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Authors Note

Hello my fellow people and my

FAM, you guys know who you are!! ?

This is the second book 2 too my other Grunge and other band imagines I hope you guys will view it as much as the other one you will all make me so happy if you do.

So that's all I have to say :3 ??? the Layne Staley imagine called One time will be continued on this one.

Thank you!!


Layne Staley-One Time:Pt2

A/N Hey guys the pic up top I made myself so YOU ARE ALL VERY WELCOMED!NOW LETS GET THIS STARTED!!!!"


You woke up the next day with no sign of Layne he was cuddled up on the couch with you but now his just gone.

You get up calling his name to see His in the kitchen.

"Layne?" You called.

He looked up from the pan, *he was shirtless* with sad eyes.

"Sorry, Y/n" he said looking down shyly.

You walked over hugging your friend.
"Its okay Layne, your my best friend help yourself." You gave him a kiss on the cheek and started making tea.

You heard the Stive turn off and felt arms around your waist.

You felt Layne lay his head in your shoulder.

"Layne you feeling okay?" You asked.

As you turned around.

He hugged you again

"Y/n I I just feel so empty." He said sadly.

"Layne its okay, you have me Jerry Sean. Mi-" you stopped yourself before you could say it.

(Sorry dear followers if I broke your hearts)

"Layne I'm so sorry." He Hughes you tightly.

He wouldn't speak about it.

Layne's pov

It was hard it really was... It was like a curse saying his name it just hurt so much.. Mike was a Starr a fallen one good starrs burn out but they may burn out and fade away but the memory is what keeps them alive.. The beauty they bran to the world.. The things they made shine.. He was my best friend and I just really miss him.

Sooo sorry to end it this way. But more happy ones to come I swear a Mike Starr Imagine is coming!

Eddie Vedder : Love Of My Life

A/n this is for @GigiRJ

You walked down the path upset and broken you saw Eddie your CRUSH kissing another girl it was heart wrenching because he said he loved you and wanted you to meet up with him.

And this is what he done.

Kissed the girl you hate so fucking much. Also known as the hottest girl in school/modal. But hey he done a concert at your school you sang with him and he wanted to talk and meet up because you guys have been friends for a while and HE FINALLY ADMITTED HE LOVED YOU!! But wouldn't kiss you there he wanted it to be special.

And now he has done this, what's a famous guy like him want with a girl like you? He can have any girl he wants. You where so out of his league anyway. She's like a fucking modal! What would he want with you.

This just broke your heart so fucking much!

Eddies POV

Gisele was upset and crying, I walked in hugging her from behind.

"Eddie go away!" She snapped

I stepped back, "Gisele its not what it looked like she threw herself on me I love you and only you!" I shouted/whispered.

"I feel so bad that you had to see that." I admitted.

"No Eddie your a rock star you can have anyone. She's a model go have her!" Gisele shouted.

I pulled her into a hug, but she shoved me away so I left.


I came back an hour later with roses.

"Gisele for you." She turned and looked at me taking the roses shyly.

"There's on fake one and ten real." She said shyly.

I took her hand, knealing down to her height.

"That's because I'll love you until the last rose dies."

I leaned in kissing her lips.





Chris Cornell- The World Is Yours

@schulyer Happy Birthday Sky!

You were walking along the footpath when you felt a pair of arms swoop you off you feet you nearly screamed bloody murder but soon realised it was Chris Cornell your Best friend/ Crush.

Once he put your feet back down on the ground. He had quickly kissed you!!!!

At first you thought you were dreaming but no! No no no this was your reality.

Once your lips departed, he looked at you, "Happy Birthday for one and I HAVE THE GREATEST NEWS EVER!" he shouted excitingly.

"Sky, I want you to be the first person to know about this because I really really want you to come."

As for you Sky you stood there completely shocked because he kissed you.

As it finally hit you, you smiled nodding at Chris had finished saying.

"Yeah I love to Chris." You smiled unsure what you had agreed to do

"Great its settled! Your coming on tour with me!!!" Chris screamed you screamed too jumping up and down.

You didn't recall this but then again Chris kissed you! So Chris is in a band. Oh man his told you before it just when he sings talks or even looks at you your in dream land. Was it soundwave? No no was it Sounded? No n o no WAIT SOUNDGARDEN!!! YOUR GOING ON YOUR WITH SOUNDGARDEN! How amazing and Chris Cornell had still kissed you!!!

