy that everyone gave him credit for. He was really nice and funny and he knew when to shut up and he wasnt just trying to use me or whatever he was really cool.

Souh, I dont mean to be rude or anything, he said, but whats the deal with you and Kurtis his name?

Yeah, thats Kurt, I said, hes like a brother to me, dont worry about him.

Oh no! I wasnt worried! I justII dont know. I he stuttered. Sorry. Justnevermind.

I laughed a little. Dont apologies, and dont be nervous.

He smiled at me. Youre really cute you know.

I know I blushed this time. Thanks, so are you. I mean you know what I mean.

He laughed a little. See?

Hey Ana! I heard Dani yell. I looked over Tonys shoulder and saw Dani and Hillel sitting in a circle on the floor. Hey, come over here!

Whats going on over there? Tony whispered without turning around.

UhhI dont know.

He turned around and almost screamed while he laughed out, Oh come on! What are you guys in grade school?

I put my hand on his shoulder. Whats going on?

Theyre playing Seven Minutes in Heaven.

Come on, you babies! Dani yelled. Get the hell over here!

Do you wanna go? Tony asked with that stupid smile of his.

If you want to, I shrugged.

Come on.

Yeah! Ana! Tony! Lets do this!

We joined them in the circle and to be honest, I was a little nervous. I didnt really know anybody here besides Tony and I barely knew Hillel. There was a cup with boys names in it. I took it and picked a slip out then passed it on to Dani. When everyone got their partner, Dani said, Alright, everyone read out who you got. Ill go first. Okay, I got Tony, sorry Ana.

I got Robbie, I said, not too thrilled. And so the names went on.

I scooted closer to Dani. Hey you wanna switch? I whispered.

No! But relax, she said, its just a game.

I sighed and put my paper back in the cup. I think Ana should go first! Robbie yelled.

What? Me? No! I think Dani shouldwait noI guess Ill go first I stood up and walked to the closet. Robbie followed and slapped by butt. I pushed him a little. Cut it out! Go to hell! I turned around and looked at Tony one last time before meeting my doom. Yall better tell us when seven minutes are up! And dont be afraid to interrupt! I said before I got dragged behind the door.

He moved closer, and closer, and sadly, closer. This was going to be the longest seven minutes of my life. All of the sudden, the door swung open and in came Tony. Hey! he yelled. Hope I wasnt intruding on anything! Uh, Robbie, heyget out. Tony wedged his way in and pushed Robbie out then slammed the door. Hey. I couldnt see him too well, but I knew he was wearing that famous smile of his confidently.

I laughed. Youre crazy, Tony.

Yeah well He paused then sighed. We dont have to do this if you dont want. We can wait it out. He sat down on the floor and made room for me to sit next to him.

I sighed and sat next to him. So

He copied my sigh. So he mimicked. I felt his hand brush against mine. Oh, sorry. He pulled away.

My hand went in search of his again. Its alright.

He turned his handed around and messed his fingers in between mine. Hey, Ana.


Can you look up at me?

I turned my head. Yeah why?

So I have a better chance of not missing, he said quickly before pressing his lips to mine. He pulled away after a couple seconds then took a deep breath. Sorry.

I kissed him back shorter than hed kissed me. Dont worry about it.

So were good?

Yeah, were good.


Picture: Anthony and that beautiful shirt of his

Chapter Thirteen

Tony walked me to my front door to say our good byes, we had dropped off Dani earlier. So Ill see you in school Monday, he said with a smile and not his big cheesy one this time it was softer.

Yeah. I met him in the middle to give him a kiss good bye.

See ya.

Bye. I watched him walk to his car, then I turned to unlock my door. I went upstairs to my room and found Kurt passed out on my bed in the millions of layers of clothes he always wore. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and get all my makeup off then hopped in the shower really quick before I went back into my room to get changed into my pajamas.

I pulled the blanket down on my bed then laid down next to Kurt. I looked at him for a minute then pushed his hair out of his face. I closed my eyes and moved a little closer. He was so beautiful, I dont know how he didnt see it.

Picture: Kurt being adorable c:

Chapter Fourteen

It was a little passed noon and Kurt still hadnt woken up. I even went to go check on him occasionally, he was always sleeping. I was a little worried about him in all honesty. I had gotten home at one the night before and he was already passed out, so hes been sleeping for over eleven hours. As far as I knew, he didnt like to sleep his days away.

I went to go check on him one more time at around one and he was just getting out of bed. Hey, I said getting his attention.

Oh, heywhat time is it?

Almost one oclock.

Damnhey, can I stay here for the rest of the weekend?

Yeahwhats going on?

Ehmy dad doesnt want me anyway.

What? What are you talking about? Thats not true!

It is! He said he doesnt want me and that hes gonna give me away soon enough! Im just a problem he doesnt want to deal with.

I ran over to him and sat on the bed next to him. Kurt dont talk like that, your father loves you.

Then why does he wanna give me up?? Huh? Why does he just wanna leave me so he wont have to deal with me anymore? He never talks shit like this to Kim or Brianne or Chad!

Kurt, theyre so much younger than you! And Chad is barely a year old yet! You cant use your siblings as an excuse. Kurt, dont worry. You guys probably just got in a fight and he was mad and said things he didnt mean.

Kim is only three years younger. And you dont say that to your kid by accident, Ana. You just dont. Plus hes said it more than once. He just wants me gone just like everyone else.

Kurt, look at me. He did so, and it killed me, he looked like he was about to cry. Kurt, I love you, Ill always love you. Dont you ever, ever think otherwise.

He didnt say anything, he just looked at me for a minute and then nudged his way into my arms like a lost little puppy.

Picture: Kurt and Kim when they were really young cx

Chapter Fifteen

Can you please tell me everything that happened??? Emily questioned me in math class. No! Tell me later! Here he comes!

Stop being so weird! I turned around and saw Tony walking in the class room. Hey, Tony.

Hi, Ana. He came up behind me and hugged me in my seat then kissed my cheek. So whats going on for this week?

You know me, Im down for whatever.

Alright, Ill be planning something. Wanna be cheesy and write your number on my arm so I can call you later? He stuck his arm out next to me. I got a marker out, held his wrist, and then wrote in big numbers and took as much space up at possible just to be annoying. You really wanna let people know Im taken, huh?

Damn straight. I gave him his arm back.

Okay, okay. Sit down everyone, Ms. Collins said walking to the front of the room. Tony let me have one more of his smiles before he went to go sit. So todayyy.we will be learning about

Ms. Collins! Tony said and raised his hand. Ms. Collins can I move up closer? I

Anthony, please, Ms. Collins interrupted him. Give me a minute.


So today we will be

Sorry, Ms. Collins?

What now Anthony?

UmI really need to move up closer, I

Ugh, Anthony, I dont care, pick a seat in front and stop disrupting the class.

Thank you, Ms. Collins! Tony took his backpack and jumped in the seat behind me. He poked back. Hi.

I couldnt help the smile that grew on my face.

Picture: Anthony is obviously a little bit older here because again, he looks like he's preforming

Chapter Sixteen

Kurts POV

Hey! HeyKurt! I turned around in the hallway and saw Tony running up to me. Hey, man.

Hi, I said plainly. I looked over at him, we were just about the same height which was weird because I pictured him being a lot taller than me.

Soyou wanna hang out sometimemaybe?


Well, just cause youre Anas best friend and I really like her. I just thought itd beI dont know

You want easy access or something?

No, I justshes a really nice girl and she seems to really, really like you so itd be great if we got along alright.

I sighed. Yeah, sure, I guess so.

Soyou, me, and Ana this weekend?

Yeah, sure.

Cool, man. He slapped me on the shoulder then walked away.

Picture: Kurt c:

Chapter Seventeen

Kurts POV

Kurt, you need to be more involved with your school as far as athletics go.

But dad, I

No, Im going to go down to the school tomorrow and sign you up.

No, but I

Kurt. Its final, no more questions. Anything you want me to consider as an option before I pick for myself?

I stayed quiet.

Well go upstairs then and get started on your homework, dinners almost ready. Get your brother and sisters.

Kim is my only real sister, I mumbled as I walked up the stairs to my room. Kim! Brianne! Dinners almost ready! Get Chad!

If I wanted you to yell, Kurt, my dad called up the stairs, I wouldve just done it myself.

I walked in my room and closed the door then threw my backpack on the floor along with every other possession I had besides the clothes I was wearing. I flopped back on my bed and just laid there for a minute.

Kurt! I didnt like it when people yelled my name, it made me feel bad, like I had completely disappointed someone, but there were two exceptions to that, Kim and Ana. And this time, it was Kim. Hi, Kurt. She jumped on my bed next to me and sat on her knees.

Hi, Kim.

Whatre you doing? she asked like a little kid.


For what?

I took a deep breath and then turned to look at her. You wanna come to the music store with me and Ana later?

Mmmmm, she thought for a second. Yeah, sure.

Cool, come on.

Sitting at dinner was painful. As usual, I sat there, ate my food, and just listened to the conversation going on. So Kurts decided to try out for a sport at school, my father said to Jenny, my stepmom.

Oh thats great, Kurt. What are you going to try out for? Jenny asked me.

I shrugged my shoulders and looked down at my plate. Why dont you ask my dad?

Don, she said to my dad seemingly concerned.

What? He needs to do something a man should do. He needs to do something other than listen to thatmusic. Hes almost done with high school, youd figure the kids would start to tease him by now.

I dropped my fork on my plate causing a really loud clattering sound.


Kim, are you almost done? I questioned.

She shoved the last bit of food from her plate in her mouth. I stood up and held my hand out for her to take.

Young man, where do you think youre going with your little sister? my father yelled.

Shell be back by seven, calm down! And shes already thirteen, shes not that little anymore and neither am I! Trust me for once! I slammed the front door and ran down the sidewalk with Kim.

Once we got as far as two or three blocks, she started to complain, Kurt, can we stop running now?

Yeah I slowed down. Sorry. Sorry about that whole thing. I put my right hand on her right shoulder. Come on, hurry up though.

Picture: 17 year old Kurt

Chapter Eighteen

Kurts POV

I walked through the music store as Kim blabbed to Ana about what had happened. Can I just move in with you, Ana? I asked.

I wouldnt mind.

Can I go with you, Kurt? I dont wanna go home to dad.

Dont you go hating him too, Kim. Its not worth it. Youre too young to be pulling the teenage bullshit that I do.

But he really pissed you off.

Because of more teenage bullshit, Kim. Dont let it bother you. Dad has a problem with me, not you. Dont make it become a problem for you.

Hes right, Kim. You should stay sweet and innocent for as long as possible. Because once you lose that, you lose a lot. Love your daddy and love your mommy equally because they havent done anything to hurt you.

Yeah and parents always give the oldest and youngest children all the crap. Youre safe, Kim. And Ive set low standards for all you, youll do just fine with mom and dad.

But Im the youngest to mom.

Dont listen to him, Ana said. Youre all gonna do fine. Youre just bullshitting yourself, Kurt.

Are you guys getting anything? I asked trying to change the subject.

No, Ana sighed knowing I was trying to get out of the conversation.

Wait, I couldve gotten something? Kim asked.

Do you have any money?


Then you couldnt have gotten anything. I put the record on the checkout counter.

You were rushing me! she argued.

Dad was being an asshole.

Sex Pistols, theyre new, the guy said, its a good album though. Theyre gonna be big I think. You have a good taste in music kid.

I smiled at him, handed my money over, and then walked out of the store with my new record in its bag. So uh, has Tony talked to you at all?

Yeahhes talked to me, she laughed.

I mean, has he talked to you about me?


Well he talked to me the other day. He said he wanted all of us to hang out, but

Oh Kurt, will you, please? she cut me off. Youll like him a lot! I promise you will! Hes not what everyone says he is. Hes so nice and funny and

Ana! Okay! Ill do it! Just calm down, what are we doing?

Well I dont know, Im just finding out about this. Come over and well talk about it.

Can I stay over the rest of the week?


Can I come with you Kurt? Kim asked.

I told you, Kim, youre not the one that dad hates.

Well, he doesnt hate you either so

Yeah he does, Kim! Come on, were walking you home. I gotta get some stuff anyway.

Picture: Ana

Chapter Nineteen

Tonys POV



The phone!

I scrambled off my bed and down the stairs. Thanks. I took the phone from Jacki. Hello?

Hey, Tony!

Oh hi, Ana! Whats up?

I was just wondering what you wanted to do this weekend. Kurt said you wanted the three of us to hang out so she kept talking but I kind of zoned out because Jacki kept trying to talk to me.

What the hell is this? she yelled. I tried to shoo her away and keep listening to Ana, but Jacki just kept talking and complaining about stuff I keep leaving around the house. Anthony, Im talking to you. What is this?

So what do you wanna do? Ana asked about the same time Jacki had asked her question.

Nothing! I yelled at Jacki.

What? Ana asked.

Oh, no, not you.

Who are you talking to?

Hold on just gimme a minute. I held my hand over the phone. Would you get outta here! Im tryina talk to someone!

Anthony! You just wait til you get off the phone mister! You just wait! Jacki stomped off upstairs and I watched her walk into my room.

Where the hell are you goin? I yelled at her.

Just look at this mess, Anthony! How the hell do you live in here!?

Jacki, come on, can we talk about this later?!

You just wait, mister, you just wait!

Ugh. I put the phone back up to my ear. Sorry, my Aunts just driving me crazy again. So whats going on?

You wanna hang out this weekend? You, me, and Kurt? He was telling me about you saying something like that.

