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Interview: Kurt

Working at MTV, i always see endless amounts of stars roaming around.

Some are easy to interview. And others... Let's not even go there.


I was pulled from my thoughts by my boss, Ian, seeing a huge smile on his face.

I narrowed my eyes slightly.

Usually he's not this happy. He's really never this happy. Should I be worried?

"Ian...what's up?"

He laughed, clearly seeing how confused I was.

"You'll never believe who's here."

I rolled my eyes, smiling a tad.

He always acts this way when stars grant us interviews.

But I really can't recall a time when he was this damn happy.. It's kinda sickening.

"Who exactly is here Ian?"

He clapped his hands together, making me jump slightly.

Now he's clapping? Damn...


My eyes widened, dropping my pencil onto my desk, jumping up from my seat.

"What?! Are you serious??"

Ian grinned, shaking his head.

"Yes! Aaaand, there's something else."

I couldn't stop grinning at this point. Freakin Nirvana is here! In the building.

"You, Veronica and Selina are going to interview each guy."

My eyes widened, feeling giddy. Am I dreaming?

Ian grinned, that little grin of his.

"You got one Kurt Cobain."

I froze, barley processing what he said.

Okay, I usually don't get this excited about interviewing people.

But Nirvana? Hell yeah! I love their music.

Kurt Cobain is a musical genius.

Just the mere thought that I'm going to be interviewing him... I can't believe it.

"Really? You're not shitting me??"

Ian laughed, loving the look on my face.

"Wow. Is that really you Bean? I've never seen you smile like that. Or smile really at all. Thank fuck for Kurt Cobain."

I grinned, hugging Ian, surprising myself and him.

"Damn Ian. Thank you.. So so much."

Ian clapped me on the back, pulling away, smiling.

"Well, you are one of my best writers. And you have such great interviewing skills. So, I figured, why not add Nirvana to that list of yours?"

I grinned at him.

I don't think I've ever smiled this much. My face is actually starting to hurt.

I've loved Nirvana since their first album Bleach came out.

And look at them now. Nevermind is doing fucking amazing in the charts still. And sold so many copies.

And now with In Utero out, they're taking the world by storm.

And I actually get to interview the man behind the magic of Nirvana....
Ian grinned at me, seeing the excitement in my face, opening the door that had Kurt behind it.

I don't think I've ever been this nervous before.

Snap out of it Bean. Everything will be okay. It's Kurt for fucks sakes.

The guy you've had on your wall. The guy who's voice you've heard numerous times. The guy you've seen in concert several times.

It's Kurt.

I looked at Billy, the camera guy, seeing him setting his equipment up.

He heard me walk in, looking up, grinning at me.

"Hey Bean. Excited?"

I blew out a breath, making him laugh.

"I can't even being to explain how excited I am honestly."

Billy's face was so red from laughing, I couldn't help but laugh myself.

Damn.. Is this the affect of Kurt Cobain? I seriously have never smiled, nor laughed like this before.

"I feel like I missed a joke.."

That voice...

I turned my head, seeing Kurt walk into the room, a cigaret in his hand, sitting down in the chair across from me, looking at me.

"Oh. Billy here was just saying how excited he was. He can't believe he's getting the chance to film you."

Billy scoffed, rolling his eyes, a playful smile on his face.

"More like Bean here is excited to interview you. She looooves you."

I slowly turned my head towards him, shooting him a glare, hearing Kurt laugh a little.

"Could you please just handle the camera? I'd appreciate that very much.. pal."

Billy saluted me, grinning.

"Yes ma'am!"

I turned back towards Kurt, seeing him staring at me, smoking his cig.

"Your names Bean?"

I grinned, shaking my head.

My dad actually decided to name me that. And it stuck.

"Yeah. Bean, Bean Bean. How ever many beans you want to call me, you may."

He grinned, blowing out a puff of smoke.

"I like that name.."

I smiled. No kidding. Considering its Frances's middle name.

"Oh I know."

Billy looked at us, holding his head up with his hand, smiling.

I rolled my eyes.

"Have you even started rolling..?"

Billy shook his head, coming back from whatever world he was in, turning the camera on.

I looked at Kurt, making a face, making him grin a little.

"Now, I know you hate interviews. So it won't be like the others. You can actually relax some here."

He blew out a breath, leaning further back in the chair, making me grin.

I couldn't stop watching him.

I mean this is seriously the closest I've ever been to him.

He's beautiful in all honesty.

"Thanks. Interviews really aren't my thing. But, it's apart of this."

I grinned, agreeing.

"I understand. They can be annoying."

He took a smoke, blowing it out, smashing some of the cig in the ash tray, looking up at me.

His eyes are fucking beautiful.

I shook my head, throwing the piece of paper I had behind me, hearing it hit Billy.

He huffed, making me laugh.

"Okay. Change of plans. I'm just gonna ask you random ass questions. I think it will be more fun that way than reading questions off a piece of paper."

Kurt shrugged, smiling a little.

"Fine with me."

Billy looked at me, a look of surprise on his face.

"How do you even do this Bean? You're a damn natural."

I smiled a tad, looking at Kurt.

"I just want Kurt to feel comfortable here and not fucking smothered. I don't want it to be the typical interview."

Kurt looked clearly surprised, taking a smoke.

I could watch him do that all day..

"So Kurt, how's your stomach doing? Any better?"

He smashed down some of the cig, smiling a tad.

"It's gone. I've finally been prescribed the right stomach medicine."

I clapped my hands together, smiling.

Kurt's had stomach problems for so many years now. He struggled so much with it.

"I'm so happy to hear that! I know your stomach has given you hell over the years. Thank fuck for the medicine."

He smiled a little, blowing out smoke.

"I'm very happy with it. I can actually eat now. And after 6 years of being in constant pain, finally, I haven't had a stomach problem in over a year."

I grinned, a huge grin. Words can't express how happy that makes me.

"I'm so so happy for that. You don't need all that pain. You've had enough.."

He looked at me a moment, giving me a secret look of sorts, smiling a tad.

"I mean, I was in pain for so long, I didn't care if I was in a band or if I was alive. And it just so happened that I came to that conclusion at a time when my band became really popular. It'd been going on and building up for so many years, that I was you know, suicidal. I just didn't want to live."

I looked down. I could hear the pain in his voice. He's trying to hide it, but it's there.

He truly feels this way?

I could feel my eyes watering. I just can't imagine...

"I'm so sorry Kurt. That kind of pain is the worst pain you could possibly feel. But, you're okay now.. right?"

I looked up at him, a questioning look on my face.

I truly wanted to know. And not just for this damn interview. For me.

He just simply took a smoke, blowing it out, looking around for second, like he was thinking.

Then he finally looked back at me, that same secret look on his face from earlier.

He's hiding so damn much.. I can just see it.

And he knows that.

I looked up at Billy, putting my finger across my neck.

"Let's take a break. We'll start back up shortly."

Billy saluted, switching the camera off, walking away.

I instantly laid back in the seat, closing my eyes, listening to Kurt as he smoked.

It's pretty soothing.

I slowly opened my eyes, seeing Kurt looking at me, studying me, leaning forward a little.

I smiled at him, a tiny smile, laughing.

"You know, I've never smiled this damn much in my life. You've got charm Kurt. A whole lot of it."

He looked away, his face not giving anything away.

Until the corners of his mouth slowly lifted up, making me grin.

The Cobain affect..


Looking back on my life as a teenager, hanging out with Kurt and Krist, i never would have thought we'd end up at the VMA'S!

But i always had this feeling that these two would be huge.

And having Dave as the drummer, they can't go wrong.

I sat with them as they were being interviewed, grinning.

Kurt was bouncing Frances on his lap, smiling slightly.

She was looking around at everyone, amazement on her face.

I slipped my hand around hers, making her look up at me.

She smiled, that cute little smile of hers.

"Your daddies a rock star Bean!"

She giggled a little, Kurt looking over at me, a little smile on his lips.

As everyone knew by now, Kurt really didn't like interviews, so he really wasn't listening to the lady.

"Oh! Can I have that cookie?"

I rolled my eyes, laughing. Only Kurt..

I looked over at Dave, laying my head on his shoulder.

"Mister Grohl, i'm just gonna use you as a pillow.. Don't mind me."

He craned his head slightly, looking down at me, huffing dramatically, a little smile on his lips.

"Really woman? Really?"

I shrugged, grinning.

I felt him start to move, instantly raising my head, my hands in the air.

"No no! Lower those hands now. There will be no tickling."

He smirked, making me mock glare.

I heard a giggle from behind me, turning my head, seeing Frances looking at me.

I tickled her side, smiling at her.

"Your uncle Dave here is gonna get knocked out in a moment. Wanna help?"

She only smiled, looking up at Kurt, seeing him eating the cookie, reaching for it.

He moved his hand around, putting the cookie higher in the air, making me laugh.

"Really Kurt? The look on her face clearly says, daddy, give me the damn cookie!"

Krist laughed, poking my shoulder.

"So you're the baby whisperer now?"

I grinned, shaking my head slightly.

"Hell yeah I am. And she really wants that cookie."

Kurt looked at me, slightly sticking his tongue out, my eyes widening.

Then I smirked.

I lunged at his hand, taking the rest of the cookie, breaking the other half off, giving it to Frances.

"There you go Bean. Your cool aunt here loves you."

Dave slowly reached his hand over me, stealing part of the cookie from my hand, making me gasp.

He shoved it in his mouth, making me slap his arm.

He smiled, a wide smile. I rolled my eyes, smiling.

Kurt looked at his hand, seriously looking heartbroken because the cookie was gone.

I laughed, softly patting his arm.

"Don't worry KC. We can buy you a whole case of cookies!"

He rolled his eyes, slightly smiling.

I've been so focused on Kurt and Frances, I missed the whole interview.

But it was so cute watching them. Kurt is such a good daddy. And he's crazy about her. Frances brings him so much joy.

I looked down at Frances, seeing her watching him, not taking her eyes off him once, making me smile softly.

I think it's the same for her....

Backstage Sneak

I leaned against my friends car, sighing as she talked to yet another guy that came strolling by.

The day we're seeing Nirvana had finally arrived, and all she cares about are these buffoons...

I shook her shoulder, making her whirl around, sending me a look.

I just shook my head, standing up from the car.

I'll be damned if I'm gonna miss a Nirvana concert for her...

I slowly started walking towards the entrance, noting the line, making me sigh.

It's Nirvana after all.

I looked around, spotting a couple of men that appeared to be guards, going through a door across the way, disappearing into the building, making me smirk.

Maybe I don't have to wait after all...
I slowly walked through the door, peeking my head around, seeing people running around all over the place.

And how the hell did I even get the thought in my mind that I could just sneak in unnoticed...?


I slowly walked around, keeping my head low, just hoping no one noticed me out of place here.

It's hard not to notice that I'm a fan. I have a Nirvana shirt on, a flannel shirt with it.... I'm basically dressed like Kurt.

We'll see...

I continued my journey through all the people, smiling slightly.

Almost there.. Just a little further ahead and..

I suddenly smacked into someone, feeling arms wrapping around me, keeping me from falling.

"I'm so so sorry! should have watched.."

I looked up, seeing a grinning Dave Grohl standing there, my eyes widening slightly.

Oh goodness...

He looked me over, making me give him a little smile.

Just act natural..

"I haven't seen you back here before..."

I looked around, making him chuckle.

"You sneak in?"

I slumped my shoulders slightly, sighing. I just can't lie to Dave..


He laughed, grabbing my arm, pulling me along with him.

My eyes widened.

"Oh no.. Don't call those security dudes. They're fucking massive!"

He laughed again, looking at me.

"Don't panic. I'm not calling anyone. You're the only one that has come back here since we've been here that actually has acted somewhat natural."

Me..? Hell, I thought I would look crazy to him. At least my little talk with myself worked anyhow.

We suddenly turned a corner, almost bumping into Krist.

I had to do a double take...

Just... what?

Krist looked at Dave, then me, wiggling his eyebrows slightly.

"Wow Dave. You worked fast!"

He mock laughed at him, slapping his arm, making Krist back up slightly, laughing.

"Well, who is this beautiful young woman you have with you tonight Mr. Grohl..?"

I laughed a little at his voice, making him grin.

Dave looked down at me, a questioning look in his eyes, making me chuckle a little.

"Reese. And uh... Like I said earlier... Don't call the guards."

Krist burst into laughter, making Dave grin slightly.

"You snuck in?! Yes! You got lucky. We got to you first. So no. The guards can not have you."

I grinned, a huge grin, feeling relived.

Suddenly, a man came walking over, looking me over, before shaking his head, looking at Dave and Krist.

"Guys, sound check is starting now. Also, have any of you seen Kurt?"

They both shook their heads, looking at one another.

Krist smiled at me, bumping shoulders with me.

"We'll Miss Reese, we must be off! The sound check awaits our grand arrival."

He slightly bowed, making me chuckle.

Dave patted my shoulder, grinning.

"You're welcome to stay back here though. Hell, you might as well watch from backstage. Rock out with us!"

I grinned, shaking my head in excitement.

"I wouldn't miss that chance for the world!"

They both laughed, running towards the stage, just about tripping one another, making me laugh.

But.. I wonder where Kurt is..
I started making my way towards the stage, a huge smile on my face, when I heard a soft guitar sound coming from a room up ahead.

I softly smiled.

I think I just found him..

I slowly walked towards the room, gently opening the door, looking in, grinning.

Kurt was sitting in a chair, guitar in hand, strumming away.

"Cut myself on angle hair and babies breath..."

Heart Shaped Box... One of my favorites. And his voice.. Well, it's always so beautiful, raw, emotional.

I softly closed the door, watching as he strummed away, lost to the world, his notebook in front of him.

"Hey! Wait! I got a real complaint. Forever in debt to your priceless advice.."

I closed my eyes, swaying to the strumming of the guitar, his soft voice filling my ears, making me grin with glee.

