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Nirvana-About A Girl-Kurt Cobain

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It was the last night of you and Kurt being together for as he was off tomorrow on tour.

"Kurt please don't go I want you to stay." You begged.

Kurt didn't do much but give you a cute look you always adored when you were upset.

"(Y/N) please don't be upset I'll be back before you know it." Kurt said cupping your small face.

"I know and I don't want to hold you back or anything its just I'm afraid of losing you." You confessed.

Kurt looked at you with love and hugged you tightly. "(Y/N) you'll never lose me."

*One Week Later*

You where flipping through the TV channels missing Kurt an awful lot when you came across an interview about Kurt and rolling stones.

"So Kurt is there anyone out there? Anyone special." The interviewer asked. You saw Kurt stop ad think for a moment; "Yes and fact there fucking is." He stood up walking of stage coming back with a guitar. "Her name is (Y/N) and she's my girlfriend the love of my life. She's helped me through so much and I wrote this song for her and about how much I love her." He played the song so beautifully and it made your heart melt.

"(Y/N) if you're watching this, I Love you so fucking much it hurts. That's in a beautiful way, you helped me through think and thin in fact fuck this I'm gonna come home and your coming on tour with me. Fuck anyone who says otherwise, I love you and someday hope to make you my wife."

After that he walked of stage leaving the audience in shock.

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David Grohl imagine -Everythings going to be okay my love

Davids POV

I walked down the hallway of my best friends house I wanted to surprise y/n because her parents were out and I've noticed she has been acting weird lately; she didn't even show up to school today!! THAT'S CRAZY!?! and Kurt and Krist wanted me to suss it out her being my crush and all.

I saw her room just up ahead as I was about to knock, I heard quiet sobbing coming from inside the room, they rose and fell I was gonna open the door when I heard a muffled scream coming from inside her room.

My best guess is that she just screamed into her pillow.

I couldn't take it she need me more then ever; I opened the door and saw her crying into her pillow she didn't even hear me walk in.

I felt my heart break her long y/h/c was all messy her room was trashed and a picture of her and her boyfriend were ripped up and glass shattered along the floor.

"Y/n? Are you okay love?" She turned showing me her sad y/e/c eyes all red and glossy from crying.

"No I'm not DAVID!!!! Y/BF/N BROKE ME GOD DAMN HEART HE CHEATED ON ME AND YOU GUYS DIDN'T TELL ME!!!" She grabbed her pillow, crying into it.

"NOW I'M BEING AN ASSHOLE TO MY BEST FRIEND!! I'M SORRY!!" she cried, I rushed over giving her the tightest hug. Y/n sobbed loudly into my chest.

"Y/n that's crazy screw that fucking piece of shit anyways. You're better then that and no you're not being an asshole to us we understand he was a cheating piece of shit, I tried to get him to piss off I really did." I explained.


I walked into the boys room to hear uncomfortable noises. "GET A ROOM YOU FUCKING RATS!!" I snapped as I washed my hands Kurt as Krist spilt there drinks on me. God

The noise stopped and y/n's boyfriend stepped out with a whore.

"Y/bf's/n WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!" I snapped I felt my blood boil and my face go a crimson red.

"She doesn't give me what I want." He spat.

I couldn't take it... I shoved to to the ground and with every punch to the face, my hand and knuckles only got more blood on them eventually I stopped.

"You EVER HURT HER AGAIN!! I'll rip out your fucking throat!!! She's beautiful, most talented and most amazing person I know. You treat her like she's trash shes not IF YOU DONT LOVE HER LET SOMEONE ELSE WHO WILL TAKE THE TIME TO APPRECIATE HER FOR WHO SHE IS!!"


"Y/n, can I tell you something." She looked up at me her beautiful y/e/c eyes starring at me as if I was a mystery.

She nodded and said a silent yes.

"Y/n I I um I have loved you for a long time, I have always loved you. You were the best thing that's happened to me in a long time I want you to be mine forever and even of you say no its okay along as I can have you as a friend or someone more. Just know this I'll never hurt you never your to perfect for this world... Your to perfect to even be my friend but... I'll always be here for you y/n because I love you."

I sighed and looked down at how shocked she was god she's even beautiful when she does that..

It was in that moment I leaned down and

I kissed her.

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Sean Kinney Imagine

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Amy's POV

"AMY!!!!!" What the fuck did I do now? you thought to yourself.

You're boyfriend of two years appeared from around the corner with a towel wrapped around him he was dripping water everywhere.. Due to his hair being wet you couldn't help to stare because shit ITS SEAN FUCKING KINNEY AND HIS PRETTY MUCH NEARLY NAKED and is standing in front of you; getting water all over the floor.

You looked a your boyfriend who has a coconut scented shampoo in his hands. He looked at you angrily

For as you were reading a Rolling Stone's magazine they had accused Kurt of Heroin use again.

"What Sean?" You asked confused, throwing the magazine down on your lap.

"Amy I know you've been using my shampoo." He said annoyed, "Really? Sean you know I have Apple scented shampoo not coconut." You explained.... He rolled his eyes throwing on hand in the air.

"But Amy!!!!!" He whined like a two year old, you rolled your eyes. "Sean please there's more there you just haven't looked B T W I M N O T T H E O L N Y P E R S O N L I V I N G H E R E." He walked off going back to the bathroom.


Moments later. (Sean's dressed and out of the shower)

You were still reading the magazine when you heard a high pitched scream come from the kitchen you laughed historically because it sounded like a six year old girl.

You go out to the kitchen to see all the A.I.C guys standing in a corner looking at a small baby spider about the size of your whole palm.

"Pfffftt hahahaHAHAHAHA!!!!!" you laughed historically because you had no idea which one was the screaming six year old.

You walked over, picking the small thing up and watched as the guys mind you GROWN MEN! Huddle into a small corner with nothing but a frying pan. Then you noticed Sean was now where to be seen.

You go to put the spider out explaining to the guys that its only a baby.

But as you were walking out, you and Sean collided, having the spier land on top off Sean's shoulders... You both lay on the ground confused and wide eyed. You saw it on Sean but he didn't noticed until it was touching his face...

He screamed loudly and ran upstairs,

After chasing Sean around the house was so hard because you were laughing to hard. Once you had the spider you threw it outside but Sean didn't know that until 5 minutes later.. He never knew the spider was thrown off with the first hit.

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MIKE STARR Imagine.- Tough Guy.part:1

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It was a loud night because it was night and you were once again working late, you were once again been putting up with drunken losers.. As you were pouring another drink for some drunken thundercunt. You noticed a boy or should I say man. Starring at you from across the room.

He was absolutely gorgeous, he had long brown curly hair and looked completely stunning.

You were amazing by his beauty...

You watched as he walked over, once he got to the bar he smiled and asked for a beer.

"Here you go." You smiled,
"Hey I know we only met but I'm Mike Starr and I see the stars in your eyes." You giggled, blushing slightly.
"I'm-" you were cut off when, your boss told you off.
"Mike, you stay just here I'll be right back." You smiled.
"Glad to wait my beautiful Starr." He smiled, causing you to blush.

You always hated going out back, it was always so unsafe. You where nearly assaulted last time, but you got away due to a mystery man who you never saw again.

You walked out on the cold street night, because out back meant 'I'm in another building yours sincerely Alcohol.'

As you were walking out you felt something were hit across the head, you grunted falling to the ground.

The night was cold and wet, you felt the rain fall and wet your clothes.. You screamed as someone tried to hurt you.

"LET GO OF ME YOU FUCKING PERV!!!" you screamed, there was another one.. This mystery man had a black hood on covering his face you got up trying to run the other way. But he threw a brick at your head causing you to his the ground hard.

"FUERRRKKKKK" you growled you felt a warm liquid rush down the back of your neck. Before you knew it you realized you were bleeding wishing Mike Starr would come and save you wishing anyone could save you.

You let out a loud scream and called for Mike... Before you knew it the guy who you soon realized was the one who assaulted you last time was holding you down.

You screamed and cried out for help as you saw a foot kick the guy in the face causing his to fly off you, and spit blood.

You soon noticed it was Mike Starr the guy from the bar kicked and beated the shit out if this perv. He punched and punched until his knuckles bleed..

You were scared and started to sob loudly, Mike noticed.

"IF YOU EVER TOUCH HER AGAIN ILL KILLL YOUUUUU" He snapped, throwing him to the ground.

You feel unconscious.... And blacked out just in time for Mike to catch you.


You awoke in a room that was not yours you were in a AIC tee that was 2 sizes two big and males boxers shorts along with no bra. You hoped nothing bad had happened to you while you were pasted out and walked out into the kitchen were you saw three other men...

"Jerry I think Mikes girlfriend is awake." The blonde with curly hair and a goaty said as he ate.

"I'm not his girlfriend." You said quietly. You were shocked as a guys with long blonde hair said, you assumed it was Jerry.

The goat man, snorted and chuckled while he shoved more cereal into his mouth. "Not what he said" he said looking deeply into your eyes.


MIKE STARR Imagine Tough Guy part:2

You stood there confused.
As Mike walked in, with another guy.
"Mike is this the girl you said was your GIRRRRRRLLLLLLFRIEND" The goat man joked, Mike blushed and Jerry the man with long blonde hair walked over giving Mike a pat on the back.

"LAYNE!!! KINDLY STFU!!!" Mike yelled, "I said she's a girl who's my friend okay." Mike cringed.

You looked at him confused, "Oh Amy I'm so sorry, this is Layne the goat man, Jerry Rapunzel Jr. And Sean tough man." Mike explained. You giggled, "how do you know my name Starr." You asked confused, "Oh that's a long story?" He said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Mind explaining why I have no bra too." You asked concerned, "Oh NOTHING HAPPENED!!! Just so you know I would never your clothes were all bloody so I put you in mine and um I had a few girlfriends in the past and they all hated wearing bras to bed. But I promise you nothing happened to you. You mumbled your name in your sleep BTW!" He smiled

"Thankyou Mike." You walked over hugging him tightly it soon turned into sobbing. "Hey hey its okay beautiful no one hurts my Starr no one." He said resuring as he robbed your back. He hugged him for dear life.

"Thank you so much Mike I owe you my life." You explained, you looked down at your feet and he whipped the tears from your eyes.

It was then you looked up at him and it all felt so real... He began to lean in....


Pref: Alice In Chains when you guys fight.

Okay I've seen these before and I hope I'm doing them right. Wish me luck.

He hates it when you guys fight he would always go off to another room and play songs and write them too just so he could keep you in his life.

He hated it when you guys fought also, he would go to his room and look at pictures of you and him together. Sometimes he might cry but this was rarely and he hated to you to see him this way.


He would scream at you and leave the room to only go out and buy your favourite flowers and chocolate in a heart shaped box. Telling you how sorry he was.


He would just stand there and let you have a go at him, even though you would scream and hit him he would hug you until you calmed down.

Kurt Cobain Imagine- Smells like teen slut

You were walking down the school hallway when you saw someone you hated with a half crop tee that had Nirvana on it.

Disgusted you walked up to the girl.

You put on a fake smile because
1. You were pissed off
2. Probably and most likely a poser
3. She looks like a whore and probably is 12 years old. Really (18)
4. You knew her and knew for a fact she didn't know shit about the band.
5. She got her jockey boyfriend to beat Kurt Krist and Dave up a week ago.

"Hey, I LOVE your tee-shirt like o m f g its beautiful." You said smugly. I said you put a fake smile on, the attude has to be there.

"OMG!!! I'm glad you like it, its like my favourite clothing brand!!" she pushed her hair extensions back she poorly put them in and she was a blonde.

Your face automatically went to serious 'Bitch Face'

"Excuse me clothing brand? You seriously think its a clothing BRAND!!!!!!!!!!!" You screamed causing attention.

"Go on your daily business!!! I know her!!!" You snapped, fucking stupid people.

"For one its not a clothing brand! Its Kurt's band!!! DON'T YOU KNOW KRIST AND DAVE AT SCHOOL LIKE HOW FUCKING STUPID ARE YOU!!!"
You snapped with rage.

"EW IT BELONGS TO THE JUNKIE!!!" she snapped.

"JUNKIE!!! TAKE THAT BACK YOU STUPID WHORE!!!!" you snapped your face going a crimson red.

"His a loser and deserves to die!" You say Kurt Dave and Krist appear from around the corner Kurt you've had a massive crush on since you've came here.

"Take that back you SLUT!!!" you shoved her causing her to fall down. You went to walk off when you felt someone punch you In the face. It was her boyfriend John.

"HEY!!!!" The screams came from Krist Dave and your hero Kurt, they charged at him and the only thing she done was to throw shit.

You got up attacking his girlfriend who threw a tampon at the boys.. Who looked like Kili Fili and Throin. Lol

"Worthless junkie!!" She snapped,
"His not a FUCKIN junkie!!!!" You snapped you guys rolled around you occasionally throwing a few punches in.

It wasn't until she hit you over the head with her perfume, causing it to break over your head. "Take it back!!" She got up running to you, to only have you throw her over you causing her to go into the trophy cabinet.


Next day you were expelled for two weeks.

You were at home until you heard a knock at the door.

You walked over opening it to have a pair of lips smash onto yours. You soon realized it was Kurt and made out with him.

"Kurt what's that for?" You asked blushing heavily.

"For sticking up for me y/n I've loved you since the first day I met you." He explained.

Eddie Vedder- "Sick"

A/n Hey guys gonna change thus up a bit lol enjoy.

"Y/n!!!!" You heard Eddie your best friend soon to be boyfriend not yet but oh how you wish.

"Coming!!!" You screamed rushing upstairs, you ran into Eddie's room and saw him shirtless blushing slightly you snuck up on him pouncing placing a his on his lips.

Hey maybe you were something more? Friends with benefits lol joking.

After your lips departed he smiled, what's wrong my love. You thought....

"What's wrong Ed." You layed down placing your head in his chest, as he placed a hand on your lower back. You could hear his heart beat fast; it was beautiful and you loved to hear it everyday.

He spoke and you felt it through his chest....

"I don't think I'm feeling to well." He said you sat up looking down at him...
"Are you sure?" You asked, he nodded.

"My poor Vedder." You Hughes him kissing his cheek.



Authors note

Cliff Burton is such a Babe.

Sorry its so unrelated to Grunge but look at him.


Mike Starr tough Guy Part:3


Before you knew it you and Mike had started dating..

He walked you to work and kissed you goodbye.