Oh! Oh yeah! Hey, Ill pick you up uhhhFriday night. Nothing fancy, okay?

Okay, cool. What time?

Anthony, what is this??? Jacki came stomping down the stairs.

UhhSix! I gotta go! Ill call you later!

Oh, okay. Bye.

Yeah, yeah! Bye! I threw the phone back on the wall and saved myself from the embarrassment to come. I was preparing to get my head ripped off.

Anthony! What the hell is this? She ran up next to me holding a cigarette butt in between her two fingers.

Its probably yours!

I found it in your room!

Really says something, huh? Maybe you should stay outta my room.

Anthony! Dont you play dumb with me!

It was a friends, calm down, alright?!

Yeah, you just keep playing your games! Ill catch you one day, Anthony. Then you wont be able to say its a friends anymore, now will you?!

I started heading back up to my room. You goin out Friday, Jacki?

Yeah, why?

Just wondering.

Yeah, Im sure! Dont you go taking the car out!

I wont, calm down!

Picture: Ana

Chapter Twenty

Ana's POV

"Ana!" I heard my mom call. "There's someone at the door for you!"

"Oh god!" I grabbed Kurt's hand then jumped off my bed and dragged him down the stairs. "Moooooom!!! Don't say something stupid!!" I pushed her out of the door way.

"Who's this, honey?"

"Uh...this is my friend, Tony. Tony, I guess you've already met my mom," I sighed.

"Ooh, Tony. How old is uh, Tony?"

"Mom!" I whined. Tony laughed a little. "Don't you laugh at me!" I pointed at him.

"Ooh! I'm so scared!" he joked.

I gave him a look.

He hid his smile as he cleared him throat. "Sorry..."

I turned back to my mom. "He's seventeen."

"Well, come on! Come in! Don't just leave him standing out there!" My mom pulled him in our house then shut the door. "Do you want anything to drink or eat, Tony?"

"Oh, no thank you, Mrs. Bertoli."

"Oh! I forgot something in my room. Tony, come with me!" I grabbed his hand and ran back up the stairs.

"You're up there for more than five minutes and I'm sending Kurt up there!" my mom called.

I rolled my eyes and ignored her. I grabbed my small wallet and shoved it in my back pocket - I didn't like carrying a purse, too much effort.

"Hey," Tony said. I turned to look at him and he moved closer and closer to me. "I didn't get a proper hello," he said with a smile and put his arms around my waist. I smiled back at him and rested my hands on his shoulders as he kissed my lips softly.

I kissed his cheek. "Hey," I smiled.

"Hi," he smiled back. "Can't we just stay here?"

"What's Kurt gonna do? He's staying here the whole week."

"Huh? Why? Where?"

"Just...'cause. He's staying in my room."

"Where are you staying?" he asked suspiciously.

"In my room."

"Uhhhhmmm..." He raised an eyebrow.

"Would you relax? He's like my brother."

"Yeah...but...I don't know, nevermind. I'm just jealous. I mean, your brother gets to sleep with you and I don't? That's just wrong."

"Ew, Tony," I laughed. "Come on, let's go before my mom goes crazy." I pulled him back down the stairs.

"It's about time," my mom said.

"Bye, mom, we'll see you later." I hugged her and just as I was about to follow Tony and Kurt out the door, she held me back.

"Just what exactly were you and Tony doing your room?" she asked.


"I have a feeling you two are more than just friends."


"He has lipstick on his cheek." She smiled at me. "Better tell him. Have fun tonight, Ana."

I sighed with a little smile. "Thanks mom." I ran out to the car and sat in the back seat, Kurt and Tony had the front, but I didn't mind. I leaned into the driver's seat and wiped the pink off of Tony's cheek. "You gave us away," I joked.

"You're the one that can't keep off of me."

"Okay, Mr. 'I didn't get a proper hello'."

Kurt's POV

I slouched down in my seat. If conversation kept going like this, I don't think I could spend the whole night with these two.

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Chapter Twenty One

Kurts POV

The night went better than I expected but I was honestly just quiet most of the time, as usual. I expected Tony to just be kind of annoying the entire night, but Ana was right he was a really nice guy, he really was. He just had a lot more energy than I did and was a lot louder.

Tonys POV

Kurt was pretty cool. I mean he was really quiet but he was justIm glad he was Anas friend and not some idiot. I just wish Id gotten to know him a little more, but hey, hes a quiet kid and thats that. Well, I had one icebreaker left to try.

Anas POV

I was sitting in the back again, Kurt and Tony sat in the front again. I was kind of glad because that meant Kurt still liked Tony enough to sit next to him again. The rest of the night turned out pretty good too.

So uh Tony started. I could tell he was deciding whether to say it or not. You uhyou want one? He held out something to Kurt.

Ugh, yeah man. I need one of those. Thanks. Kurt took whatever Tony was offering and lit it up. Ugh, great.

You guys better not be getting screwed up.

Tonys just gonna have one, Kurt said, hes driving. Tony laughed a little.

All of the sudden, I smelled something horrible, kind of like skunk. God really, weed? Now lets just hope we dont get caught I was probably going to go home smelling like pot though, not good. It was a while before a siren with red and blue flashing lights started up behind us.

Shit! Tony mumbled.

Kurt laughed. Youre screwed.

Were all screwed! I panicked.

Shut up! Tony yelled. Act natural and we wont get caught! Just shut up!

This whole car smells like weed! I argued. How are we gonna

Shut up! he yelled again. He pulled over, the police car followed, and the cop came to the side of the car. Hey, officer, I

Zip it kid. I pulled you over to tell you that your bumper was falling off and I was gonna help you fix it up a little but you look a little young to be driving, you have a license? the police man askd.

Uhyeah. He turned to the back of the car and started pushing me franticly. Move, move! he whispered. He dug around under my feet and sat back up with a little card in his hand. Uhhere ya go.

He took it from Tony and looked at it. Youre seventeen.


And your friends are how old?

Would you believe this kid over here is really thirty? Tony laughed nervously.

Id like you all to step out of the car, please.

But I

Mr. uhKiedis. Please dont argue. He gave Tony back his license and walked back towards the flashing lights.

Cant I just gun it right now and we can get outta here?

Tonydont be stupid.

Ugh, fine. He opened the door, got out, and then slammed it shut. Kurt and I did the same. We all sat on the curb Tony sat in the middle.

Im going to have to get your parents over here, the cop said walking back over. Can the three of you please stand up?

We did as we were told.

My god, its bad enough youre an under aged driver but youre he took a step closer to Tony. Youre high too? You been smokin anything tonight?

No, I justmy grandma died and my eyes are a little red from all the crying, sir.

The cop looked over at Kurt. Whats your excuse?

UhhhIm his brother.

He then looked over at me. Youre fine. He sighed. So youre telling me that if I search this vehicle, I wont find any drugs?

Wellthats not what I said. I said I wasnt on any Theres a difference

Kurt punched Anthony in the arm for the stupid comment and Tony elbowed Kurt back without looking at him and nearly knocked him over. Tony grabbed his am and pulled him back upright.

I mean, my aunt, Tony said, she smokes a lot of weed. And you might find some of her shit in there Thats it

Your aunt?

I live with my aunt cause my dad wasnt taking care of me right according to judge whats-his-face, and my mom moved on by that point so I went in with my aunt.

Okay kid, I dont need a sob story. You couldve just said you lived with your aunt. The cop turned to go look through the car.

It wasnt meant to be sob story, sir. Tony turned to me and shrugged then looked back at the cop and made a face at him while his back was turned.

So we got a wise ass over here? the officer said while looking through the front of Tonys car.

Can we please go, officer? Kurt asked. Im not really in the mood to get busted tonight and Tony threw one hand behind Kurts head and the other over his mouth.

Hes just a little tired, Tony laughed, then turned to Kurt and whispered, Would you shut the hell up?!

Sorry, man. You gave me weed. Im just a little tired, he mocked Tony and then laughed.

Is that true? the police man asked after hearing Kurts comments. Did you give this boy drugs?

No! I just said hes a little tired is all!

Yeah tired cause of the three joints I just smoked.

I looked over at Kurt and pushed him.

Or was it four

I threw my face in my hands. Tony groaned, If you werent so damn cute, Id knock the fucking wind outta you right now!

What? Dont act like you didnt lite anything up! Waitmaybe it was most of the bag Toyn, how many joints dyou think you had in there?

Kurt! Just shut the hell up!


Yeah, I think your uh brother and this bag of marijuana just gave you all away. The man sighed. Im going to have to take you all down to the station.

What? But I wasnt even doing anything! I argued.

I think its best you dont make this situation worse for yourself, young lady. Dont fight it. Im going to have to call your parents and confiscate this bagwell, whats left of it at least.

Tony and I looked at each other, then I looked at Kurthe wasnt going to be any help.

Picture: Ana

Chapter Twenty Two

Kurt, Tony and I sat on the bench in the jailhouse with a couple of older men and a younger looking woman across the hallway. They were all staring at us. Eventually Tony put his hand up as a little wave and said, Hi. They just kept staring at us. The girl was wearing an overly tight skirt with an extremely low cut shirt and chewed on her gum a million times louder than she needed to.

Hey, she said with a disgusted kind of look on her face.

Dont talk to em Gean, one of the guys said. They both had annoying accents, like they were from somewhere on the east coast like New York or Jersey.

Dont talk to me, Joey! she barked back at him. I can do what I want!

You shut the hell up, bitch! You dont know what youre sayin! You aint as smart as me!

I aint as smart as you?! Ill tell you somethin, mista! Youre a bone head and dont know whatcha even sayin half the time! Im smart! Im not the one who got us in here, am I?

Yeah and by the enda the day, youre still sleepin in my bed! So shut the hell up, you slut!

Fuck you, Joey!

Thats all your good for, aint it?!

Hey Hey. Hey! Kurt yelled slouched back against the wall. Dont you talk to her like that! he mumbled and shook his finger in the air woozily. Shes your lady and you talk to herwith respect!

Whos the kid? the girl asked. And whats he on?

Hes uhhes just a little tired, Tony sighed and looked down at his hands in his lap.

I raised an eyebrow at him. Youre really gonna pull that one again after what happened?

Theyre not cops, are they?

Stop it, you! Kurt yelled. You big penis without a penis! Dont talk to her that way!

Kurt, why dont you come over here and sit with me? I asked.

He groaned and moaned. Fine! He got up and sat on my lap then leaned back.

Youre a lot lighter than I thought youd be.

He moaned then turned and threw his legs up on Tonys lap and his arms around me then rested his head on my shoulder. Im tired.

I told you he was tired! Tony yelled.

These kids are weird, the lady said.

Thats why you dont talk to em, Gean, Joey said.

Go ta hell!

Fuck you!

I thought fucking was my job?!

I tried to tune them out.

Tony, Im tired, too. Where are our parents?

I dont know, Im kinda with you two on that one. I thought they were gonna be here soon. He put his head on my other shoulder and then took my hand the one that wasnt being occupied by holding up Kurt.

About twenty minutes later when my mom walked in, I could tell she was mad, it was just the whole look on her face, but once she saw me and Kurt and Tony all the anger just kind of seemed to lift from her face with a sigh. She looked back up at us with her hands on her hips and laughed a little. I dont think I could stay mad after seeing this.

Shhh! Theyre sleeping. And they both were.

Well, I at least want an explanation, she said turning serious.

I shook my right shoulder and Tony sat straight up. Ask him.

Tony looked around with his eyes half closed. Whats going on

Care to explain to my mom why were here.

Oh, shit. Sorry, Mrs. Bertoli, its all my fault really. I shouldnt have been driving with both of them in the car, I just

Wait, wait, wait. Why?

Cause Im only seventeen and we got pulled over and the cop found out and we were

And thats what they hauled you in here for? Really, all three of you too?

Well, not exactly we were kindasmoking a little too

Smoking? my mom asked.

I little? I commented.

Ana? my mom looked at me.

Oh no! Mom no! I wasnt doing anything, dont worry! I promise! You can even ask the cop! I swear, I wasnt!

She wasnt, Mrs. Bertoli. It was just me and Kurt.

My mom sighed. I

I promise mom, I wasnt! I

Ana! I was about to say that I believe you, if you wouldve let me finish.

Ohsorry. And sorry about this whole thing, mom.

Dont let something like this happen again cause I might not be able to get you and god knows your dad wouldnt come to get you.

Id rather stay here than have him come pick me up anyway I mumbled.

Kurt! My mom turned around and saw Jenny walking in the room. Kurt Donald Cobain!

His head jerked up and I looked down where his head was. Ew, you drooled on my shirt.

Sorry He used his sweatshirt sleeve to clean my shoulder.

Kurt! Jenny yelled one more time.

Huh? he looked up at her.

Do you know your father wouldnt even come down here to pick you up because he was too ashamed? Boy, hes really gonna get you good when we get home!

Oh would you can it, Jen? my mom yelled.

Excuse me?

He wasnt doing anything wrong! It was all Tonys fault!

Um, okay, Tony grunted.

I dont care who Tony is, I just know that my baby boy got arrested and his daddy isnt too happy about it.

Im not your son! Kurt yelled. Ill never, ever be your son no matter how many rings my father gets you or how many other kids you guys have together! I am not your son!

Kurt, dont you talk like that

And Chad isnt my brother and Breanne isnt my sister! You arent my real mom so I dont know why youre the one here to get me!

Kurt, you will come home with me whether you like it or not!

He stood up and stormed out the door. I looked down at my lap and shook my head slightly.