I didn't even register the guitar stopping, I just kept on nodding my head, that goofy grin on my face.


I slowly opened my eyes, seeing Kurt looking right at me, my eyes going wide.

"Ummm... Hi Kurt."

I gave a little dorky wave, internally slapping myself.

Geez... The one time you meet Kurt Cobain and this is what you do. Great first impression there Reese..

He looked me over, gently setting his guitar back on the stand, standing up from the chair, closing his notebook.

"They're looking for me.. aren't they..?"

I shook my head slightly, smiling a little.

"Yeah. I just didn't want to stop you there. You were so into it.."

He looked at me, the corners of his lips slightly raising, a tiny smile on his lips, making me grin.

You know something? I'm really glad my supposed friend decided to stay out there.

Otherwise, I wouldn't have gotten to meet Nirvana!

So yay! Please, keep talking up the guys out there. I'm perfectly fine where I'm at.

"Honestly, I wasn't even going to go out there. I was just going to hide.... But, maybe I will."

I looked around the place, seeing all his stuff laying around, making me grin.

"Oh I really hope so. It wouldn't be Nirvana without you up there."

He grinned, heading for the door.

"By the way, nice job sneaking in. That's definitely something I would do at a concert.."

I followed closely behind him out the door, smiling a little. He knew right off the bat I had snuck in.

"It's definitely been fun."

I followed behind him towards the stage, watching him as he ran up the stairs, feeling giddy as hell.

He looked at me, before running onto the stage, smiling.

Dave looked at me from behind the drums, waving a stick at me, making me grin, waving back.

Krist looked over, seeing me standing here, waving like a mad man, making me laugh, waving back just as crazy as he did.

And then there was Mr. Cobain..

He put his guitar on, looking over to the side stage at me, that little smile on his lips.

I smiled back, feeling on top of the world.

Best. Night. Ever.

I Think I'm Just Happy...

I softly smiled, just hearing Kurt's voice ringing through my head as he sang the softened version of Dumb from unplugged.

And the beautiful rendition of Where Did You Sleep Last Night?, goosebumps forming on my arms like the ones that occurred that night.

He had this special thing he wanted for that concert. Dozens of star lilies. Beautiful, beautiful flowers.

The meaning of them really didn't sink in that night....

Those are always seen at funerals. And that thought had never crossed my mind. And you know something?

The whole show, it was like he was in a daze. But at the same time... it was like he was at peace for once. He played his guitar just as beautiful as ever. He laughed, he smiled.

He sang. And took the whole audience by storm, as always.

The whole concert was truly a masterpiece. He put his all into the ending of the show, said thank you and left, everyone clapping their hearts out.

Including me.

Kurt... was my best friend.

He was this huge part of my life. He was my rock.

And losing him... was the worst thing that ever happened too me. He always hid things so well. He never wanted anyone to feel like he was a burden. So he chose not to tell anyone about what was going on.

And that broke my heart. His life was never easy.

He really needed more love. And to actually have someone in his life that gave a shit about him.

I tried so many times... to help him.

At this concert, when the flowers arrived, I looked on in wonder as Kurt watched them be placed, a unknown look in his eyes. But a soft smile played on his lips.

I asked him, Kurt, what's with all the flowers?

He simply looked at me, that same little smile on his lips and said, they felt right. They will fit perfectly.

And I didn't understand what that meant at the time. I wish I had... I should have. I let him down...

I let him go...


Oh no. I have too go back to this hell hole?

Just no! Of course my parents made me.... So I'll just suffer through this madness. It's such a waste of time honestly.

I slowly entered the school, sighing, a dramatic sigh, already wishing I'd just skipped.

The only salvation this school has is the music. If it weren't for music class, I'd just never show up.

I practically threw my shit into my locker, slamming the door shut behind me, heading towards the first class of this hellish day, when I walked past the music room, stopping in my tracks.

Floating through the air, was the sound of a guitar, and whoever is playing it is doing a fucking wicked job!

And lots of yelling was happening. I looked down the hall, seeing it clearing out fast, easily sneaking into the music room, shutting the door behind me, not seeing that damn teacher that always seems to want me in class.

Apparently the principle has her spying on me since I miss so much. Fun right...?

"Who did you kill? Because whoever it is... probably deserved it."

I turned around, seeing a dark haired guy staring at me, a humored look on his face, while another guy smacked him on the arm, a little smile on his lips.

He had blond hair, and the brightest blue eyes I've ever seen. Pretty beautiful really.

I smirked a little at the dark haired guy, shaking my head.

"If I stay here any longer I just might make someone my victim. School drains you man."

He laughed, this big laugh, making me grin, seeing the blond haired guy eyeing me, looking a little amused himself.

And did I mention the dark haired guy is a fucking giant?? Like holy shit. He towers over me!

"Well I'm Krist. And yes, school isn't exactly my idea of fun. But hey, you get a lot of entertainment!"

I laughed at the look on his face, looking at the blond guy.

He kept his eyes trained on me, that same little smile playing on his lips.

"And I'm Kurt. That's why we're in here. Hiding from the world..."

I walked over to a chair next to Kurt, sitting down, looking at them both, noting their instruments.

"I'm Marie. So, you guys gotta band or something?"

Kurt strummed his guitar a little, looking up at me, shaking his head a little.

"Just us two for now. But we're looking for a drummer. Someone who can keep up with us."

Krist rolled his eyes, clearly amused at that statement.

"I'm convinced there's no one out there that can accomplish that task."

I grinned at them both, noting the serious look on Kurt's face.

He must really love the music. He hasn't stopped strumming his guitar since the minute I first heard him out in the hall.

"You know, I heard you just outside the door. You're wicked on the guitar man. Beyond wicked. You've got serious talent. When you do assemble a band, it'll rock!"

He stopped strumming for a moment, looking up at me, simply stating at me, his blue eyes gleaming in the lighting of the room, before a little smile broke on his face, making me softly smile at him.

"Thanks... I practice a lot. Everyday. "

I grinned, looking up at Krist, seeing him leaning up against the wall, watching us.

"You two are the best guys I've met in this town. You guys actually get shit. And you both love music. I've finally found my home!"

Krist laughed, this big laugh, making Kurt grin.

Krist clapped me on the back, a huge smile lighting up his face.

"Well welcome to the family sister! May we all rock together forever."

Kurt and I both laughed, Kurt strumming away on his guitar as we sang along to random songs.

In The Studio

Finally! I get to see the guys after what feels like ages.

They've become so big... It's incredible! I just can't believe my dork of a brother Krist is famous.

Just... woah man. It's unbelievable. But you know, it's no surprise they took off as fast as they did.

Dave is fucking awesome on the drums! He's a beast.

Krist rocks the stage and brings all the energy.

And then, there's Kurt, the lead man. And rightfully so. He's got this glow around him. And his voice is just sent from the fucking gods. Simply beautiful.

And let's not forget his wicked guitar skills.

Once they reached the studio, Krist called me literally when he found some random phone laying about, just about demanding me to come down. Otherwise he was gonna send Dave after me.

Last time Dave got me, it was like a scene out of one of those movies where the girl is getting kidnapped.

Well, from a distance that's what it would have looked like. But up close, hearing the screams of laughter, you'd clearly see it was meant to be a funny attempt at it.

Don't get me wrong, I beat the hell out of his back. But hey, that's what he gets! He literally dragged me out of bed, me only wearing a damn tee shirt, and drug me out of the house, with Kurt watching from the passenger side window!

I just about died once he threw me in the car because Kurt whirled around and stared at us.

But thankfully, he got onto Dave because he saw the look on my face and felt bad for me.

Kurt is such a gentlemen. He's always been nice to me. He's great with women. He doesn't use them. Ever.

Which I love.

So let's just say... I sped so fast to the studio that I almost wrecked three times.

And of course, once I got there, Krist was standing outside, a huge grin on his lips.

I jumped out of the car, laughing my ass off at the goofy grin on his lips.

Yup. That's my brother alright.

"Jules! You made it. Now, get over here!"

Oh lord....

I will admit, I've missed Krist. I've missed all three of these guys.

I surprised him by running into his arms, clinging onto him, making him laugh.

"Missed ya bro! By the way, did you get taller?? Because if you did I need to invent a shrink ray for you. I'm a dwarf compared to you now!"

I pulled back upon hearing him laugh, seeing that smirk I knew all too well planted on his lips, making me sigh, a defeated sigh.

"Oh just fuck it! Throw me over.."

He suddenly laughed, his crazy laugh, making me chuckle, before he threw me over his shoulder, just about knocking the damn door down leading Into the building, running down a long hall into a studio area, scaring the hell out of everyone.

Dave just about fell off his damn seat. And Kurt jumped a little upon hearing the commotion.

The guys watching Kurt and Dave simply turned upon hearing us, not even flinching, making me laugh my ass off.

"Krist... I love you. But... could you please put me down?!"

He suddenly dropped me, making me land square on my butt with a thud, making me playfully scowl at him, only making him laugh.

"Damn Krist. You're gonna break her ass if you keep doing that."

Dave came into the little lounge area, grinning at me, making me jump into his arms.

"Thank you so much for not coming to get me! Seeeee, I can be on time. It's a miracle!"

He mocked surprise, making us both laugh.

"It's good having you here Jules. You're gonna love this! All new music. Just... fun!"

I laughed at the look on his face, already excited to see what Kurt has written.

I asked him a while back when he first mentioned another album after Bleach, but he simply smiled and said, no. I have to surprise you!

So, I'm ready to be surprised!

This album is apparently going to be called Nevermind. I really like the name. It's unique. Like Nirvana. You can't beat them!

"Would you two come on? We got work to do."

Kurt came walking out the studio door just as we all calmed down, making me smile a little.

He looked at me once Krist and Dave knocked each other about going through the door, smiling that cute smile of his.

"Hey Jules.... I'm glad you came. I hope you like the songs."

I simply grinned, looping my arms around Kurt in a tight hug.

"Are you kidding me Kurt?? It's by you. So fucking hell yes I'll like them."

He hugged me back, just as tight, making me grin. Ahhhhhhh, it really does feel good seeing them again.

We both slowly pulled back, grinning at one another.

"Come on. You can come in with us. See it first hand."

I clapped my hands together in excitement, making him chuckle slightly, placing my hand in his as we walked into the studio, seeing Dave throwing his sticks at Krist, both of them laughing their asses off.

Yup. This is home...
Oh.... my..... goodness. This is just... pure wicked!

Kurt is such a talented writer. And he really doesn't seem to get just how amazing he truly is.

So far they've played a song entitled 'Come As You Are' and it absolutely rocks!

Next was 'Polly' which I loved.

And now they're playing a song entitled, 'Something In The Way'.

And I can't stop staring at them. It's like magic is happening right here.

And I'm lucky enough to be witnessing it.

It's such a slow, beautiful song. And with Kurt's vocals, it's even more mesmerizing.

During all the recordings I've been sitting next to Kurt, watching as he got lost in his guitar and singing.

Watching as Dave banged away on his drums, a huge smile on his face.

And Krist tapping his legs like crazy as he strummed away as well.

But Kurt literally got my full attention. He literally draws everyone's eyes on him.

He gets so into everything he does. He loves it.

I tapped my hands on my legs, grinning at them, watching Kurt as he softly closed his eyes, singing the ending words of the song, just as they stopped playing, making me sit there, completely mesmerized.

Before I clapped like crazy, a huge grin on my face, making Kurt open his eyes, sending me a little smile.

I softly smiled at him.

"Absolutely beautiful KC! Just like I knew it'd be. But oh my gosh. That was so so beautiful. It took my breath away..."

He looked down a moment, strumming away a little, when I noticed a grin coming to his lips, making me grin as well.

This is going to be a awesome album. I can tell...

Photo Time (Krist)

For: LarsFlowerCrown ??
You jumped with glee at the thought that in a mere few seconds you would be taking photos of Nirvana!

Well, one of the guys. Krist. He's always been your favorite. So when your boss told you exactly who would be in your photos, you couldn't keep the big smile that lit up your face.

He's goofy. He's super tall. And let's face it, he's just awesome!

I swear you had only sat here 5 minutes before they showed up, your heart racing from excitement.

Just remain calm and everything will be okay. Don't act like a total retard.

You've got this!

You looked down at your little camera, checking it, making sure you weren't missing anything, noticing that the guys were being drug here there and everywhere.

Kurt walked around looking at all the little things around the studio.

Dave just stood there, seeming to just see what they were working with today.

And then there was Krist. Who was basically running around the studio, a huge smile on his face.

You laughed at the look on his face. Let's see how long they all go today without pulling some prank.

"Woah! Nice camera."

Krist came bounding over to you, making you smile a dorky smile.

He still had that huge smile on his lips, which made you laugh.

"Thanks! I use it everywhere I go."

He just grinned, before suddenly taking it from your hands, turning it on, looking at you over it.

"Let's test it! First shot of the day...."

He snapped a quick photo of himself, making you laugh when the flash went off in his face, just about blinding him.

"It's complete! And I'm blind. But, it should make for a great photo man!"

He handed the camera back to you, making you grin up at him.

He blinked his eyes a couple more times, before finally adjusting his eyes on you, smiling.

"I'm glad we got you and not one of those people that says, I want you here and you there! This could actually be fun."

You laughed, seeing the overly excited look on his face. And this is why you love him. He's so full of energy.

"And I'm glad I got you guys. This is just.... wicked!"

He grinned, laughing at the look on your face, before suddenly, he grabbed your hand, just about jerking you across the place, heading straight for Kurt and Dave.

They saw you coming, Dave laughing at the sight of you two.

"Krist! You're gonna rip her damn arm off."

Krist looked back at you, slowly letting you go, your heart racing.

"Man, this girl is pretty cool. She's not demanding. And she actually let me handle her camera. She didn't even yell at me."

Dave laughed a little, before Krist took your camera once more, making you dramatically huff.