"Stay save Starr" you yelled, he stood at the door that was half opened and smiled beautifully, before running back over and kissing you again.

He walked away and left the bar as you got a work on opening the it.. You heard the door bell ring as you heard footsteps come on in.

You thought it might of been one of the workers but soon realized you were too open up late but you came early and you knew for a fact it was only you until 11 because it was a Monday... Its only 9:30am now..

You placed and smile on your face and explained that your boyfriend should leave you alone..

"Mike if you come to-" you stopped frozen in pure terror it was him the guy who has assaulted to twice now..

"W-what do you w-want??" You asked fearing your life but something inside you was screaming Mikes now but no words came out.

"Oh.... Amy... I only want you.." He purred creepily, how the did fuck did he know my name.. You thought.

"Mi-M- Mik- Mike..." You stuttered... You mentally slapped yourself.

"Mikes now here just you and me the tough guy.." You didn't take another chance to think so you threw a tequila bottle at his head and screamed Mikes name, Loudly 5 times.

Mikes POV

I heard Amy scream my name loudly like she was in some sort of danger. I ran in to see the same sick fuck trying to chase her.. I ran over tackling him to the ground and threw punches into him hardly "You try to touch her again ill rip out your fucking heart and dip it in acid!!!" I snapped i punched him to make sure he was knocked unconscious.. Before he went out he told me he was the toughest guy out there...

I got up kicking his unconscious body three times...

"Fucking tough guy my ASS!!! PIECE OF SHIT!!" I roared..

I ran over to my shaken girlfriend... Grabbing alcohol, I threw bottles everywhere and lit a match.... I didn't know what to do with the body kill him. If I left him I'm a bad guy but he tried to hurt Amy three times now... Its why I went to the bar every night to make sure she was okay I was the one who saved her in the first place but I ran off before she could get my name and ever since then I've been the angel on her shoulders.

Amy was crying into my shoulders and I threw he match making the place lit in orange and red flames... I left that sick fuck to die...

I took Amy away from it all..

We walked out into the ally way and I stopped her placing both my hands on her face looking deeply into y/e/c eyes.. She was beautiful and I would kill anyone who tried to hurt her.. Just I had just done....

She was my world and I was planning on telling her that..

"Amy... Amy look at me love.. Amy I love you so much I'll kill anyone who tried to hurt you.. I love you more then words can explain.. Your my world and its been a crazy two years but I want you to be mine forever.. Amy (your full name) will you have take the honors in being Mrs Starr?"


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Eddie Imagine "Sick" part:2

You had just finished making the soup for your well friend with benefits. Or boyfriend you were confused on the whole concept.

You walked upstairs and heard Eddie singing..

'Girl won't you be mine like cheese and bread....' He paused, 'Pfft haha cheese and bread? She'll think I'm stupid.' He mumbled to himself you couldn't help but giggle.

You knocked on the door, hearing Eddie scream... He opens the door red in the face.. "Eddie is everything okay?" You asked smiling. "Urh? Y/n everything's fine; its how much of that did you hear?" He asked slightly embarrassed.. You giggled. "Well I could be yours like cheese and bread." You blushed slightly. As Eddie threw him palm to his head. Going really red in the face..

"Oh Eddie are you really sick?" You asked,

Eddie looked down ashamed.

"No.. I I wanted to spend the day with you... Its because..Agh its stupid.. I just.. I know... I know about you going to collage I've already been too but.. I'm not gonna be there this time and I don't want to lose you because I love you.." He blurted out.

"Awe Eddie!!" You placed the hot bowl of soup down ad Hughes him tightly... Next thing you know you felt him shake in your arms to find out he was sobbing softly..

"Eddie, babe.. No don't cry I love you... And your just going to the collage next to mine you'll always be there.. I'll always be there.. Babe don't be sad well always have each other as girlfriend or boyfriend or best friends... No matter wh-" he didn't let you finish.. As he passionately kissed you..

"Y/n Will you be my girlfriend." He asked, looking at you with a sign of hope.

"Yes Eddie I will." He smiled and kissed you again.


Collage day.

You couldn't help but be really nervous and sick it was the first day of collage the one Eddie was going to was next to it but a 29 minute walk away and Eddie only goes there because he got kicked out for bashing up some guy who deeply insulted you.

You were waiting at the main gate.. When you felt a pair of arms wrap around you.. You nearly screamed bloody murder.

But realized it was Eddie. He had his old collage jacket and a dozen black roses.

"I painted them black because I know how you don't like normal things."

Oh and he quoted American Horror Story.

Your heart flustered... He was just the perfect boyfriend..

"Eddie what are you doing?" You asked curious.

"Well I came to give my beautiful girlfriend a dozen roses to calm her nerves.. And my old well technically new collage jacket the one I wore here that says Vedder on the back to make sure people take it easy one you.. Because if they don't I'll beat them up." He kissed you giving you the roses and gently placing the jacket in you zipping it up half way..

You smiled brightly and kissed him passionately. "I love you so much." He smiled "I love you Y/n too the moon and back my Moonshine." He smiled as you guys hugged..

Moments later you hear the collage bell ring off panicking you kissed Eddie on the lips one last time running off.

"I LOVE YOU EDDIE!!" you screamed as you ran he said it back smiling he walked away going home. His collage didn't open until 9:30. It was only 8;50..


Joe Strummer The Clash

Please a 1 minute of silence for Joe sort I didn't post this yesterday I had no credit. So please a minute silence for a talented man R.I.P forever in our hearts.

"Y/n its fun to be alive it's a whole a lot better then being dead" Joe said as he whipped the tears from your sad eyes.

"Joe but your the one who's." He shushed you..

"No I'm not, not anytime soon my love.." Joe had been told he won't live past 28 it was because he had lung cancer..

You started to cry into his arms.

"Please don't go I cannot live without you.." You started to cry even more as you felt his arms wrap around you..

"I'm not going anywhere people have live long lives and they just had a oxygen tank y/n so please don't cry my beautiful angel."

He knew for a fact it won't be long.. But he couldn't bare to tell you.

*Two Weeks Later*

Joe came back home with red roses and he was in a suit.. He looked stunning.. So beautiful even though he had a thing sticking out of his nose so he could breathe he looks amazing.

"Joe what's this?" For once you felt a smile come across your face and you meant it. It was like the sad days were over.. You were right..

"Come with me my love." Joe said as he took your hand, you happily took it..

He had blind folded you it was like being in a dream of something more there was truth but no logic.

You smiled as he lead you somewhere most likely romantic.. Because Joe was just like that.

Moments lasted as you arrived Joe took your blind fold off too reveal a beautifully lit area with to chairs and a table with more flowers by the lake that was glistening over the moonlight.

Your hands threw to your mouth as you watched Joe get on one knee with a small black box in his hand..

"Y/Full/name will you take the honors in being my wife till death do us part. Even if I do go you have something to remember me by and I'll have a piece of you with me forever." He said so beautifully

You started to cry and said YES!!!!

He placed the ring on your ring finger.

"Do you want to know why they place the ring on this finger." He paused taking your hand looking into your eyes.. You could see he was in the verge of crying because he was just so happy.

"No." You said so he could explain.

"Its because its the only finger that has a vain that leads to the heart meaning its forever." He said as he stood up.

Kissing you passionately..

*The Day You Dreaded*

It was now the day you dreaded after being married to Joe for two months you had to go to the doctors because they wanted to have a look at him to make sure he was okay.

The doctor came in and told you something you didn't think was going to happen..

"Joe Strummer, I'm afraid I have some" he cut the doctor off "Not unless its good news I don't want to hear it I want to spend the rest of my life with the woman I love." He said looking deeply into your eyes.

"That's the thing your cancer is going away, your going to live."


Authors Note

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Eddie Vedder "Sick" Part:3

Shout out to @staley_bread for helping me thank you so much lovely. :)

It was 4am in the morning you were stressed out from all the school work and on top of that no one caught you any slack if anything that jacket was bad luck.. You just wanted Eddie in your arms again.

He was a 29 minute walk away and you were willing to do that but something stopped you and you called him instead..

Once it hit the third dial Eddie picked up.

"Hello..?" He said sleepy you could hear loud music in the background.

You couldn't contain the tears anymore and broke out into a sob..

"Eddie I need you." You cried, "I'm on my way."

Before you knew it Eddie was outside your window and started to throw pebbles at your window.

"Y/n Babe! Wake up who do I have to bash because they made my Moonshine upset!" He whispered pretty loudly.

Eddie didn't get and answer so he started to clime the building and snuck in through your window you were in a deep sleep when Eddie hugged you waking up almost forgetting your boyfriend was here nearly scared you.

You thought it might have been some creep but was Ed.

"Ed, you smell of alcohol." You mumbled; "Right sorry.?!?" He yelled loudly you had to Shh your own boyfriend. He was plastered but not enough he probably only have four.

The next day

You spent all night explaining everything to Eddie and he took care of everything even gave you his new jacket so others always knew he was close.

He made you feel a 100 times better talked to your teachers and he pulled out a favour. He told you he loved you and visited daily.

Chris Cornell- Bad Heart Part:1

Chris always knew about you bad heart and always and I mean always made sure he was there when you had an anxiety attacks.

He would always say resuring things to you to calm you down.

Chris was always the one to speak too but when you found out Kurt Cobain on off your closest friends died it broke your heart in two.

Chris came straight home and took you on tour with him& the band HOLE!!!! He didn't want to make things any worse as they where now and you knew for a fact Kurt didn't kill himself you knew..

Because he was so happy to be a father and you knew everything about your best friend.

Courtney on the other hand you really didn't get alone with her she was always saying nasty things about Kurt and you knew they weren't true.


Layne Staley- Hero back in Heroin.

Y/n had passed out again from using heroin once again I Layne Staley had been clean for three years now.

She was my little sister laying on the couch I was sad to see her this way she needed to stop it was going to ruin her life like it almost did for me.

I always lost my music career

I almost lost my best friends my family and Y/n but now she's fallen into my footsteps always wanting to be like me and now she has.

In the worse way possible, she was into music like I was only just started her own band and toured for two years she was loving the life until someone made her have addictions to heroin

So I'm going to put hero back in heroin I'm going save her.

Jerry Cantrell- Lost. P:1

"JERRRRY!!" was the last thing Jerry heard from you..

Your crying plead for him to save you..

It was a cold winters night it have been snowing..

Jerry was out looking for you he had found the blood stained; snow that soon lead to your body.

He found you bleeding and the last thing he heard from you is cry his name.

He held you close as he took you to the hospital.

You were rambling on about how a man stole you from your house and stabbed you robbing you off all of your money.

"Y/n your going to be okay... I'll make sure your gonna be okay. I swore the day we got married I would protect you. Its what I'm going to do is protect you because I love you."

Jerry had gotten you there just in time and you had to undertake immediate surgery.


Chris Cornell-Bad Heart P:2

He picked you up and you cried in his arms, he held you close saying resuring things to you.

"Y/n everything's going to be okay." He'll held you close and you just stood there hugging him holding all the hurt in you couldn't stand it that fact that he was gone hurt.

*On Tour*

You were walking around wearing a Nirvana Tee-Shirt Chris had gotten it for you.

As you walked around a small crowd you felt someone grab your hand, and intertwine there's with yours you stopped looking at the one standing next to you and saw it was Chris.

He kissed your forehead "You okay Y/n" he asked you didn't say anything but just look ahead.

You saw Hole walked over with Courtney being the lead, she was in shorts and a half tank top.

The others in the same.

She walked over looking straight at you.. Giving you the most evilest look ever.

"Hello there." You said shyly.

She looked at you smugly, knowing you were Kurt's friend.

"MURDER!" she screamed.

Startled you took at step back.

"Excuse me?" You asked shocked.

"You heard me!" She snapped poking you in the chest.

"BACK OFF LOVE!!!" Chris snapped.

"Why should I she killed KURT!!" she screamed.

You knew for a fact she was just trying to find something to cut you deep with and knew for a fact your friendship with Kurt was better then her relationship will ever be.

"I'd never Courtney.. He was my best friend ITS NOT MY FAULT YOU CHEATED ON HIM!!!" you screamed

"Y/n Please you stupid bitch." She growled.


Pearl Jam Pref: Your Name On His Phone

Eddie: Reason To Live
Mike: MoonShine
Stone: Starshine
Matt: Pea
Jeff: Bae

Mike Inez - Heart Breaker

It had been forever since Mike had left Alice in Chains and that upset you being the roadie and all.

Mike left saying Harsh things to you for only you to find out his is in rehab for a drug addition.

It upset you and screwed with you deeply.

And the day you found out he died killed you more.

Sorry for the shit chapter I had like a mental blank. More to come

Layne- Hero back in Heroin P:2

Y/n woke up the next day and was struggling with a bad withdrawn.

"LAYNE!!!" Y/n snapped, she was trashing my clean house.


"I NEED IT!!" Y/n snapped.

"No you don't Y/n I've been clean for three years and its your time to fucking stop this what is your purpose of this!!! Y/N!!" I snapped she started to throw things about.

"I ONLY WANTED TO BE LIKE YOU!!" She snapped, I felt my heart break.

"Y/n getting addicted to Heroin isn't who I was that was the biggest mistake of my life. For me please get off it.. You're your own person."


Kurt Cobain- I Love You

For @saintjimmy_13

"Hannah come here please!!" Kurt called from downstairs you stopped putting everything down walking down

"Yes Kurt?" You asked walking downstairs when you noticed the rose peddles you smiled and followed them downstairs which only lead to a note.

It read

Follow the roses my love and you'll have a massive surprise. Xx Kurt

You smiled and blushed slightly following the rose peddles outside which soon lead to the forest.

You kept walking until you came across the lake.

It had a table candle lit and more roses, it was beautiful and here was Kurt in a suit.

You were shocked, "Kurt what's this?"you asked curious.

"Just something special Hannah." He said sweetly.

As the moonlight shinned so beautifully Kurt bent down on one knee.

"Will you Marry me Hannah, and be the love of my life forever. I'd die everyday just to let you breathe." You happily said yes.

Hope you enjoyed it Hannah.

Authors Note

Any request?

Layne Staley-Hero Back in heroin pt:3

Layne rushed off down the hallway when he heard a smash.

He heard the glass break and found Y/n passed out with the needle still in your arm but you were smashed through the coffee table.

Layne panicked rushing to your side.

He noticed you put a little to much in your system he started to scream grabbing you picking you up rushing to his car.