I have no idea whats gotten into that boy lately.

I looked up at her. You gotta be easier on him! You and his dad both do. Hes really going through a rough time at school right now and everyone at home is just making it worse! I stood up to go find him. He was sitting on the curb with his head in his hands. I sighed and then sat next to him. Dont worry, babe. It gets better. Trust me, it will. Two more years and you can get outta here. You can go wherever you want.

He sighed and tilted his head against mine. Ill believe that when it happens.

So, I heard Tonys voice, I hear youre really into music.

Kurt looked up at him. Yeahso

Thats really awesome. I like music a lot better than any of that other crap guys these days do.


Tony sat on the other side of him. Yeah. Musics my thing, anyone who doesnt like music is kinda useless to me.

Tony had no idea, but that really meant a lot to Kurt and I could tell. It might have been random and out of nowhere and he probably didnt know where he was going with it but it was perfect. Its what Kurt needed to hear and from someone other than me.

We all jumped out of our skin a little when we heard a car door slam. Anthony!

This ones for me, Tony sighed.

Anthony get the hell up! No, you know what Im not even gonna be mad. What is this? The third time youve been down here?

He shrugged and stood up. Probably.

Lets go, the lady sighed and walked him back into the station. After a minute, I walked back in with Kurt.

After everyone got everything sorted out we all said our goodbyes for the night. I hugged Kurt. Dont worry about this too much. Its not worth it, I promise. And you know Im here for you. I pulled back from his hug then pecked his cheek. I love you.

He looked at me with eyes that said please dont leave me, then he squeezed me one more time and left with Jenny. Its amazing how much a little bit of sleep can change your mood or get the drugs out of your system. Tony put his hand on my shoulder and I turned around.

Hey, sorry about all this. That was a stupid ideatoyou know.

Dont worry about it, honest, its fine.

He kissed the corner of my lips. Ill call you tomorrow, probably.

Okay. Good luck at home.

I wont need. Jacki isnt all that scary. Keep an eye on Kurt though, alright?

I nodded. Of course I will.

Sorry again, Mrs. Bertoli, Tony said.

Dont worry about it, Tony, my mom said.

Damn, your mom is cool.

Shes alright. I smiled.

Anthony! Lets go!

Alright, alright, Jacki. Calm down. Bye, Ana.


She pushed him out the double doors. Then it was my and my moms turn to leave.

Picture: Ana

Chapter Twenty Three

So tell us! Abby begged. What the hell is going on with you and Tony?

Ooh! Yeah, yeah! Emily added. Kurt tried to ignore the conversation and Dani just simply wasnt interested, and I really couldnt blame them.

I shrugged. I dont know. I like him and he likes me. What else is there to tell?

We mean, like, whats happened so far? Emily asked.

Yeah! How far have you guys gone? Abby questioned.

Ugh! You guys are gross. I rolled my eyes and sat back. We kissed. Thats all.

Thats a lie, Abby said. Tonys a dirty guy. You guys didnt just kiss.

Oh my god! All we did was kiss! And he is not like that! What the hell is wrong with you guys?

Hey, Ana, Tony said walking up to us. You wanna come sit with us at lunch today?

I got up. Yeah, screw you guys. Im not staying here.

Im coming too! Dani said standing up and throwing herself onto Hillel.

Hey, Tony? I asked before we left the group.


They dont believe me that all weve done is kissed.

He looked confused. What?

Ana! Emily yelled. Youre not supposed to tell him that we talk about you guys!

I rolled my eyes at her. Well, maybe you can answer the question, I said to Tony. How far have we gone?

He leaned forward and placed his lips on mine for a couple seconds. Thats how far.

Thank you! I turned to Abby and Emily and stuck my tongue out. We walked away leaving them shocked.

So, are you known as some kind of slut with them?

I laughed. No, you are.

Me?! Hm. He put his hand in the back pocket of my jeans, and that surprised me a little but in a good way. I dont know where theyd get that idea from.

I giggled and put head on his shoulder.

Kurts POV

I was just about to leave gym class when Coach Daniels stopped me. Hey! Cobain!

I turned around. Yes, coach?

He walked up to me. So youre coming to wrestling try outs, right?

I am?

Your father came in this morning and signed you up. Be here in the gym next Friday after school.

Picture: Kurt on the wrestling team

Chapter Twenty Four

Tonys POV

Go sit down, Ana said. Im just gonna let Kurt know Im here. I sat up on the bleachers in the gym and then watched Ana walk over to Kurt and hug him. I wished she trusted me like she did him but then again, they have known each other for a really long time But still! I mean, he could practically do no wrong in her eyes, if he murdered someone she would still convince herself that hed done the right thing. And me, I can barely touch her ass without her nearly jumping out of her skin.

She started walking up the bleachers, but when she got up to me she didnt sit down. She just took my hand then said, Come sit closer to Kurt.

I sighed then got up. Alright.

Whats wrong? she asked.


Somethings wrong. Come on, you can tell me. She tried to pull her hand away but I just hung onto it tighter.

We sat down. Nothings wrong, I promise! Juststay close to me. I wrapped my arm around her body then pulled her as close as possible.

Okay, theres definitely something going on, she said.

Just watch Kurt for now. Youll find out later. I had just come up with a plan. I really, really, really liked her. And her relationship with other guys did make me a little jealous. But it wasnt even that I thought that shed leave me for Kurt, I knew their relationship and I knew how they both were. Something like that wouldnt just happen. But for some reason, I was still furiously jealous and I couldnt help it.

We were going to the movies later tonight, sooo

Tony! Ana threw her hand to my chest and knocked me out of my thoughts.

What! What?

Is Kurt doing good? I cant even see anything.

I sat up straight and tried to look over the crowd of people, but I couldnt see anything either, so I stood up. Come here, I said. She stood up in front of my, but I didnt mind because she had to at least be a half foot shorter than me and didnt block my view.

Whats going on? she asked. I cant follow any of this.

Damn, hes gonna make the team, I said surprised. Not just because he was a really skinny but because he really had no interest in anything like this. But for whatever motivation he had, he was doing really good.

So hes not getting his ass kicked?

No, hes kicking ass. Damn.

Okay, as long as hes not getting hurt

The try outs were done about twenty minutes later and we both walked down the bleachers to meet Kurt. You did really good, man, I said.

Yeah? Thanks. I dont know, I dont wanna do this, I just

Hey, Cobain! Whos your friend over here?

Hi, Coach. Im Tony.

Well, well, well. Hello, Tony. You work out?


You ever think about joining the team. You got a great build. Almost perfect for it. You could take this school far!

Nah. Its not really my thing. You should uhfocus on the guys that are really into this. This isnt really my thing. Plus Im tryina grow my hair out, I dont think that would work too well with this.

Its a shame. What do you wanna do when you leave high school?

Not really sure to be perfectly honest.

You should really think about joining the wrestling or football team.

Thanks, but I dont think its gonna happen. Sorry.

Alright. I tried. He turned to Kurt and nodded. You did good out there. Keep up the good work.

Kurt nodded then turned back to us. Alright, lets get the hell outta here.

Picture: Flea, Jack, Anthony, Hillel


Hey so I'm going to be changing the title of this book to Save The Population. If you're a current reader, the name of this book used to be Under The Bridge. If you're a future reader, you have nothing to worry about!

Chapter Twenty Five: Part One

Anas POV

Are you ready to go yet, Tony? I asked.

Hold on

Shouldnt it be the guy hustling the girl to get ready and not the other way around? I joked.

Hey, he looked at me seriously, thats racist. Then he went back to what he was doing.

What? I laughed. That doesnt make any sense. Come on, lets just go.

Ana! he whined like a little girl. Stop rushing me!

I laughed at him again. Were just going to the movies. Come on Toni, and thats with an i and not a y.

Oh my god! he shook his hands franticly by his shoulders. Stop it! Youre making me feel really self-conscious!

Well maybe if youd

He put his finger over my lips, but it was in no way romantic. Shh! Stop talking. Youre wasting time. Lets go. He ran out of my room and down the stairs.

Anthony! I stomped my foot then chased after him. He was waiting for me in the kitchen when I walked down the stairs.

Well its about time, I swear you girls take forever to get ready.

Oh no! Dont even give me that! I stormed up to him.

He smiled at me. I have to wait for you all night, and then Im the one that gets yelled at. Mmmmshame on you, Ana.

Anthony! I swear

I like it when you use my full name. He kept smiling down at me.

I shook my head. Yeah?

Yeah. He put his arms around me and rested his chin on the top of my head.

I closed my eyes for a minute and just stayed there. Okay, Anthony, lets go, were gonna be late.

Tonys POV

I sat in the theater with my arms around Ana and her head on my shoulder. Our movie was nearly empty with the exception of a few small groups. The movie was alright I guess, but I just liked sitting there with Ana. Actually, it was a romantic comedy and it was pretty boring but being with Ana made up for it. I wasnt even funny.

I looked around a little and saw two older kids nearly screwing each other a couple rows down. I sighed and looked at Ana I caught her yawning. I guess we werent going to be seeing any romance movies in the near future. I tilted my head downward and whispered, Hey.

She looked up at me and smiled.

So what do you think of the movie so far?

She made a face by wrinkling her nose and shrugged.

Yeah, same. I felt someone kick my seat and when I turned around, I saw a thirteen year old girl. Yes?

Would ya shut up? Im tryina watch this!

Sorry. I turned back to Ana and she was snickering at me.

Anas POV

He put that stupid smile of his on and shrugged. You wanna get outta here?

I giggled then nodded.

Picture: Flea, Anthony, Hillel

Chapter Twenty Five: Part Two

Good. He grabbed my hand and ran out of the theater with me. So what do you wanna do now?

I dunno.

Okay! My choice! He pulled me along behind him again.

I caught up and walked beside him. What are we hurrying for? I laughed.

Oh, sorry. Im just excited!

Well where are we going?

Youll see, nowhere special.

We walked for only a minute without interruption or disturbance. Hey did you feel that? I asked.

What? he asked back.

I held my hand out in front of me, palm up, and it started to catch little droplets of water. Its starting to rain.

Well, we better hurry then. He smirked. It actually started to down pour and we started running. I attempted to catch up to him at first but just ended up following him because he was so much faster than me. He was running up to a house, so I followed. He cut through the lawn, so I did too. Unfortunately, it didnt work out as well for me as it did for him and I slipped and fell in the mud. As soon as I let out a little scream, Anthony turned around. Oh! He ran back over to me and kneeled down next to me. You alright?

I looked up at him, grabbed his hands, and then smiled. Yeah, Im fine. Then I pulled him down on the ground with me.

Aw! No! You littleIm not gonna say it.

Its okay, Anthony, Im all ears.

I think itd be better to show you.

I raised an eye brow at him just before I got a handful of mud splattered on my shirt. Oh, no, no, no! Thats how you wanna play, huh? I stuck my hand in the mud, lifted Anthonys shirt, and wiped it all over his stomach.

Okay, two can play at his game. He smirked.

I shrugged with a smug look on my face. You started it. And that comment got Anthonys dirty hand down my shirt, he made sure that no part of my chest was left clean.

Ohhh, thank youso much, Anthony.

You are very welcome. He sat back on the ground pleased with himself. You might not have gotten anything out of it, but I sure did.

You are disgusting, I laughed.

Nope, I just know what makes me happy. He had that stupid smile on his face again.

I crawled up to him and rubbed my hands on the wet ground. Oh Anthony. I grabbed his face then kissed him. I dont know what Id do without you.

He ran his fingers through my hair. I couldnt imagine, dear.

I groaned and collapsed on top of him. Anthony! Im gonna kill you!

You shouldve thought of that when you pulled me.

But Anthony! These are my sisters clothes! Well, most of them are. The shirt is! And you rubbed mud all over that!

Why would you wear your sisters clothes?

Cause theyre pretty, and mine arent, and they make me look pretty.

Well darling, youre just gorgeous right now!

Oh shut up!

Come on, Anthony laughed while standing up, lets go see what my Aunt can do about this. I stood up and followed him to the front door soaking wet and completely dirty.

Picture: baby Kurt on top and teen Kurt on bottom

Another Note

Sorry for all the confusion lately! Everything is fixed and up to date now!

Chapter Twenty Five: Part Three

He opened the door and looked inside. Jackiiiii! he screamed. Jacki! Jacki, oh hey, we kinda got a little dirty. What do we do?

I laughed a little, he was like a little boy.

His aunt sighed. Take your shoes off. She shook her head. Gimme your jackets. You know what, just take off as much as you can then go to the bathroom to and get cleaned up. It surprised me when Anthony stripped down to his underwear, and I was left standing there in my jeans and shirt.

It brought me relief when Anthony grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs to his bathroom instead of waiting for me to get undressed too. So you can uhtake a shower up here if you want. Ill be downstairs. Uhhwhen youre done my room is right next to the bathroom, you can look through my stuff to find something to wear for now. I could tell he was a little nervous, and Ill admit that this was a little weird, but I didnt see Anthony as someone to get nervous.

He left me in the bathroom alone and closed the door behind himself. I turned on the shower and got undressed. I could tell this was the bathroom that Anthonys Aunt used as well, there was a lot of girly stuff. I took my time in the shower with getting all the mud and dirt of my body, but dried off quickly and hurried to Anthonys room.

I looked through his drawers but couldnt really find anything. I turned around and saw a pile of clothes on his bed, womens clothes. I didnt really know what to think. He couldve left them for me and they couldve been his aunts or something, or they couldve been another girls. And if I confronted him about them and hed meant them to be for me, Id just look stupid and the night would be ruined. But if Id just put them on and they were another girls, itd be awkward for the both of us. After a moment of thinking, I just decided to put them on.

