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Night of the living dead

*Dave's Point of View*
I am more bored than anyone in the entire human race has ever been. Kurt has forced Krist and I into watching some stupid old zombie movie. Krist was lucky enough to be slightly sleep deprived, so he was enjoying a nap on the one side of the couch, while Kurt and I were cuddled up on the other side of the couch. Kurt seemed to be having fun watching the woman on screen running away from a bunch of slow moving zombies. I began to squirm.
"What the hell, dave" kurt asked as I wiggled my legs.
"I'm BORED" I moaned.
"Then watch the movie" he said keeping his eyes on the screen.
"The movie sucks ass" I responded
"The movie is great." Kurt said defiantly
"Tell that to Krist" I said, motioning to our passed out bass player.
"Dammit Dave, well what do you want to do"
" I want some fucking kiwis that's what I want"
"Go upstairs and get some then" kurt said angrily
" I would if we had some" I said pulling him off the couch and pausing the movie.
I pulled him to the fridge and oped it, it contained the following items:
1. 3 bottles of beer
2. A pear
3. A loaf of bread
4. A bottle of ketchup
5. A package of prepackaged cheese slices.
" I guess we need to go to the grocery store then" Kurt said " get a coat, I'll drive"
He lit up a cigarette and walked towards the door. I quickly grabbed a sticky note wrote "we went grocery store -Dave" and adhered it to the sleeping giant's forehead. I grabbed a coat and headed out into the cold cloudy outdoors with kurt.

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