To be continued

Kurt Cobain: Brothers In Arms

A/n so I changed thus up a bit. Enjoy.

"Y/n are you fucking crazy!!!! Dating that guy!!" Your brother snapped oldest of the family and is known as The Cobain.

Kurt Donald Cobain to be exact.

You rolled your eyes, and he hit your arm. "This serious! He could have hurt you!" He snapped his eyes glowing fiery red. "But his the hottest guy in school Kurt and I finally get a date with him after YEARS of trying to get him to notice me and for what? You to ruin it!" You snapped.

"I DONT GIVE A FLYING FUCK IF HIS THE HOTTEST GUY IN SCHOOL!! He us the type of person that will hurt you and I mean he will! He you only use you for SEX! Or to get back at me! Because I beated the shit out of him for trying to touch you in the fucking first place!" He snapped.

Kurt was right. He was only trying to protect me. And I'm fucking that up.

"Kurt im-" he cut you off, "I missed the most important night of my life because of you! I had a gig one I've been planning all year and I skipped it last minute because you were in danger." Kurt walked over hugging you tightly.

"Y/n please don't ever go near him again!" Kurt said concerned.

"Okay I promise I'm so sorry Kurt."


Eddie Vedder: Love Of My Life:Pt2

After being married to Eddie for 3 years, you had a massive surprise for him.

You were pregnant but he didn't know that.

So you were waiting for the right moment to tell him.

Lately you and Eddie have been fighting a lot and all because your hormonal and all.

You walked up to the garage where Pearl Jam were well jamming it out.

You knocked quietly and Eddie, stopped playing.. Opening the door he let you come in.

"Sorry to interrupt guys, but would you lads like anything to drink? Or something to eat?" They all agreed on drinks and Matt offered to help you with them.


"Gisele, is everything okay with you and Eddie?" Matt asked, you bit your lip thinking it would be a bad idea to let Matt know before Eddie.

"Yeah, we're fine Matt." You said quietly pouring water into a few cups.

"Are you sure because us boys are always going to be here for you an Eddie." Matt said.

You Hughes Matt tightly, thanking him.

"I'm pregnant. Please don't freak out." You said quickly.

Matt's hands flew to him mouth to cover they scream..

"Oh my god congregations!" He shouted/whispered.

"Sh shhhh Matt Eddie doesn't know!" You shouted / whispered.

"Okay well just act like nothing happened." Matt said.

*****The Garage****

You have all the boys there drinks and you gave Matt a look which got a angry confused one from Eddie.

"Eddie, we need to have a serious talk." You quickly said before Eddie could say anything.

You put out your hand and Eddie took it like a shy child would if he was leaving his parents.

You lead him to the kitchen

"Look Gisele if this is because of us fighting please don't leave me!!" He said quickly.

"Wait Eddie you do think I'm divorcing you ?" You asked confused.

" well isnt that what this is about hut never mind that remember I told you I'll love you until the last rose dies I promised that meant forever I swear it did!" Eddie explained.

You giggled "Gisele this is a serious thing why are you laughing?" He questioned.

"Eddie I'm pregnant." You said while giggling.

"WHAT I'M GOING TO BE A DAD!!" He shouted.

Tears over whelming his eyes. Eddie was crying happy tears which made you cry too.

Eddie kissed you saying his was the luckiest man ever!

"GUYS IM GOING TO BE A FATHER!!!!" Eddie screamed as he fell to his knees crying so happily.

@GigiRJ hope you enjoyed it :) ??

Ahren Stringer: Lost Cause.

A/n yes this is the two most beautiful singer/ screamer from The Amity Affliction like Joel and Ahren are just the funniest I had to contain my laughter at 4am because I was afraid I'd wake my parents. Don't ask me why they're drinking beer from a shoe in a shower there just so random I love them. ????

"Y/n come down here!" Joel screamed. You ran down to only bump into Ahren, "ow ow ow sorry." You shouted.

"Hey no its okay Y/n" he said as he kissed your cheek.

You blushed walking over to Joel. "Yes Joel?" He looked at you confused.

"Oh yes that's right Truth Or Dare." He said.