"You may not man handle my camera Novoselic!"

He laughed, a huge laugh, running away, just about knocking Kurt down in the process.

You grabbed Kurt's arm just as he hit a chair, hearing Krist's laughter ring out across the room.

Kurt rolled his eyes, making you laugh.

"Sorry about that. He literally took it and ran. He's a robber!"

A little smile broke out on Kurt's lips, just as Krist came bounding over, a huge grin on his lips, turning your camera off.

"Well. I got you...... 5 shots! And they all are live motion ones. So I might be blurry. But what the hell!"

You smiled a little, taking the camera from his hands, turning it back on, grinning a little.

"Alright Krist. Now for the real work here. And don't you even move mister!"

He just rolled his eyes, that same smile on his lips, making you laugh, when you instantly took the shot before he lost that smile.

"Do I look like a model?"

You laughed, a big laugh, making him mock pout.

"Don't worry. You look amazing Krist..... As always!"

He sent you a big smile, making you grin.

And this is why you love him so much....

The Beginning (Dave)

For: NirvanaFan01 ??
"Holy shit! He's amazing!"

You had your arm propped on Kurt's shoulder, watching the guy you've been hearing so much about, Dave Grohl.

He's their new drummer. And a definite keeper!

And he's also super cute... Okay no.... he's freakin hot!

Once he finished his drum solo, you clapped your hands together so hard they started to tingle within seconds, making Kurt laugh from beside you.

"I'm glad I got your approval. I see you like him...."

You looked at Kurt, seeing him wiggling his eyebrows, rolling your eyes at him.

"Shut it Cobain. He's really good..."

He just rolled his eyes, a little smile playing on his lips as you two walked towards the stage, stopping inches from Krist, seeing a huge smile on his face, clapping the now standing Dave on the back.

"Damn man! That was insane."

You couldn't agree more. He's literally one of the best drummers you've ever heard. And this was your first time hearing him!

You jumped up onto the stage, along with Kurt, Krist instantly ruffling your hair.

"Okay little missy, we need a woman's approval. Does he fit the bill? As they say now..."

You laughed, a big laugh, rolling your eyes.

"Who even says that?? Geez Novoselic. Anyway, yes! Dave, you were freakin wicked man. You're gonna be the best drummer Nirvana has ever had."

Krist looked down at you, sending you the same look that Kurt did mere minutes ago.

Oh for fuck sakes....

You three have been best friends for a while now, but it's like they're your two big brothers.

They're your little family. And you love it.

"Wow.... huge compliment. You liked it.... a lot."

You narrowed your eyes at Krist, slapping him on the arm, making him jump away from you, running off the stage, laughing his ass off.

You finally whirled around, seeing a humored look on Dave's face, making you laugh.

"He's a big goof. But, that's his charm! I'm (Y/N) by the way."

He grinned, his eyes locked with yours the entire time.

"Hey, thanks. For earlier. You know I actually was kinda nervous. But this... this is gonna kick ass! Kurt and Krist are cool dudes."

You grinned, in complete agreement.

"Yes they are. And now with you, it will be even better! It feels like Nirvana is fully whole now."

He grinned a little, a cute grin, making a huge smile light up your face.

The quest for a drummer is finally over. And they did freakin amazing.

This should be exciting....

Finding Cobain (Kurt)

"KC...? Where are you?!"

I ran around the Cobain home, feeling like I've run halfway across the world by now.

Either he's not here or he's hidden somewhere really good. This house is huge now that I think of it.

Finally I just ran up the stairs, about to enter the first room I come upon, when I heard a guitar from down the hall, the soft strumming going through the air, making me smile.

I found him...

For the past few days no one has been able to find him.

Courtney has been going stir crazy looking for him. Hell the people in the damn house couldn't even find him. And he's right here!

I can't let him go... I got to make sure he stays here. Otherwise he'll just disappear again and who knows if I'll be able to find him again.

I don't want to risk something happening to him...


I walked down the hall toward's his bedroom, the guitars music still floating through the air, but otherwise the house was cloaked in silence.

I slowly opened the door, peeking my head inside, seeing Kurt sitting on the floor, just staring up at the ceiling, his guitar resting against the bed.

And here come the damn tears. He looks so miserable...

"Kurt...? Thank fuck..."

I softly closed the door behind me, seeing he hadn't moved once since I entered the room, feeling a tear sliding down my cheek.

I looked him over, noting how tired he looked.

I slowly sat down next to him, drawing my legs up to my chest, looking at him.

"Hey... Where have you been Kurt? We've been worried sick about you."

Kurt and I have been best friends since we were kids. So I know his past and I know the shit he's been through.

His life has never exactly been easy.

He slowly turned his head towards me, looking me deep in the eyes, seeing the pain in his eyes.

That look alone hurt my heart more than anything.

"I'm sorry...."

I looked down a moment, another tear making its way down my cheek.

"It's okay. You're here.."

But before i could finish my sentence, I looked up, my eyes widening.

He's not here anymore.. What..? But he was just right here!

I jumped up from the floor, seeing how messy the bed was, some of Kurt's stuff littering the bed.

And his guitar laying against the back wall, besides the bed.

What happened...? I know I just saw him! He was right here... And I just let him go.

How could I?!

I softly sat down on the bed, the silence of the house seeming to consume me.

I had him... And I let him slip away.

He's always been so good at doing that. But I just wish people would try harder to look for him.

Maybe that's what he wanted. To be found...

Brotherly Love (Krist)

"Krist! I swear to everything I will knock your ass flat out if you don't give that back man."

Krist simply sent me a challenging look, causing me to huff slightly, only fueling his humored look.

"Oh no missy! If you want it, you gotta catch it."

I folded my arms, simply staring at him, before smirking slightly, making him grin.

"You know something...? I'm good. Keep it."

His eyes widened, before sending me a suspicious look, only making me laugh, running away from him and into the guys dressing room, seeing Kurt sitting on the floor, writing away in his journal, his guitar propped up in his lap.

I slammed the door shut behind me, making Kurt jump slightly.

"Woah... What's going on?"

I chuckled a little, slowly sliding down the door, blocking it, looking at Kurt.

"Asshat stole my journal. So I'm trying to make him believe I'm doing something to his stuff."

Kurt simply shook his head, a smile cracking on his lips, making me grin.

"I never can understand you two. I don't try anymore."

I simply laughed, crossing my legs, suddenly feeling a bang against the door, about knocking the wind out of me.

"I know you're blocking the door! You learn this shit from me little sister."

Kurt looked up at me from his guitar, rolling his eyes at the door, making me laugh.

"Nope. I'm so far away from the door, I'm by Kurt thank you."

Kurt and I laughed a little, when suddenly, it grew silent, my eyes going wide.


I instantly booked it away from the door, hiding on Kurt's side, just as the door bust open, Krist and Dave both standing there, Dave looking confused as hell.

"What did you do?!"

I peeked over Kurt's shoulder, making Kurt chuckle slightly.

"Nothing man. She was only hiding in here to make Krist think she was doing something."

Krist rolled his eyes, making Dave laugh his ass off at him, just as Krist got the worlds biggest smile on his lips.

"And just for that, Kurt my man. I have a surprise for you. And well you too sis."

I looked up at him, confused, before he pulled a lone piece of paper out of my journal, my eyes going wide.

Oh great....

Krist looked at me, sending me a little wink, Kurt simply looking at him like he was crazy.

"Well, says here that little miss Marie is crazy for Cobain!"

My eyes widened. Okay black hole, just consume me now.

I backed away from Kurt a little, sending Krist an evil glare, when suddenly, a huge grin broke out on Kurt's face.

He turned his head towards me, smiling at me, making my cheeks go red.

Oh goodness Marie, just stop it! It's just Kurt. You've known him forever.

I slowly stood up from the ground, charging towards Krist, my eyes wide with fury, jerking the journal out of his hands.

"Thanks! Really...."

I threw the journal across the room, not really caring anymore. He's probably seen it all anyway.

He smiled a little, enveloping me into a hug, chuckling slightly.

"Sorry! But, you shouldn't be embarrassed. Kurt's smile. He's cool. Besides, I could have told him other things... Like..."

I pulled back a little, slapping him on the arm, hard, a little smile breaking on my lips.

"No thanks big bro. It's all good. Trust me. Just peachy.."

He smiled, that goofy smile, making me laugh.

He may be a pain sometimes.... but I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Weird Encounter (Dave)

"So Mr. Grohl... What is your purpose here?"

Kurt and Krist just stood behind Dave with huge smiles on their faces, trying to hide them while Dave looked at me totally confused.

"To join the band.....?"

I threw my hands down onto the table in front of me, making him jump slightly as Krist lost it in the background, making me giggle a tad.

This is just too much fun.

"Wrong answer! It should have been that your purpose is to be a kick ass drummer! The best one Nirvana will ever have... so on and so on. But good enough. I like you kid..."

Dave kept looking at me like I had lost my mind, only fueling me to laugh like crazy, holding my stomach as a tear fell from my eye.

"I'm sorry.... I'm sorry. I just had to see what your reaction would be. And you did good! Welcome to Nirvana!"

Kurt suddenly pushed past Dave with a little smile playing on his lips, humor shining in his eyes.

"You're not even in the band! How can you conduct this question and answer??"

I folded my arms together in mock hurt, Krist at this point holding onto the wall so he wouldn't fall laughing.

"Oh I see how it is Cobain. Some new guy comes into town and I'm booted out...? Well just... fine!"

I slightly pushed the table out of my way as I walked towards Dave. But I couldn't help it, I lost it.

He looked so lost that I couldn't help but laugh, patting him on the back.

"Sorry Dave! But you'll get used to it. I'm (Y/N) by the way."

He just shook his head as he slowly smiled, looking at me.

And he is rather cute actually.

"What an introduction. I can gladly say I've never seen one like it before."

I grinned, just as Kurt threw his arms around my waist, taking me by surprise as he drug me away, making me laugh.

"She's just a little crazy because she's had no sleep and simply needs the craziness for an energy boost. Don't mind her.."

I slapped Kurt's arm as he put me down, making him chuckle as Dave stared at me, that same cute smile on his lips.

"It's cool man. Her crazy is fun..."

I looked at him, smiling a little.

Oh yeah, this guy is perfect!

The Cobain Charm (Kurt)

"Hey guys! Long time no see."

I couldn't help but grin the worlds biggest grin at Kurt, Krist and Dave as Krist seemed to freakin tackle me into a hug, making me laugh.

"You might want to let her go man. She's gotta breathe some time."

I shot Kurt a thankful look as he just smiled a tad, looking away at the endless area around us, making me smile a tad.

I've know the guys for a while now and here they are, on top of the fucking world. I remember when Nirvana first started out. And now everyone knows their name.

It's crazy. But they deserve it. Their music is fucking wicked.

I softly patted Krist on the back as he let me go, sending me a goofy smile just as Dave hugged me, making me grin.

"What's up Grohl? Why does it seem like everytime i see you your hair has gotten longer?"

He laughed as we pulled apart, rolling his eyes. I grinned at him, looking over at Kurt, seeing him smoking a cig, just staring off across the way, making me softly smile.

They're here for an interview today and he's not exactly into them. Which I don't blame him. They can be so annoying. But he always takes it in stride. He's a popular dude that everyone wants to know about. But he doesn't want them to know much. Can you blame him..?

"So... Am I not gonna get a famous Cobain hug..? Or am I just gonna have to tackle you for one? You know, the Novoselic way."

He looked up at me with that cute little smile of his, that smile that always gets me, when I just hugged him anyway, smiling.

I've known Kurt the longest out of them all. And I've always had the worlds biggest soft spot for him.

He wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug, making me grin as I just kept hugging him, hearing Krist clear his throat from behind Kurt, making us chuckle.

"Guys! Guys guys guys. Please wait until we leave to do anything because my god.... But question. Just a simple one... why didn't I get a hug like that??"

Krist pouted, a mock pout, making me laugh as Kurt and I pulled away from one another, seeing Kurt just staring at me as I grinned down at him.

"Because you're not Kurt...."

Krist folded his arms, turning towards Dave, pretending to be hurt, when I saw a little smile creep up on his lips, making me roll my eyes as I looked back down at Kurt, seeing a big smile on his lips.

"It's really good seeing you again Nat. I missed you."

I smiled back at him, my cheeks warming up slightly.

"I missed you too Kurt. A lot.."

We both looked away from one another, just as Krist and Dave pulled us both into a huge group hug, making us all laugh.

Krist of course just loomed over us, grinning like the worlds proudest man.

"Ahhh. Young love is in the air. I'd say we've done good Dave. We've done good..."

I rolled my eyes as Kurt did as well, making us both chuckle as we all hugged each other tighter, grinning.

Weird Encounter - Part 2 (Dave)

"Damn he's kicking ass on those drums!"

I looked over at the couple of random people standing next to me as Nirvana was playing, completely excited hearing them talking about Dave.

This show is killer! These guys could literally do no wrong. And Dave is just rocking it on the drums!

He's incredible. And he's so full of energy. I mean hell, he keeps head banging so much i'm surprised he hasn't passed out. He's a beast!

About 20 minutes later, the show had ended and the crowd went fucking crazy. Everyone was clapping away, screaming.

And I just stood there looking like a completely crazy person screaming my head off. The things I do for these guys...

I made my way through the crowd as I saw Kurt pushing over some speakers, making me laugh.

Pretty much every concert ends in that.

I jumped up on the stage, seeing Dave throw his drum sticks in the air as he stood up from his seat, a huge smile on his face as he looked at him.

"Holy hell! That was amazing. This crowd was awesome!"

I shook my head in happiness as I practically jumped onto Dave, giving him the worlds biggest hug as he caught me, laughing.

Oh goodness.... I didn't even realize what I was doing until I did it.

But I didn't care honestly. I smiled as I hugged him tighter, hearing him chuckle slightly.