"Y/n your a fucking idiot why would you want to be like me!! A FAILURE DON'T YOU FUCKING DIE ON ME!!!!"

Layne was speeding through traffic lights, he grabbed his phone dialing Jerry.

"hello?" Jerry sounded sleepy

"Jerry you need to met me at the hospital!! Its Y/n she's taking to much heroin she wanted to be like me an now I might be losing my little sister because of what I done in the past!!" Layne screams

"Layne calm down I'm on my way don't do anything stupid!" Jerry said before he hung up.

Before Layne knew it he heard a loud sound like a truck horn.. Screaming off in the distance and a flashing white light.. Hus heart froze in fear when he tried to move out of the way but he wasn't quick enoug-

To be continued

I'm thinking about Turing this into a book. I have such crazy ideas for it.

Jerry Lost-Pt:2

A/n I was suppose to post this last night but I got distracted with all Jerry's hotness we've all been there. Seriously lol.. His just so distracting... Like O M F G J E R R Y !!!


Jerry stayed with his sleepy eyes barely open Mike and Sean had came to keep him company.

But Mike had fallen to sleep and Sean stayed up for Jerry.

Jerry was so tired and was so close to fallen asleep, But he stayed awake for you.

The man who robbed you had stabbed you three times in the stomach.

It was likely that you'd survive..

The chances so small.. 30% out of 70%
That's only a 30% chance of you living.

Jerry was stressing out and Sean saw it.

Before Jerry knew it Layne rushed in. "Jerry I came as soon as I heard!" Layne explained Mile who was still past out.

It all happened so fast Layne saw the nurses walking down the hallway with no sign of hope.

They appeared and looked down at Jerry and myself.

Sean was first to say something.

"Is she okay?" He asked the nurses broke out In a cry running off down the hall.

Jerry stood up fearing what they were going to say.

"Mr Cantrell I'm very sorry but your wife shes-" Jerry cut the doctor off

"SHES NOT DEAD!!" Sean and Layne rushing to there friends side hugging him as they all cried "I'm sorry."

"Was your Wife a organ Donner?"


"Sir please"


"What's happenin", Mike was now awake.

"Mile she....she.. She didn't make it." Sean cried.

"No No no no no no no NOO NOO SHE CANT BE LET ME SEE HER!!!" Mike screamed.

Jerrys life froze over he had lost the love of his life... And what for so some guy could have money..

Jerry was filled with regret and lament.

He misses her so much


"Y/n was a beautiful woman.. And a beautiful Wife.. She gave me the world and now as I watch it crumble right before my eyes... I see nothing but pain... Nothing can fill the black hole in my heart... Nothing is the same anymore the galaxy's are dead.. The stars don't shine... The sun is the flaming piece of my broken heart shell it forever burn.. In my darkest night.... My worlds turned black and so has my soul.. I'd give anything to be with here again

So when we say goodbye to Y/n we say goodbye to me too. My life has no meaning.. Its just jaggered rock and sharp claws of my demons with me tonight... As my heart and soul is else were.. So goodbye to my family and friends for you won't see me tonight."

The day was grim and yuck.. His life had tuned black when he list the love of his life.

Sorry I know its sad and its Christmas and all but I'm gonna to a pref of Stone Temple Pilots and I have been doing a book in tribute of Scott but haven't posted it yet because I want it to be perfect.. And completed. :) Thank you and Marry Christmas

Stone Temple Pilots Pref: When His Drunk


"BABE COME ASAP!!" with panic he hung up the phone you were right on your way to the place he was at once you arrived he came running over to you with a pregnancy test..

"Babe I'm pregnant!" He slurred, nearly fallen over.

You laughed

"Babe your a male. You cannot get pregnant." You laughed.

"NO ITSSS TRUUUEEEE THEE3 BAB3 KICKEDDDSS " he mumbled fallen over.


"HEY! HEY! HEY! FUXK YOUUUU!!" Dean yelled at a man who tried to talk to you..

"You! She's mine and I don't fucking share!!! Fuck off!!!" He snapped he man who so happened to be your best friend and fellow band member Eric.. Said goodbye to you wishing you luck with Love Dove.

"That's right you firetoe she's mine!" He slurred falling over Scott and the rest stumbled over other than Eric and landed on top on Dean who's laying on the floor.

"Ready to go home?" You smirked.

"You can take me anywhere baby but don't tell me girlfriend Y/n." He laughed.

"You have so many similar features you must be her because I don't fall in love with any girl.." You didn't know where to be mad and just gaze in awe.

"Here let me help."

You said leaning a hand.

"HELP Y/N GIRLS TOUCHING ME!!! AND SHE LOOKS LIKE Y/N HELO!!" Dean screamed laughing at the end.

"Y/n have you seen Y/n looks like you but gorgeous in he moonlight."

"You idiot!! That's is Y/n!!" Scott laughed.



You laughed

" I'm gonna go get dressed and walk around the house in my birthday suit." He walked downstairs stripping alone the way.. Leaving himself in only his boxes.

He walked into the kitchen you following with a camera.

He had poured chocolate sauce all over his body you telling him to stop in the progress.


"Pfft haha I'm not your mother Chester!" You shouted playfully.

"YOU MEAN I'M ADOPTED!!" he screamed you giggled

"Yes what ever you think." You said laughing.

"I NEVER KNEW MY FATHERRRRRR HA HEERRRRRRRR!!" You laughed uncontrollably.

"Now your quoting Finding Nemo" you laughed

Chester began to pour flour all over his chocolate coated body.

"Bed time" he said with a odd look on his face.

"Not in that your aren't" you said smugly.



He wasn't bad at all.


He passed out.

UNRELATED METALLICA PREF: Telling him you're pregnant


Y/n's POV

I was shocked with what I was seeing two lines meant I was pregnant, I was freaking the fuck out my parents would kick me out of the house for good and leave me and the baby to die...

How am I suppose to tell James... Fuck me!! Just my luck I mean I was so happy to be a god damn mother but only at 19 a lot of things can go wrong I was working two jobs and James was doing gigs at pubs with his new aged band 'Metal Up Your Ass' and I was suppose to met up with him but before I do I should do this test six more times.


I was in the bathroom practally screaming because I had SEVEN!!! pregnancy test here and all positive..

I'm dying..

"Y/n Is everything okay love??" You heard James walking upstairs and you screamed for him to leave you alone.

"No you're upset I gotta know what's going on!" He said sweetly through the door

"Open. Up please!" He asked sweetly

You ignore him and soon realised there was no lock on the door.

"I'm coming in!" He shouted.

He opened the door and saw you sitting on the floor tears running down your cheek, then his eyes saw it the seven pregnancy test all in line in front of you.

"Your pregnant?" James asked tears filling in his eyes.

"Yes I am." He said whipping your tears.

"I CANT BELIEVE IT I'M GONNA BE A DAD!!" He screamed happily kissing you.


"Ow shit!!" Lars came running to your aid.. To see you on the floor with a basket on your head..

"Hey babe." You blew your hair out of your face. Lars rushed over to your aid..

"Babe is Jr okay!!" Lars asked worried he rushed placing one hand on your stomach and the other in your shoulder to support you. Ever since he found out you might be pregnant he has been so worried if the slightest bump got you he'd scream and freak out.

"Lars the baby's fine." He kissed you and was off.


Two weeks had past and you decided to do a pregnancy test together while he stayed out as you did your business... You guys waited a while before you both frightenly flipped it over and Lars screamed!

"WERE HAVING A BABY!!" he grabbed your face kissing you so passionately...


"CLIFF!! COME HERE!!!" you screamed

"Y/n!! What's wrong!!" Cliff ran down the hallway with his Misfit tee. You giggled and handed Cliff the thing you didn't long ago pee on off course after you Cleaned it.

He look you odd, before putting his tee on properly and took it his voice was priceless he went from shocked and before you knew it he had hugged you so tightly.

"Y/n WERE HAVING A BABY!!" he was so happy he started to cry...

"This is the best day ever!!" He Hugged you tightly.

"You make me so happy." His hugs were so strong

"Oh no am I hurting the baby.?" He stopped bending down to your height.

"The baby's fine." You giggled.


As the months went by, he noticed you got bigger and bigger.

His hugs were so soft.. Because he was afraid he'd hurt the baby.

"What do you want to name him?" You asked.

"Double D" he said happily.

"Why DD?" You asked

"He can be named after one of the moth talent men and your favourite guy.. Dimebag Darrell. DD." He smiled.


He used protection.

Kurt Cobain Imagine - Sarah

Kurt's POV

God her eyes are so beautiful its like wow there amazing..

There like a ocean after a storm..

"Dave look at her she's beautiful... Her hair falls so perfect.. O m g what's about those eyes... Like an angels.." I said as I gazed upon her burning body (Not really burning lol)

I really wanted to speak to her but I didn't have the balls I've been talking about her for weeks.

She's been an outsider for weeks and Krist and Dave have talked to her but I seem to go bright red and I just die from embarrassment. Just thinking about her made me blush.

"Go talk to her Kurt!" Dave and Krist were starring at me.

"Oh no no no.. I'd love to but could barely make three words put of my mouth." I blushed hard, "She's too beautiful for me guys was out of my ledge." I said..

"Oh Kurt ima make you talk to Sarah." Dave smirked evilly

"What? How?" I asked confused.

"SARAH COME EAT WITH US!!" Krist turned and faced me after he said that.

Before I knew it my Angel had taken a seat next to me.

I began to sweat and get nervous.

"Hi you must be Kurt!" Her voice was like an angel..

"A- An-gel..." I mumbled I felt my face go extremely red..

Sarah giggled and smiled at me..

"Your so adorable Kurt." She blushed a little. So beautiful I cannot believe it... She's just.... Have you ever heard of love at first sight.. Well she had my heart the day I layed eyes on her.. Too gorgeous..

"I L- L - love you.." I mentally slapped myself... And slammed my head in the table..

"He he... Awe Kurt well.. If I get to know you better I will love you also."

How was she so calm.. How was she not freaking out I'm Kurt Donald Cobain.. I'm in a band O M G I CAN TELL HER IM IN A BAND SHELL LOVE ME! .

"Go on a date wit- with m-me Ple-ase...??"

She looked at me shocked.

"Yes yes I will"


The date couldn't off gone better I said all the wrong things and instead of leaving she stayed after our third date I waked her to her door.

She looked at me deeply in the eyes..

"I had a great night." She smiled and kissed my cheek..

"Wait Sarah please." I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her in close.

I looked deeply into her eyes and saw a thousand burning stars in her eyes and million Galaxy in her eyes.

I leaned in and kissed her lips passionately..

"Your beautiful be mine." I mumbled.
"As in your girlfriend." She asked looking up into my eyes.

"Please be my girlfriend." I smiled.

"Yes." She said my heart pounded a million miles..

I kissed her, and showed her she was mine.

I hoped you liked it Sarah.

Layne Staley - Hero back In Heroin

You started to wake up in a odd hospital room with Jerry sitting by your side you started to freak out but he calmed you..

All you remember was fighting with Layne..

"Jerry where's LAYNE!!!" You snapped, he looked like he'd been crying...

"Y/n you were in a head in collision with a semi trailer. Layne didn't make it he died at the scene." The words that came through Jerry's mouth..

"Before Layne past he wanted me to make sure you got clean it was his only dream.."

Your world had frozen your brother was dead because of you.. You lost the most talented man and most caring and wonderful brother because you wanted Heroin

Layne put the Hero in heroin..

I wanted to cry but couldn't I just screamed and screamed and screamed... My life was over why didn't I die? Why that was all you wanted but Layne wanted to be the Hero brother and save me in the end costing his life....

You died everyday until you came clean... At the same age as Layne you had a life but it was so empty without him...

Eddie Vedder imagine.

A/n this is for @GigiRJ Oh & Hey Sorry I don't know your name I tried to find out. So I hope its okay to put Y/n but this is your imagine.

You had just got back from a party, it was six am in the morning the wind was blowing your hair all over the place. But it turned out to be a beautiful breeze.

As you walked alone the beach with the beautiful smell of the ocean right beside you.

You noticed a man was taking photos and noticed he pointed it right at you and snapped a picture.

Confused you continued to walk.. As you got closer you soon realized it was no other then EDDIE VEDDER HIMSELF!! Your eyes widened and you immediately looked down at the sand not believing anything you saw in front of you very eyes.

"Hi there." He was speaking to you.

You looked up at him before you looked around and made sure it was you he was really speaking too.

He giggled

"Yes you the confused gorgeous girl.. The same one from my concert. Last night.."


it all came back in flashes after that..

Eddie bet up a man who hit you..

He took you back to his party and it was all a blur from there

"Y/n is it right?" He said his voice was beautiful..

"Oh uh yes it is sorry I'm having a hard time remembering last night.." You explained.

"That's because your drink was spiked don't worry nothing bad happened I god damn nearly killed the man for just putting something in your drink." Eddie explained you blushed a little.

"Well Thankyou my Hero." You saw Eddie blush.

Witch only made you blush also...

"Well y/n you missed something from last night." He smiled getting closer to you.

"What's that?" You smiled..

Eddie began to lean in... What's he doing his a famous star. And I'm well I'm just me I'm not famous so why is he doi-

I was cut off when his lips touched mine I couldn't believe this Eddie Vedder has just kissed me..

Chris Cornell- Bad Heart-Pt:3

Before you knew it you had punch love dead set in the face..

Something in you snapped.

"I want you to listen here LOVE! I'm not a volient person, but I can be if threatened!" You snapped Courtney stood up looking at you smugly.

"Love you need to piss off!" You snapped she stood up and tried to shove you but you just pushed her aside, causing her to fall.

"If you ever say I'm a murder I'll show you a real one!" You snapped.

"Y/n that's enough she's not worth your time." Chris said you stormed off going to Kurt's favourite place.

You were so happy the tour was near the bridge were Kurt slept under most the time.. So you went there..

Chris POV

Courtney had really hurt Y/n and that seriously pissed me off how could she do such a thing... God what a bitch.. I had to make sure she was okay after she ran off I didn't know what to do.

I ran around he place looking for her and I was afraid she's gone...

I ran until I came across a small bridge and I heard the sound of soft crying coming from underneath it.

"Y/n is that you?"


Kurt Cobain Imagine-

A/n for @FashionGirl417 I assume your name is Sam? Because it says that on your page. If I'm wrong I'm truly sorry.