You were confused

"Dare?" You said concerned.

"Okay good!" He paused "I dare you to go up to Ahren and tell him pour flour over you." You laughed.

"Okay." You said as you giggled.

"Oh Ahren I need to ask you a favour!" You skipped over to him holding him by his arm.

"What's that Y/n?" He asked.

"Pour Flour all over me and turn me into a cake." You giggled.

Ahren laughed, then looked st the serious look on your face.

He looked at you shocked, "oh I'm serious." You said.

After Ahren had tipped the flower all over you turning you into a living cake it was your turn.

You hugged Joel and Ahren getting flour all over them.

"I Dare you guys to drink from a shoe. It has to be beer and to it in the bathroom so we don't make a massive mess." You explained.


Once they done that you were in the kitchen laughing at the video. (One up top lmfao)

"Okay I'm gonna go have a shower!" You said as you ran up to the bathroom.

You brushed yourself offf mostly.

Then got undressed jumping in the shower washing your hair and body.

The warm water relaxed your body.


Layne Staley-

Requested boyxboy hope you like it??? Its my first time writing one of these and I do not know how to do this :) enjoy.

Layne's POV

I walked out of the shower to see Y/n standing there he was gorgeous we meet when he was a drug dealer.

He stopped that now and I've become clean have been for the past two years.

But the thing is as I look at his beautiful body and golden blonde hair I can't help but picture my life with him.

Y/n is so amazing his blue eyes are just the bluest.

And you guessed it I'm in the friend zone.

The truth is he didn't know I was in a word gay.

He reminded me so much of Jerry it was unbelievable...

Y/n looked at me with such wonder in his eyes.

I placed a top on and walked over bro hugging him.

He was fragile to be honest.

I was his protector, he needed me and I needed him, he calls me his brother.

But in my dreams his my lover.

I sighed looking down at my feet.

"Y/n." I said simply with a sense of disbelief in my voice.

"Yeah Layne." He asked as he smiled.

"Y/n. I'm..... I'm gay and I'm inlove with you." I said quickly.

Y/n didn't say anything but look at me weird.

"Oh no now I've screwed everything up! I'm so sorry!" I blurted he didn't say anything but slam his lips on mine.

What seemed like a dream come true was a dream come true.

*Two Years Later*

"And do you Layne Thomas Staley take Y/f/n to be your husband to hold and to love to death do you part?" The priest asked.

"I do." I smiled looking into Y/n's happy blue eyes.

"And do you Y/f/n take Layne Thomas Staley to be your husband to hold and to love to death do you part?" The priest asked Y/n

He smiled and said "I do."

I smiled happily and

"I now prenouce you Husband and Husband you may now kiss the Groom" he said happily

I smiled and kissed my husband

"I love you" I said against his lips.

"I love you too."

Sorry of it sucked. I tried.

Layne- War Brothers

There were bombs going off and explosions everywhere the smell of the dead filled the air and as for me I was looking for my baby brother Y/n he was the most precious thing to me and if I came home without him my life would be over...

I ran through helping as many wounded brothers as I could asking if they saw Y/n anywhere! But no.. He was no where to be seen.

Ain't found a way to kill me yet
Eyes burn with stinging sweat
Seems every path leads me to nowhere.

"Y/N!!!!" I shouted over the bullet fire. A kid was running at me and I shot him because he tired to shoot me. Guilt filling every ounce of my body..

I looked through his pockets and found a wedding picture with two kids and a house hold pet.. I took this man from his family.

"I'm sorry.." I said quickly closing his eyes as bullets screamed at me from else where

Wife and kids household pet
Army green was no safe bet
The bullets scream to me from somewhere

As fear rose in my body I ran looking for my brother.

Here they come to snuff the rooster
Yeah here come the rooster, yeah
You know he ain't gonna die
No, no, no, ya know he ain't gonna die

"Y/N!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!??!" I screamed and screamed for my baby brother, but he was no were to be seen.

His not going to die... He ain't gonna die..

Walkin' tall machine gun man
They spit on me in my home land
Gloria sent me pictures of my boy
Got my pills 'gainst mosquito death
My buddy's breathin' his dyin' breath
Oh god please won't you help me make it through

I ran and found a man holding Y/n down, I ran at him and with every strength in my body. I began punching into him over and over as the rain poured hard. I hit him until my knuckles bleed.