I got dressed in the sweat pants and tank top then brought my dirty clothes down to Anthonys aunt. I hope everything fits alright, she said, I just figured it was better than Anthonys clothes.

Thank you, I said with a sigh of relief. Everything fits fine. And thank you for washing my clothes too.

Good and its no problem, she smiled. Im Jacki by the way, if Anthony hasnt already told you.

Im Ana.

Uhh, Anthony frantically ran up next to me as if he were trying to protect me from his aunt. Whatve you told her?! He was all cleaned up.

Jacki put her hands on her hips and sighed. Nothing.

He eyed her then pulled me into the next room. I laughed, Youre so annoying.

He pulled me down on the couch with him. Whatd I do now?

I laughed and shook my head. Nothing.

Okay well, I wanted to ask you something. UhI was wondering he started off shyly while his eyes wondered around the room. Will you be my girlfriend? He finally looked up at me.

I could tell that my eyes lit up because his did too when my expression set in. Yeah! I smiled bigger.

Really? He smiled too.

Yeah really!

Aw yeah! He threw himself on top of me and his arms around me. I fell backwards and started laughing. I stretched my arms around his torso before he squeezed me a little then relaxed his body on mine.

Picture: I've finally found another picture of Anthony in high school!!!

Chapter Twenty Six

Jenny, would you look at how good Kurts doing? Mr. Cobain motioned to the two boys having it out on the mat as we all watched from the bleachers. This was their first official match of the year and Kurts dad and step mom came along with Anthony and me.

I know! Look at him gDon What was that? Whats going on?

Itit was probably just a slip up. Hell do fine the next round.

I turned to Tony. What was that all about? He was doing so good and then he just gave up

I dont think that was a slip up, Tony said back. It looked like he just let that happen.

Why would he do that? I nearly yelled. Tony shrugged. As soon as everything was over, I rushed over to Kurt and grabbed his arm. What went wrong out there? You couldve won that.

Yeah Im just not giving anyone the satisfaction.

What? I slanted my eyebrows in confusion.


Come on, Cobain! his coach yelled. In the locker room!

Ill see you later, he said, then followed his teammates.

I sighed and thought to myself, What the hell did that mean? I turned to Anthony, he looked at me and shrugged then he grabbed my hand and turned to walk out of the gym, pulling me along. Wherere we going? I asked looking over my shoulder. I have to wait for Kurt.

He pulled me outside into the coolness of the night and looked at me. Just focus on me right now. He reached for my face and weaved some of hair behind my ear. Please? Im only asking for five minutes.

What do you plan to do with five minutes? I asked as if I didnt know. He leaned down to kiss me.

Youre too short, Ana, he smiled.

Im sorry, I giggled.

I mean, Im definitely not that tall, and youre a whole lot shorter than me.

Okay okay, mister! I get it!

He kissed me again. You know, youre lucky, he joked. I usually go for tall girls.

You know what, I pushed him a little but laughed at the same time. I dont need this! I started to walk away but he grabbed me from behind by my waist. I couldnt help the laughter that escaped my lips. Oh come on, Anthony!

No! Youre mine! He picked me up and spun me around a little. We were now facing away from the side of the building as he put me down. He still held onto me and set his chin on my shoulder before he kissed my neck.

Anthony, stop it, I giggled.


I pushed Anthony off of me and looked up at Kurt standing a few feet away from us. Kurt! I hurried over to him. So you wanna tell me whats going on?

Later, he looked down.

Kurt. He looked up to see his father walking out of the school with his stepmom. Its time to go home.

Kurt sighed quietly then looked up at me. I hugged him because I could tell he needed it, just from him looking at me, I knew what that face meant. Ill see you tomorrow.

He nodded. Bye.

Kurt, we wont be waiting long, his father called.

Im coming! Im coming! He jogged after his parents.

Picture: Flea, Hillel, Anthony, Jack

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Chapter Twenty Seven

Kurts POV

I laid down on the tire swing at the park as Ana pushed me gently. We havent done this in a while, she said.

Yeah, I said looking up at the sky with my arms over my stomach and letting my feet dangle.

Its been cold though, its only nice in Seattle for what? Three months?

Something like that, I said. I was actually surprised it hadnt been raining, it usually rains the most this time of year.

Soooyou wanna tell me what was going on the other night?

I told you, I just dont want to give everyone the satisfaction of seeing me succeed.

Whos everyone? she questioned.

My dad, the coach, the other kids on the teamjust to get them all upset. Raise their hopes, but dont give them the end result that they want. Its not worth it.

But isnt it? Isnt it worth it to know that your dad, your coach, and your teammates are all proud of you?

Not for doing something that I cant stand doing. If they could recognize me for my art or my music, thatd be kinda cool I guess. Butthis is different. I dont want people who cant stand me to be proud of me for something that they want me to do.

Oh but Kurt, she insisted, your dad loves you, you just dont see it. And I thought you were alright with your coach.

Thats what you think. My dad cant stand me and I know it, I dont need anyone telling me any different. And my coach cant stand me, he makes fun of me just like the rest of the team.

The coach? I thought hed be the one to stop it.

He does, but then he says stupid shit like, Cut the crap boys! Im the only one who can pick on the queer of the team! And then they all laugh, but theyll pay for it. Ill get them back someday. Failing is just temporary. I looked back at her as I moved closer and farther and closer and farther. But dont you dare pity me, Ana. I swear, Im not worth worrying over. I dont want you losing slee

Kurt, just stop it! If I wanna worry about you, Im gonna worry about you and theres nothing you can do about it. Its not my fault that I love you.

Okay well I dont want you to worry because its nothing you need to worry about. Ill get over it and stick it out and youll ignore it because its not your problem, its mine.


Youre someone thats gonna listen to me bitch and thats all. Pretend Im telling you a made up story if it help, pretend none of it actually happens and Im just telling you a story.

Thats not my kinda thing, Kurt, she said bluntly. If I know somethings wrong, I wanna do something about it. I cant just ignore it. And I know youre the exact same way, so dont tell me not to do anything about it. If something was bothering the shit outta me, youd sure as hell wanna do something about it, now wouldnt you?

Fine! Fine! But its not bothering me! So it shouldnt bother you! Like I said, youre a great friend because youll listen to me bitch and thats all. I just dont want you to worry is all.

She sighed. AlrightI get itI guess. Ill keep my mouth shut.


Picture: I'm guessing that's Anthony?? and Flea

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Chapter Twenty Eight

Danis POV

We all sat at our usual lunch spot, it was getting kind of boring though. Every day it was just Abby, Emily, Ana, Kurt, and I. Of course there was nothing wrong with that, I loved them all, but Emily and Abby can get kind of annoying just because theyre thedrama-queen type. Ana wasnt like that, and Kurt doesnt give a shit like me.

Ana! Tony yelled sliding himself next to her and getting as close as possible. Hey, Dani. He waved at me.

Hi. I smiled, thats what we needed in our group, Tony Kiedis. Hillel sat down next to me. Hey, I said with an even bigger smile. Now, thats what I needed, Hillel. He smiled back at me. Wed become really close over the past month or so, like wed known each other for a long time now.

Anas POV

Anthony had his arms wrapped around my body and rested his head in between my chest and shoulder. So you guys are kinda like a couple now? I asked Dani and Hillel.

No! they both yelled at the same time.

No, no, no! Dani insisted. Were just friends! Just friends!

Yeah, nothings going on between us at all! Hillel then continued to joke, I promise, Ana, I know you get protective over her.

Haha! Youre funny! I joked back and made a face at him.

Anthony picked up his head and stared at Hillel. Hey, he said sternly. Dont you be making fun of my girl! Ill mess you up He put his head back down and I giggled at him.

Good luck with that, shorty.

Anthony picked his head up again. Hey! You only have an inch on me!

Two or three inches.

Oh big shit!

Hey, theyre three inches that you dont have!

You know what you can do with those inches?! You can shove them

You wanna go?! You wanna go right now!? Come on, right now!

Whoa! Whoa! I yelled. Both of you, calm down.

Yeah, Hillel, Anthony muttered.

Yeah, Anthony, Hillel retorted back.

Yeah. Anthony positioned his head back to its place.

Dani and I both laughed at the two boys. I glanced over at Kurt and he was scribbling something down in his journal

Picture Dani

Chapter Twenty Nine

Anthony, Hillel, Dani, and I were all hanging out one night. We had decided to go to Anthonys house the day before. We should all get shit faced and do some weird shit, Anthony laughed.

I rolled my eyes with a sarcastic smile. Dani noticed and said, Hey, no, lets play a strip game! Kinda the same thing. She winked at me to let me know that she had my back.

Hey, what do you two got going on? Hillel asked.

Nothing! Come on, lets playyyStrip Never Have I Ever, I offered after a moment of thought.

Alright, fine, Anthony agreed. Ill go first. UhhhNever have I everfailed a test.

I looked at him shocked. Really? But youre in my History class.

Actually thats my free period, he said, she lets me spend it there cause I liked that class last year.

Are you serious?

Yeah! Dead fucking serious, most my classes are honors classes.

Okay, just rub it in then I sighed. Well, Im taking my shirt off. I unbuttoned my big flannel and threw it on the floor in Anthonys room. Hillel and Dani followed me.

Okay, my turn? Hillel asked. Never have I ever, fucked my date the first night we went out. He just stared at Anthony.

What? he asked nervously.

Come on, Hillel pushed him, you just did it this summer!

Fuck you! Anas right here! Anthony lifted his shirt off his head and threw it at Hillel. I was drunk.

Still counts, man.

Alright, never have I ever fooled around with two or more people at the same time, Dani said.

Come on! You guys are making me look lame! Anthony yelled but nobody moved.

Alright, my turn. Never have I everslept with someone.

Are you serious? Anthony almost yelled.

Yeah, I said almost embarrassed.

Damn, I just figured that a pretty girl like you wouldve gotten knocked up a couple times. So youre a virgin? We might have to change that pretty soon. He smirked at me, and I gave him a look. Relax! Im joking! He hugged me and nearly pushed me off his bed. Okay, my turn again, never have I ever been told I love you by someone other than a family member.

I was the only one who had to take something off, I chose my belt.

Never have I ever, Hillel thought for a minute, given oral.

Dani hesitated to take off the fitted t-shirt that she was wearing under the jacket she had taken off earlier. Anthony took off his belt.

Never have I ever been in a real relationship. Dani stared at the two of us.

I took off my undershirt, while Anthony yelled, No fair! Girls wear more shit than guys do! And he stood up to take his pants off.

Okay, I started, never have I ever, seen Anthony naked. Thank god, nobody moved, except Anthony.

Do I count?? Cause Ive seen Anthony naked before, he questioned talking in third person. And you know what, youre all gonna have to take something if this counts cause Ill be naked.

Do it! Do it! Do it! Dani and Hillel started chanting. I couldnt believe how naﶥ I was acting that night. Do it! Do it!

You know what! He got up, turned to his dresser and got out something. He pulled his underwear down and when he turned back around, he had a sock over hisyeah

I couldnt help but laugh and neither could Dani or Hillel. Hand me one of those man! Hillel said, Im gonna need one soon. Thanks buddy. Okay, never have I ever slept with someone that I didnt want to.

Dani took off her jeans. Okay, never have I everslept with someone of the same gender. Nobody moved.

Okayyy I thought for a minute. Never have I everrr My sentence was interrupted by a knock on the door.

It opened slightly but Anthony jumped up and slammed it shut.

Anthony? What are you doing in their? someone called from the other side.

Just gimme a minute, Jacki! Anthony panicked to lock the door and throw his clothes back on, we all did the same. He ran back to the door and opened it. Yeeees?

What were you doing in here?

Nothing, Anthony said with that big cheesy smile of his. Just hanging out.

Yeah, okay. Im just going to pretend that I believe that and go back downstairsbecause now I completely forget what I was going to say.

Okay. Anthony closed the door and sighed before walking back to his bed. Wellthat was uh

Yeah Dani added.

You guys should stay the night, Anthony insisted, lightening the mood.

Really? Dani asked.

Yeah but you and Hillel are taking the floor.

Dani looked behind her at Anthonys room. Where? Its a mess in here.

Anthony got up and started kicking stuff around. There. Hillel come here, help me with this. Dani and I looked at each other as they walked out of the room. When they came back, they were trying to carry a big mattress into the room. They eventually got it in and set it down next to Anthonys bed.

Anthony ran out of the room all excited like a little kid and Hillel followed him turning back to us and whispering, Help me. Dani and I laughed a little, then they returned with blankets and pillows.

Anthony! Jacki called. Why is there a pillow in the middle of the hallway?

Yeah, Hillel! Anthony yelled and whipped a pillow at him.

I didnt do nothin! he fought back while holding the pillow. Youre the one that wanted to take ten pillows at one time! He threw it back at Anthony.

So thats how were gonna play

Anthony! Jacki walked in on their stare down. Anthony, what are you doing?

Nothin, Jacki! Oh yeah, we took the mattress out of the guest bedroom.

You forgot this, she threw the pillow on the floor. I dont care if they sleep over tonight, but no funny business.


Okay, Im going! Im going! She left and closed the door behind her.

Yeah, Anthony, I pointed at him, you hear that. No funny business.

He put a big smile on his face. No promises, sweetheart.

I laughed at him, Youre just like a little boy.