You never thought the world could be so cruel.. Kurt was on tour and you had lost yourself completely.

Kurt had been missing for two years now and people are saying it a suicide which you do not believe.

You went to all the favourite places he went too when ever he was upset..

And you found your self at a special place close to his heart... It was up a long ass hill and it was where you guys had first met and shared your first kiss on a stormy day..

It was always your dream to be kissed in the rain.

And Kurt made that dream come to life..

You went there with just yourself..

The grass was a beautiful green and it was fresh.. It was also raining.. But it never bothered you.

Because it made you feel at home this place was special to you and Kurt.

So now as you walk up the hill you hear a beautiful voice. One that sounded so much like Kurt's.. But different in a way..

You rushed up the hill and couldn't believe your eyes....

It it couldn't be...

It was

It couldn't

It is

"KURT!!!' You rushed over as he looked up from his acoustic guitar

A massive smile came across his face..

"O M F G SAM!!!!!" He shoved his guitar aside and ran up to you hugging you so tightly...

Once he let go of you he smiled once more then slammed his lips on yours.

The Rev-Broken Bones Imagine

A/n so this is for @Metalhead_aliens

She and someone else has convinced me I should change it up and have other bands also.. So please I hope you all enjoy and still read. Thank you.


Jimmy's POV

I was waiting on the bus in a large jacket because why? It was snowing and I was freezing my butt off.

I couldn't wait to get home to my beautiful best friend we lived together and she was just wow.

She was an artist and just everything she done was amazing. How she looked out for her little sister was the best she wouldn't let anyone hurt her..

Her sister was just as bad with being protective..

Chelsea, was her name..

My best friend..

Once the bus came here, I jumped on and waited until I came to my spot.

Once I jumped off I ran inside with snow all over and once again Brian aka ( Synyster) was drunk on the table slurring and mumbling.. He then fell off..

"HAHA! What's wrong with you ha!" I laughed.

I walked over to Chelsea and gave her a peck on the cheek.

"What you up to Love?" I smiled,

"Well SunShit over there has got Brian drunk.". She laughed



Will post more when I get home walking dogs and is hard to type

Any request please let me know xx

Slash- He Fixed My Heart Pt:1

A/n This is for Sarah. This is gonna be a very long imagine also will contain volient stuff so I'm sorry if it offends.

You were laying on the floor tears in your eyes.

Your boyfriend who seemed like a dead man had hit you repeatedly..

Slash your best friend was In a band called 'Velvet Revolver' all you wanted to do was go to his concert that was tonight.

Just one free night was all you wished for and he had beated you to the point you once again couldn't move.

You layed on the floor tears in your eyes.. As he screamed harsh thing to you. "WORTHLESS" "PERTHATIC" was screamed out.

After he had left you.. You layed on the floor for what seemed like forever..

As the moonlight danced in your cuts and bruises.. You decided to get up..

You snuck into your room carefully as you heard snores coming from your abusive boyfriends room.

You had a quick shower getting dressed... You placed on light makeup and straightened your hair climbing out your window.

Once you were out you grabbed your keys from the tree you his them in and drove to the concert.


Authors Note

Everyone enjoying the imagines?


Slash- He Fixed My Heart Pt:2

You pulled up into the concert and got out making sure your makeup was covering the fresh new Marks on your face.

Rushing into the concert you heard someone call your name.. Turning you saw Y/ Bf/ n scared you run straight for the backstage..

You ran and ran until you found Slash..

You practally dove into the stage things hiding behind he massive speakers.

"HEY! SOMEONE GET HIM OUT OF HERE!!" You heard Slash snap.

"Mind your own FUCKIN business!!" he snapped, you heard his angry footsteps getting closer and closer.

You heard Slash growl.. As Scott found you..


Scott came closer placing his arms around you. "I'm gonna keep you safe." He said resuring..

"I don't she's a bitch!" You heard your boyfriend snap.. You wondered why you were ever with him in the first place he was abusive...


You stood up and watch as Slash punched him over again and again.. Until his knuckles bleed red.

He noticed you walking straight over he grabbed you by the waist and pulled you close.

He didn't say anything but slammed his lips onto yours.. It just felt right..


So My Sister And Me Got Bored.

.... It was a pain in the ass to get off. Inspiration lol

Chris Cornell-_Bad Heart:Pt:4.

Chris's POV

After finding Y/n under where Kurt used to sleep I went down there and hugged her tightly.

She sniffled looking up at me with sad eyes..

"He was my friend and she took it all away... She cheated on him... Treated him like he was white trash.. But he wasn't.. He ....he was my best friend... He was so much more Chris... He was talented amazing special.." She started to cry again

"Y/n its going to be okay.. Because you know what?"

I hugged her tightly..

"What?" He voice broke.

"I love you.. And when ever Love threatens you.. You can bash her up."


Korn Pref: When his on tour.




Brian had been on tour and called you everyday, to make sure you where okay and was feeling fine but when he called you the last time you didn't answer for 15 calls!! 15 that's nuts!

Brian panicked and rushed home right away.

To only find you sick..

Like mean sick sick.. You were throwing up he rushed to your aid.

"Y/n I was so worried I called and you didn't answer so I rushed home!"

As the day past he bran you on tour with him.


James was always sad to go on tour when you left.. He couldn't understand why he wasn't aloud to take you.

So when you went he made sure to text you all the way up there call you when he landed and Skype you before you went to bed and at much time to make sure you had enough rest.


"Do you have to leave?" You asked ray as he held your hand.

"Yes and I wish I could take you with us. But you know how our manager is and plus you give me a reason to come home." Ray said sweetly.

You sat on the bed and watched as he picked out clothes.

"I love you, Y/n"

You smiled "I love you too."

Just then he left the room to only come back with a small black box..

"I was gonna wait until after I got back from the tour and make it more romantic.. But you know me.." You sat there amazed..

"Y/n I brought you this as a promise.. Will you take the honors in being my Precious to my Gollum?" You couldn't help but smiled and giggled..

"One Ring to rule them all, One ring to find them." Ray said sweetly as he placed the ring on your finger

"One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them." You finished.


"Y/n I love you and you're coming with." David demanded.

So sorry it sucked I'm sick at the moment and feel like dying.. I promise I'm still writing they probably won't be good but I'll try my best to make sure of it.

The Rev-Broken Bones. Pt:2

I watched as Chelsea chased the shithead around the house because she took her last chocolate bar.

"GET BACK HERE!" she snapped her little sister just ran and ran..

"Chelsea just let the shit head go, she's probably bleeding or something." I explained.

Sunshit stopped in her tracks.

"A matter of fact YES I'm Bleeding! That's why his getting drunk." She laughed and looked at her drunken boyfriends state.

I looked over at my best friend who I have loved for a very long time.

I walked over hugging her from behind.

She smiled..

"Be mine." I said quickly.

She losses her grip and turned to face me.

"I love you will you be my girlfriend." I paused

"My matching pair?" I waited for a response but all I got was her lips touching mine.

"ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!" he sister yelled

Chelsea giggled and said yes.


Chris Cornell-Bad Heart. Pt:5

I took Y/n back to my tour bus when she slept most of the day..

She was upset and tired...

Love had really done it..

I gave her a kiss and when on stage where I rocked people...


After an hour or so I woke to the sound of someone on the bus.. I was annoyed because they were making so much noise.

I snapped awake annoyed... To see Love and her little gang there.

"Hey excuse me? Yeah you guys can you please leave?" I said as I got out of my best fist clenched and annoyed.
"Boo you whore!" One of loves little members said.. (I would say the real member but wouldn't give a rats ass otherwise lol.)

"Hey you there yes you in the tight leggings showing pretty much everything. Get out please." You said smugly.

In that moment Love left with what she wanted your phone! I KNOW KICK HER ASS MAN!

"Hey Love get back here with that." He two little friends stayed as one went to hit you.

You kicked her leg knocking her on her ass. The other went to attack but you punched her dead center in the face.

As you ran out of the bus onto the gravel ground you saw love running of in the distance thinking fast you threw your shoe hitting her in the back of the head causing her to go down with a thud.

You ran over taking back your phone..

"Hah! Shit I guess you lost your balance.. That must be true I couldn't see how you legs are still attached after opening them to all the guys you met. Take my phone again.. I'll tear you a new one." You kicked her a few times and then it just got out of hand..

"You killed Kurt!" She spat you punched her several more times in the face.



You got up.. Kicking her in the ribs. "HE WAS A GOOD MAN!!! HE GAVE SO MUCH MORE TO THE WORLD THEN YOU EVER DID!!! IT SHOULD BE YOU NOT HIM!!!! YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!" You roared...

You stormed off finding Chris you needed to tell him everything..

You soon found him and didn't think fast... You kissed him..

After you told him everything Kurt was finally at rest.

Billie Joe Armstrong- Turtle Dove.

A/n this is a mute imagine the character can hear but not speak. So the character has to sign. But thy don't know that they think she's deaf.

Billies POV

I ran to the nearest library, to find a book on how to sign..

She was so beautiful.. I just couldn't believe it when Tr蠴old me she couldn't speak.. God she was beautiful I was flipping through all the pages taking all the information in..

I'm going to befriend her tomorrow..

I went to sleep happily but that wasn't until 6:00 I fell asleep... And I had to get up a 8:30 for school.

I ran to the class room and there she was she was like god sent but from Lucifer so hard core. .

"Hey! Y/n" she turned and looked at me waving..

So I began to sign.

'Do you wanna be friends!" She looked at me an smiled..

'Yes I would love to be friends Billie.'

She winked at me..

I smiled happily..

'Can I hug you?'

I signed.

She jumped up and Down excitingly hugging me..

"Your beautiful." I said she smiled and placed a kiss on my cheek.

Temple Of The Dog Pref: NightMares


' Eddie no.. No.....Eddie... Come back.... Get away from him... Eddie!!! EDDIE!!!!!!!' You shot awake because you thought someone killed him

You looked to your left and right panicked until you found.

"Y/n what's wrong?" Eddie asked his voice sleepy.

He grabbed your hand pulling you close. You smuggled deeply into his chest and cried..

He rubbed tour back and said resuring things to you.

"What happened in this dream?" He said sleepy.

"You.... You were taken from me.." You explained

Eddie placed a kiss on your forehead..

"I'll kill a thousand men if they took me from you only to find my way back." Eddie said sleepy..


"Chris.....Chris wake up" you sobbed.. You woke in your own sweat scared and afraid.

"Chris!" He jolted awake.

"Y/n what's wrong he sat up and hugged you tightly.

"It it was horrorable. He got me and there was so much death.. I felt like they were ripping me apart... From limb to limb..." You cried..

"Babe It isn't real and even if he tried to hurt you I'll rip that clowns throat out." He kissed you hugging you tightly.


"Y/n!!! Come back!"

You woke up to feel Stone kicking and screaming your name drenched in his own sweat.

You ran over shaken him to try and wake him up.

"Stone!" You shouted. He jolted w
Awake and grabbed you hugging you tightly.

"I thought I lost you!" His hugs were tight..


You woke sobbing crying softly into your pillow. Mike soon woke up grabbing you a d pulling you in close.
"Its okay Love I'm here."


You woke screaming into reality Jeff had you pinned.

"Babe are you okay!" He asked letting go of your hands.

You rushed hugging him tightly..

"Its was the worse thing ever!" You cried.

"Its okay I'm here now."


"MATT!!!!!!" the scream came from upstairs.

Matt got off his seat rushing upstairs... He ran into the room you and him shared to see you screaming in your sleep.

"Y/n wake up!!" He shook you back into reality "Matt!" He hugged you tightly "its okay babe.."

Cliff Burton Imagine- Broken Dream

You were making your way home from a bad day at school.

You didn't get your dream job someone else did.

All you wanted to do was go see Cliff because for one your family hated you and well... They were abusive they blame you for the death of your seven year old sister.

It wasn't your fault.. You were at music school when it happened your parents assured you they walk her home... They forgot... And with that fatal moment she was gone...

Killed and left you rot in a ditch..

You'd found yourself crying again.

Shaking the cruel thoughts from your heard you saw Cliff house up ahead.

Knocking on the door his mom answered.

"Oh hi Y/n Cliffs up in his room." She smiled bringing you inside.

"Thank you! Mrs Burton." You said as you walked up too Cliffs room.

"Ill bring some snacks up very soon." You said as you walked up he stars a smile came across you face a real one.

"Thank you!" You said as you entered Cliffs room.

"Hey Hey! I saw you from across the room and could totally tell you were into me." You laughed.

Cliff laughed also and pushed you onto his bed.

"Stay!" He said.

"Wolff!" You laughed.

Cliff done a small attractive growl..

As he grabbed his bass and began to play..

You jumped up wrapping your arms around his neck... And kissed his cheek.

He stopped playing the bass and turned to kiss you.

Authors Note

Corey Taylor Everybody

Thank you so much for the 764 _reads!!!! My goal is 2000 can we do this! I bet!!!!

Again thank you so much I love all of you request are open.

Slipknot Pref: Staying At His House


"Y/n stay the night!",Sid nagged.

"Alright fine but you have to call my parents." You looked up at Sid and he kissed you.

Sid was now on the phone to you father as you watch and listened while laying on his bed.

"Yes Sir, school work."

You got bored and started to look for some clothes to sleep in considering it was 2 in the morning.

Sid then got off the phone.

"You staying the night we better get some rest for school tomorrow then huh?"

You didn't say much but giggle and bear tackle him.

"No more school work."


"So let me get this straight. You locked yourself out?" He said once again before laughing.

"Joey not funny.. I dropped my keys running from a dog." You explained.

"Yes but you threw them in my prickle bush." He laughed.

"Are you gonna let me in or not?" You said whining.

"Alright you can stay the night, here let me get that hand patched up."


After watching a shit load of horror movies it was time to go home.

"See ya Paul." You smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Wait! That didn't scare you at all?" He said oddly.

"No Paul." You said as you grabbed your stuff.

"Wait! I have a confession.. I took dating advice from Corey and he said if you watched all these horror movies you get scared and ask to stay the night." Paul admitted.

"Wait Paul those movies kinda did scare me." You took his hand going to be.

3- Chris:

"Its raining your staying." Was the last thing you heard as Chris bear hugged you.

"Okay okay." You smiled.

Chris gave you a big hug picking you up you went and watched LOTR!


You and James had always been friends, and when he had said he loved you. He had became something more your boyfriend.