"You ruled Grohl..."

We both slowly pulled apart from one another as I kissed his cheek, grinning at my boldness. What in the world has he done to me??

I honestly love it.

Suddenly, I heard a huge cough from behind me, rolling my eyes at the sound.

"Novoselic! Don't even come at me with some smart ass remark right now or I'll stomp you!"

Krist started laughing like crazy as Dave slowly put me back on the ground, when he softly kissed me on the lips, my cheeks going red from it.

He grinned down at me when he pulled back.

"Thank you... you know, you're one amazing woman."

I softly smiled as someone suddenly grabbed me from around the waist, taking me by surprise, I noticed straight away the hands wrapped around me are Kurt's, making me chuckle.

"No touching. Only looking. That is all..."

I burst into laughter as he finally let me go, seeing Dave laughing as well, while Krist was just all over the place, throwing this and that.

I couldn't help but keep laughing.

Crazy Antics (Krist)

"Okay... No Novoselic! Just no...."

Krist looked down at me with that funny little pouty face of his, almost breaking my serious stance as he suddenly tickled me.

I laughed so hard I couldn't see straight after he pulled his hands away, resulting in me slapping his arm.

He held it like he was in pain, making me roll my eyes, only making him laugh.

"Ahhh! Come on. Pleeeeease.... The crowd loves you already. Just... play with us."

I looked up at Krist with my arms folded before sighing the words biggest sigh at him, which made him super happy. He knows I can't ever say no to him.

Someday I'll learn. Maybe. Don't hold me to that because with Krist, i probably never will.

"Fine. But I swear... you owe me big time!"

He drew me into a huge hug as Kurt and Dave came rounding the corner, Dave wiping fake tears away from his eyes as I rolled mine.

"Awwww! Look at these two lovebirds. Now go get a room because we can't have any pent up shit on stage tonight. I will not be responsible for you two jumping each other..."

Krist pulled away from me as he looked back at Dave, before launching at him with a crazed look on his face, making Dave run in the other direction as Kurt and I just stood there, laughing our asses off.

I threw my arm around him just as Krist and Dave rounded the area again before disappearing once more from sight, making me laugh even more.

"I swear Kurt... these two keep it up and there will be no show because they'll end the chase on the stage by diving off of it. And sorry to break it to them but there is no crowd for the cushion just yet."

Kurt grinned at me just as Krist came running towards us with Dave right behind him, our eyes going wide.

They're going to mow us down!

Before I could move though, Krist stopped for like a second, kissing my cheek just as he took off again, throwing some random object at Dave as they continued their chase.

I looked at Kurt with my eyes wide, only making him laugh.

"I saw that coming..."

I rolled my eyes as I hugged Kurt tighter to me, mocking sadness.

"But KC, I thought we had something special!"

We both died laughing at the tone of my voice when I saw Krist coming back around once again making me dizzy as all hell as he smiled at me, that cute smile, making my heart skip.

Novoselic and his crazy antics...

The Best High

"Holy shit! Guys.... That was insane! I can't even believe that I stood out there in front of all those people and didn't pass out..."

Dave laughed as he threw his arm around me, all four of us running off the stage behind the curtain as the crowd still went crazy.

That was like the best high in the world!

"You rocked it! I thought you were gonna put a hole through my drums though...."

I rolled my eyes as he mocked anger, making him laugh just as Kurt and Krist both joined in on this weird ass hug, making me grin.

"Thanks guys... really. That was amazing."

Krist ruffled my hair, making me grin as I kissed Kurt's cheek, seeing the little smile upon his lips from it.

These guys are literally the best guys in the world....

Picture Perfect Moment (Kurt)

"Frances.... Over here little bean!"

I softly sighed as Frances just stared up at me with her wide blue eyes, making me laugh slightly.

I tickled her sides as a little laugh escaped her mouth, making me laugh again.

She's so adorable! Kurt and Courtney did good...

"We need daddy in here don't we...? You always seem to stare at him.... but I don't blame you bean. He's really good to look at."

She smiled a little as hands suddenly grabbed me by the waist, making jump as I heard Kurt laugh slightly from behind me.

"I'm good to look at.....? Thank god because I was worried about that.."

I laughed as Frances looked right at Kurt, her eyes wide with wonder. He seems to just fascinate her.

It's so cute to watch...

He grinned at me as he sat down on the bed, softly talking to Frances as she giggled her adorable giggle, making me grin as I picked up my camera from the bedside table, turning it towards them as Kurt made a funny face at her, instantly taking the photo.

"You two are just too damn adorable!"

Kurt grinned up at me as he took the camera from my hands, snapping random photos of Frances before turning it towards me, making laugh as he just about dropped it from his random whirling.

"Take enough photos Cobain?"

He rolled his eyes as a lazy smile played on his lips looking down at Frances, locking eyes with each other.

"Don't look at me.... don't do it."

Frances just kept on staring, seeming to challenge him, making me laugh like crazy.

She's definitely Kurt's daughter.

"I swear you two...."

I pointed the camera at them once more as Kurt pointed at it, making Frances look over at me with her cute little blue eyes.


I instantly snapped the photo before she turned again, looking up at the ceiling as I sat down next to Kurt, grinning at the sight of him making funny faces at her.

"Watch it Cobain.... your face might get stuck like that."

He instantly looked up at me with a little humored smile on his face as he looked at Frances, sending her a little look before that look of his came onto his face that I knew only meant one thing.

"Oh no... don't even do it man. Don't do it."

Kurt laughed as he just about tackled me, tickling me like crazy as I heard Frances laugh from beside me, looking down at me with the biggest smile on her face.

These two.....

22 Years....

It's been 22 years.... How does time fly by that quickly...? It seemed like only yesterday everyone had heard the news of such a tragic passing.

Kurt Cobain. Lead singer of Nirvana gone. He was a true visionary with such a different view on the world than others.

He was a genius, creative man with a passion for music and art.

And sadly the world lost him way too soon....

There's definitely not anyone like Kurt Cobain out there today. He brought such a huge light to music and opened up so many doors for others. He's a icon that so many people look up too.

Even people of the new generation love him. He's someone a lot of people can relate too. And his music is loved by millions.

We'll never really know what went through his mind or the problems he faced in his life. It's just sad to think of how much pain he was in...

Kurt was a good man with issues. He fought his demons for as long as he could. Struggling for so long is hard. And I just can't imagine what he went through.

All I can say is.... Kurt Cobain, you're one missed dude.... ??
RIP Kurt! Love and miss you man... ??

Animal (Dave)

"Please contain the monster inside you! My drums can't handle it."

I couldn't help but laugh at the look on Dave's face as I practically smashed the drums with the sticks, making him flinch with a humored look on his face.

"Ahh! Come on Grohl. If only you could see yourself when you play. I'm always afraid your gonna need new arms because they might just randomly fly off into the audience. Now that would make headlines.."

He laughed as he came up behind me, wrapping his arms around me in a tight hug, just about suffocating me as I looked up at him, softly kissing his cheek as the studio door bust open, seeing Krist walking in as he rolled his eyes, a little smirk upon his lips.

"Okay. I could have sworn this is where we're supposed to rehearse.... Am I not in a studio?"

Oh lord. Sassy Krist is in the building.

I rolled my eyes right back at him as he laughed like a crazed man, making me laugh super hard.

"You know Novoselic, you sure do pop up at the weirdest times. Like now! And no... the studio is down the road... Kurt's probably there right now wondering where the hell you two are."

Sarcasm is the best way to go here. And I use it all the time.

But they love it.

Krist stuck his toung out at me as Dave laughed from behind me, lifting up into his arms, practically throwing me into the air as I screamed slightly, making him chuckle as he suddenly dropped me, making me land on the ground with a thud.

I looked up at him with my mouth wide open, making him laugh like crazy as he sat down at his drums, making me mock pout.

"Well! They don't call me Dave the animal Grohl for nothing."

I looked at Krist, seeing him eyeing Dave as we both broke down laughing, making me hold my stomach as Dave rolled his eyes, starting to pound away on the drums like a mad man.

I'm on the floor looking like some deranged woman. Dave is pounding away on the drums like an actual animal and Krist is so red faced from laughing he looks like a tomato.

If Kurt walked in right now he'd think we have all lost our minds.

I looked up at Dave as I propped myself next to him against the wall, seeing him looking down at me as he winked, making me softly smile.

Grohl the animal.

The names these dudes come up with....


My throat hurt so bad from screaming that I almost couldn't even handle the pain. But damn!

I'm at a Nirvana concert! So the pain is worth it. And this crowd is killer.

My best friend was so hyped by the concert that she looked like she was on crack or something. I couldn't stop laughing at her wide eyed stare and goofy grin as she looked up at the stage, making eyes at Krist.

"Why don't you marry him...? Or take a picture or something. It lasts longer."

She hit my arm as we both screamed at one another over the loud crowd.

And the other best part? Well, we're right at the front!

How we scored that.... fuck if I know. We got lucky as hell.

And being this close to Kurt Cobain is literally doing things to me that I didn't think were possible.

And then there's my little sister here that's crazy over Dave.

When we went to buy Nevermind the other day she literally flipped because a promo photo was up in the record store and she just about ripped it off the wall if the lady at the register hadn't been looking.

We all three went crazy over grabbing a record because there were barley any left so we just instantly grabbed three and ran for our lives to the lady, which if she had been looking at the time of us running, she probably would have thought we were robbing the joint.

We tend to make ourselves look freakin crazy. But what's new...?

I wrapped my arms around them as we all smiled the worlds biggest smiles, looking up at the stage as people dived off the stage into the crowd, making us scream in excitement.

Fucking amazing......
"Oh no! We're not leaving. Trust me. I've got something for us ladies..."

I rolled my eyes as my friend got this smirk on her lips, only making it known that she was up to something.

My sister just shook her head as she laughed, all of us just walking to wherever it is she is taking us, when my eyes widened in surprise.

"Are you trying to get us sent to jail?! You do realize this is backstage right??"

She just grinned like a fool as she grabbed our arms, my sister suddenly screaming a happy scream, making me jump.

"Holy shit! It's Dave guys! No way!"

I held my hands over my ears at her sudden fan girling, making me roll my eyes.

These two.....

My friend instantly made a bee line towards the guys, when it suddenly hit me.

It's the guys! It's the guys.... Oh lord please don't let us go to jail or something...

When she stopped us right in front of them, I instantly shook my head as my sister drooled over Dave and my friend made eyes at Krist, the two of them just smiling slightly as they had looks on their faces that clearly said, these two are insane.

I looked down at Kurt, mouthing a sorry to him as he smiled slightly, standing up as he started walking away.

He looked at me from over his shoulder as he indicated for me to follow, making my heart skip a beat. Oh goodness....

I followed closely behind him as we ducked out of sight from people, the night air feeling great on my skin.

He lit a cig as he looked up at me, making me nervously smile at him.

"I'm so sorry about that.... I didn't know she was leading us back here. You guys don't even get that long of a break and us crazed loonies show up and bug you."

He laughed slightly as he blew out some smoke, looking at me with his intense blue eyes.

"It's okay.... we can only hope that Krist and Dave aren't tied up somewhere as we speak."

I laughed as we both just looked at one another, Kurt flicking his cig halfway across the parking lot.

"Who knows with those two women...."

He grinned a little as we started to walk back towards them, seeing that they were all still standing there thank goodness.

"Would you two please leave the poor guys alone?! They're tired and just wanted a water break for crying out loud."

They all laughed as Krist and Dave stood, giving them both hugs as I just stood back in awe.

What the hell did we miss...?

Kurt and I looked at one another as we both broke out into smiles, shaking our heads at the sight of them.

"Kurt.... I think we missed something here."

He shook his head once more as he chuckled, looking at Krist and Dave with a funny look on his face, making Krist laugh.

"Awww! Don't be cruel Cobain. Hug the girl."

I rolled my eyes as Kurt and I hugged, laughing as we pulled apart from one another, all of us just starting to talk about random ass things.

And another thing that made this amazing...?

Meeting Nirvana....

Knight In Shining Jeans (Krist)

"Lazy! Lazy! And lazy..."

I rolled my eyes as Krist sent me a mock serious look, sticking my tongue out at him.

"But what if someone couldn't walk up the stairs for whatever reason? Huh..? Didn't think of that one did you Novoselic??"

He folded his arms as his sassy look came on, making me laugh at the mere look.

"Well then.... they should make jet packs. And when those crash on them, they should make the effort to climb the stairs."

I threw my hands in the air at his logic, his words just making my brain melt bit by bit.

"You make no sense man! No damn sense...."

He shrugged his shoulders as a goofy smile came to his lips, making me roll my eyes once more.

"Well for your info.... I don't feel like walking because you, Kurt and Dave woke me up by tackling me this morning. And I'm the walking dead..."

I slumped over a tad, being dramatic as Krist got a look of horror on his face, humor shining in his eyes.

"Oh no! Quick! Jump on my back before your legs fall off."

I clapped my hands together in mock happiness, practically flying onto his back as he steadied himself, wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Thank you my knight in shining.... jeans and converses!"

We both chuckled as he started prancing around like a horse through the building, the random people walking around that are supposed to be interviewing the guys just looking at us like we'd lost our minds.

Krist ran faster as he suddenly bumped into Kurt coming out of a room, making us all fall to the floor in a heap, tangled into each other as I lost it, laughing so hard tears came out of my eyes.

"Nice Krist! You managed to take down Kurt with us..."

Kurt rolled his eyes as he laughed along with Krist, just as Dave came out, staring down at us with a humored look on his face.

"Did I miss something...?"

I laid down on the ground as I continued to laugh, when Krist came into my field of vision, making me laugh harder as he stuck his tongue out at me, making me stick mine right back at him.

"I swear man.... you and your knight days are over. You almost got us killed! My heart can't take it!"