Yeah, but youre stuck with me. He laid back and put his head in my lap.

Alright, I gotta call me mom, I said getting up.

No. No! Im sorry! Ana! What did I do?!

I laughed at him. Just to tell her Im staying over.

Ohhyoure lame. Alright, party time while Ana goes to call her mom!

I laughed at him again before I left.

Danis POV

You got problems, man, Hillel laughed at Anthony.

Yeah well, you were gonna put a sock on your dick

You actually did!

Shhh. Nothing happened

Have you been drinking or smoking something when I wasnt looking?

Meeee? Naw!!!

Yeah, alright, I feel bad for Ana. Hillel leaned back on his hands and accidentally put one over mine. Oh, sorry. He picked up his hand.

Its fine I looked down. Hey, Im gonna go check on Ana. I got up and went downstairs. She was just hanging up the phone. Hey, I said.

Hey, she sighed. My mom said shed bring over clothes and stuff for us.

Oh, thanks, I said with a little smile, but I could tell Ana was a little uneasy. Whats wrong?

I dont this is great and everything, but what if Anthony wants to get fucked up or something, she said quietly. What if he wants to get fucked? I dont wanna do that! Im not ready for that!

I laughed a little. Oh my god, Ana. Hed probably do that to any other girl but you. She looked at me confused. He loves you! A lot!

What? How come hes never told me that??

Cause hes stupid.

Hey! Hes not that bad! She smiled a little.

Ana banana! DaniuhDani! Were waiting!

We both looked up the stairs and saw Anthony sticking his head out of his bedroom door.

Okay, maybe hes a littleuhinsane, Ana said, but thats what makes him Anthony. After a couple minutes of just hanging out, there was a knock on the door.

Anas POV

My mom had given me my stuff and we all got ready for bed. We were honestly all ready to go to sleep it was nearly three in the morning.

After we all got settled in our beds and the lights were turned off and we all said our goodnights, it was quiet and still for a brief moment. Then I felt a shift in the bed and heard a little creek. Before I knew it, Anthony was as close as he could possibly get to me. Hey, he whispered.

I opened my eyes but I really couldnt see anything anyway. Hi, I whispered back.

I cant sleep.

Well I guess I cant either.

Cool. He pulled me into him then kissed me again and again and again.

Would you guys shut the hell up and go to sleep? Dani moaned.

Sorry, I said, its Anthonys fault. I pushed him back a little.

Hey, Ana?

Shh, I said, we just got yelled at.

I love you. He snuggled up closer to me as I just laid there not knowing what to say or do.

So like an idiot, I said, You do?

And he simply replied with, Yeah. He squeezed me one last time then said. Okay, now go to sleep.

Well fuck! If you think I can just go to sleep after that then youre crazy! I sat up.

What? Whatd I do?

Can you guys take it outside? Hillel groaned.

I think we should. I grabbed Anthonys hand and dragged him out the door and into the hallway. So what was that all about?

What? he asked. I said that I love you.

Fuck you, Anthony!


Damn it! I dont know! Im justfreaking out! Okay? I sat down against the wall.

Why? He sat down next to me.

Because Anthony! You just told that you love me! And youyoure you! And I dont know

Okay? Its true, I love you. And Im me? What does that mean?

I took a deep breath. Well youre Mr. Cool-Guy, and Im just me.

Oh please, dont gimme that. Im just Anthony.

I sighed and rested my head on his shoulder. So it is true? You do really love me?

Yeah, of course. Why would I say it if I didnt mean it?

I shook my head and looked down, ashamed at myself for not believing him. I dont know.

Welldo you love me?

I looked up at him. Of course I love you. I love you a whole lot, Anthony.

He put his arm over my shoulders and leaned in to kiss me. I love you a whole lot, too. Come on, lets go to bed.

As we laid down, Anthony situated himself against me before kissing my neck continuously. I hadnt realized how long hed done it for, but I didnt ever care because I was tired as hell and probably fell asleep anyway.

A/N: Sorry for the REALLY romantic ending but I really was tired af when I was writing this XD, butother than the crappy ending I hoped you guys liked it!

Picture: Anthony and Hillel, I didn't even realize that was Anthony at first.

Chapter Thirty

Anthonys POV

Anthony! I got smacked in the face with something soft, but it hit hard. I sat up from the shock and saw through blurry vision Ana hold a pillow sitting on my bed next to me.

Oh, hey, baby, I said tiredly. Whats up? I yawned.

I dont know you tell me! Was your dick up last night? Huh? Were you horny as fuck?

What? I laid back down confused and closed my eyes again. Whatd I do?

You get up! She ripped my blanket off of me and I sat straight up trying to grab for it.

Its cold! Its fucking cold, Ana!

Hmdo I have your attention now?

I sighed and nodded.

Good. She sat on my lap and pulled her right sleeve off of her shoulder. Look at this!

I pushed her hair out of the way and squinted. Did I do that? She nodded at me and I made a face. Oops.

Its not even like its one small hickey, Anthony! Theyre two! And theyre kinda big! There was one directly on her neck and one closer to her chest.

Yeah, damn, sorry about that. I hugged her. Now come back to bed with me.

Anthony! She squirmed out of my grip. How am I going to explain this to my mom?! What if Kurt sees them!?

I was quiet for a minute. At least lay with me for a little bit until I fall back asleep?

She just gave me a look warning me that she wasnt amused. Anthony, she said sternly.

Okay, okay, Im sorry. What time is it?

Its already ten. Come on, please help me! she begged.

Alright, I sighed as I pat her legs for her to get up. I dont know. Is it really a big deal? I got out of bed. Hey, wheres Hillel and Dani?

Theyre down stairs. And yes it is a big deal, Im supposed to see Kurt today.

Just say that youre sick or something.

Hell come over to check on me.

Can we justfigure this out later? I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck gently.

Anthony she moved her shoulder to her cheek. Dont start this again

ButI want toand Im being careful..

Anthony. She pushed me away slightly and looked at me. Please? I promise, Ill come over another timemaybe even later tonight if I can. But I have to leave pretty soon, for now at least.

But Im gonna miss you.

Anthony, youre acting like Im going on trip around the world. Im just going home for a night.

Yeah I know, but still

Danis POV

So you wanna do something tonight? Hillel asked.

UhI dont know, Ana is probably gonna be with Kurt and Anthonys probably not gonna wanna go anywhere without Ana sooo

Well, what about just you and me?

Ohyeah sure. For some reason I was nervous or scared or something.

Yeah? Cool, alright where do you wanna go?

Uhyou pick. I gotta go. Ill call you later, alright? I got up and hurried out the door.

Hillels POV

Dani just ran out of the house. I had no idea what was wrong, she seemed kind of worried. I sighed and sat up as Anthony and Ana walked down the stairs. They stood by the door for a minute before they kissed and Ana said, Thank you for having us Jacki! Bye Anthony.

Bye. He kissed her again and then she left. He walked over and flopped back on the couch next to me. He sighed in happiness before I turned to him.

Hey, soI gotta ask you something.


Whats it like being in a serious relationship?

Its pretty cool, man. Yeah, I dont miss the old life as much as I thought I would.

The old life? I laughed. Youve been with her for twothree months now? And you didnt leave anything behind besides sleeping around.

Yeah wellyou know, it feels a lot different.


I dont know, he shrugged. It just does. Why?

Oh uhno reason. I sat back.

Yeah, alright. Fucking weirdo.

Picture: Hillel's yearbook picture XD

Chapter Thirty One

Anas POV

I sat on Kurts bed as he walked back into his room rubbing his head with a towel. He threw it on the floor then searched through his drawers for a tee shirt. While he dressed his torso I grabbed his notebook and flipped through it. I opened up to a more recent page and read in my head what he had wrote: If you wouldnt mind I would like to blew. If you wouldnt care I would like to blew. If you wouldnt mind I would like to leave. If you wouldnt care I would like to breathe.

Whats that mean? I asked him pointing to the page. The first two lines I mean.

Ohthats nothing. He sat down next to me on his bed. And I pleaded to him with my eyes. I promise you, its nothing. Just some stupid thing I felt like writing down. He reached to close his book.

Well it has to mean something! What is it, come on, tell me. I smiled.

Ummmright after you tell me what that is. He pointed at my neck.

I covered my bruise with my hand. Itsits nothing, I stuttered.

Did Tony do that to you??

Do what?!

You know whatnevermind. Just put my notebook away when youre done with it, alright?

I sighed and set his book down after closing it. Yeah, Anthony did do it

He just sat there for a couple seconds then stood up in anger. Did he do anything else!? Because if he did, Ill kill him! I swear I will!

No! He didnt do anything else! Why is it so hard for you to trust him?! And me for that matter!

Because he sat back down, I just care about you too much and hes crazy, Ana. Hes absolutely crazy.

Yeah well youre crazy too. I put my head on his shoulder. Youre both a good kinda crazy I thinkI hope. But I love him, Kurta lot. And he loves me

Just dont do anything stupid, Ana. Thats all I want you to know. Dont do anything stupid.

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Chapter Thirty Two

Danis POV

Ana sat next to me at her kitchen table as I swirled my straw around in my cup. Okay, spill, she said. I looked up at her confused. Come on, I know youve been thinking about something. Im not that dumb.

I sighed. I dont knowI justugh. Its hard to explain.

Just say whats on your mind. Ill be able to figure it out, trust me.

I looked up at her doubtingly but talked anyway. Alright, wellIve just been really nervous lately and I dont know why. And its kinda like a happy nervous but at the same time I want nothing more than to just leave and get rid of the feeling. Its weird cause I noticed that it only happens when Im around Hillel I think and I dont know. Maybe Im getting my period or something. Maybe Im just being stupid.

Ana started laughing at me. Oh my god, Dani! Are you serious? You just wanna get with that!

I raised my eyebrows at her. Did you really just say that?

She rolled her eyes at me. You like him, Dani! You have a crush.

God, what the hell is this? Second grade?!

Just accept it, Dani. Ask Hillel out.

Oh shut the hell up

She laughed at me and sat back as I glared at her while sipping from my drink. How about this, she said, You, me, Anthony, and Hillel go out and Anthony and I ditch you two and you have to spend the night together.

I sat up. No! Ana, no!

I dont know what youre so scared of, he probably likes you too.

Hes my friend, Ana! Just my friend. I argued.

Oh please, dont even give me that. Were going out this weekend.

Picture: Dani

Chapter Thirty Three

Anthonys POV

I walked with my arm around Ana. Hillel and Dani walked next to us. Dani was actually a really great girl, she was so confident but it didnt come off as bitchy and not to mention she was gorgeous. She had long dark brown hair that went half way down her back (she had curled it tonight) and the biggest blue eyes. She was badass too. She knew how to be cute, she knew how to be sexy, she knew how to be comfortable. Dani was really something, I knew she was great for Hillel too.

He was quiet and shy but was really up for anything and could be light of the party if he wanted but he never really wanted that. He just wanted to do what he loved, which was playing music, and fuck the rest. He was almost dorky looking with his thin figure and long curly hair, but he was the coolest guy youd ever meet in my opinion anyway. He was so nice and sincere too, he was the romantic type. It was kinda like bad girl go with good boy instead of the good girl going for the bad guy.

Anyway, Ana told me they were on a datebut I dont think they knew they were on a date, or at least they didnt think the other knew. I dont know, but it was just awkward for the two of them the whole time. It was actually kinda funny watching them together.

Hey, Tony, Ana put her hand on my chest and looked up me. She hadnt called me Tony in a while. You wanna get outta here? she whispered with a little smirk.

I grinned back at her and nodded. I thought shed meant that wed be doing something special, but she just wanted to leave Hillel and Dani alone. Alright, guys, we gotta go, Anthonys gotta help me study for my history test on Monday. I followed her out the door.

Hillels POV

Dani really looked gorgeous today, not that she didnt everyday. And then there were two she said looking down at the table with her eyebrows raised as she leaned back in the booth we were sitting at.

You really think theyre going to study? I asked.

No way, she laughed a little. I took a deep breath and sat back. Dani turned to look at me before she asked, So do you really wanna stay here? And I guess she read it on my face because as soon as I looked over at her she said, Alright, lets get outta here. She took my hand and pulled me out of the booth.

Danis POV

We had just been walking around the city the rest of the afternoon and now it was getting dark. So youre telling me, that youve never been in a mosh pit? I asked.

No! I havent! I was never really into that kinda music.

Ugh, but its so much fun! You just get to push people around after getting pushed around by other people and it great. Its honestly great. Just loud music and a good time.

I dont know, Im more for just sitting down, and feeling the music. And just kinda letting it take over andI dont know, its hard to explain.

I know what you mean, I said, its the same thing with a mosh pit. We feel the music, and we let it take over. We just react in a different way. Music is like a drug. I guess the music youre listening to is kinda like weed. The blues are kinda like heroin, punk is like coke, and pop is kinda like acid just all over the place and it doesnt really make sense.

He laughed a little. I like that, he said.


Yeah, that was good. He looked at me and smiled then looked back at his feet then put his arm around me. He caught me off guard a little but I took a deep breath and relaxed under his arm.

Picture: Flea, Hillel, Jack, Anthony :)

Chapter Thirty Four

Anas POV

I opened the front door to my house. Hey, Aaaana? Kurt said following me inside.

Yeeees? I said, setting my backpack down.

He did the same. Im hungry, will you make somethiiiing?

I looked over at him and he stared back at me with pleading eyes. Fine, I sighed and went to the kitchen. I rummaged through the cabinets as Kurt sat down. I pulled out a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese and put on a pot of water to boil then sat down with Kurt. Hi.