You smiled and said sure.

You were walking down the stairs with Craig right behind you; you went to open the door when Craig placed his hands on the door.

You looked at him odd.

Considering Craig wasn't Mich of a speaker he signs instead.

"Craig what are you doing?" You asked.

"Stay the night." He signed

He looked down shyly.

"Why's that Craig? I'll text mom and dad say its school related."

"I love you." You were shocked Craig had spoke and said he loved you.


"Shawn I'm staying the night." You cried as you walked into his house.

You walked in the lounge not looking around..

"Shawn its happened again that cheated song of a bitch!, he broke my heart said it was me who drove him to cheat." You explained.

You stopped and looked up to see Shawn had company.. With Corey right in your face you got scared and punched him..

He went down with a thud.


The boys. "Shawn I'm so sorry I'll leave." You explained,

"Wait! No Y/n stay please stay the night." You sat down on the couch and explained everything to Clown an the others.

Mick stood up and cracked his neck and knuckles walking out of the house he knew where your boyfriend lived so I guess he was gonna pay him a visit.

You cried and cried and soon fell asleep into Shawn's lap.


You woke to hear glass smash! "Where is she!" Your now ex-boyfriend snapped.

"You stay away from her!"

You heard screaming and Shawn soon came in with bloody knuckles.

"Shawn what happened!" You said panicked.

"Your not the only one punching people." He explained.


Mick had always been the protective one of you..

He would have the hallway clear when he walked in it.

So when he asked you to be his girlfriend 4 years ago you couldn't help but say yes.

"Y/n stay at mine tonight I have a surprise." Mick said sweetly as he kissed you.

You smiled and walked of hand and hand with Mick and now that this has happened people had layed off with bulling you because they are scared of Mick.

When you arrived at his house.. He took you to another.. Where he showed you this burnt Church that was seat up with candle lit black candles and your favourite meal with black roses.

Mick was in a suit and you were in a black dress.

After dinner Mick starred at you so beautiful. "What?" You asked blushing slightly

"I love you."

He smiled,

"I love you too."

Next thing you know Mick had got down on one knee.

"Y/n I got you this Slipknot promise ring.." Your cried and said "yes"


Now as you look back on that day you only have one thing to say.

"I do"


"You're staying that's finial your not going back!" Corey demanded.

Joey Jordison imagine- Mystery man

It was a late night and you were walking home from work you wouldn't help but think you were being followed.

The streets where dark and with every noise you knew for a fact someone was following you.

You got home when someone had slammed there hand on your mouth nearly letting out a scream..

You couldn't help but noticed it was a old friend.

"JOEY YOU FUCKIN TERD!" You snapped.

"Chill! Y/n it's okay I'm here now."

He said sweetly.

"Well jackass. I'd that a hotdog in your mouth or are you just happy to see me.?" You said smugly.

Joey gave a fake laugh.

"Very funny." He laughed.

"I don't know I don't normally bring in strangers. Only my boyfriend Joey." You smiled..

"I got a friend named Joey he talks about how amazing how this girl named Y/n is so amazing beautiful talented and snores like an angel." You laughed

"I snore like an angel do I now?" You smirked.

"Well its like a cute puppy" this only made you laugh so much more.

Slash-He Fixed My Heart Pt:3

After what happened two years ago with your boyfriend you broke up with him and moved far away.

You and Slash were happily together with a little one on the way.

Of cause he didn't know this was where you were now.

You later on told Slash and had a ultrasound coming up in a day or so. You were a few weeks pregnant when you found out. Actually a month.

Slash came back from a run to the supermarket for cravings of cause.

"Slash!! Chocolate with whipped cream?" You questioned. You had a small bump which he loved to rub.. And say things too. "Well Sarah that's what you asked for." He laughed.

You kissed Slash and was pretty happy with everything.

*next day*

You were at the ultrasound and the day before Slash had gone off somewhere.

But he was here right now holding your hand as you looked at how big the baby was..

He got so happy.

"Sarah?" You heard Slash say.

"Yes Slash?" You said sweetly.

"Will you Marry Me." Shocked you looked at him.. As he pulled out a black box with a ring in it.

You started to cry and said yes.

Eddie Vedder -Secret Love.

For @GigiRJ

Hi there,

My name is Gisele, I'm a Brazilian girl living in Seattle, because of my work..

I would love to tell you my story..

It all began when I was working at this small caf頡s a waitress. It wasn't until I began to sing what I've been hearing on the radio a new local band called Pearl Jam..

There music was so humble and relaxing.

It wasn't until I bumped into someone I turned to say sorry right away.. But he was already apologizing too you.

"I'm Jeff." He smiled.

"Gisele." You smiled. .

"Its nice to meet you Gisele." Jeff smiled.


Authors Note


Eddie Vedder-_Secret Love:Pt2


You and Jeff had been seeing each other for two weeks now and he thought it be awesome to bring you to a band rehearsal.

As you and Jeff came up across a old garage, You smiled when you saw the band.

You help but look and see all the musical instruments and this one guy who caught you off your balance legitimately.. You fell over.. Jeff catching you before you fell.

"Oh thanks." You said as you went red..

"Hey! Is she okay?" He was beautiful...

"Yes Eddie she's okay." Jeff said sweetly looking down at you.

Eddie had long brown hair and gorgeous eyes.

As I watched as he walked away thinking .......nice ass.. (Lol)

You stayed as they played a few songs your favourites were Black, Even Flow and Daughter.

"That was beautiful." You smiled as Eddie blush.

"Thank you." He smiled you became best friends with the rest and before you knew it you were there weekly then everyday after work.. They even visit you Jeff would always give you a kiss on the check and from then on something was off

When yiu went to band rehearsal You would always came with Jeff.. And noticed Eddie would always act different around you like he was nervous.


You walked in with Jeff's arms around your waist and around your stomach. Jeff and the others put a bet on for you and Jeff to get Eddie Jealous by getting him to think Jeff was dating you because you didn't believe it.

"HEY ED!" You shouted Eddie turned and smiled when he saw you. As he turned around he face planted the door frame.

"EDDIE YOU OKAY!" You shouted, "yeah yeah I am" you watch as he walked down the hallway taking another glance at you before he tripped over. You giggled..



First of all I'd love to say a massive thank you too all of you guys you make me so happy I love you all!!! More to come send in your request and I'll do them SPECIAL IMAGINE COMING!!! Krist

I'm always going to love you all so very much thank you! <3 ????

Eddie Vedder- Secret Love Pt:3

After seeming Eddie fall over you ran after him.

"Ed, Love you sure your okay?" You asked Curious.

He stopped looking at you, "Gisele... Yes I'm fine." He huffed.

He walked off as he saw Jeff... He glared at him so angrily..

Eddies POV

I love her so much! Its just I CAN'T!! Jeff he has her! I want her to be mine! I need her she's just too damn perfect for a guy like me..

I need to clear my head..

I walked over to my guitar and played a soft tune...

"Hello from the other side.. I knew you to know the truth..

Without you I'm lost..

I'm gone into a dark place an I need a girl like you in my life..

So why can't I love you?? Why can't you be mine..

Girl all I want is you."

I was knocked out out of my singing state, when Stone walked in..

"Ed were gonna do some more band rehearsal and then have a drink you in?" Stone said simply..

I huffed "Yes." I placed my guitar back..

I walked out seeing Matt talk to Gisele. God she was beautiful and just so perfect in every way. I love her dearly but how can I tell her..

"MIKE!" I yelled he stopped in his tracks.

"Yeah Eddie?" He said simply placing his stuff down..

"I need to speak to you NOW!" I snapped towards the end.

"ALRIGHT LADS ME AND MIKE ARE GONNA GET THE ALCOHOL!" they gave me and Mike the money and we were off.

Once we were from ears reach I stopped Mike in his tracks.

"I'm inlove with Gisele. I know its horrorable because she's with Jeff but I really like her!"

"Eddie she's not with-"



? Krist Novoselic ? Superman

I'd like to say thank you too @staley_bread for helping me with this idea.

It was a cold hard night as the rain poured down and you left so you could get away from y/bf/n he was abusive and now as you ran from your house fresh tears coming down your face..

They were hot and burned.

He was so physically abusive..

You had to get out of there.

Once you were out of the sight of your house you stop walk of down the foot path drenched in rain when you heard someone scream your name you didn't even turned back just sprinted.

You turned back and saw y/bf/n and ran for the closest thing you could find safe..

You found a Restuent near by and saw a guy walking out..


you felt someone grab you from behind.

"Help me!!!!!" You cried out.

"Hey let her go!!" A man screamed.

"Mind your own business!" Your bf/n snapped.

"Ow your hurting me!" You snapped.

"HEY LET HER GO!!" he snapped he stormed over punching y/bf/n in the face.

He let you go and you ran behind the man who saved you.

"If I ever see you near her again I'll kill you!" He snapped.

"Y/bf/n WERE OVER!! You piece of shit!" You kicked him in the rib cage a few times.

"Hey hey hey! Sweetheart his not worth your time. Your coming back to my house you'll be safe there my name is Krist"


Eddie Vedder: Secret Love:Pt:4

@GigiRJ Mr VEDDER is beautiful
( ? ?)? (???*)

"I love her and she's the most beautiful person I've ever seen and I have loved her since the day I layed eyes on her nows she's with Jeff Mike." Eddie explained.

Mike snorted.

"Eddie she's not with Jeff." He laughed.

"Don't tell anyone I told you just act like you don't know okay. We can get them back because they've been pranking you." Mike explained

Mikes POV

We've been drinking since Six it was now nine o'clock. Eddie is stumbling around and is a bit tipsy.

Me and Eddie fooled up a plan.

Gisele's POV

"I'm going to get a drink anyone want one?" I asked thy all said yes and Eddie stood up. "I'll grab mine love, you don't have maid written on your head." Eddie said I blushed and giggled at his comment. "Thank you Eddie but I offered." I explained Eddie still came along which made me a little uneasy.

I had butterflies in my stomach.

I was grabbing our drinks when Eddie took them from me and placed it down on the counter he back you close to the fridge door and leaned down close.

He got closer and leaned closer placing a kiss on you soft lips your kiss lasted a while. Until he pulled back

"Your dating Jeff I'm sorry." He mumbled.

You smiled, "what are you smirking for?" He looked so sad.

"I'm not dating Jeff." You smiled.

"That's true you know." Jeff smiled.

Eddie turned around confused

"So this was a joke." Eddie said he sounded furious and all you could think off was kissing his lips once again

"Yes it was a bet.. You jump to conclusions Ed she's all yours." Jeff laughed

Eddie turned and cupped your face kissing you passionately..

( ? ?)? hope you all liked it

Nirvana Pref: He helps you.


"Y/n don't say that!" Kurt snapped, you believe what the kids at school where saying were true.




"Why Kurt all the other kids say so." You saw hurt in his beautiful eyes.

He took your hand.

"They're blind love, you're not worthless or fat or ugly. You're gorgeous the perfect size no matter what size you are and for one never been worthless.. And you just aren't your to perfect for that shit love. They are only saying what they see in themselves at some who they think is beautiful." Kurt placed a kiss on your cheek.

Hi whipped the tears from you cheek and looked you in the eye.

"Your beautiful and I love you." He said as he placed a soft kiss on your lips.


Krist POV

I awoke from my sleep to hear tapping out my window, I saw Y/n standing out there with Yeats in her eyes.

I opened the window.

"Y/n are you okay?" I asked concerned. She shook her head tears in her eyes.

"I'll be right down!"

I quickly got dressed and ran out

"Come let's go to out special place." I took her hand and she explained everything family issues.

As we sat in the forest on our thinking rock Y/n started to shiver.

"You cold?" I asked, she shook her head.

I took of my jacket and gave it to her.

Placing my arm around her.

"Its going to be okay Y/n because you have me."


"Ow let go of me!" You shouted at your now ex boyfriend,

"Hey let go of her!" Your best friend / crush Dave shouted punching him in the face!

"If you ever touch her again I'll KILL YOU!" He snapped,

"Pft a loser like you can have a whore like that!" Your ex snapped.

Dave noticed the hurt on your face and went bat shot crazy on your ex.

"She's beautiful! Gorgeous better then. All the girls in this school!!!!! She's so much better than anyone!" Dave snapped

"And what makes you think she date a loser like you!" He spat.

"Because unlike you I have a heart." Dave snapped.


It had been two months since that happened.

You were sitting in your room, when you heard a knock at the door.

"Come in!" You said

Dave walked sitting on your bed.

"You okay?" He asked,

"Yes I guess so." You said sadly.

"Hey, he was a jerk and doesn't deserve a beautiful girl like you."

You looked down at your lap and as Dave cupped your face.

"I love you Y/n" he pause "not as a friend something more." He admitted
You smiled placing a kiss on his lips.

Sorry this kinda sucked.

Home Coming Pref: BFMV

Home coming.... Agh! A/n yes I'm doing all new and old members. Enjoy. ? I wish Australia done this -.-

"Love you'd have fun now come with me before your fathers see I burnt homecoming into there lawn again."

Matt your best friend/ crush said

You laughed and kissed him on the cheek, "yes I will go to homecoming now quick before my dads-" it was too late (yes in this one I have a gay couple with a child.) I saw both my fathers standing there.

"Mr y/d/l/n (your dads last name) its not what it looks like." Matt said he was freaking the Frick out! "Mr Tuck, its okay, Y/n sweetie did you accept Mr Tucks invite?" He said pointing to the window.

"Yes dad I'm going to home coming with Matt." You smiled.

"Very well then we look for a dress tomorrow, that's if you want to go to school and we will go after." Your dad explained,

You saw your second father appear in the door way, in PJs that were large on him. Your dad with the beard kissed your sleepy clean shaved father on the forehead telling him they should go back to bed.

"Matthew you can stay the night if you please. I trust you won't do anything to make me mad." Your father explained. He has been to war before and knows how to take a killing shot.

"Its okay Sir I will not do anything to harm her in anyway." Matt said hugging you from the side.

Your dads left the room and went to there's as you went to bed.
You were at home coming with Matt and you couldn't be happier your father was a fashion artist and your other dad made your dress considering you didn't find one you liked. Your dads knew everything about your crush on Matt and they were okay with it you even got to hear cute story's about how they fell inlove.

Your dress was full on packed metal..

It was sort at the front and long at the back beautiful fabric and a black core set for the top. It was beautiful and you loved it and knew for a fact your dads love it too and couldn't be any prouder of there little girl.