Here they come to snuff the rooster
Yeah here come the rooster, yeah
You know he ain't gonna die
No, no, no ya know he ain't gonna die

I felt my brother pull me back, "LAYNE!!!" I felt him pull me away we saved fallen brothers that night.

**Years Later**

I was looking at the war memorial, I turned to my baby brother who was looking at me happily.

His bright blue eyes shinning bright and his long ginger hair that just shinned bright.

He was my brother and I love him.

"Layne we made it out." Y/n said sweetly.

"Yes we did, May we remember our falling brothers." I said as we placed a poppy down to our war brothers.


request open

Please send in request

I'm inlove with Toms characters. Like omfg.

His Adam character from only lovers survive is like ASDFGH!! jaw droopingly gorgeous I was not warned of this character and he's a musician in it?!!! Like boyfriend stuff

Daron Malakian- CUTE AF!

A/n he is my favourite from System like his so fuckong cute!!!!

This is for @systemofadown06


You heard the crowd scream for an encore you smiled to yourself your heavy metal band was doing so well.

Which was perfect... You were doing and opening for System Of A Down.

Once you finished the song you walked off set watching System do there full concert and as you watched the concert Daron couldn't help but keep starring at you which had you curious.
After they were finished they thanked there fans and walked off by then you were walking to your dressing room.

You had a shower and got dressed for the next concert at 3:00am

As you were about to leave, you saw Daron walk in.

"Sorry to come in unwanted, but there's something about you so beautiful." Daron said sweetly looking at you with wondering eyes.

"Well Daron... I'm a awesome Bassist/drummer. In a famously known heavy metal band it doesn't get any better than that." You smirked.

"You play Drums." He said walking closer.

"Well drums aren't the only thing I can bang." You said going slightly red.

"Play I meant play." You corrected.

*Two Years Later*

"Del!" You ran downstairs as fast as you could, as Daron was calling your name for the past 10 minutes.

"Coming!!" You screamed as you ran down the stairs. "Quickly!!" He screamed.

You ran out and saw a beautiful man beautifully suited, and black rose petals around the room and it was candle lit it was incredibly beautiful and thoughtful.

"Del, I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you." He said sweetly as he walked closer.

"Del will you take the honors in being my wife?" He asked as he got down on one knee

You screamed yes!!

Daron walked up to you placing the ring on your finger kissing you &whispering things in your ear which made you blush heavily.

As he lead you outside he began to kiss your neck leading to your lips, which well..... Lead to other "Things"

***The Next Morning***

You woke to have Daron's arms wrapped around you, smiling to yourself you dug your head dealer into his neck.

"Del, I want you to know something." Daron sat up a bit as well as yourself.

"What is it?" You asked, a little concern filling your voice.

"I love you, always have and always will, the ring on your finger means I'll love you forever." He said you smiled kissing his sweet lips.

Dave Grohl - Hot Stuff....

A/n for @Fashiongirl417 I had laughed my ass off for about Thirty minutes because well Peaches is my cat of five years.

"Y/n!!" Your sister called from downstairs, you came running down confused on why she wanted you.

"Y/N!!!!" she screamed, you rolled your eyes and picked up your speed a bit and ran down.

"What do you want! Its two am in the damn morning!" You snapped, annoyed but curios as to why she took you away from your drawing time.

"Y/n I want you to meet Dave."

You looked up from your feet, to see thee Dave Gorhl your long lost best friend!!!!!

This is a fucking dream?!?

You stood there dumb founded.

"You're Dave Gorhl!" You said shyly.

"Yeah I am, Y/n its almost like you're shocked to see your best friend."

Before you knew it you ran over hugging him to death.

"Where the fuck have you been!!! David!! I was worried sick! You left for two damn years! You didn't write!!!!! You didn't call or text!!! I though you were dead!" You shouted.

Dave hushed you, "let's go somewhere.?" He said simply.

"Dave its 2am in the morning." You explained, "Of cause I'll go." You smiled taking Dave hand.

He took you too a football place.

It was empty but all the lights were on, Dave walked over to the stage.

"Stay here." He said as he kissed your nose.