Hey. He looked away for a second while he asked me, Sohow are things between you and Tony?

Good, I nodded. Really good.

I know you two love each other and everything, but

You dont want me doing anything stupid. I know, I know. Kurt, trust me.

I do, I do. Im sorry, I trust you. He sat back in this chair.

Good, I sighed. I ruffled his hair before I checked on the water. It was boiling so I poured the pasta in and checked the time. I sat back down and said, Listen, Kurt. Im not gonna do anything, and if I do, Ill tell you.

He made a face. Ana! I dont wanna know about that!

Kurt! I meant Im not gonna keep anything from you! Im not gonna go into details or anything!

Okay, okay! I dont wanna hear anymore! Im going to the bathroom! He stood up and walked down the hallway.

I rolled my eyes with a little smile and got back to cooking. I drained the pasta and put it back in the pot mixing in all the ingredients. I heard the front door open and close and stopped what I was doing. Then I heard a voice, Ana!

I sighed in relief to hear Anthony. Im in the kitchen!

He walked in as I was about to pour the cheese in. He came up from behind and grabbed me, spinning me around. Anthony! I yelled.

He set me down. Ohhhoops..

I laughed at him. Look what you made me do! I motioned to the cheesy mess on the floor. Now what am I gonna do?

UmmI dunno. He dragged out his words.

I laughed again. Well can you clean this up while I come up with something?

I guess so

I went back to the cabinet and searched to see if we had another box. Luckily we did, so I just took the cheese out of there and taped the box back up. I turned back to Anthony struggling. Whatre you doing?

He was on the floor trying to scoop the mess into his hands. IIm tryina clean theyeah

I laughed, Youre incredible.

You wanted me to clean it!

I finished mixing everything in then said, I meant with a dust pan or the vacuum or something.

Wellyou know what?

No, what?

He stood up and put his hands on the counter, enclosing me. Youare a hell of a wise ass. He pressed his lips to mine.

Yeah, well you cant clean very well. I kissed him back.

He attempted to lift me up onto what he thought was the counter but I yelled, No Anthony! The stove is hot!

He put me back on the floor. Second fuck up today, he made a face as if he had accomplished something.

At least you didnt actually do it. Now let me go. I tugged on his arm.

He moved his arms up my back to pull me into a tighter hug and then rested his head on my shoulder. Just another minute.

No, baby. I gotta get the food on the table.

He let go of me. Youre no fun. I mean, come on! We have the whole place to ourselves.

I let out a small giggle and shook my head while I set two bowls on the table. Kurt came back in the room and sat down. Whend you get here?

A minute ago. Whend you get here? Anthony raised an eyebrow. And whered you come from?

I came home with Ana. I was in the bathroom. Kurt raised an eyebrow back at Anthony. Whered you come from

The front door


They looked at each other for a minute, then I served the food and they both shut up and ignored each other for the most part. Youre not having any, Ana? Anthony asked. You can have some of mine.

Or mine.

Anthony looked at Kurt. Or mine.

Its alright. I sat down with them and looked at each of them. Im not all that hungry

You sure, Ana? Anthony asked.

Yeah, cause we can share, Kurt interjected.

Or we can! Anthony looked over at me with cheese on the side of his lips.

You two have to stop, I laughed. I grabbed a napkin and cleaned Tonys face off. Youre my boyfriend, and youre my brother. You two just have to deal with each other cause Im not giving either one of you up. I stood to go wash the pot.

Oh come on, Ana! We were just joking around. Right, Kurt?

See, Ana! I told you this guy was crazy! He thinks Im joking about not liking him!

You were the one running around the school yelling Trammer is gay and you have to be fucking insane to mess with that guy!

Okay, okay! I interrupted. Youre both crazy, now shut the hell before I have to rip both your heads off! God damn, you two are like little kids.

It was silent after that, all I heard was the squeak in Tonys chair as he leaned back.

Picture Ana

Chapter Thirty Five

Danis POV

I had gone to Hillels house one night after we had gone out. We sat on his couch watching a movie. Nobody had been homeit was just him and I. While the movie ended, we started to talk about it and somehow, after a good laugh, the conversation led to him asking me, Hey Dani, would you ever consider going out with a guy like me?

My lips dropped from a grin to a soft smile as I sat back. A guy like you? Well I dont know about that.

He looked away from me and I could tell Id greatly upset him. OhsorryInevermind.

No, no, no. Dont be like that! I slide my body closer to him. You said a guy like you. A guy thats nice, funny, charming, musically talented, cute, a little weird, smart. Generally, no, I wouldnt go for a guy like you. Idstart seeing some asshole, give it away to him, and then wed break up a week later. But II think Ive grown up a little bit. Hillel, I really like you, but

I get it, you dont have to say anymore. Dont rub it in my face.

I ignored him and continued, But I was nervous. Because I was scared that you wouldnt like me back. Because I thought youd see me as a slut like everyone else. Because I never thought that Id fall for a guy like you and that a guy like you would ever fall for a girl like me. I guess Ill just shut up. What Im trying to say is that I really, really wanna go out with you.

He looked up at me with a stupid grin. You couldnt just say that?? You had me going crazy!

Im sorry, Im not too great with words. I smiled back up at him.

So does this mean were

Going out?


I nodded. Yeah.

He smiled at me again, then moved closer and closer. He had placed his hands on my hip and I was ready to reach my hands for his shoulders. We were inches away until Honey! his parents walked in, slamming the door. Were home! We both immediately pulled away from each other a little annoyed and somewhat embarrassed. His mom walked into the living room. Whatre you two doing? Both his parents had a slight European accent.

Just hanging out, mom.

Wheres your brother?

I dont know, he went out.

Alright, alright she said a little fed up, but she got right back into her former happy mood. Whos your friend? Shes very pretty.

I smiled and held my hand out. Im Dani.

Hi, Dani. She took my hand. Im not sure where my husband went. He was just here a minute ago. Let me just She walked out of the room without finishing her sentence.

Hillel took a deep breath. Well, thats my mom.

Why do you say it like that? Shes so nice!

Yeah, I knowshes too nice.

Maybe thats where you get it from, I joked.

Hey, I can be mean.

Oh yeah, Mr. tough-guy! Lets see.

You wanna see? You

Dani! This is Hillels father! his mom came rushing back in the room.

Hello, Mr. Slovak.

Hi, Dani.

Hes just a little tired is all, Mrs. Slovak said holding his arm. Go to bed dear, Ill be up in a minute. She pushed her husband upstairs then turned to me again. Dont be afraid to stay the night, honey.

Thank you, Mrs. Slovak, but I think my mom is actually picking me up in a little while.

Alright, maybe another time. Good night you two. She then climbed the stairs herself.

Hillel turned to me. Is your mom really coming to pick you up?

No way. A car ride with her would be hell, its bad enough living with her. Ill just call Ana or something.

No! You want me to take you home? OrI mean you could stay if you want.

I am not screwing this up by moving too fast in this relationship! Thats what I always do and Im not doing that this time.

Aw but I wont dump you in the end like all those other assholes. And I just said stay the night, not stay the night and screw around.

Better safe than sorry.

He leaned in to try and kiss me again, but I stood up teasing him a little. I better get going. Is that ride still up for grabs?

He stood up too. Of course. He drove me home, kept me in his car for as long as he could, and then walked me to my front door. Sowill you call me tomorrow or later maybe?

Ill think about it. I smirked.

At least it wasnt a no. He looked down to grab my hands giving me a shiver that ran through my entire body. He looked back up at me with that big smile of his on his face. Dani, I

I pushed on his hands to lift myself to his lips, stopping him from whatever he was about to say. I kept myself there for a good twenty seconds, then set myself back on the ground. He just looked at me with his lips partially separated and said, Damn.

I giggled and then hugged him. Good night, Hillel. I let go of him and then kissed his cheek one last time.


Gif: Hillel

Chapter Thirty Six

Anas POV

I laid in bed with Anthony. The only reason I was allowed to sleep over his house was because I had told my mom that Dani was gonna be here too. It was just Anthony and I though. It was pretty late, and I was just lying there in his arm it made me feel safe, it made me feel secure. Remember the first time I slept over here? With Dani and Hillel?

He nodded. Yeah.

I was sooo nervous.

Really? Aw dont tell me that. About what?

Its stupid really. I dont know, that Id have to go home with explaining to do. Which I actually did but

He smiled at me and pulled me closer. Youre never gonna let that go, are you?

Im sorry!

No, no. Its alright, I shouldve asked my girlfriend if it was okay before I touched her. I really shouldve asked for her permission.

Oh so were turning this around on me now? I giggled.

Naw, I would never do that I felt his smile form against my lips. He whispered, I love you, then kissed me softly.

Hey Anthony.


Im giving you permission to touch me.

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Chapter Thirty Seven

We were a good portion into the school year, but we werent quite there yet. Kurt had managed getting kicked off the wrestling team and his father had practically given up on Kurt. He was moving back in with his mom soon, and I thought he was glad in a way, but with Kurt its sometimes hard to tell. I was very happy for him though, he was even looking into summer jobs at the suggestion of his mom.

Dani sat next to me at our lunch table as she talked her head off about Hillel.

Didnt I tell you? I pointed out. You liked him and he liked you!

Yeah, I guess you were, she admitted. Thanks, Ana. But I mean hes just sooo

Whos he? Hillel asked sitting down next to Dani.

Nobody, she responded firmly, changing moods quickly.

Come on, whos he?

He is you.

And what is exactly is he?

She raised an eyebrow at him.

Then he mimicked her, Hes just soooo then he held his hands out waiting for her to finish the statement.

But she was stubborn, she held her nose high as she said, I dont know what youre talking about. And then she tried to hide the smile slowly forming on her face behind her shoulder.

OkayI see how it is He got up and turned around but Dani grabbed his arm and pulled him back down on the seat.

She stared at him with wild eyes and a smirk as he glanced at her with his grin. I was gonna say, Hillel Slovak is sooo cute. But you interrupted me.

Hmnot what I wouldve thought but Ill take it. He kissed her then they both turned their attention to the rest of the group that had formed at the table in between the time focused on each other.

Emily looked at the two of them and just stared. You twoare adorable together. I think you beat Tony and Ana. She kept twirling her blonde hair around in her fingers.

Dani gave her a look of disgust. Dont call me adorable again, Em, please. You know that really gets me going.

But its true! You two are sooooo cute together!

I will cut all that pretty blonde hair of yours off!

Emily stop playing with her hair and threw her hair behind her shoulders. Ill shut up now.

Thank you

I knew where Dani was coming from, when people called me cute or adorable I lost it. I think it was because it made me feel like a little kid, I dont know. Dani for sure had a bigger problem with it than I did, that I knew.

Gif: Dani

Chapter Thirty Eight

It was practically the end of the school year, Hillel and Anthony would be graduating. It kind of got me a little upset. I mean, I know that wed still see them but I also knew we wouldnt see them nearly as much. But we did have a whole summer to ourselves and I was definitely looking forward to that. It was so weird to think that soon wed be on our own, really weird. It made me a little nervous at times and excited at others.

Anthony, Dani, Hillel, and I all sat around my kitchen table just talking. I cant wait to get outta here, Dani said.

Same, Anthony added. Im moving to California as soon as Jacki will put up the money.

Well I guess I gotta go with you, Hillel said.

Anthonys face lit up. Yeah man! You and me can go live with my dad! They cant say anything now Im eighteen right? Im living there by choice now and taking care of myself, hes just providing living space.

Damn, Ive always wanted to go to California, Dani said.

Yeah, I laughed, remember when you moved up here with your mom? Youd always talk about it and wed call you Dani California because of that.

She smiled a little looking down at the table reminiscing. YeahI remember

You can come with us too, Dani! Im sure my dad wont mind.

Ill visit, she insisted. I dont wanna be mooching off of anyone.

Oh please, dont even worry about that!

For my sake, I couldnt do that. I cant let myself.

Suit yourself. More sun and fun for me and Hillel. Anthony then turned to me. But you should come with us Ana!

I dont know. Id love to but I gathered my words. Im too emotionally attached to this place. Seattle is my home and I cant leave. I love everything about this place, the people, the music scene, even the rain! I love it all, I cant leave.

How about you just come down with me to move in. And then Ill ship you right back up here. Itll be like a vacation!

I thought about it for a minute. Alright. I had a smile on my face, but I couldnt help but think of all the shit we were going to go through. How do you make a relationship work when you live in Seattle and your boyfriend lives in Los Angeles? For Anthony, Id move down there with him in a heartbeat, but I think the real reason that I wont leave is Kurt. Sure Id miss the music, and the rain, and my mom and Dani, but I cant leave Kurt

Gif: Anthony being a babe

Chapter Thirty Nine

I was so proud of Anthony, he graduated with honors. I couldnt be happier for him, I never really gave him credit for how smart he really was. Jacki never really pushed him too hard either, he just did it on his own. He loved reading too, which is something I admired and could never fathom myself. But now it was summer break, and I had three months until I would be going back to school for the last time.

We were going out for dinner that night, just Anthony and I and I was so excited. It was great just spending the night with him. We sat across from each other, it was nothing too fancy, but it wasnt all that casual. I mean, I was wearing one of my sisters dressesand a pair of her shoes. Dinner went as expected, nothing special, but it was nice.

We paid the check and headed out of there. We actually walked back to Anthonys house. As we walked in the door, I flopped back on his couch. Damn, he said sitting next to me, Im surprised you made it home.