Your dad who made the dress with the beard had been to war.. And done four tours. You couldn't be any prouder of your father and your other dad for just in general being there. They were amazing and just acted like they had a strong bromance (like Bucky and Steve!)

Matt was amazed by how beautiful you looked.

Halfway throughout the night Matt stole a kiss. Told you he loved you and didn't want that to go away anytime soon.

"Paget does this dress look weird on me or what love?" You asked as he looked you up and down.

"You look beautiful." Paget kissed you after two years of being together you where just so happy.

"I love you" you said to Paget, he went to lean down and kiss you when he was hit.

You stood back as your protective brother Nick made him stand back up.

"Sorry mate didn't know you and my sister were dating." He laughed as well as Paget.

"Damnit Nick your just all up in my cornflakes aren't you!" Paget giggled at your comment and kissed you softly.

"Better" he asked

"Better" you smiled.

"Where's my kiss Paget! Huh!!!" Nick joked they had a string bromance and you were fine with it.


You and Paget looked into each others eyes you were about to kiss when Nick came along asking Paget if he could have a dance Paget nodded and went to get some punch.

In which you slapped your brother in the face.

Annoyed you gave him a evil glare.

"Right sorry I'm like a cock block for kissing." He laughed

"But I'm here to tell you, Paget is going to do something big someday and I'm just here to say I accepted him I trust him with your life you have a good man here Y/n I'm proud of you." Nick said sweetly.

You felt bad and hugged your older brother.

He hugged back tighter then ever.

"He's going to take good care of you baby sister." Confused you looked at him. "Nick what's going on?" You asked still on mid hug.

"Nothing I'm just proud."

Annoyed you walked out of home coming storming downstairs when you saw Moose sitting on the stairs by himself.

"Mossie, you okay?" You asked startled Moose turned around looking at back his feet.

"Date ditch you?" You asked.

"Yes." He mumbled.

"Well that's okay because I'm here for you Moose" you said sweetly as you sat down hugging Moose.

He smiled placing a hand around you.

"You always have been and I love you for that ( ? ?)?" he said placing a kiss on your cheek.

"And I'll always will me Michael." You said kissing his cheek also.


"Jay!" You shouted! He turned to face his puffed out girlfriend.

"Jesus, Jay I think someone's after me." You fell into his arms with a cut on your arm.

"Y/n who did this!" He snapped,

Just then the man walked in with a knife that had your blood on it.

"Jay run!" You two ran out of there but Jay threw you at Nick and Jamie so he could save others.

"Jay!!" You screamed trying to run back in.

You ran in once you got out of there grip.

And ran in, seeing the man had Jay pinned and the room empty you ran over tackling him to the ground kicking it out of his hand.

He turned hitting you in the face and before you knew it his had you in choke hold you couldn't breathe.

You tired to hit him, before you knew it Jay was on him like pig n shit.

He beated the shit out of him, and pick you up soon after you collapsed.


Jamie had taken you home after a beautiful night. You thanked and but wished it wouldn't end.

"Hey how about we go for a swim instead?" He smiled.

"Sure thing Jamie but no funky shit." You joked.

He laughed taking your hand.

As he lead you to a river stream where the water glowed because of the beautiful moonlight you took your dress off leaving you in your bra and underwear jumping in you screamed because it was cold.

As he jumped in you smiled turning around to face Jamie but he had already stole this kiss from you.

Surprised you kissed back.

"Thank you for a wonderful night." He smiled.


"Come on Nick this be real fun!" You smiled running into a concert you and Nick had snuck into The Amity Affliction concert.

You had front row tickets and wore a full on metal dress, it was beautiful and the best thing about it was you could mosh around.

"Nick come on come sing with me!!!" You shouted, you dragged Nick over and listened to Joel sing it was he most beautiful thing ever!

" For I am lost right now as the ocean deep;
I am low my friend and how my heart does sink.
Yeah I am lost right now as the ocean deep;
I am low my friend and how my heart does sink.'

You sang alone with your favorite artists Nick right by your side.

You turned and faced Nick, as confedie rained around you.. Everything went slow as you looked around at all the happy faces you saw Joel's.. He was happily engaged.... You saw Nicks happy face he smiled pulling you close kissing you passionately.

Best. Night. Ever.

The Rev- Broken Bones pt:3

Me and my girlfriend had been dating for two years now.

And I think I was ready to pop the question..

But how? It was our anniversary coming up but we were on our tour. THAT'S IT I TAKE HER ON TOUR WITH US BECAUSE BRIAN'S BRING SUNSHIT. SO FUCK IT WHY NOT.!!

"Brian!! Help me!!!!" SUNSHIT screamed,

Brian ran down in a towel, drenched.

"What's wrong my love!" He shouted she turned around, seeing Brain in his state.

"NOOOOO THE TANK KILLED ME!!" she screamed slamming herself on the floor..

"D. E. A. D." She was emotional.

"Sweetie I'm sure you'll live." I said.

Brian sighed nealing down to his girlfriend placing a kiss on her ""Dead"" body "She was so young why did the tank take you love." Brain faked cried.

He soon got up and left.

"MATT!" I shouted he saw me and walked over.

"Yes Rev?" He said sweetly.

"I need your hell come with me."


We arrived at the jewelry store and I was picking out the ring.

"Rev I'm so happy you're doing this, but are you sure?" Matt asked.

"I'm sure I'm sure.. Matt she's been my best friend since forever I've known her 6 years and now we've been dating for nearly two years so that's 8 years and I want more I want to make it official.. And I'm doing it on our two year anniversary I'm going to propose." I explained Matt then began to tear up.

"I'm proud of you man" he said hugging me tightly.

Chelsea's POV

"Our drummer has something to say to a very special someone." Matt explained I stood there dumb shocked as my sister began to squeal. Jumping up and down.

I watched as Jimmy walked over taking the mike from Matt.

He smiled,

"I'd like to say thank you to Matt and the whole band. For helping me with this and thank you to our fans because they are one massive accepting family. Guys I love to bring Chelsea on stage." They cheered.

I walked out with the help of Jimmy.

He looked at me then the crowd.

"Chelsea will you take the honor in being my wife we spent eight years together and I just want so many more." He smiled I teats up a d said yes.

He got up placing the ring on my finger and kissed me as the crowd awed

"Do you guys wanna know something!" Jimmy said happily.

They cheered.

"The reason why they call it the ring finger is because it has the only vain that leads to the heart." The crowd cheered. Happily.

Happy. Ending.

? Krist Novoselic ? Superman:Pt2

You had learnt so much from Krist he was in a band called Nirvana and you were just so happy he saved you.. You stopped looking in the bathroom mirror looking at the scars on your back and stomach from y/bf/n he was really abusive...

Krist walked in quickly saying he was sorry.

You were in a tank top and some PJ shorts nothing bad. He apologized and said how sorry he was for walking in like that.

"Krist its okay." You explained.

"No no I shouldn't off just walked in like that, I'm sorry." He said as he placed his jacket over you.

Such a gentleman.

"Those scars on your back and stomach there from him?" He asked you looked down ashamed.

"Hey hey Y/n that stupid bastard is never gonna lay another hand on you. Now you have Dave and Kurt as family." Krist said sweetly.

"Thanks Boo." You kissed his cheek.

"I'll leave you to get dressed." Krist said smoothly as he left.

And you did just that you finished getting ready and walked out in ripped jeans and a red flanny with a black tee.

"Jesus girl people think you'd grew up in Seattle." He smiled.

"Thank you it was the Grunge look I was going for." You smiled.

"Here's you jean jacket back." You smiled.

"No love keep it, makes to look adorable,Ten times cuter then me." He laughed.

You blushed slightly as he stood closer and closer until there wasn't even a gape between you two.

"Y/n I'd never hurt you a d getting to know you this past month has been the best thing that's happened to me I love you. Y/n I'll treat you right... I'd never hurt you.." He didn't let you say anything and place a soft kiss on your peach lips.

Request Open

Send in request my lovelys!

Dimebag Darrell:

Tribute to an amazing man.

"Yo! Dimebag!" Phillip screamed.

You were in your room hiding from your best friend Dimebag..

he was looking for you because you split you knee open. Pretty badly, it was an accident but he was a very protective friend who hurt you would die..

"DIMEBAG!!" you cried.

He ran up to your room with the first aid kit..

Tears filling your eyes.

"I I I I can see the bone." You soon blacked out after that.


Waking up in the hospital with a cast around your knee and Dimebag hugging you from behind.

"Ow ow ow!" You tried to move your knee but it only made things worse all you remember was fallen down the hill because you and Phillip were shoving each other playfully and you fucked your leg.

Dime soon woke up, "Y/n are you okay love?" He asked, you tried to fight back teats but they came rapidly.

"It hurts so much!" You cried.

He gave you a quick peck on the cheek and you went quiet... He kissed you..

Matt Cameron- Dark Days.

You were in tears running down the hallway of the school.

You were being bullied and couldn't handle it anymore.

You ran home receiving msg from Matt everywhere.

"Y/n I heard are you okay! I'll kick his ass!!"

You run down your hallway holding your bruised face, running to your room locking your door.

Matt was saying he was almost at your house.

you were upset because your house was dark and empty. Your parents moved away and left you all alone..

You were so upset and needed Matt with you or you would just die.. But he... He was else where.

You sat in a dark room as the streets poured down with rain you couldn't help but feel numb


Matt Cameron- Dark Days:Pt:2

Matt arrived to your house with his knuckles bleeding.

You looked down at him... "Matt what the hell happened?" You asked concerned Matt placed a hand on your cheek.

"The swellings gone down." He ignored your question.

"But Matt, I'm fine who you beat?" You asked running to the freezer as he shut the door.

You placed an ice pack on his knuckles.

You looked at him and next thing you know his kissed you. Once you pulled away he apologized... "I'm so sorry Y/n I don't know what come over me. I just want you to know I'm always going to be here and I'll kill anyone who hurts you." Matt admitted..

"Matt I love you." You blurted out.

"I have for a long time now and ever since my parents moved away I've been so distant from you... I'm sorry for that... I just want you back Matt I want Pearl Jam back." You admitted

"You know we will always be here for you Y/n we always were." Matt said sweetly.

"Thank you Matt it means a lot." You said hugging him.

"You know you still haven't answered my question." You said.

"Well your not the only one punching people." He laughed.

Matt walked back up into your room were you slept in his strong arms.. Safe... Sound... Peaceful.

PTV Vic Imagine: How he holds you

? WARNING ? PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU FIND SELF HARMING VERY UPSETTING. I'm only doing this because this band is a very supportive band against self harming and wish to help there fans like any other band they are here to help us with our demons.. I don't know much about this band but someone requested it. Stay strong my beautiful followers I love you all so very much. ???

You layed in your room looking at your old scars in your wrist.

(I repeat do not read ahead if you find stuff like self harming very offensive. Stay strong my lovelys)

You were thinking about those horrorable memories but Vic was always there to help you no matter what because he used to do this sort of stuff but stopped when he met you.

You heard a knock at your door, you told Vic to walk right in as you flushed the blades down the toilet.

Vic looked at you standing in your half top and underwear.

"Babe I'm so proud of you!" Vic yelled he ran over hugging you and kissed you so passionately.

"I know babe I know your my reason I live the reason why I stopped this." You explained.

"I know baby but you made me stop too and I love you for that" Vic said simply playing a kiss on your for head.

"Promise me we will never touch that again" you said sweetly hope in your eyes.

"I promise" he said sweetly

"I promise" you said sweetly

The moral of this story is that it may be a dark day it may feel like the end but it isn't you're stronger and much more powerful then you think love. People who struggle to fight there demons a three in the morning and over come it are strong people.

We've all been here some never and some who struggled badly, but my beautiful followers this is not the end of your story.. This is only the chapter. Its preparing you for the big happy ending.. You are a fighter your are strong.

I love you all and not matter what it is big or small I'll always be here for you all.

I have a confession.

I've struggled with thoughs dark thoughts before and never took action. Its because I don't want to hurt the ones I love but funny thing is they are the ones hurting me.

We go through life thinking were worthless and ugly..

But that's the thing we aren't were all beautiful and are not worthless. What people say about you is a reflection of themselves and if they are nice things like 'oh my fuck your beautiful' then you deserve that one love.

You are all beautiful and my strong little soldiers. I promise you all life does get better what's a heart beat with out its ups and downs.

I love you all and please! Please if you EVER need ANYONE! I'm here for you ????

Kurt Cobain: Your Pregnant.

Oh god Kurt is going to be a father.... Omfg

Oh god how am I going to tell him.

Its his birthday in a few days so how about them OH MY ILL MAKE IT A SURPRISE!!! He be so happy he might cry.


Kurt's Birthday.

Come Kurt its going to be amazing my love.

"Y/n what's going on?" Kurt asked.

You smiled happily, "Kurt it wouldn't be a surprise then would it?" You smirked.

You sat Kurt down on the beach and looked out to see the sun setting.

"Kurt I'm so happy to have you in my life." You smiled.

"Oh Y/n you make me he happiest man alive." Kurt smiled.

You gave him a quick kiss and told him to close his eyes.

He did and you gave him a box with a ribbon around it.

"Okay Kurt open it." You were filming his reaction..

Once he opened the box and saw the positive pregnancy test. He looked up at you shocked tears forming in his eyes as you kissed you..

The sun seat looked like something you see in a movie.

"Happy birthday baby." You smiled.

"Oh Y/n I love you so so so much!!!" He kissed you again and again. He got up screaming to the world he was going to be a father.

"BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!! IM GOING TO BE A DAD!!!!!!" You heard Krist and Dave run down from the house you smiled as you saw there happy faces also.

Kurt screamed running to pick you up, he spun you around and kissed you passionately.

"I love you I love you Y/n so so so much!!!" He screamed.

"I'm going to be a dad!" Kurt screamed hugging Dave and Krist.

"I couldn't ask for a better life!"

Joel Birch: Funeral.

You sat at your best friends tombstone numb and cold. The rain poured hard and you just couldn't believe it after all you and your friend had been through she went out like this... Said you never read the massages that you never cared and it breaks your heart.

Joel or you like to call your boyfriend of three years, came walking over with his jacket. He placed it on you sitting beside you giving you a few more last moments with your best friend.