You smiled and did as asked,

"Okay so this song is for you my love." He smiled.

Soon he was joined by other men with musical instruments.

He started to sing Hanging by a moment by life house.

He talked about how inlove he was with you and sang a few of his own songs.

You were star struck.

Once he finished he ran over to hug you.

"That was amazing Dave so this is where you have been in a band called???" You paused because you had no idea what the band was called.

"Foo Fighters." He smiled.

"I love this..."

"Well this was a date.." He said as he leaned closer.

You smiled and leaned in and you guys kissed.

"I love you." He said after you departed

"I love you too" you smiled.

So sorry if it sucked

Joel Birch- Lonesome.

A/n this is about Joel Birch.

it's a song about kids writing to me and some of the time it's really heavy and inappropriate, like kids telling me they're going to kill themselves that night, which is really unfair on me because I can't do anything about it. So, "Don't Lean On Me" is "don't lean on me, because I'm having the exact same fucking issue right here". I try and give kids help and point them in the right direction, but there's only so much I can do." "I don't feel physically equipped to handle some of these notes. I have felt physically ill after reading some of these letters, just hearing the sheer desperation is enough to bring tears to my eyes... I am dealing with depression and anxiety, so I can fully emphasise with everyone out there that has it, to whichever degree they are dealing with it, but I remain an inadequate as an advice-giver. Sometimes the only advice I need is knowing that someone out there understands and I hope I can give that to you personally" - Joel Birch on "Dont Lean On Me"

Authors Note.

So sorry I haven't updated I don't know what is going on I just haven't had any energy, lately we have a Kurt Cobain and a Vic Fuentes imagines coming. As requested again I apologize. I'm so sorry.

Also I stole this beautiful pic from Amy.

Jerry Cantrell - Dirty.



"AMY!!" it was Jerry calling for you, you couldn't remember much you were in a cold and dark alleyway.. The ground was icy cold and wet from the rain.

You have no memory of being there, all you knew was you just woke up there.

Jerry continued to call for you, you weakly said his name and he rushed to your aid.

Jerry had found you and the first thing he did was take you straight to the hospital were you were checked for anything bad.

The Next Day

You awoke in Jer's bedroom only in a top and your lacy underwear.

You woke with a pounding headache.
So you walked downstairs, in only what you were wearing.

Suddenly you smelt food,

"Hmm" you smiled to yourself.

"Oh baby you're awake." Jerry said kissing you check. He moved to your jawline moving down to your neck.

You let out a small yelp when he bit your neck.

"Ow! Jerry!" You laughed,

"What Amy? You smell and taste
delicious" he smirked kissing your lips.

You laughed as you through your arms around his neck.

"Well don't you just sound like a cannibal." You laughed as well as Jerry.

"What are you baking?" You asked.

Jerry smiled, "Just some food for my boo." Jerry said as he laughed.

"Well good I'm starving." You smiled.

As you ate your food, Jerry couldn't help but laugh.

"What!" You said as you swallowed your food.

"You're to cute." He smiled

"Oh really?" He smirked.

Jerry picked you up placing you on the beach you guys started to male out next thing you know.

You were shirtless and so was he.

He kissed down your cheek, he was about to go for goals when you both heard a scream come from behind you both.

You both turn and see Layne,Jerry grabbed you pulling you close so all Layne saw was your bright green lacy underwear.

"Dude!! What the hell are you doing here?!?" Jerry asked shocked you in the mean time were laughing your ass off.

"I Fucking live here JER!!" He said surprised.

"Layne you look like someone who just ran in on your brother naked." You laughed out loud.

"WELL AMY THIS THE KITCHEN NOT YOUR SEX ROOM GO UP STAIRS!!" Layne looked like a horrorfied kid.

You and Jerry laughed so hard you started to cry.

"I'll be glad to Layne." Jerry picked you up and ran to the room where you finished your business.

I hope you guys liked it?!? I don't know how to write these tried to make it not so awkward. @staley_bread


Sorry fellow followers I've let you all down again.. so mad with myself.

I'm going to to the stuff I promised you guys, this time I swear I'll get it done then I'll take on more request.. Until then request below so I can write them down in my phone so when I do run out of credit I can update asap.



Sean Kinney- Jealous.

"Its scary people like you are allowed to breed." You heard Sean snap at a pregnant teacher.