I wasnt gonna back out. Once I put on the heels I was committed for the rest of the night.

He laughed a little and shook his head as he took my feet in his lap and began to unstrap my shoes.

Anthonys POV

I set Anas shoes on the floor next to the couch. I looked over at her, she was laying back with her eyes closed. She stretched out her legs. Thanks, honey.

I smiled a little and then laid down next to her on my side. I rested my head on my hand and rested my other hand on her stomach. You look really beautiful tonight.

Her lips curled and then one of her eyes opened. Youre on a role tonight, she joked. Whats going through your mind?

Nothing! I smiled back at her. You just look really good tonight.

Well thank you. She looked away from my eyes and reached her hands out to my chest. She began to unbutton my shirt. She got down to where my shirt was tucked into my pants and paused. Her hands rested on my belt as she looked up at me, I nodded to her and she continued. She let my belt fall to the floor and then untucked my shirt. Ana moved her hands up to my shoulders to finally take my shirt off. She let that too fall on the floor next to my belt and her shoes.

My lips met hers and soon enough, mine started to wander. I slide the skinny strap of her dress off her shoulder and only picked my head up when I heard something in the kitchen. I sat up slightly and called out, Jacki? Sthat you?

I just wanted water! Im sorry, Im sorry! Im going back to bed!

I set my head back on Anas shoulder. She placed her hand on the back of my head and played with my hair while I listened to Jacki walk up the stairs, down the hall, and close her bedroom door. I picked my head up again to glance up at Ana. Lets go up to my room, alright? She nodded and sat up. She walked behind me as we went up the stairs, grabbing my hands with hers.

She sat down on my bed as I put on one of my favorite records. I then opened one of my drawers and pulled out a bottle of wine, I always kept some sort of alcohol in there. I pulled the cork out, took a sip and then set the bottle down on my dresser. I looked over at Ana. She pulled herself back on my bed as if she were inviting me in. I knelt on my bed on top of her. My hands ran all over her back looking for the zipper on her dress. When I finally found it, I was quick to pull it down her back.

She wrapped her arms around my back and pulled me down on top of her. Youre amazing, Anthony. I wish everyone was like you.

I could say the exact same about you. I lowered my lips to her shoulder, easing her dress off slowly. Why dont you stay all nightwell save the population.

Picture: Ana

Chapter Forty

Anas POV

I woke up in Anthonys arms. I smiled up at him and reach up to move his hair out of his face. He squirmed a little and then licked his lips. He shifted closer to me and then relaxed again. I kissed his cheek then he squirmed again but this time he opened his eye and looked at me sleepily. Hi, I said quietly.

Hey He pulled me in even closer for a couple minutes and then got up. I sat up and watched him walk around the room looking for something. He finally bent down, picked up a pair of sweat pants, and slipped them on. He looked back over at me and crawled back on the bed getting closer and closer to me until he was close enough to press his lips to my shoulder. You wanna go get some breakfast, baby?

As we walked down the stairs, Anthony grabbed my hand and nuzzled my neck. We walked into the kitchen and Jacki was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. Anthony stood at the counter getting things out of cabinets, looking through drawers. I placed one hand on his back and used the other to straighten out his hair. He looked at me and smiled then kissed my nose. He then went back to work on breakfast.

Did you two have fun last night? Jacki asked suddenly. Anthony gave her a look. What? I didnt sleep well last night! I woke up at around four in the morning and you guys were still awake! In fact, I probably woke up because of you two. You were pretty loud, I wouldnt be surprised if you kept the neighbors up.

I knew she was just teasing us but I shoved my face in Anthonys shoulder trying to keep from laughing. I was actually really embarrassed but for some reason I got the uncontrollable urge to laugh at the same time. I managed to get out an apology to Jacki.

No, no! she said. Dont be sorry! Youre young, its your time to have fun!

You wont tell my mom, will you? I asked hopefully.

She shook her head. My lips are sealed.

Anthony moved his lips toward my ear and whispered, Yours definitely werent last night.

I half gasped and half laughed. Oh shut up! I playfully slapped his chest.

Oh and Anthony, Jacki added, your back is a littlescratched upjust a little bit.

I pushed his arm to turn him around. Oh my god, AnthonyI did that?

He tried looking over his shoulder but couldnt get a view. He gave up and shrugged. I dont know, I guess so. He didnt seem to care too much, but I couldnt get it through my head that I had done that.

Holy shit, Im sorry

Ana, its fine. It really is. Dont worry about it. He kissed my cheek. I promise, its fine.

Will you at least let me take care of you?

ThatI will allow.

Picture: Anthony and his dad, Blackie :)

Chapter Forty One

Anas POV

SoIve been meaning to tell you something

Kurt looked up at me. Yeahwhat is it? He had a slight smile on his face.

I looked over at him. He was going to flip out, I knew itbut I promised him that I wouldnt keep anything from himI promised I had to break it to him delicately thoughbut how I took a deep breath and then gave it a try, Kurt, II

Ana! What the fuck?! The front door slammed and in ran Dani. Why didnt you tell me you fucked Anthony?!

Dani! I screamed. She looked at me, then at Kurt, and her face droppedjust as Kurts had.

Ana Kurt said in a shaky voice. Ana You told me you wouldnt do anything stupid! He jumped up from the couch. Anayouyou promised!

No! I promised Id tell you if anything happened! I defended myself. And this isnt stupid!

Ana! Whatwhat if youre pregnant?! What if he leaves you!? Ana, what were you thinking?!

Kurt! None of that stuff is gonna happen! Do you even know how many guys have fucked Dani?! Shes not pregnant! And neither am I! Youre overreacting!

Im overreacting?! He sat back on the couch putting his head in his hands. He took a deep breath and looked back up at me. Im sorry Im sorry. Its just thatyoure my sister. Its my jobto protect you.

I sat down next to him. Kurt, you dont need to protect me from Tony.

I know, I justnevermind.

Alright! Dani said loudly. Now that thats all settled She sat next to me. Kurt, if you dont mind she said before turning back to me, I want all the details!

Im out! Kurt stood up, kissed my forehead and then ran out of the house. Dont do it again! Please! And the door slammed.

I turned back to Dani and she was giving me a look. Sooooo?

Gif: Dani

Chapter Forty Two

Anthonys POV

Ana, Hillel, Dani, and I drove down to Los Angeles. Hillel and I were moving there, and I was nervous as hell. I didnt want to let her go I was excited to move to California, I loved California, and I couldnt stand Seattle. But Ana was in Seattleand now, I was going to be in Los Angeles.

Well, wed figure it outhopefully.

When we arrived at my dads house, he was really excited to see me. Cole! He held his arms out as we walked towards me then embraced me.

Uhits Anthony, remember dad? Thats my real name?

Damn, thats right! Its been so longAnthony. Fuck! He looked from me, to my friends, and then back at me. Whore they?

Well, this is my best friend, Hillel, hes the one thats coming down here to live with us. And my other friend, Dani. And my girlfriend, Ana. It was a little bit more awkward talking to him than I thought itd be. I hadnt seen him in sooo long.

Your girlfriend!? He looked at Ana and held his hand out. She took it gingerly. You get the chance to experience Anthony yet? Well, you mustve if youre his girlfriend! And well, if I raised him right then

I just stared at him, bewildered that thatd be the first thing hed ask my girlfriend after not seeing me for five years. Ana, I laughed a little and shook my head, you dont have to answer that. I grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me.

Ana and I laid in my old bed later that night as I said to her. Im sorry about my dad. That was uhreally uncalled for. IIts just the way he is.

Its fine, Anthony. She touched the side of my face with her hand. She brushed her lips against mine and then whispered, Dont worry about it. Now go to sleep, you had a long day. She smiled and then leaned over me to turn the lamp off, unintentionally letting her chest fall right in my line of vision. She laid back down, resting her head on my shoulder and smiled up at me. Get some sleep

Gif: Anthony

Chapter Forty Three

Anas POV

I woke up to Anthony sitting at a desk in his room, reading over something. Hey I said, sitting up and rubbing my eyes.

Oh! He hurried to cover up what he was doing and then turned back to me. Hello!

I smiled a little. What was that? I asked sleepily.

Dont worry about it You sleep alright?


Good. He sat on the bed next to me. I love you, you know that right?

Of course. I was a little worried as to what was to come next.

WellI just want you to know, he looked down and took my hand resting in my lap, that whatever happens between usand this whole moving situationwell work it out. And who knows? He looked back up at me and smiled a little, but I wasnt believing that it was real. Maybe Ill even come back up to Seattle.

I smiled back but looked down afterword letting my smile fade away.

And youre always welcome to stay here. Dont worry, my dad wont be an asshole all the time.

I laughed a little before looking up at him for a minute. I love you too, I whispered and then set my head on his shoulder.

Anthonys POV

I wrapped my arm around Ana and pulled her closer. I glanced down at her could tell she was trying to fight back some tears. I threw my other arm around her, pulling her into a hug. Dont worry, babe. Dont worry, itll be alright, promise.

Picture: Anthony

Chapter Forty Four

Hillels POV

Anthony and I were driving the girls back to Seattle today. I was so angry and upset all at the same time. After finally getting with Dani, I now had to leave her. I really, really hoped she was willing to move down to Los Angeles after she graduated or maybe even before that. I was hoping that she wouldnt forget about me in the time we were apart either. We had one more week in Seattle before making our final trip back down to Los Angeles.

We helped carry their bags into Anas house, said a quick good bye, and then made our way back to our own homes in Seattle. I could tell that Anthony was just as uneasy as I was.

Anas POV

I was unpacking all my clothes and couldnt stop, I was too caught up in my thoughts and doing something was my way of keeping my mind going. Ana, Dani said, trying to get my attention, but I didnt stop moving.

What? I mumbled.

Ana, will you stop for just a minute?! She grabbed my armI looked up at her. I think Im going to move to Los Angeles with Hillel and Anthonyand Im going back in a week with them.

What?! I threw my clothes back in my suit case. What the hell, Dani? What about graduating? What about me?! I shook her off my arm. What the fuck?! You cant just leave me, Dani! The only person I have here besides Kurt and Anthony is you! And Anthonys already moving! I sat down on my bed with tears streaming down my cheeks. Dani, please stay

Im sorry, Anabut I cant. I cant stand it here anymore. She sat down next to me. I cant stand the rain, I cant stand the people, I cant stand Seattle. I need California. I need to get awayfrom my momfrom everything. I need to leave, I need to get out of here! She put her hand on my back and I rested my head on her shoulder. Ive been wanting this for so long, Ana. You know that. She was sniffling and attempting to hold back her crying. And now a perfect chance comes alongAna, Im sorry, but I have to take it.

Okay, fine I wiped away the last of my tears and then sat up. Whatever makes you happy. I put on a smile for her. But Im gonna miss you like hell. She turned to look me dead in the eyes and I couldnt hold back my tears, neither could she even though I could tell she was trying real hard. I threw my arms around her and she did the same as we held each other tight.

Im gonna miss you too, Ana, she choked out. We pulled away to look at each other. Youll be alright, Ana. Come and visit.

Of course I smiled. Make sure Anthony doesnt get with anyone else while Im not there.

What else are friends for?

One last thing


Oh no, I said, you just have makeup all over. I rubbed my fingers under her eyes.

Gee thanks, she laughed.

Gif: Ana

Chapter Forty Five

Hillels POV

I sat in my car and watched Dani walk up her front steps. We had went out that night and she told me she was going to come live with me and Anthony down in Cali. I was happy beyond words and I just sat there for a while thinking about the situation. I was glad I did because a couple minutes later Dani came running back out to my car with a huge duffel bag. She got in and slammed the door and then just sat there for a minute before asking bluntly, Can I stay at your place tonight?

She was looking down at herself playing with her fingers and her hair covered her face. But her voice was shaky and I could tell something was wrong. Yeah sure, I said a little concerned. Is anything wrong? I tried to tuck her hair behind her ear but she pushed me away.

Dont touch me! Im fine

Just then a woman came running out of her front door and towards the car. Is that your mom? I asked.

Oh just go, Hillel, please! Just drive the damn car! She stomped her foot on the floor of the car.

Why cant I meet your mom? I looked up at her banging on the window. Wait she looks pissed

Gimme back my daughter! she yelled. You stupid bastard! You little fucker! When you get home, you stupid fucking whore, Im really gonna beat the shit outta you!

Fuck you! Dani yelled. I told you Im not coming home! Ever! Fuck you, bitch! She stomped her foot on the floor again and pounded her fist on her leg. Hillel! Please, just fucking drive! I didnt need to see her face anymore to confirm that she was crying, but I did what she asked and stepped on the gas pedal.

When we pulled into my driveway, we sat there in silence for a while. I reached my hand to her thigh and looked over at her. You wanna tell me what happened?

She shook her head and I felt a small drop land on my finger. She rubbed it off with her fingers and mumbled, Sorry

Dani, please at least look at me. Please?

Why? she shook her head again. Why would you want to see something as ugly as me?

Daniwhat are you talking about? Youre the most gorgeous girl that Ive ever seen in my entire life.

Are you sure about that?

DaniI look at you all the time, and youre always breath taking, what makes you think anything has changed? I moved my hand back and forth attempting to comfort her. Please, Dani? Please?

She took a deep breath and then looked up at me with agony in her eyes. I nearly gasped when I saw her blood stained cheeks and blackened eye. Dani, whatwhat happened? Did your mom do this to you?! Dani, what the fuck?! I reached out to touch her face, but she winced and shrank back as if I were going to hurt her even more. Dani, dont worryIm not going to hurt you. I could never, ever hurt you.