"I cared so much about her and all she cared about was him." You cried..
It had gotten her killed in the end. She was gone and there was nothing you could do about it.. You just felt empty you didn't speak to anyone but Joel and Ahren and of cause the other TAA boys but these two where your main.


You stood in the middle of the cemetery alone.. And silent.. You looked around and thought of the once use to be happy living people but now are the ones that rot in the dirt.

It was a cruel world this place.. You went around looking at all the once happy people.. Some babies others teenagers young adults and the elderly.

They all died for something you spent most your time here.. Joel and Ahren where worried. They knew you were in morning but never knew how bad..

"Y/n baby I'm so happy I found you!" Joel hugged you tightly.. You hugged back as you watched the sun rise.

Joel loosened his grip.

"Babe tell me what's wrong we can write music about this.." Joel explained.

"Anchors." Was all you said.

"Anchors?" He repeated.

"There's so many and they are drowning me at see I had hope in my eyes and it ruined me Joel.. I lost my friend and to find out she died two months after.. Joel I'm drowning."


For I am lost right now as the ocean deep,
I am low my friend and how my heart does sink,
Yeah I am lost right now as the ocean deep,
I am low my friend and how my heart does sink.

It's like there's cancer in my blood,
It's like there's water in my lungs,
And I can't take another step,
Please tell me I am not undone.

It's like there's fire in my skin,
And I'm drowning from within,
I can't take another breath,
Please tell me I am not undone.

I've been searching for an exit,
But I'm lost inside my head,
I spend every waking moment,
Wishing I was dead.

I'll take another step for you,
I'll shed my tears until I drown, or until I am underground.
I'll take another breath for you,
Will you still be there when I'm home, out from the great unknown?

(Pittsburgh from The Amity Affliction there song not mine listen to it the band is so beautiful)

Joel Birch: Funeral: Pt:2

Y/n's POV

I woke up drenched in my own sweat. I had that dream again, I was in the ocean... Drowning... Watching the people I love die.

Joel woke up and sat up next to me.

"Y/n it was that dream again wasn't it?" Joel asked I shook my head..

"I'm gonna go have a shower." I mumbled as I pulled back the sheets.

Joel mumbled an okay and tired to go back to sleep.

I walked into the bathroom, and got undressed jumping in as the cold/warm water hit my back... My muscles relaxed as the water drifted from my neck to my back.

She's gone accept the fact that she wasn't your friend anymore..

We have been drifting apart for two years... But I couldn't let go ..

Damn it this is all her fucking fault!!

But its also my fault.

"FUCKIN HELL!!!!" I screamed heavily as the tears fell rapidly..

Joel was already knocking on the door.

"Y/n sweetie! You okay!" He said concerned.

I turned the water off and wrapped a towel around me getting out, I opened the door.. To see Joel and Ahren.

"You okay Y/n?" Ahren asked.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" I lied..

I wasn't okay I felt guilty as fuck about her death..

"We heard screaming." Joel explained.

"That was nothing I got shampoo in my eye." I lied again.

It was my fault... Y/Best Friends/n dead because of me..

I got brought back to my reality when Joel whipped a tear from my cheek.

"Get dressed and come to bed." He explained. I nodded closing the door getting dressed into one of Joel's dead pool boxers and Ahren's Tee he brought you when you went to TBAT (The Big Ass Tour) you walked out seeing Joel and Ahren attempt to hand a dream catcher one they both personally made.

I giggled at there attempt.

"Oh y/n your out." Joel smiled.

Him and Ahren finished hanging the dream catcher. Joel made his way over to me.

Joel's POV

She's a broken girl and I want to be here for her always..

I love her and now as I look as her beautiful face all I want to do is kiss it.

"Y/n I love you so much, I'm going to be here for you always same with Ahren, and the other TAA boys its because we love you." I said as I bent down and kissed her peach lips.

"I'm going to always be here to protect you." I hugged her tightly.

"I love you so much Y/n"

"I love you too."


Any request?

Chris Motionless: Pay attention

"CHRIS FUCKING CHRIS RUN!!!" you ran off past Chris with an angry Ghost hot on my heels.

You stopped because Ghost tackled you to the floor. "Ghost I'm sorry!" You shouted.

"Sorry isn't going to bring back my skittles now is it Y/n" you laughed.

"You can have them back when they come out the other end!" You laughed

Ghost face went crimson red.

"OKAY OKAY!! I'll buy you a no! Two new bags!" You whispered/ shouted.

Ghost smiled kissing you on the cheek.

Helping you up he left the room, you looked around to see it was just you and Chris.. Your crush.. He was eating a hotdog.. You smirked and giggled at your little plan.

You walked over playing it like a cool cat.

"Hey is that a hotdog in your mouth or you just happy to see me ;)" you winked.

Chris laughed so hard he nearly chocked. Which only made him and you laugh even more.

Once Chris was finished eating the dog..

You decided to walk away.

Before you could Chris grabbed you by the waist.

"Did you know.. A beautiful young girl once told me if I like someone I should tell them." You spun around to face him your body leaning against his..

"Really.. Who's this lucky lady." You smirked.

"You!" Chris said as he placed his lips on yours.


you woke back into your reality you fell asleep in class again.. Chris was just sitting across from you.. You looked at him and blushed deeply once the school bell rang you were out of there.



You closed your locker door to see Chris standing there startled you jump back.

Embarrassed you hide your face in your jumper.

Chris giggles lowering your arms kissing you..


It was like your dream.. Fireworks.

Once you departed. Chris blushed at you.

"Sorry if that was a bit forward." He said shyly.

"No no.. This isn't a dream." You said shocked.

"Well a little miss someone told me a few seconds ago in her sleep. That if you like someone you should let them know." He said smoothly.

"I like you." You blurted.

"Well" Chris said as he had gotten closer to your ear.

"I like you too." He smiled as he kissed you once more.

Hope you liked it send in more request / prefs imagines on what I should do.

Pref: He protects you

The Amity Affliction


It was a beautiful day and you and Ahren were running around in your bathers. Playing paint ball.. With the rest of the TAA boys. It was a nice day and you guys were playing Army.

Its painful and like the real thing.. Reasons why your in your bathers.

You get shot you get injured badly.

You and Ahren were on the same team Joel and Ryan on the other Dan went solo, and Troy and Imran were on another team.

You came across Ryan and shot him in the leg he screamed out in pain fallen to the ground.

You laughed evilly.. And ran of as Joel tried to shot at you getting you in the arm in the progress making you fall to the ground in pain.

"SIN OF A SATAN'S ASS CRACK!" You shouted holding your arm. You heard laughter roar out as You growled bandaging your arm up quickly as Ahren ran over to save the day.

"Y/n you okay!" He shouted/ whispered.

You let out a small scream.

"I'm fine I'm fine I didn't think getting shot with a paint ball gun would be as bad." You paused,

"Just like the real thing. THIS IS FOR OUR FALLEN SOLDIERS!!" you screamed getting up shooting Imran in the back he fell to the ground.

You turned shooting Ryan in the leg once again

Joel and the rest laughed. At your sudden army like nature.

You got everyone but Dan and as the others attended to there wounds Dan was no where to be seen.

"Guys you seen Dan?" You asked looking around matter of fact Dan hadn't even done anything. "Is he even here?" You said walking around limping Joel had shot you in the back of the leg and Ryan shot you above the ass.

You were looking for Dan when Ahren shoved you to the ground taking a paint ball to the back.

"Noo!!" You screamed. Holding Ahren close..

"Don't go Ahren!! Is it because I killed the boys!" You screamed.

"No no my love I'll always protect you" Ahren said.

You lean down to kiss him when Dan shot you in the thigh.

"Ow! Damnit Dan can't you just!" You got up.

"You died together." He laughed.


"No!" You screamed, Joel had dropped the pancake getting sand all over it. He laughed at you. The weather was beautiful, breezy and just beautiful.

You guys where having breakfast on the beach.

"The promise I made to love you forever, I meant it, I swear I meant it forever." He smiled kissing you.

Once you departed "Y/n will you marry me" Joel said as he got down on one knee.

Tearing up you said "Yes Yes!! I million Tims YES!!" You said happily as Joel placed the ring on your finger.
"I love you Joel." You smiled.

"I love you too." He said

You got up telling Joel, that you were gonna go get a drink from the snack bar along with two chocolate bars. Kissing him once again you ran off screaming with joy.


You thanked the lady and took your stuff as you were walking back someone shoved you down the stairs.
Once you fell to the bottom you cringed in pain.

"God buddy your really stirring my corn flanks." You were suddenly lifted.

"Babe you okay!" Joel asked concerned,

"yes babe I am.." You lied it hurt like hell.

"Wow bitch watch it!" The man snapped.

"Watch it!! Mate that's my soon to be wife you just hurt!" Joel's face going crimson red.

"Relax Joel I'm sure it was an accident." You said as you placed a hand on his chest.

"No Y/n I made a promise to you I'll always protect you. He done it on purpose!" He growled softly.

"Nah man listen to your little Bitch!" Joel didn't even hesitate he punched the smart mouth in the face.

He looked up at his little buddies.

"Anyone else!" He growled they just ran off taking there buddy with them.
"I told you I'll protract you." He said as his picked up the two water bottles and chocolate bars.

"Now let's take you to the hospital." He smiled as he kissed your cheek.


You and Ryan where playing Left 4 Dead and a tank was right on your ass!!!

You were low on health but Ryan kept healing you, he was going to die and you wanted to heal him but he said no. Always protecting you

"Heal yourself love!" He screamed a tank was coming and you started to freak.

"Go to the plane!" He screamed

"No Ryan when a married you I made sure I would never leave you behind!" You quickly held him.

We made it just in time to get on the plane.

The tank was coming and you started to scream!! Then it happened you ran out of bullets.

You hid behind Ryan shooting the tank with him then it was over.

You and Ryan Cheered

"WE SURVIVED!!!!" You screamed.


"Troy.." You said he jolted awake, "Y/n what's wrong?" He asked concerned.

You were in tears...

Troy gave you a key to his place and these late night walks to his house became more and more.

"Y/n what did he do!" Troy was worried once he saw your arms..

"Um.... He hurt me.. Not like that but he bashed me." You shuttered.

Troy jumped out off his bed and ran out the door with a bat across the street he started to break the windows of your so called "Boyfriends" car it was a fake relationship.. He needed it to make himself look good. You didn't agree to it.

He came out angry and pissed off.

"What you do to her you bastard!!" Troy snapped he threw the bat aside.

"Fight me you coward! You lay another hand on her I'll fucking kill you!" He snapped.

"Please she deserved it." He snapped

Troy was more mad then ever.

"I'll kill you!! She didn't agree to these terms!!!" Troy snapped you stepped in between him and your so called fake boyfriend.

Y/fbf/n (Your Fake boyfriends name) he slammed his fist on your face.

Suddenly Troy jumped on top of Y/fbf/n and started punching the shit out of him stopping to pick you up.

"Y/n are you okay?" He asked.

"I'm fine are you okay?" You said concerned.

"No I failed to protect you." He admitted.

"What are you talking about Troy you did protect me."


You were sitting in Dan's room singing softly as he played acoustic of Pittsburgh.

You were singing softly as he strummed along.

You stopped half way looking down at your feet.

Dan stopped looking at you.

"Y/n are you okay?" He asked.

You whipped the tears that fell from your eyes.

"Yeah I'm fine." You lied everything was wrong family problems. They were just getting to you so badly.

"Don't lie please." He stopped his voice softens.

"Family issues." You said quietly.

Dan placed the acoustic down.

"Y/n its going to be okay. Your nearly 18 you can hold on just a few more days love, Your going to make it. Life may be hard but I promised you I'll protect you and that's what I'm going to do."


You were sitting in you lounge room with a sad and upset Imran.

You were mugged on the way home.

They broke your leg and left you.

Imran thinks its all his fault as you sat there crying Imran yelled in a caring way.

"You could have gotten hurt I was waiting two hours y/n and you weren't there!" He yelled.

He was late but you sent him to the wrong place.

"Its my job to protect you Y/n!" Imran shouted

He was in tears, "I'm sorry Imran I sent you to the wrong place its a new job I'm not used to Melbourne like you are I'm sorry." You cried.

Imran walked over hugging you tightly.

"I'm just glad your okay." He placed a kiss on your forehead.

Pref: When You Have A Bad Day



Kurt's POV

I heard a scream come from downstairs I rushed down to see my girlfriend of two years angry and pissed off she threw her bag down and walked over to me.

"Y/n what happened?" I asked she didn't say anything but just groan.

"School!" She said eventually, I hugged her tightly telling her it was okay.

"Come let's to go the lounge room and you can tell me about your day." I said sweetly.

"Well first of all the teachers where being major Dicks!! They kicked me out because they thought I was smoking!" Y/n snapped I saw the frustration in her eyes.

"THEN!!! They said I was smoking pot! When I wasn't fucking that blonde bitch Cort blew herb on me!" Y/n snapped.

"There more love I can just tell." I said as I held her.

"I have a mountain of homework." Y/n explains.

"Well first of all let's get that done and out of the way and I'll talk to your teachers about the smokes and the herb." I explained she let out a sigh of relief.

"Thank you babe." She said kissing me.


You walked in from a terror able vacation.

You bumped into your ex. It sucks so much because he cheated on you.

You went home to your best friends Dave's house.

"Dave!", you called, he came running from around the corner and bear hugged you. Placing a kiss on your cheek.

"How was the Vay k?" He asked.

"Horrorable!" You admitted.

A frown fell on his face.

"Why?" He asked.

"I numbed into my cheating ex." You said angrily.

"Oh him!" He got mad.

"Forget about that bastard!" He said.

"Your a beautiful girl, Y/n you don't need a prick like him. You have me Kurt and Krist." he said

"Your right" you hugged him tightly.


"OHH SHIT!" Krist came running through the crowd of people screaming fight over and over.

"HEY!!!" Krist saw a kid that stood over you.

He watched as you got up punching him in the face knocking him out cold.

"Piece of shit!" You snapped.

"Y/n you okay!" Krist ran over hugging you.

"Yeah I am, he just hit me out of the blue." You saw Krist get really pissed off.

All eyes on you and your bleeding lip.
"What are you all fucking looking at!!" You snapped everyone stood back and out of your way.

As you were walking someone tried to jump you.

You threw over your shoulders and told them to back the fuck off!

With one single punch they were knocked out.

Pref: Your Famous Best Friends

Josh Dun

Tyler Joseph

Kurt Cobain

Joel Birch.