Angry you turn around and laugh.

"Does your ass get jealous with the amount of shit that comes out of your mouth everyday SEAN!" You snapped.

Laughing echo's throughout the hall.

"Shit Sean you need a BURN FOR THAT?!?" Joel laughed. "Love the metallica top by the way hun" Joel smiled.

"Great story hun, now what chapter do you kindly shut the fuck up" Sean smirked at you.

"Oh nice one Sean your so hot when you say things like that" the blonde said, "I know for a fact she doesn't even listen to Metallica."

"Listen bitch, unless your name is Google stop acting like you know everything!" You snapped,

Sean growled at you as you walked away smirking.

To be continued



A/n Dear readers do not continue to read its a slit bit rude so I'm just saying I told you so.

You walked over to Jimmy in your Ax7 tee and your underwear.

He looked up at you, as you laid down on top of him, giving him a soft kiss.

"Jacki, what are you doing love?" Jimmy asked placing his hands on your butt, and began playing the beat to Almost Easy.

You smiled wrapping your arms around Jimmy, "when are the boys coming over?" You asked placing your hand on his bare chest.

"Later, why's that love?" Jimmy asked smirking at you.

"Well...." You continued whispering the rest in his ear.

He breathed in sharply and agreed to your idea, soon you knew you were giving Jimmy a heated kiss.

After a while, you an Jimmy went your separate ways and you had a shower.

Once you were finished you walked out in a towel seeing Jimmy smirk at you again.

You smiled smirking yourself.. He walked unwrapping you placing the towel around the too of you.

In a passionate moment to began kissing him soon after a minute or two, you heard a scream come from behind you.

Turning around still covered, you saw Brian.. Shocked then he smirked..

"Nicceee Revy, getting some action." Embarrssed you hide your face in Jimmy's bare chest.

"BRIAN GET OUT!?!?' He snapped his face crimson red, from embarrassment or anger you didn't know.

"Why man?" In that moment the rest of the guys walking in along with Brains girlfriend. ????

You laughed, she was once again dressed like a slut he surely knew how to pick them.

"Honey, I think your skirt should quit the weed; its too high!" You laughed, she gave you a dirty look and Jimmy flipped the fuck out..

"GET OUT YOU COCK BLOCKS!?" Jimmy snapped, once they all left. You walked off clearly butt naked to the bathroom where you finished getting dressed.

After you where finished just in your bra and undies you walked back out putting your shorts on... Again walking over to Jimmy..

"Hey Rev wanna Rev up the Harley again??" You smirked, Jimmy looked over smiling brightly at you he stood up in just his boxers smiling at you and him in the mirror.

He began kissing your neck sweetly and softly, until he eventually got to your lips..

A/n so sorry I might be a bit rusty Jacki. I tried lol...

Hope you liked it!! ??

Lars: My Love


It was a late morning and you had soon realized you slept in..

You didn't care because you had Lars.

You turned smiling at Lars playing with his hand. You couldn't help but smile happily.

Lars looked at you with love in his eyes, the connection between you to grew and grew everyday.

You soon decided to get up and get ready for school, you walked out in the sweater you were wearing and threw it off getting into on of lars' tee-shirts you walked off in a pair of skinny black jeans and some converses.

Before you left for school you have Lars a sweet and soft kiss.

"I'm gonna walk you to school." Lars said as he sat up, he was in a lot of pain from yesterdays experience, he had got into a punch on soon leading him to be hit by a car. (Not badly)

He was only bruised around the ribs and had scratches.

You walked over laying Lars back down.

"You rest love, the doctor said so." You smiled kissing Lars softly.

"Steph," Lars paused

"I'll be fine, my love." You informed Lars.

"I don't want you walking by yourself." Lars said,

"Well I could have the day off." You smirked at your boyfriend.

"No- ow!" He stopped holding his ribs, "Well then I'm walking by myself." You smiled.

"I'll be texting you Lars, no need to worry?!" You smiled leaving, once you stepped out it started to rain slightly then it grew massively.

You were drenched withing seconds.

You walked back home and closed the door showing Lars you were clearly wet. He giggled as you got changed into some nice warm clothes.

After you crawled into bed and spent the rest of the day with your boyfriend Lars.


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