I closed my eyes as I felt him still looming over me, almost smiling as his lips connected with mine, taking me by surprise as my eyes opened wide, making him pull back in laughter as I jumped up slightly, poking him.

"Ha! So I've risen the sleeping beauty. I knew it would work..."

I rolled my eyes as I saw Kurt standing, shaking his head, smiling a little.

"You two need help..."

I threw my head back as I laughed once more, seeing Krist laughing as well.

Birthday Fun (Kurt)

"Kurt! Cake! Cake!"

Kurt and I both giggled as we looked down at the cake sitting in the kitchen table, sending each other looks.

Kurt slowly started to reach his finger towards it, when Wendy came walking into the room, making us both jump back from it as we ran through the living room, hiding from sight as we heard Wendy laugh from the doorway.

"I saw that Kurt! That's for tonight you two. Remember, I'm watching..."

Kurt looked at me as a big grin lit up his face, making me giggle as I hugged him.

"Happy Birthday Kurt! We're both 3 now."

He smiled as we both pulled back some, peeking over the couch as we saw Wendy going back and fourth from the kitchen to the living room.

"Thank you! I just want the cake...."

We both giggled as we just laid back against the couch.

Kurt looked at me with a little smile on his face as I giggled.

I really, really like Kurt. He's so cute! Mommy always tells me I blush when I look at him.

What does she mean...?

"It's really fun having you with me while mommy runs around. I like having you as a friend."

I smiled a little as my face heated up, feeling like my cheeks were on fire.

"I like having you as a friend too Kurt. A lot! You're the bestest friend anyone could have."

We both giggled as we started to play random little games in our spot behind the couch.

Kurt's the best....

Don't Ask

"Have you guys seen Dave and Krist...? Anyone? Not a one of you?? Are you kidding...."

Kurt and I both looked at one another as I just shook my head at him, seeing the tiny smile on his lips as we descended further on our great quest to look for the missing Grohl and Novoselic.

"You know them. They're probably going to pop out of somewhere and scare the fuck out of us. And Krist will be in his underwear...."

I died laughing at Kurt's face as he rolled his eyes slightly, making me laugh even more.

Krist has this new thing now where no matter what the hell we're doing, even if we go outside, he's in his underwear.

Like last night I had gone outside to get one thing out of the van and when I came back up, Krist was in my room just waiting for me.

Just causally sitting in a chair. In his underwear. No shame....

Kurt walked in right behind me and just ended up walking right out because he took one look at us with a wide eyed stare and that was it. No words. The stare said it all.

And I about died.

Needless to say I smacked the hell out of Krist. Well.... after I caught him of course. He literally bust into Dave's room and hid in the bathroom shower.

And Dave just stood there with a what the fuck look on his face as I pulled Krist out of the shower. And still in his underwear mind you.

So I'm surprised someone staying by us all didn't report about some naked man running the halls.

"And then I'll just knock him out all over again. You know how weird it is to wake up in the morning to find someone right next to you in their underwear?? I about died when I woke up because he was literally hovering over me."

Kurt laughed at the wide eyed look I got just thinking about that again, making me chuckle slightly as I threw my arm over his shoulder, grinning at him.

"This is why you're my best friend Kurt. You don't randomly show up somewhere in your underwear. You don't scare the fuck out of me any chance you get. You're literally the best dude!"

He smiled slightly as we suddenly heard a really loud scream coming from a room down the hall, making me roll my eyes in humor.

"Found them!"

Kurt chuckled as we made our way there, throwing the door open as my eyes widened from the sight.

Dave had a wine bottle in his hand as Krist got the biggest smile on his face, just as Dave put a shit ton of it in his mouth, slowly spewing it out of his mouth and down his chin.

I looked at Kurt and died laughing as he stood there with this funny look on his face, shaking his head at them.

"What the fuck! Dave's dying man!"

They finally noticed we were standing there as Krist looked at me, seeming to smirk as I shook my head, throwing my hands out as he came charging towards me, making me hide behind Kurt.

"Ah! Kuuuuuuurt. Save me!!"

I wrapped my arms around Kurt's waist as I used him as a shield against Krist, just as Dave came creeping behind me, pulling me away with the wine bottle in his hand as Kurt jerked it away from him, instantly spinning the bottle in circles in the air as the wine went everywhere like a fountain, making me scream as a shit ton landed on me.

"Dude! Not cool man. Not cool...."

Dave threw me over his shoulder as more wine descended down on us, making me gasp as I hid my face in Dave's hair, making him chuckle.

"Protect me from the evilness of the wine Dave!"

He laughed as I causally hung over his shoulder, the ground being just about the only thing I could see.

Well..... except his butt of course.

But hey. It's okay.

I laughed as Kurt lowered to the ground below me, staring up at me with a big smile as I just waved at him, making him laugh.


I rolled my eyes as he grinned, poking my cheek.

"Oh yeah. Totally man! He's sooooo comfy."

I laughed as Kurt stuck his tongue out at me, just looking at one another.

The situations I get into with these guys is unbelievable.....

Naked Twister

"Ummmm..... Guys..? Can someone please explain to me why Krist is practically naked??"

Dave laughed at the look on my face as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder, seeing Kurt grinning at me as he rolled his eyes, shrugging his shoulders. The look basically said its Krist. Enough said.

"Well. We decided it was twister night! And with you coming along, I couldn't resist showing off my beauuutiful body to you."

I laughed so hard my cheeks turned red as I just about fell to the floor, seeing Krist looking at me as if I'd just said the worlds worst thing.

"Ha! Yeah, you're so fabulous boy! Work it..."

Dave laughed like crazy as Kurt simply rolled his eyes, fixing the mats as I sent Krist a challenging look, making me chuckle.

"You're going down man. Down to the ground!"

He rolled his eyes slightly as he laughed, clearly not believing it.

"Suuuure. Whatever you say woman."

I grinned as Dave practically jumped on the mat, messing it up entirely as Kurt and I freaked the fuck out, pushing him away as he laughed once more.

"Grohl! I swear to fuck. I just put these things down and it's already screwed. We haven't even played yet!"

I looked at Kurt wide eyed at his tone, as he suddenly laughed, seeing the little look on my face.

"Geez Cobain. Angry much man?"

He smiled slightly as he ruffled my hair, making me slap his arm in a playful manner, smirking.

"Alright armatures. Let's begin!"

Krist clapped his hands together as he placed himself on the mat, making me laugh all over again from the sight of him in his underwear.

This should be interesting....

"Oh for the love of everything..... get your foot out of my face Grohl before I bite it off!"

Dave smirked at me as his foot stayed firmly on the red dot in front of my face, my hands trembling from how long I've been in this damn spot.

"Not a chance darling! You're stuck with this wonderful, wonderful foot."

I rolled my eyes as Krist grinned down at us from the side, spinning the wheel with a little smirk on his lips.

"Right hand, yellow! Move it Kurt. I wanna see that hand on there now!"

I rolled my eyes as the spot Kurt had to be in was right underneath me, making me sigh as Kurt's face suddenly came into view under my bridge shaped form here, making me laugh as he grinned that cute little grin at me.

"Hello. Mind if I just relax here..?"

I laughed as he smiled a tad, just as Dave moved a little, making me freak as I just about fell on Kurt.

"Just a little warning. This bridge might go down...."

Kurt laughed just as Krist looked down at us three, shaking his head at the crazy loops we'd formed with our bodies that we didn't think was even humanly possible.

"Alright! This is.... drum roll please Dave."

Dave looked up at him like he had just said the worlds stupidest thing, Krist merely shrugging his shoulders.

"Fine then man. Alright little missy! Left hand, red!"

I grimaced as my left hand slowly came to rest next to Kurt's head, making him laugh a little.

"Damn man! You took away my bridge."

I laughed as I practically loomed over Kurt, just as Dave suddenly collapsed from the position he'd been stuck in for what seemed like forever, making Kurt and I hoot with excitement.

But then Kurt and I both lost our balance and I came tumbling down onto him, us both laughing so hard from the impact, making me smile a little at him.

"Fuck! Well Kurt, we can gladly say we held our own for the longest."

We both just casually laid there as Krist and Dave suddenly came into view, their up to no good look crossing their faces as Kurt and I looked at one another, sighing, just as Krist pounced on us with Dave right after him, practically making it a wrestling match.

Naked Twister. A whole new way to have fun man!

Lovey Dovey (Dave)


"I'm really, really glad you joined the band man! You're killer. The band that had you before was so damn stupid to break up. Did they not realize how lucky they were??"

Dave grinned at you with his cute little grin as you guys dangled your legs over the stage, the crowd finally leaving the venue as you threw your arm around his shoulders, grinning back at him.

"Who knows. It was a fun ride. But you know something? This will be so much better of a ride. The crowd was fucking awesome. The energy from them was so huge, we could feel it everywhere.... It was sick man..."

You softly smiled at the little look on his face as you nudged him, playfully, making him grin.

"And shall we not forget that, not only do you play the drums. But also guitar. AND you sing. You fucking rock Grohl.... And the crowd loved you. I heard sooo many girls out there just talking about the drummer."

He chuckled a little as you wiggled your eyebrows at him, making him wink at you.

"Well this drummer is taken. Sorry ladies!"

He kissed your cheek so sweetly that those damn butterflies in your stomach started to flutter, something you never in a million years thought you'd say. You aren't exactly the lovey dovey type.

Until Dave came around anyway....

Daddy Time (Kurt)


You grinned as you watched the scene unfolding in front of you, seeing Kurt holding his little Bean as he kissed her cheek, softly.

"I love you Frances.... More than you know."

Your heart felt like it was going to break at his words as you recalled the conversation you had with him the other day.

He's so damn scared he won't be a good dad to Frances. He has a fear of being like how his dad was with him.

And you couldn't believe that. Kurt is such a wonderful dad. He loves that little girl more than anything in this world. One look at her and you can tell.

He's still new to this. It'll just take time. But one things for certain. He's already doing an awesome job as being daddy Kurt.

Courtney was gone doing some things with her band, so you came by to check up on the two. And when you got here, they had been sleeping so peacefully, Kurt holding Frances in his arms with this cute, little look on his face.

Having a child has really helped calm him lately. But he's still having those thoughts that always seem to come to his mind.

"You two are adorable...."

Kurt looked at you through the mirror they were standing in front of, sending you a soft smile, one of his rare ones actually.

"Holding her gives me the best feeling in the world (Y/N)..... She's so lovable and happy. And I want her to stay that way. I never want anything to ruin that happiness for her..."

You could hear the longing in his voice as you walked over towards them, bringing them softly into your arms as you gently kissed Kurt's cheek, softly tapping Frances on the nose as she sent you a cute little smile, making you grin.

"I know Kurt. And she will be. You're her daddy after all...."

He looked at you with an uncertain look as you ruffled his hair, his blue eyes seeming to shine as he looked back to Frances, the corners of his lips slowly rising once more.

Kurt means everything to you and you hate seeing him so conflicted.

If only he could see himself from your point of view......

Screen Time (Krist)

"Novoselic! Look at the damn camera man. Your pretty face needs some screen time...."

He sent you a goofy little grin as he waved at you, making you laugh as he rolled his eyes at you.

"You know. I'm gonna laugh when the camera runs out of juice and you can't film anything! Most the film will be filled with us dorks doing random shit anyway....."

Okay. He got you there. Most of the footage was of Krist though. Everytime he performs you click it on. He literally just hops around everywhere on stage and throws his bass in the air at random moments. But it's so funny to watch.

And he looks so damn cute doing it!

You blushed a little as you looked at him over the video camera, seeing him wiggling his eyebrows at you playfully.

"Do I look that good? Or do I have something on my face? Because if I do, why didn't you tell me sooner?!"

He suddenly jumped up as you laughed at the look on his face, making him grin as he charged at you.

Your eyes went wide as you took off around the van, both of you doing circles around it several times before he finally surprised you by jerking you up into his arms, dragging you away.

"Ah! Put me down dude!"

He laughed as he suddenly dropped you, making you stumble as he helped steady you, rolling your eyes at him once you regained yourself.

"That's what you get for not answering me little missy!"

You shook your head as you both just grinned at one another, your cheeks heated from the whole encounter......

Award Winning Smile (Kurt)


You softly smiled as you closed your eyes and breathed in the scent nature had to offer as you and Kurt walked along the trail, feeling content.

Since Nirvana went big and has been all over the place with their tour, you and Kurt haven't been able to just hang out.

And you've missed it. You guys grew up together and always remained the best of friends. And then life happened.

But everytime you see Kurt on the stage, you couldn't be happier for him. He's finally achieved what he's always wanted. Seeing him up there is so damn surreal. Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and take a deep breath, pinch yourself and make sure you're not dreaming.

But everytime, you still hear Kurt's voice and it always gets you.

You looked over at him to see him staring up at the sky, his gaze seeming to be far away as you grin slightly, pulling your camera up towards him slowly so he wouldn't notice, instantly snapping the photo while he was lost in his own mind.

He heard the click and his gaze traveled to you, making you grin a dorky grin as he smiled a little at you.

"You just had to photograph me...."

You couldn't help the laugh that escaped you as he grinned at your reaction, suddenly grabbing you from behind as he placed his hands softly on yours, pulling the camera up further to point at you guys.


You chuckled at the tone of his voice as he snapped the photo of you guys, slowly pulling away from you as you kissed his cheek, softly.

"Thanks Kurt. Now I'll have this AND the other photo to look at you all the time..."

He looked at you as the corners of his lips inched up, until his award winning smile showed, making your heart melt.



You stood back as you watched Krist and Dave talking to some random interviewer, rolling your eyes with humor as they said their random shit to the lovely people at home.

You smirked as you flung your arms around their shoulders, grinning at the interviewer with humor.

"Ah! (Y/N). The woman we hear so much about. You've been touring with Nirvana. How's that been...?"

You grinned from ear to ear at the mere question, making the woman smile. The guys had actually seen you perform at a little venue about a year ago when they snuck in unnoticed.