Pref: We He Cheats.

Twenty One Pilots.

Josh Dun:

Are you fucking nuts!!! Josh would never!!! His to sweet to do such a horrorable thing.

Tyler Joseph:

You must be crazy to ever think this beautiful beast would ever cheat.

If he was getting robbed he would be like. At the top of the stairs.

"Um excuse me can you please leave?"

His words.

Layne Staley Imagine: One time

You passed around your room worried about your friend he wasn't texting you! He missed your phone calls this was so unlike Layne!

You tried to call again


"Hey Layne you finally answered your-"

You were cut off by his voice mail.

"Layne Staley leave a name and number at the massage.

"Dammit Layne!" You snapped

It wasn't until you heard a knock at your door.

You rush to answer it and its the police with Layne your best friend.

"He claims to know you." The officer had said.

"Yes his my best friend I've been so worried about him" you explained.

"Well he was smashing someone's car" he said angrily Layne was angry and struggled to calm down.

The police officer un cuffed him and he hugged you tightly.

"He just lost someone and was angry its okay." You said as you shut the door.

You and Layne hugged like what seemed like forever.

"Its okay I'm always here for you Layne." You said sweetly.

You heard soft sobs rise and fall again.

Layne was crying.

I mean losing your friend it hurts

"Layne its going to be okay" you explained you heard Layne sigh..

To be continued

Pref: Alternative Curse Words

FOB (Fallout Boy)

Patrick: Fiddlesticks

Andy: Crumcakes

Pete: Son of a scream

Joe: Your really stirring my cornflakes.


My Kurt Cobain drawing that took me 2 hours to do pretty proud with it.

Authors Note

So I was talking to a guy
And I asked him his favourite colour
And turned to me and said Green
Just like your eyes.

It was cute lol.


Hey my beautiful followers,

Would mean a lot if you could read my sisters story would mean a lot to me.


"The Story Behind The Broken Smile'

BY "Metalhead_aliens"

I've got more story's to come my lovelys gonna make it as a second book tho this one is getting so long!



Holy fuck.

Guys I was browsing through my story's and LOOK!! 8K are you SERIOUS?! I'm so fucking happy!! Here I thought this book was over it but shit. 8K well guess who's a happy little grunger today!


Im back in the game!

A/n I'm working on a Daniel johns imagine as we speak, I actually feel pretty good today.

ANYWAYS!?! if you have any request you'd like me to do tell me. I fuckin promise you guys this time I'll write it.

Just a few friends off mine reminded me that I had to pick myself back up and that bad things do happen but it's for a reason, I shouldn't take it badly but instead move

Mute: Joel Birch Fanfic.

You walked through out the hall way, finding your way throughout the darkness: you couldn't see much of cause. But there was this faint light that led you to were you wanted to go, you could hear soft cries coming from the lounge room.

Confused you followed the soft cries, down the hallway.

You looked and see no one siting there, you became more confused than anything. You heard a soft scream coming form the next room, it's Joel crying, his breathing is Jaggered an he can't seem to catch his breath.

You rush over placing a hand on Joel's shoulder, he couldn't say anything due to being mute since you were 10 you are now 18 and spoke with your eyes signing when needed.

Joel's pov

I was startled when I felt a small hand touch me, I looked up and saw Y/n she gave me a look that said a thousand words.

"Are you okay?" She signed, I whipped my eyes and nodded my head.

"Tell me what's wrong, please I've been worried Joel." She was such a caring person, I didn't say anything but look down.

I saw her get off were she was siting, she bent down placing her hand on my face.

I looked at her eyes and she was tearing up she was worried sick about me.

I gave her a small smile, before I knew it she hugged me.

I hugged her back as if it were the last time we were saying goodbye, and I let it all out.

Y/n pov

Joel started to cry once I hugged him, I wish I could do the things he did. I wish I could speak, I wanted too I needed too Joel needed me.

I shut down at the age of ten, sure I spoke here and their but so did Craig Jones. He was mute because something tragic had happened, I wouldn't blame him I was the same.

As Joel cried I tried my best to build up the courage to speak again.

I lost my parents in a car fire and it scared me, the fact I watched them burn alive it haunts me.

I hugged Joel tightly and as my heart raced I tried to speak.

"I..I love you Joel."I said quietly, he stopped crying and looked up at me.

"What- what did you say?" He asked confused.

I looked down, "I love you."

Joel smiled like crazy and in that moment he kissed you..

"I love you too Kitten." He smiled.

That was okay, ANYHOW. Request are open for anyone anything. Request it and I'll try my best to make it awesome.

Feels good to be back!

Vokda- Eddie Vedder.

??if this is a trigger please do not read it. Contains Drugs, Alcohol and sexual shit ??

I was just a girl who had a bit of a drinking problem, fuck it I'm 18.

I woke up in to morning to the sweet smell of bacon and due to me being hungover as fuck

I walked my way downstairs to have breakfast before getting ready for school.

Once I was finished I walked to my room and had a shower getting into my outfit I had planned for today

After I was done I went down to the kitchen and got my flask out of the fridge and a bottle of water/vodka an put it in my handbag.

I walked down the streets as everything was shitty and misty it almost looked like "Silent Hill" in a way

I continued to walk, until I got to the school.

Once I was there I decided to wag first period, headed straight out to the oval and sat down where I won't be bothered I pulled out my flask and took a hit from it.

After about ten minutes I noticed some figures walking towards me.

I didn't seem to care for the fact they would just walk by.

I stood up getting ready to go to second period, the figures were closer now and they are four males in the twenties.

Than you noticed the football jock.

Travois Vedder, Eddies younger brother.

"Hey y/n" he smirked walking straight over to me.

I clenched your fist.

As they all stood around me blocking any exit.

My heart started to rave but I stayed calm on the surface.

"Nice piece of ass." One of the men stated.

"Thanks my mother gave it to me." I said sarcastically.

"You're a smart mouth aren't you!, you little bitch." He growled.

"Okay, first of all you all have a brain the size of your left nut, which is pretty small. Secondly, just because you're all to shy to come out of the closet, doesn't mean you can go and treat younger girls, like myself like shit because you can't get it on with each other." I smirked at the end of that.

I didn't see the fist coming and before I knew it i was on the ground.

Laughing the man from before stood over me gripping my teeshirt tightly.

"Well we don't like little alcoholics." He shoved myself to the ground and I laughed in his face getting up.

I brushed myself off,

"It's not alcohol it's Russian water, get your facts straight bud." I smirked, once again I didn't see the fist.

I was laughing on the ground split eyebrow and a cut lip, my face was swelling by the minute.

"The things I like to do to you." The guy smirked.

Travois walked over, lifting me up off the ground.

He threw me against the tree, I grunted and laughed again.

"What's so funny bitch?!" The guy who had hit me twice snapped.

" I laugh at the face of danger." I smirked, "oh and can someone PLEASE calm their girlfriend she seems a little upset."

I saw the guy lose his shit completely, "I'm gonna make you wish you were dead." I laughed "jokes on you buddy I wish that everyday on myself." I winked at him.

"You defiantly got a mouth on you." Travois said, him and the rest of the boys walked away leaving me with the guy who hates me.

I looked at him, and he came close to me dragging me off by my hair.

I squirmed, grabbing my hair as he dragged me away.

He threw me in the back seat of his car. Locking the doors, I started to realise what could possibly happen next and the fear sank in.

I jumped over the car seats trying to escape. I felt him grab me by my legs and drag me I fell hitting my face on the stearing wheel.

To be continued.

Broken down: Mike Starr

This is for YandereMoogle_

Mike Starrs pov

I lay on a fairly hot bus, the ac was shitty and wasn't working at least that was until Y/n came to the rescue, I watched her as she fixed it. She was gorgeous, massively breath taking, she was wearing one of my tees and I watched as Layne and Jerry eyed off her ass.

"Hey blonde!" I snapped under my breath, both Layne and Jerry looked at me, I leaned in my chair. "Fucking Dibs! Back the fuck off!" I snapped under my breath, "What are ye gonna do Mikey?" Sean mocked, "I'll kick your balls in mate!" I snapped, a little too loud.

Y/n looked at me with her beautiful eyes, I blushed hard, "it's all fixed!" She shouted, I smiled at her, "you're a life saver!" I winked, she blushed which only made me smile like crazy!!

AHHH THAT SMILE!!?! I thought, Y/n was walking down towards me, was this a dream?! Suddenly the bus came to a sudden stop, and she came flying at me.

She fell right into me, we landed on the floor, "Y/n are you okay?" She nodded, getting up.

"heyyyyyy MIKE GETTING SOME ACTION!!" Layne screamed, "STFU!!" I snapped, Y/n walked away and I got so mad I stormed off, shoving L on my way out.

Y/n's pov

I walked out to see what had happened and we had blown radiator hose, and on top of that the engine.

"FUCK!" I snapped, "Y/n everything okay?" Mike asked, I blushed hard because he would have heard me. "No, the engine is gone." I snapped, I walked back onto the bus went to call Company for buses.

-hours later-
It was only me on the bus the others had gone with Jerry to get some food or something, so it was only me with the broken ac again...

Frustrated I walked around the bus and founded Mikes bass acoustic. I picked it up, and began to play Rotten apple.

After what seemed like forever I finished the song an placed his bass down.

Mikes pov

I could hear Y/n playing my bass it was beautiful, just like her. Omg what was I getting myself into, I jumped out from the bunk, "Y/n!" I called I saw her jump out of her skin, "MIKE YOU SCARED ME!!!" I smiled and walked over kissing her softly, she tensed up but soon am gave in.

Me and Y/n began to make out, I was the one to stop, "Y/n I love you, I always have and I always will." She giggled and smiled, "I've been waiting a long time to hear that from you." I kissed her again. "I love you Mike." She smiled, "I love you too Y/n"


INXS ( ? ?)? Michael Hutchence Girl Next Door

Michael's POV

I watched as the unloading truck I watched as a beautiful young girl walked out with a box she was in black ripped jeans and a INXS tee oh my how she die if she knew I was the lead singer we haven't gotten much music out as we liked..

She was beautiful.

"Michael!" I turned and saw, Andrew standing there, "are you play man?" He asked.

"Yessssssssssh?" I said oddly ,

"Its Y/n you've been staring at her for the past five minutes" Andrew explained.

"I can't help it! I think I know her from somewhere!" I said simply.

I looked over and she looked at my shocked.

"MICHAEL!!! IS THAT YOU!!" She snapped,

I was confused.


Flash back

"What do you mean you think she's dead!" Y/n had gone off to war and was presumed dead.

"She either is it she isn't!" I snapped, tears began to fill my eyes and blur my vision. "Sir?." The man said. "No I need time to progress this she's can't be dead she's my girlfriend of three years I was going to ask her to marry me." I explained

Flash back over

Now that I'm looking at her I begin to tear up and fall apart.

"Michael." She smiled I ran over kissing her passionately.

"I've missed you I was told you died! Oh my god."

Reunited once again.





Mike Starr -Smut

For Emacanga

?? yo wut up this is a Mike Starr smutty bear with me I'm bad at these. ENJOY!

It was a beautiful night, and you were outside at a AIC concert you were waiting as you were waiting to go in.
You could hear a distant scream of someone telling someone to leave them alone, you recognized the voice and Immediately searched the crowd for your best friend.

You were worried and once you spotted your best friend, you saw a much older man handling her roughly. Your friend screamed once more for him to back off and slapped him he didn't hesitate an hit a your best friend in the face.

"HEY ASSHAT!!!" You snapped you ran over, jumping as you tackled the guy to the ground.

You begin punching into the man, "PIECE OF SHIT!!" You snapped letting the guy take another blow to the face.

He began to laugh and kicked you off him, you fell with a thud. You got up looking right at him for a girl you were short as fuck and taking on a guy who was 6'4.

"WHAT BITCH!!! WHAT?!!!!" You snapped, punching him, "You want hit someone come at me nut bag." You growled putting your fist up.

Before you know it you were thrown to the ground, you got up noticing your lip was bleeding.

You smirked, "I like it rough, come on show me what you got." Before you knew it you had noticed your friend was gone.

"What ever whore!!" The guy snapped, "Mike Starr is a loser!" You couldn't contain yourself as you ran to jump the guy, someone had grabbed you by the waist.

"WHO THE FUCK?! HEY CUNT FUCKER!!! I'm not done with you get your ass back here so I can beat it six feet under ground!!" You growled.

"Hey hey... Calm down sweetheart." You felt someone softly kiss your neck, as you recognized his voice it was Mick Starr.

He let you go and you turned to face him, "I'm not going to let him talk shit about you!" You said calmly, Mike walked up to you, pulling you closely.

"How about we go back to my dressing room and you have a shower.... With me.." You melted at the idea.

"THIS AINT OVER DICK FACE!!!!!" you snapped,

-Dressing room-

As soon as you walked in Mick was kissing you neck and slammed you against the wall, "M-Mike." You groaned, the both of you were breathing heavily and he began to undress you and himself, he began kissing down your neck and you let out a small Yelp when he bit you.

"What's your name?" He smirked as he kissed your neck feeling every part of your body "Y-Y/n" you moaned

You were both in the shower at this point, turned on the water that so happened to be the cold one, you let out a scream as he switched it to hot.

He began to pound into you, with every hit you gripped tightly and pulled on his long hair. The moment began very heated as you both screamed, you began to kiss his neck, as he thrusted into you.


You got dressed as Mike Starr kissed your neck. "Y/n that was the best I ever had" Mike purred into your ear, you blushed turning to kiss him. "Once I'm done with this concert we can go all night long ;)" he winked, "well I like to see that." You smirked.



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Also working on

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Writing a new story!!

I need

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It's a Slipknot/ Rob Zombie fan fic


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2016 was a horrible year for me.
Everything went wrong

Broken hearts

So on so forth.

The love of my life left me
I cut everyone from my life
I was suicidal
I was slightly an alcoholic woukd go to my mates house and drink straight vodka to myself and half a slab with her.
Depression was the fucking worst.
Teachers threatened to kick me out because of my depression, they'd verbally attack me.
Making me feel like shit.

Guys whos come back a violent anarchy! Fuckin me. Treat me like shit I'd verbally abuse you until you cry, than keep going.
Treat me with respect you'll get respect.

My life is getting better my boyfriend is helping me, woth my depression and anger and who knew my best friend of 2 years would become my boyfriend. Things are looking up guys, so please request are open. ????

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