I attempted to reach out to her again and she closed her eyes but I could still see the look of desperation on her face. As I gently cupped her cheek, she almost immediately relaxed and placed her hand over mine.

I was relieved to know she felt comfort in me. Danihow did this happen?

My mom she mumbled. She hit me like she always does. She actually threw her fucking bottle of vodka at my face after smacking me.

Cancan we go inside and talk about this?

No Hillel! No! Youre parents are going to see me! She started to cry again as she grabbed my wrist with her other hand. I dont want them to see me like this!

Shhh, please dont cry any more, baby girl, please.

Danis POV

Just come on inside, Hillel said. You know how nice my folks are, all theyll wanna do is help, promise. They wont even ask questions, Im telling ya, theyll blame it on me if anything. I tried to contain my crying but still didnt say anything. Please, Dani? You cant stay out here all night.

I took a deep breath. Alright.

Okay! Dont move! Ill get your bag! He rushed out of the front seat and opened the door for me. I handed him my bag and he slung it over his shoulder and then took me in his other arm. I slide my hand under his jacket and hugged him as we walked inside.

He opened the door and told me to go sit in the kitchen while he put my bag down by the stairs. He rushed back over to me. Whatwhat do I do? he stuttered. How do you usually take care of this?

I dont know. I shrugged. She never cut me before.

Hillel? Is that you down there? His mom came hurrying down the stairs.

Yeah mom! he called.

I didnt expect you home this early, I she gasped looking at me. Hillel! What did you do?! She pushed him out of the way to examine me.

See! he pointed out. I told you shed blame it on me! Mom, I didnt do anything!

I smiled a little for his sake, but I really wasnt in the mood. I was just so sick of this happening all the time but was glad that it was all over and I wouldnt have to deal with my mother anymore. Honey will you let me take care of you? Mrs. Slovak grabbed my face. I moved my eyes over to Hillel and he shrugged.

Sure, I mumbled through her hands.

Okay, Ill be right back. Dont go anywhere. Before I knew it she had come back with all sorts of stuff and was cleaning up my face. After undergoing more alcohol being rubbed all over my cheek, I went to bed with Hillel. We laid in bed together, tangled in each others limbs.

Dani? he said, pushing my hair over my shoulder. I looked up at him with only my eyes. You know Id never hurt you, right?

I looked away before quietly saying, Yeah, I guess so.

Dani I looked up at him again. Dani, I swear I wont, I swear on my own life that Ill never hurt ever. I love you.

I wanted to say it, I wanted to say it back so bad, but I couldnt. Honestly, I was scared, thats why I couldnt. I was scared that once Id say it, Id just get hurt. I wouldnt let myself say it because I wouldnt let myself get hurt. I could physically take all the beatings anyone had to offer, but once it came to mental beatings, I was weak as hell.

I just cuddled up closer to him and closed my eyes, feeling like shit about leaving him hanging like that. Can wejust talk about this tomorrow?

I felt his chest rise greatly and then sink again. Yeah, sure Dani.

Gif: Dani

Chapter Forty Six

Anas POV

Anthony, Hillel, and Dani had left. I was in my roomalone, crying. I didnt want them to go, but I didnt want to be selfish and keep them where theyd be unhappy. I was going to have to be alone for the next yearthe only person Im going to have is Kurt. I was going to be even more upset when Id have to make a decision on whether or not I was going to leave him and go to California.

I was just about to shove my face back into my pillow and start sobbing again before I heard the front door slam. Ana! Kurt called through the house. I held my breath and listened to him walk up the stairs then sat up and hurried to wipe my face off. Ana, you in here? He knocked on my door.

Yeah Come in.

He opened the door and looked right at me looking up at him. He sighed and hurried over to sit next to me. AnaIm sorry

I looked up at him and was about to burst into tears again. He pulled me into his body before I got the chance even let one tear fall. I hugged him back but pulled away after a minute and wiped my face off. Okay, okay, Im fine. I took a deep breath. I tried doing what Dani would doI put on a tough face and held it in even though I was dying inside.

Gif: Dani

Chapter Forty Seven

Anas POV

I was going to pick Kurt up from work one afternoon, and while he told me to stay in the car and wait, I really didnt want to. Being ten minutes early didnt help my patients either. I walked into the YMCA and asked the lady at the front desk where the pool was. I followed her instructions and walked down the hallway to the right.

I pushed the door open and immediately picked Kurt out of the large crowd of little kids. I smiled as I watched him playing with almost every single one of them. He didnt notice me standing there for at least five minutes when another boy had walked into the pool room, which was also the time he got out of the pool. He waved at me and almost made it to a half way point between us before one of the kids grabbed his leg from behind. Kurt, are you leaving?

He turned and bent down. Yeah, Jimmy. Ill see you next week though, remember?


Alright kid. He ruffled the small childs wet hair and then got up. Buh-bye, Jimmy.

Bye Kurt!

He finally reached me and greeted me with a smile. Hey.

Now wasnt that just adorable! I gawked at him with a smirk.

He laughed. I thought I told you to wait in the car.

Picture: Kurdt

Chapter Forty Eight

Kurts POV

The beginning of the school year always suckedwell, so did the rest of the school year but this would be the last time I would ever have to come here again. I was finally a senior, but I was ready to leave. I just missed the summer, I missed my job, and honestly, Ill admit it, I missed the people I knew this summer.

We were already a couple weeks into the school year but it gets old after the first day. Ana and I were leaving school that afternoon when I accidentally bumped into this really tall kid. Sorry, man, he said picking up my journal for me.

I smiled a little. Thanks. And I took my notebook back.

Hey, youre uhKurt, right?

I snorted. Yeah, whore you?

The names Krist! He led his hand out, and I grabbed it firmly. You can call me Chris if you want though. Most people do anyway.

Alright Chris. Let me ask you this, how do you know me? I mean, everyone knows mekinda. But nobody knows my name. They just know me as that weird kid in a couple of their classes that never does shit but mope around.

Well I heard youre uhmusically interested.

Care to explain? I raised an eyebrow.

You know, you can play! You got a good taste! He seemed really excited.

OhI guess.

So you wanna get together? And like write something orsomething? We could jam, man!

You play?


Let me guess, I said looking up at him, youre a bass player?

Yeah! Well, I play guitar too. And a little bit of the drums. I like to sing, but I think wed all be better off if I didnt. He laughed a little.

You sure are a tall boy Ana said staring up at him.

Yeah well, are you sure youre not just short?

Youre like a whole foot and half taller than me, she mumbled.

Yeah, that makes you a whole foot and a half shorter than me. Thats pretty short if you ask me.

Aw, Kurt hes cute and funny. Lets keep him. She tugged on my shoulder and Chris laughed.

Fine I mumbled.

I dont believe I caught your name, Chris said looking over at the girl clinging to my arm.

Ana, she said with a smile.

Well Ana, thank you for convincing your boyfriend to let me stay.

Shes not my girlfriend! I protested and Ana looked at me like I had gone crazy. Whatyoure not

Hes mybrother, Ana said with a smile.

Alright well it was nice to meet you both. He smiled and then walked off

Wherere you goin Chris? I thought we were keeping you? I called after him.


Ana nodded excitedly. Yeah now!

Alright! You guys wanna come over to my place? The whole basement is ours if we want it.

I looked over at Ana and she nodded the same way she had before with a big smile. I dont know what she was so happy about, its like Chris happiness was contagious or something because let me just tell you somethingthe kid, he was really happy, likeall the time.

Alright, I sighed, lets go.

Picture: Kurt

Chapter Forty Nine

Anthonys POV

I leaned against the wall with the telephone in hand. It rang and rang and rangbut I never got an answer I tried again, but stillI got nothing but the dial tone. I was close to tearsand I didnt even know why. I knew she wouldnt do it on purpose, but I havent talked to her in what seemed like ages and now she wasnt even going to answer my calls. I tried to convince myself that she wasnt homeor she was sleepingor she couldnt get to the phone Wait, but why wouldnt she be able to get to the phone? What if she was in trouble?? I hurried to dial one more time It rangand rangand then I got an answerI could finally breathe.

Hello? it was an unfamiliar voicea male voice

Uhwho is this?

I believe I could ask you the same question, mister. Youre the one that called.

Listen! I dont have time for fucking around! Wheres Ana?

Well, shes right in the other room. I could get her if you want.


May I ask whose calling?

Her boyfriend! Anthony!

I heard his muffled voice on the other end, Ooooh! Anas got a boyfriend! Ana, Anthonys on the phone! This guy was a real pain in the ass whoever he was. Now directed towards me, he said, So are you really sure you dont wanna talk to me? Im just as fun as any girl you could pick up!

Then muffled, again, I heard, Oh shut up, Chris! And then Anas sweet laugh. Just gimme the phone. Now clearly, I could hear Anas voice, Hey, Anthony. Sorry about that.

Who the hell was that?!

Oh calm down, hes Kurts new friend. His name is Chris. Youd probably actually like him.

Yeahwhatever. You scared me Ana!

Sounds like youre jealous, Ana said ever so confidently. She said it in a way that she knew would hit me right where I didnt want it to, in a way that she knew would get me going. I could picture the evil little smirk on her face too.

Im not Ugh, nevermind.

I wish you were here, Anthony, she said in a devilish manor. Im kindalonging for you and your touch.

Oh Ana dont do that to me! I nearly whined getting uneasy in my pants.

Hillel came running in the room and slung his arm around my neck. Hey, you little shit! Whats goin on?

Im sure that all Ana heard was choking and a bunch of awkward noises on the other line because she said a little annoyed, Well that kinda just ruined the mood.

I elbowed Hillel in the chest and pushed him off me then pointed to the phone angrily. Sorry, Hillels just being an asshole.

Its alright, babe. Dont blame him. I gotta go, love you. Talk to you later, promise.

Aw do you have to go?

Yeah, Im sorry. Chris is yelling about something in the other room. I really gotta go, baby! I love you!

Im sure she didnt wait for my, I love you, back to hang up the phone. I took a deep breath and then hung up on my side. I wasnt too sure about this Chris guy.

Picture: Krist (I'm refering to him as Krist because it's weird calling him Chris lol) and Kurt in the back.

Chapter Fifty

Anas POV

It was more than half way through the school year and things were rough. Kurts mom was kicking him out of the house by the end of the year if he didnt get a job, I told him he was welcome to stay we me and Chris offered the same. But he refused every time, claiming he didnt want to mooch. I pointed out the fact that he was at my house most of the time anyway, but he said itd be different if he were actually living with me and my mom.

Not only was that whole situation going on, but it was nearing the end of the school year, which meant that Id have to make a decisionto either stay in Seattle with Kurt, or move to Los Angeles with Anthony. I missed him and Dani and Hillel sooo badly, but Id miss Kurt way too much if I left him. I was nervous and scared and frustrated all at the same time. I had no idea what I was going to do.

But on top of that huge pile of shit, came Chris. He was honestly the only good thing that had happened to me since the school started. He was smart and funny and talented and him and Kurt were perfect together. We all started spending a lot of time together, whether I would go to watch them practice or if we all just hung out, we kinda just stuck together.

One night we were all at my house, just sitting in the living room just talking and laughing and eating a whole bunch. Kurt laid sideways in the big cushioned armchair while Chris sat on the couch as I sat down next to him with my legs sprawled out in his lap.

Kurt turned on his stomach so his head was next to mine. I tilted my head back to look at him and smiled. Hey.

Hi. He burped.

Aw come on! My mouth was open.

Oops. He smiled.

I sat back up and looked over at Chris. Can you believe him?

Chris shrugged. At least it wasnt a fart.

Mrs. Bertolis POV

I walked in the door, tired and fed up with the late night hours of my job. It had to be one in the morning when I got home. I set my purse down and made my way to the living to turn the television on and relax a little before checking on Ana and then going to bed. However, when I went to go sit on the couch I found that my pathway was obstructed by three sleeping bodies. Two of them I had recognized, two of them I would know anywhere, Kurt and Ana. But the third I wasnt familiar with. Damn this job, it was probably that boy Chris Ana was always telling me about, but because I was never home anymore Ive never gotten the chance to meet him.

They were all just piled on top of each other, it was adorable. I was so happy Ana had friends like these, I was so proud of her tooher and Kurt both. Id hate to see them be separated, she had already lost three great friends this summer

Picture: I thought it'd fit the end of the chapter cx Kurt and Krist

Chapter Fifty One

Anas POV

Did you get it yet? Did it come? Anthony asked over the phone.

Yeah, I was just about to open it. I smiled at his excitement, holding the envelope in my hand.

Okay, go, open it! Call me back when youre done!

Youre not gonna stay on the phone with me while I open it?

Nope. Call me back later. I love you, Ana.

Love you too, baby. I smiled and hung up the phone. I sat down at the kitchen table and ripped open the paper envelope. I pulled out a piece of paper folded in half. I then opened that up. It was hand-written, but it wasnt a letter. It wasa poem I think. I started to read it in my head:

Think of a drinking song the honkytonk will do,

Making another breaking bone your favorite ing鮵e.

This the distant dawn.

This the distant dawn.

I put my cards upon the table,

I do the speakers cause I am able.

Eyes wide with revolation,

Chime at the police station.

And when the verdict comes round,

Im sure that you will go down.

Stay all night,

Well save the population.

Stay all night,

Well save the population.

Wow I said under my breath, and then smiled at the piece of paper in my hand.

Gif: Anthony being sexy af


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