One day you're performing for a crowd of 10. And now, over thousands of people! You couldn't even believe how lucky you got.

And it being Nirvana that found you made it even better. They've always been your inspiration.

"Well! I can certainly say it's been the best fucking time of my life! These three knuckle heads are like family to me..."

Krist slapped his hand over his chest as he wiped away a fake tear with another, making Dave hug you a little too tight, making you laugh like crazy.

The lady laughed at you guys as Dave ruffled your hair, grinning at you.

"This little lady has been awesome to tour with! She makes it even more fun."

You grinned as you hugged them both, looking over your shoulder to see Kurt standing there, playing around with Frances.

"Awwww! Look at those two."

Everyone turned their gaze towards Kurt as he grinned at Frances, before gazing up at you with a little smile on his lips, waving his and Frances's hands at you guys.

"Helloooo people at home! This is bean speaking..."

You died laughing at the goofy look on his face as everyone just continued on their own conversations.....

Beast (Dave)


"Okay, Dave you sexy beast you! Ready to rock the fuck out?!"

You grinned at him as he looked at you with a little look on his face, before doing the rock out sign.

"Hell yes! Let's take these people by the balls and knock their socks off!"

You laughed as you rolled your eyes from his words, grinning as he messed around in the van.

"Nice choice of words my man. Real nice. I hope they're not hairy balls. That wouldn't be pleasant you know..."

Suddenly, Krist came bounding towards you guys as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder, grinning like a goofball.

"Sooo, why are we talking about balls? And no, you will not be giving little missy here yours!"

Your eyes widened as Dave looked at him as well, seeming to send him a fuck off look as you pushed him away from you, making him laugh as he poked Dave on the cheek, running off before Dave could whack him.

You looked at the side of the van, seeing Kurt leaning against it as he simply looked off across the road.

"Kurt! Keep Krist in check man. He's all yours. So enjoy!" And he hates on balls so don't talk about them."

Kurt narrowed his eyes as a what the fuck look crossed his face as Krist peeked his head out the window, scaring you slightly as he laughed.

"Fuck off man. See this is why I'm always with Dave. He doesn't try to give me heart failure."

Krist smirked at you, making you narrow your eyes, as suddenly, arms whirled you around as your lips were met with the soft ones of Dave, your eyes wide from the impact as your heart raced.

You fell against the van door as he boxed you in between him and it, pulling back as he poked your nose, making you roll your eyes as you chuckled.

"Damn Grohl. And there I went and said such nice things about you..."

He laughed as he simply stared at you, making you grin.

"I thought I'd add to the list. I'm the best fucking kisser ever..."

You poked his nose back as you laughed, smirking slightly.

"Nah. Kurt's much better man. By far."

He slapped a hand over his chest as a mock hurt look crossed his face, making you laugh as Dave peeked his head over the side of the van, mock glaring at Kurt as you looked as well.

"Stop kissing her man! She's falling hard for you and not me..."

He mock pouted as Kurt looked at him like he'd gone mad, making you die from laughter.

Poor Kurt is totally lost.

You playfully shoved Dave as he grinned at you, making you laugh.

"Calm your tits man. You know I love Dave the beast Grohl!"

He winked at you as you rolled your eyes, a soft smile coming to your lips....

Why...? (Kurt)


You sat against Kurt's bed with his usual cover wrapped around you, your whole body just slumped over as you stared off into nothingness, the quietness of the house seeming to eat at you each second that went by.

You looked at the now mute tv as you saw headline after headline of Kurt's death on each news station, your heart dropping every single time the words passed by.

Why would he do this, is all that rang through your mind over and over again, torturing you as you tried to wrap your head around the mere fact that Kurt was gone....

Your best friend was gone and he wasn't coming back. He wasn't pulling some prank to freak you out. He wasn't getting ready to poke his head in and laugh as he poked you, saying how gullible you are.

He's really gone....

You had just seen him a mere day ago and you didn't want to let him go then. But it happened. And now you felt like shit from even replaying that memory. But you can't help it.
Everytime you look at the tv you see his blue eyes staring back at you and your heart races, that memory coming back full force.

Those blue eyes is all you keep seeing. And the worst part is, you won't get to see them anymore....

He won't look at you with that beautiful smile while he sings. He won't look at you with those beautiful eyes as he holds his baby girl in his arms, that proud dad look on his face.

You can't hug your best friend anymore. You can't talk to him anymore. He won't call you up randomly just to have a midnight talk. He won't show up at your place just to hang out or jam.

He just.... won't.

You softly placed your head against your curled up knees as you sighed, tears softly streaming down your face.

Why Kurt? Why.....?

Surprise! (Krist)


"God.... you're such a dork Novoselic. Honestly..."

He rolled his eyes with a playful smile on his lips as you instantly grinned at him, trying to contain your excitement that he was even here.

He's so damn busy being some big shot rockstar that you never get to see him.

And when he called and said he'd be in town, you about lost your shit. Krist literally said he almost threw the phone across the room because you scared him so bad with your scream of excitement.

But he ended up laughing and saying it was cute, so no worries.

"Well I never claimed not to be a dork. But you're too because you hang out with me man. So there. Suck on that!"

He stuck his tongue out at you as he poked your nose, making you laugh as you laid your head across his lap, sighing, a happy sigh.

"I'm just really glad you're here.... I missed you Krist the giant Novoselic...."

You instantly covered your face with your hand after saying that, feeling no movement from Krist as you slowly peeked through your fingers, seeing a little smile on his lips as you sighed, a relived sigh as you chuckled.

"You know something...? I've actually missed you calling me that."

You softly smiled as suddenly, a little smirk landed firmly on his lips, making you wide eyed as he laughed, rubbing his hands together in a devious way.

"But I still can't let you off the hook!"

You instantly jumped up off of him as you took off through the house, running up the stairs as you hid behind a corner, chuckling slightly as you heard him coming up the stairs, looking for you.

"Here's Krist!"

Oh lord.... all he needs is an axe and he's set. Oh no... please don't give him any ideas!

Suddenly, he whirled around the corner as he grinned at you, instantly tickling your sides as you fell to the ground from surprise and laughter, making him fall with you as he died laughing from your face.

"Ah! Krist.... stop. I'm gonna pee man!"

He stopped as you both just grinned up at one another, laying there as you caught your breath.....

Little Puppy (Kurt)

"You know man, she really keeps staring at you. Like..."

You slapped Dave's arm as he kept going on and on to Kurt about your little glances directed at him, glaring as he stuck his tongue out at you.

"And Kurt! Remember the time we were driving through Settle, and you kept writing something in your journal? Well the whole entire time she looked at you with a look that clearly brought stars to her eyes."

Your eyes went wide from embarrassment as you slapped the back of his head, trying so hard not to just tackle him to the ground.

Meanwhile, Krist was standing off to the side just laughing his off.

"Thanks man! Really. I get no back up on this."

Krist threw his hands up in the air as he laughed really hard, making you roll your eyes as you looked away from them, just as you felt a hand tap you on the knee, startling you slightly.

You turned your head to see Kurt grinning at you, his cute little grin to be exact. You blushed slightly as Dave slowly started to wrap his arm around you, making you punch his arm before he could even swing it over.

"Ouch man! You pack a punch...."

You grinned in satisfaction as Kurt chuckled slightly, looking down to the ground with that little smile of his still lighting up his face.

"But! You do know Kurt looks at you right? And then you always look like a little lost puppy when you..."

You screamed as you instantly knocked Dave off of his seat, along with the help of Kurt as you both watched him land on his ass, making you both laugh so hard that tears started to form.

"Ha! That's what you get Grohl..."

You and Kurt looked at one another as you both smiled slightly, making your heart flutter.

He honestly doesn't smile that often. Sometimes. But not all the time.

But when he does, the whole world seems to lighten up....

Days of Nirvana


"You know.... I'm warning you now. I may, or may not go to sleep on you at any second Kurt. It might happen is all I'm saying...."

You laid next to Kurt as he looked down at you with his little cute smile, making you grin a sleepy grin.

"Hold on.... I'm gonna grab a pillow. We can both just pass out. They don't need us.."

You laughed as you noticed Krist put his hand to his chest, mocking a nervous look as you rolled your eyes, grinning slightly.

"But I do need you! I thought you were my cuddle buddy man..."

He wiggled his eye brows at you as you died laughing, just as Kurt laid the pillow down next to you and grabbed your arm, pulling you down with him.

"No, she's mine. Find someone else..."

You grinned as your head laid right next to Kurt's, your foreheads practically touching from the little space you both had.

"You know, you might have to marry me after this Kurt. We've moved a bit fast here..."

He rolled his eyes as his smile came back, poking your cheek, making you chuckle as you kissed his, taking him by surprise.

You laughed as you closed your eyes, when you heard cooing from beside you, kicking Krist slightly as you heard a muttered ouch, chuckling.

"Hold up! I thought you were my cuddle buddy. I thought Grohl cuddles were the best. Was it all a lie???"

You sighed, a dramatic sigh, looking at Dave with a mock serious look.

"I'm afraid it's over my man. Kurt has taken over the cuddle trophy. You have to move on at some point Dave. And now is it...."

And the whole time this conversation was carried on between the four of you, you guys momentarily forgot about the interviewer just causally sitting there, his eyes traveling between you guys like he was watching a soap.

Your gaze finally just rested on Kurt's face, seeing his now closed eyes, a little smile resting on his lips.

With these three, it never gets boring....

Forever Crush (Dave)


You sat with your hands clasped together, your heart seeming to race faster and faster from the little glances Dave keeps directing your way, making you blush like crazy.

Of course Krist always coos at you when he notices you looking back, usually resulting in you huffing and rolling your eyes, leaving Krist a laughing mess.

And somehow, Kurt just sits there with the most straight face ever. It doesn't even faze him anymore.

Dave started air drumming as you were tapping your foot along to the music floating through the room, grinning slightly as you saw all three of them just having fun.

But your eyes never left Dave and his air drumming...

You've had the biggest crush on him since first meeting him. And honestly, it keeps getting bigger and bigger by the day. And he knows it.

He also teases you... He'll wink at you and just do little random things.

Like earlier, he had snuck up behind you and tickled your sides, resulting in you giggling like a little school girl, which actually brought a big smile to his lips.

"Grohl! Just ask her the hell out man. Go for it! Sprout your wings. Be free man and all that bullshit...."

Your eyes went wider than the world at hearing Krist's voice floating into your ears as your cheeks heated up from Dave's gaze directed towards you.

He got the worlds biggest grin on his lips as he suddenly bounded over to you, grabbing your hands as he pulled you from your seat, making you smile from the mere seriousness in his eyes.

"My fair lady! Will you please, please grace me and go out with me?? I'd forever be happy..."

You laughed at the tone of his voice, before planting a big kiss on his cheek as you nodded your head as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

"Why, I've waited century's for you to come and ask me!"

He chuckled as he hugged you tightly to him, as you saw Krist over his shoulder, giving you a thumbs up with a little wiggle of his eyebrows, making you roll your eyes, before seeing Kurt softly smiling as he shook his head with a chuckle....

Concert Check List (Krist)


"Alright Novoselic! Here's the deal..."

And then you were so rudely interrupted by the raised hand of Krist as you rolled your eyes, a big smile shining on his lips as you just pointed at him, a look coming to his face that resembled one of a little kid.

"Okay! So let me get this straight teacher, there's a deal. Got it."

You just stared at him with a wtf look as humor shone in his eyes, clearly loving that he was already driving you crazy.

And this is going to be a long lesson.

You shook your head as he just laughed, when you noticed Kurt and Dave peeking through the door of the dressing room, making funny faces as you tried really hard to stay serious.

But with these guys, especially Krist, it's hard.

"Moving on! Rule number one.... Don't throw your bass in the air and expect it to just miss your face. Because we all know how well that went with last nights performance on MTV..."

Krist's mouth fell open in mock shock at your words, making you crack a tiny smile as you heard Kurt and Dave laugh from the doorway, having just decided to break into the room, making you roll your eyes.

These guys never do listen....

"What?? Me?? That was not my fault. I talked to it before throwing it, just the basics. Saying, now be a good boy and fly. Spread your wings ole mighty bass! So i let it fly.... And it tried to kill me."

You turned your face away a moment as a big smile formed on your lips from the oncoming laughter, just remembering it.

Of course when it happened you freaked because you knew he was hurt. You ran up behind Dave during the performance so you wouldn't be seen by the big crowd, getting his attention.

Krist usually is always joking around. So sometimes it's hard to tell when something is really wrong or not.

But a while of sitting backstage afterwords, he was laughing. After you had punched his arm anyhow. You wanted to kick his ass.

But once he got off the stage and saw you, he tried to put up a front that he was perfectly fine, like it was planned or whatever.

That's Krist!

You finally turned your gaze back to him as you saw the big goofy smile still on his lips as you just threw a bunch of papers in the air for dramatic effect, losing your shit as you laughed super hard.

"I give up! Alright, the only rule? Go out there and act like a crazed maniac!"

All three of them screamed in unison with crazy smiles on their lips, making you laugh from the mere looks on their faces.

And then Krist picked you up into his arms and started to swing you around like a damn rag doll and you couldn't contain your laughter.

"What a class teacher! Just amazing! I've learned so much..."

He smirked at you in humor as you rolled your eyes, laughing as you looked down at him, poking his nose with a little grin on your lips, making him smile....

Cute Even When Sick (Kurt)


"Thank you ole beautiful Kurt for staring in my little dumb video even though you're sick! I love you by the way..."

He chuckled slightly as a big smile came to his lips for the first time all day, making you feel so much better.

His stomach has been acting up again and it's really killing him. The poor guy hasn't been able to move much without feeling sick. So you've been camped out in here with him to keep his mind off the pain and onto random shit.

And it's worked!

You ruffled his hair slightly to move it from his pale face, seeing his blue eyes shining, as always, making you softly smile.

"Even when you don't feel good, you still look amazing Cobain...."

He looked up at you with that smile and your stomach seemed to tie in knots, sitting down next to him as you turned off your video camera, hugging him slightly.

"I do try to look camera ready......"

You burst out laughing from the tone of his voice, seeing the smile still on his lips as you just hugged him fully, both of you chuckling.

What would life be like without Kurt?

You never want to know....

Sleepy Time


You sighed, a happy sigh as your head hit the heavenly feeling pillow with a thud, softly closing your eyes for the first time in what felt like years, ages, centuries.

The guys had a packed show and the whole time backstage was nerve racking. Girls kept getting back there with you, screaming out Kurt's name like mad women.

Some even threw bras at Dave because of the last show. Which they'll never let go of that imagine of Dave shirtless, wearing a bra.

You actually snapped a photo amazingly enough through your hard laughter.

And then Krist ended up knocking over a speaker and taking you down with him as he started falling right over it.

That's what you get for them dragging you onto the stage with them. Near death.

But you lived. So all is good in Nirvana land.

Suddenly, the bed dipped, your eyes flying open wide as they were met with the dorkish grin of Dave, rolling your eyes as he laughed at you.

"You ran off and left me! How could you??"

You chuckled slightly as you simply snuggled your face into your pillow once more, trying to close your eyes again, when behind you, you felt the other side dip, making you huff as you turned your head to see Krist laying there, his goofy grin shining on his face, making you lose it as he crossed his eyes at Dave.

"You two leave me be! I need my beauty rest..."

Krist laughed as he poked your cheek, making a giggle noise that resembled one of a small child, making you chuckle as you shielded your face from their staring.

"You hear that Dave? Sleeping beauty needs her rest. Now the question still remains. Which one of us lovely gentleman shall wake her with a sweet, sweet kiss?"

You huffed as you groaned slightly, closing your eyes once more as you couldn't keep the grin from coming to your lips.

Having these two dorks as friends is never boring....

Creative (Kurt)


"You know...? I really think these will sell!"

Kurt laughed at the overly happy look on your face, making you lose it as you wrapped your arm around his shoulder, kissing his cheek.

"No. But seriously Kurt. I love it. It's totally you. And, it fits Nirvana well. Amazing man!"

He looked down at the design for a Nirvana shirt he created, grinning up at you with one of his rare ones, making you feel incredible.

Kurt is so damn serious about this band. He loves music and he's also amazing at writing songs. He's a truly talented dude.

Of course sometimes he doesn't believe you when you tell him this. But he does always smile the smile you live for.

"Thanks (Y/N). It's fucking random. But it came to mind and I put it down. And it will slap me if I don't use it for something...."

You laughed as you just hugged him, feeling so proud of this little piss ant....

It's All In The Music (Dave)


You smiled, a dorky smile as you sat across from the one and only Dave Grohl. Nirvana and Foo Fighters have always been two of your favorite bands.

And Dave, well he's just fucking fantastic! And adorable. You have to admit it.

"So Dave, I'm so thankful you're here today. Like I've said several times, this is a free for all interview. Just a random chat between two people."

He laughed a little as he sat back in his seat, his normal relaxed face on as you smiled at him, keeping all paper and pens away from you, just wanting to hear Dave himself.

"Well that's a relief!"

You both laughed as you finally relaxed yourself, not exactly used to having big time people around you, especially the guy you've had a crush on since you were a mere kid.

"Okay. So of course, what has his crazy journey of yours been like?? Nirvana, Foo Fighters. Two incredible bands. Awesome music."

Dave nodded his head as he grinned at you, his hands folded as he genuinely seemed relaxed with it, obviously used to all the years of being interviewed.

"Music is such a big fucking deal in this world. And I get that. Making music is so fun. And seeing people reacting to it, adds to the excitement. With Nirvana, it was a crazy van ride with three dorks and their instruments. Kurt was the brains behind it all. He wrote the songs and made it all up as we went along. Krist was the funny man that could rock out so damn hard. And then there's me. The dorky looking dude on the drums..."

Your simply leaned against the table in front of you in wonder at Dave telling you all this, his view on his life basically, really soaking it all in as he said all this while looking right at you, smiling even more from your interest.

"Well I'd say you were far from a dork. Of course, dorks are adorable. So remember that."

He laughed, a humored laugh as your face heated from the sound, making him chuckle as he nodded his head at you, seeming lost in thought.

"And Foo Fighters, man that's been one hell of a ride. I've been doing it since 94. And don't intend to stop anytime soon. It's fun. Music is the best."

You couldn't agree more as you smiled at him, the both of you just exchanging story after story as time went on, seeming to just forget about the whole interview thing....

Sleepover! (Nirvana Edition)


"Ummm guys? Please do tell me you don't plan on us all sleeping on this couch. Because... really?"

Pat laughed as he looked at you over Krist, your legs stretched out over Dave's lap as you just laid back with a relaxed smile on your lips.

You've been sitting comfortably for the past five minutes with your legs casually propped onto Dave. And you're not moving.

Even though he keeps trying to tickle your feet. But nope!

"Yeah. Because we just assumed we could all lay out on this thing. Good thinking there..."

You looked up at Krist as he simply chuckled, sending him a look as he rolled his eyes, slightly slapping Pat on the arm as he muttered an ouch, causing you and Kurt to laugh.

"Thank you Krist! Since I can't reach him, you'll just be my messenger."

You were super excited to have these four back after what seemed like forever of just chilling with them, a day where they can actually relax.

Dave softly wrapped his arm around your shoulder as you felt like just going to sleep here, not wanting to move ever.

"So just to be clear. I only missed Kurt. End of discussion."

Kurt lost it in laughter as Dave, Krist and Pat looked at you with a mock hurt look, causing you to laugh so hard tears ran from your eyes.

But next thing you know, Dave's got you pinned to him as he sent a little smirk towards the guys, your eyes going wide as you threw your one loose arm up in the air, making them stop as Krist laughed.

"I love you...?"

Krist and Pat rolled their eyes as they practically jumped you with tickles, your vision going blurry from laughing so hard.

"Kurt! Man help me!"

He shook his head as he jumped up as well, simply staring down at you with a little smile as you rolled your eyes, when his hands instantly landed on you, jus tickling you as well.

These four.... Every chill session ends in them doing something to you where you just end up a laughing mess.

But would you change that? No. Never.

The Three Dorks


You grinned like a mad person as you practically bust open your apartment door, looking for the guys to come walking down the hall.

But somehow, you knew they couldn't just walk like normal people. No. They have to fall all over each other.

And finally, they rounded the corner heading towards you as you tried so hard to hide your smile, seeing them stumbling about like they'd drank far too many beers or some shit, rolling your eyes as Krist looked at you with a goofy face.

But then he just managed to stumble and take Kurt down with him as you lost it, laughing so damn hard that tears fell from your eyes as Dave just looked at you with the most straight face in the world, only making you laugh more.

"Says here you ordered some Nirvana. Is that true miss...?"

He looked down at some imaginary shit in his hand as you clutched your stomach, trying so hard not to fall from laughing so much.

"Why, I'd say it is."

Suddenly, Dave finally laughed as the guys practically trampled you in hugs, making you grin like an idiot as you finally got them inside the apartment...

The Three Dorks (Part 2)


"Okay! I've got beer, you've got snacks, and you've got..."

You slapped your hand over Krist's overly running mouth as he finally slowed his pace, making Dave and Kurt laugh from behind him, seeing the humor in Krist's eyes, before he just licked your hand and you met him with a humored look as well, making him roll his eyes, your hand remaining there.

"Now I won't move unless you stop talking man. You're killing the mood!"

He shook his head as you just laughed, finally removing your hand as he sent you a mock angered look, rolling your eyes.

Having the guys around is brining back memories from the early days. When you were a mere kid, you met Kurt and have been best friends with him since. Then you guys met Krist in high school and stuck like glue. Then later, Dave came in and everything felt great.

The three dudes and the princess. Or so they call you.


You jumped a little as Dave was suddenly right next to you, so close that he almost blew your ear drum out, causing the other two to laugh as you stuck your tongue out at them, throwing a nearby pillow.

"Yes Dave! What was with the sudden alright that almost deafened me?!"

He simply laughed as he threw his arm around your shoulder, kissing your cheek as you ran your hand down the spot he just kissed, mocking a grossed out look.

"Boy germs!"

He rolled his eyes as you simply smirked, going to kiss his cheek back, when he suddenly turned his head and your lips landed on his, both your eyes going wide as you pulled apart, hearing Krist's hooting laughter from the couch as Kurt rolled his eyes, slapping him practically.

"Well! Looks like someone is getting some action tonight..."

You slowly turned your gaze to Krist as he smirked at you, before you just decided to jump on him and Kurt, adding Dave to the mix as a full on, fake sissy fight broke out, making you all laugh like idiots....

A Love Buzz (Kurt)


You and your best friend looked down at the new photos of everyone that just came out earlier today, the halls of school buzzing with the sounds of little awws as the girls admired the guys. And of course the guys more than admired the girls.

But one photo really caught your eye.

Kurt Cobain's photo.

You typically don't even bother with the school pictures each year because it never gets your attention. But since Kurt's been going here, you don't miss anything.

And this photo is adorable! His smile is so attractive. And his calm demeanor clearly states, yeah, I'll take the photo. But do I care about it? No.

And you loved it.

Of course, you and Kurt have hardly spoken, seeing as he's actually pretty popular with the girls around here.

His golden locks. His baby blue eyes. How could he not be?

You sighed a little as your friend nudged you, catching you staring for however long, laughing as your cheeks turned red.

But she wasn't just laughing because you were staring. Oh no.

You noticed her laughing way too hard for it to just be that, when you narrowed your eyes, your gaze going up to meet the one of Kurt himself, making you almost drop the book as you saw his little smile form.

"Oh! Uh... hi Kurt."

He waved a little at you as you stood, kicking your friend in the leg as she muttered an ouch, causing Kurt to laugh a little.

"Hey (Y/N). You look nice today."

Your eyes went wide as your mouth fell open, practically throwing the book into your friends lap, causing her to about fall off her chair from laughter as you rolled your eyes, pulling Kurt away from her embarrassing ass.

And he simply grinned as you two slowly walked through the halls, nudging past people, finally making it to a clearing closer to his locker, his eyes locked on you.

"Thank you Kurt. I uh... you... you look amazing."

Your cheeks heated up like a fire as he looked away a moment, before finally looking back with his cute, little smile showing, his blue eyes seeming to shine in the light of the hall, making you even more blushed from the look.

"I'm sorry we haven't talked very much. But I always do admire your work in art class."

Your eyes went wide once more at his confession, not even believing that he takes the time of day to look at any of your stuff, when he's clearly the art prodigy in the class.

You always watch him when he does it because he becomes so focused, seeming to be gone in a whole other world. And his work is always beautiful to you.

"Really?? Well i always look at your work. You're the best in the class Kurt. By far."

He looked at you with a surprised look as you simply smiled, really glad to actually be having a conversation with him.

Kurt has always been a fascinating person to you. He's so quiet. He only has certain friends. He's so reserved. But yet, when you talk to him, he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever encounter.

He's wicked talented. But he doesn't act it. You could compliment him, and he'll simply smile and shrug it off like its no big deal with a little blush on his face.

He's so humble. Which is rare for half these guys you've met in school.

Needless to say, Kurt is one of a kind.

Mornings Suck


"Alright you two. Why not look a little bit more happy for me huh...?"

Kurt simply frowned, as Krist put on a big, fake smile, making you roll your eyes with a laugh as you flipped off your camera.

These two and the morning are not best friends at all. You practically had to drag them out of the bed by their feet to wake them up.

And mind you, Krist was terrible because he could kick you and you'd be out. Not because his feet are big. Just because he's the giant of the crew.

So you risked your life. Of course you told that to Krist when he finally got up, only to be met with ruffled hair and a poke to the nose. Your button nose, as these two call it.

Being a manager of sorts for these two is one hell of a job. But hell, you've known both of them since high school. So it's easier than you would have thought. You know them so well. So that means you know little tricks to get them moving.

And sometimes, it's after you because you'll take off with something of importance to them, threatening to smash it or throw it away if they don't move their asses.

Which is always funny because you get away everytime.

"I don't understand how you're so peppy this time of the morning. How?"

Kurt's sleepy tone, mixed with his annoyed look, made you lose it with laughter as you wrapped your arms around both of them, rubbing their backs as they both gave you groans in return, making you grin.

Nirvana and their morning moments...

Daddy Moment (Kurt)


Life has such a funny way of bringing things into your life you never truly thought possible.

Happiness. Love. A genuinely amazing life you've always craved to have.

And that's what you saw everytime you looked at Kurt from day one of Frances being born.

He's never exactly had that incredible life people assume he had just because Nirvana existed. Sure, he loved doing the music. But that doesn't mean he was happy.

But then little bean happened, and really opened his eyes to a whole new world.


This beautiful little being he helped bring into this world, really just changed his outlook on things.

He always wanted to be the father that's always there for his little girl. The father that would do his best to protect her from the evil monsters littering the world.

He didn't want to be anything like his dad was with him. He wanted Frances to have a good life. He wanted her happy.

And it really just breaks your heart when you hear him doubt himself. He's always doubting himself.

"Kurt...? Kurt...?"

You softly grinned down at a now sleeping Kurt and Frances, a long day of making new videos to document for future viewing and doing random things, finally catching up to them.

One thing you will always say, is that Kurt was the best father he could possibly be. Nobody is perfect.

But he sure as hell tried to be for her.

You softly pulled the covers over them as Kurt's blue eyes fluttered open a tad, a little sleepy smile forming on his lips as he simply closed them once more, softly patting your leg.

"Stop staring and go to sleep. Stop thinking. Just... sleep."

You chuckled at his sleepy tone, seeing Frances stir in his arms, making you lay down with a content sigh, so glad to be able to witness an actual happy moment for Kurt.

He deserved more happy moments...

Bigger Than Big Crush (Dave)


You laughed like a dork as you ran around the yard, trailing behind Dave as your face heated up everytime he merely looked at you.

Since day one of meeting your best friend, you've always had a big crush on him. He's so cute!

And funny.

"Dave! Wait for me...."

You sent him puppy dog eyes as he finally came to a stop, pulling a funny face your way, causing you to laugh like crazy as he tickled your sides, a big goofy grin lighting up his face.

"Got you! You shouldn't have stopped (Y/N)."

You stuck your tongue out at him as he laughed a little, the both of you simply staring at one another with little grins on your faces.

"Hey you two! Staring contests are for adults. Wait a few years for all that."

You groaned as your guys moms yelled out with little laughs at you guys from the front door, causing you both to blush slightly.

They know it drives you guys insane. But that's why they love it.

And you took one look at Dave with a little smile as he smiled right back, before taking off as his laugh rang out across the yard, making you giggle as you ran right after him, feeling as lucky as ever to have Dave as your best friend...

Baby Blues (Krist)


"Isn't she adorable Krist?! I can't get over that she's already a year old."

You grinned up at Krist as you guys gazed down the stairwell at the on goers, watching little Frances open her presents, that adorable little smile on her cute face.

Kurt and Courtney did good.

Krist wrapped his arm around you with a little smile on his face as he kissed your cheek, that adorable goofy grin of his coming to his lips as you laughed.


He suddenly laughed as he brought you closer to him, kissing you again as your face heated up more than ever.

"Well, i'd say you're having a baby dream there. You've cooed at everything baby like for the past two months."

You rolled your eyes at him as he simply laughed, your face still heated slightly as you looked back down at Courtney and Kurt happily playing with Frances now, making you smile...

Throw Away The Key (Kurt)


The hardest thing you could ever witness, is the pain of the one person that means everything to you.

And that person, is Kurt.

For years you've been by this guys side, devoted to being his best friend, making sure that he was okay and loving what he was doing.

And then one day, it just.... stopped.

He just stopped.

He stopped caring. He stopped playing. He just stopped. And retreated into what you could only imagine, a very, very dark part of his mind.

And witnessing that almost killed you. Or maybe it did. You seized to feel anymore.

Since day one of knowing Kurt, it's been a long and hard journey. Lots of good times. And lots of bad.

But.... you loved him. You couldn't help but love this dude. You were trapped by the look in his eyes, and the way he talked to you.

And all you ever wanted to do was save him. You tried so many times to protect him from the things his mind was telling him.

But he just couldn't see past it. To him, everyone was against him. He felt utterly alone.

And now with Kurt gone, your world crashed and burned, just like you knew it would.

And you're forever trapped inside his heart shaped box....

Nirvana Awesomeness


You clapped like a mad person as the guys continued to perform their amazing fucking songs, your heart racing from all the excitement.

Okay, let's go back three years. Now, if you had been asked then if you thought the band would be in a huge stadium performing to a crowd of thousands, would you think so?

Well of course you more than likely would have said yes. Mostly because these guys are wicked talented.

They also are your best friends. The three goofs, you always call them. But one thing you can always say, is that they take the music seriously.

First we have our lead man and all around sexy dude, Kurt Cobain.

He writes the most amazing songs the world has ever heard. And when he plays, it's like watching a masterpiece being made right in front of your very eyes.

He gets so into the music and just jumps around the stage. And randomly falls to the floor with his guitar playing, which always makes you laugh.

And of course let's not forget the pure sex we all hear floating through our ears.

His voice.

Next up, is our animal on the drums and also, an incredible singer himself. Dave Grohl.

He's one of the best damn drummers this world has ever encountered. And let's not forget that when he goes shirtless during performances, I think the whole crowd creams their pants.

Even the guys. Don't lie all you men out there!

And then last, but certainly not least by a long shot, is the adorable giant Krist Novoselic.

He plays the bass like no one. And his energy during performances is just off the charts. He dances like crazy, always has that cute smile on his face.

And well of course he doesn't sing. Because even he himself said hell no.

But he makes up for all that. He doesn't have to sing at all. His performances in the studio and on the stage are always as bright as a star.

So yes, you'd definitely say you could see these three playing the worlds biggest stadiums and arenas.

Because Nirvana is something this world needs. Their music is some of the best in the entire world.

And the three guys that make this band? Well they freakin rock.

Magical (Kurt)


"Come on Cobain! Are you gonna play for me or not??"

You sat in the empty room lined with many chairs as the guys started doing some rehearsing before the big show tonight, a big smile upon your lips.

Kurt asked you to come and listen to the set for tonight. And how could you possibly pass that up??

He chuckled softly as a big smile took over his lips, his blue eyes locking with yours.

"Impatient much...?"

You rolled your eyes with a mock serious look upon your face, causing him to smile even more so, his guitar coming to rest on his lap while he adjusted his mic.

It doesn't even matter how many times you've seen Kurt perform. Every time is like the first time all over again.

He always knows how to work a crowd. And he's so entertaining.

He's truly a magical dude.

Noticed (Dave)


You walked around barefooted with your friend as you awaited Nirvana to start their set, really damn excited to be seeing these three.

"Could you not stare over at Dave with animal eyes (Y/N)?? He'll notice eventually."

You rolled your eyes with a huff as you chuckled slightly, trying to pry your eyes away from this sexy man, but failing terribly.

Him and Krist were talking with some lady, most likely interviewing them beforehand.

But suddenly, Dave's eyes gazed around the surrounding area, when he stopped at you with a little glance, a big smile coming to his lips.

And he waved, making your eyes go wide as you looked around, not wanting to look foolish for waving if he was really waving at someone else.

But it was you, seeing as he started laughing while pointing at you, waving again.

Of course, you waved like a dork as your friend made little noises next to you, loud enough for them to hear as you slapped her, making her run off laughing.

But your cheeks went red as Dave's eyes stayed locked on you, the lady talking with them turning to look as well, along with Krist, making you heat up like a fire.

Getting noticed by Dave Grohl can now be checked off your list of things you've always wanted.

Water Baby (Krist)


You practically swan dived into the pool, loving the instant feeling you get everytime you even remotely go swimming.


You've always loved to swim. And to make it better, you've got Krist with you.

He always calls you the water baby.

Anyhow, the guys were currently doing their photos for Nevermind, and actually got a bit of a break just to goof off.

You swam around underwater, your eyes remaining wide open, when you saw Krist in your watery vision, his goofy grin somehow still looking just as cute underwater, making you grin yourself.

His endless legs of course gave him an advantage to where he could swim as fast as he wanted too, meaning he was just going to grab you up and tickle you so you'd make water bubbles.

You instantly swam to the surface, laughing as your head rose above water, just as Krist did the same, a little ways from you.

"Oh! Nice little dodge missy. But can you really escape the Novoselic tickles?"

He did his best impression of an evil smile, causing you to laugh like crazy as he dove underwater once more, your eyes going wide as you instantly swam away.

"Kurt!! Pull me up man."

Kurt looked down at you with his feet dangling into the water, his hair placed back from the water, sending you a little smile.


Your eyes went wide as you tugged on his foot, causing him to chuckle slightly, shaking his head at you.

"Ah! Come on Cobain. I thought you loved me..."

You sent him a little pout as he rolled his eyes, when suddenly, you were pulled underwater with a little gasp escaping you, Krist appearing in your vision with his smirk still in place.

Then he instantly tickled you, getting exactly what he wanted.

Lots and lots of bubbles.

Finally, he drug you back up to the surface in his arms, spinning you around as you caught your breath, a laugh escaping him.

"I got bubbles! Now I'm happy. Well, sorta."

You laughed as you splashed him as best as you could, when he just kissed you.

And you laughed into the kiss as he tickled you once more.

This dork.

Simply Irresistible (Kurt)


You sat next to Kurt with this giddy little smile on your face as you watched him being interviewed, seeing the happy look on his face.

This is what you've always wanted. To see Kurt truly happy. Even if it's only for a short period. His happiness makes you happy.

And his adorable little glances your way only made it better.

The whole interview he has been nudging you, sending you little smiles, tickling you. So you finally kissed his cheek.

And you were met with his surprised look, not expecting that at all. But you couldn't help yourself.

He's simply irresistible.

Work Advice With Nirvana


"Say no! Just say it. They clearly don't need you today. Besides, we're more important."

Krist sent you a goofy look as you rolled your eyes, laying out on your couch with a sigh escaping you.

Why does it seem that Monday rolls around quicker than anything? And of course, that means it's back to work, like usual.

But the guys are in town for a show, so they've been crashing at your place for the past two days.

Which means you really don't want to go.

Kurt threw his arm around you with a little humored smile on his face, leaning your head on his shoulder.

"It's clear that we've kept you up most the night anyway. Just slack off today man! Live and be free... and all that good shit."

You laughed a little at Kurt's silly tone, trying to mimic some hippie voice.

And of course, Dave was sprawled out on the floor with a blanket over most his body, the only thing visible was his eyes.

You laughed seeing him just looking around at all of you, when you notice his shoulders shrug.

"If I had to work right now, I'd get fired. Because I'd fall asleep. Which means I'd hit the ground. And most likely scare everyone. Although that would be fun..."

His muffled voiced caused you to laugh even more as you wrapped your arms around Kurt with a groan, closing your eyes.

"It's official. I'm not working. I'm spending the day with my Nirvana boys."

They all hooted and hollered as you simply rolled your eyes, staying firmly on Kurt's shoulder.

You'll just tell the boss to cram it!

Thrill (Krist)


You turned your camera from the audience, to the guys just playing away on the big stage, the worlds biggest smile taking over your face.

You just can't get over how thrilling concerts are! The girls are just going absolutely nuts over these three.

There have been several people that have actually gotten onto the stage. Which was funny because one grabbed your camera and made a funny face into it, also giving you a side hug.

So thankfully, it was a nice fan. But still, Krist went crazy and started pulling you away because this guy was all over you.

But he somehow still managed to keep playing the entire time.

You pointed your camera at your favorite guy ever, sending him a little smile as he looked into the camera with a little wide eyed look, a smile coming to his lips.

"Rock out people now! Yeah!!!"

You laughed from Krist's goofy tone, just as he sent a wink your way, making your whole face go red.

I mean, considering the things you two have done together, you still couldn't believe that he still had his way of making you blush.

Dave is forever teasing you about it. Even Kurt will sometimes.

But there's just something about Mr. Novoselic...

Amazing (Kurt)


You stood back from the crowd of people surrounding the guys, a huge smile upon your face at all the attention Kurt and Frances are getting.

And the fact that Kurt is freaking out over her trying to touch that mic is adorable!

He's legit a good daddy. And no one could tell you otherwise. That little girl is his pride and joy. That and his fantastic music that his amazing brain has thought of.

Everyone is just drawn to Kurt tonight, you kept observing.

But it's really no surprise. He is a fascinating human being.

And the whole world knows it...

Randomness (Kurt)


You sat next to Kurt with a little smile upon your lips, the smoke from his cig floating in the air around you, hearing Dave and Krist's random conversations from behind you.

"So Kurt, today hasn't been all that bad. And at least this interviewer knows what the hell they're talking about!"

He grinned a little at you, simply nudging you, you nudging him right back.

Since day one you've been going with them everywhere it would seem. You've seen them become what they are.

And you've watched the world see in them what you've always seen.


And Kurt here? He's got a shit ton of it. More than we'll ever really know. He's freaking amazing.

"I guess that makes the experience better. Because really, fuck interviews. Let's just go home!"

He got a huge smile upon his lips, causing you to laugh as he chuckled slightly, wrapping his around you....

Rock Out! (Dave)


Okay, opening for Nirvana would definitely have to be on the top of your list of best things you've ever done.

You were nervous as hell the entire time, the thought that Kurt, Dave and Krist were actually listening to you play making you want to vomit.

But you played on like a champ and beat the hell out of the drums. You even did a freakin drum solo at one point, which earned you so many hoots and hollers from the crowd.

And from Dave himself!

It was insane.

So here you are now, your arms feeling like rubber, your hands sore from the constant playing. But you always love that feeling.

You wouldn't trade it for the world honestly.


You jumped slightly from Dave's sudden appearance, seeing him walking down from one of the trailers they had set up for everyone, making you smile like a complete dork.

"Hey Dave! I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am to you. You set me up dude!"

Yeah, Dave actually heard you first out of the guys, and he freakin loved you.

After your set was done you played in some measly little bar, Dave Grohl just popped up out of nowhere and said, you can rock the hell out of these drums.

And the fact that he's the drummer to your favorite band, just made the night even better!

Dave chuckled slightly as he slung his arm around you, giving your cheek a big kiss, making you laugh.

And your heart race for that matter.

"I'm glad you could do a set. You killed it out there! Which is why you're playing with us tonight also. Two drum sets are already being set up as we speak. So let's take that crowd by storm and slay their ear drums!"

Your eyes went wide as what he said slowly kicked in.

You're actually going to be playing with Nirvana as well?

Holy. Shit.

Could the night get any better?
Hey guys! Now I know this gif isn't from Nirvana times, but Dave just looks so freakin adorable in this one, (like always), so I couldn't pass it up!
Enjoy! ?????

Daddy's Little Girl Gone Bad (Kurt)


"You know I'm sick and tired of your ass always sneaking off with that Cobain kid! He's no good (Y/N). No good!"

You flinched from the loud yell of your dad, your mom just standing to the side in silence like she didn't know what to do or say.

And your head was about to explode. You were sick and tired of your daddy here always treating you as if you were a little kid, when you were actually far from that.

And Kurt? He's your best friend and there's no way you're going to stop seeing him.

No way.

You glared up at your dad with so much hatred in your eyes, he actually backed away some, really surprised.

"You know something dad? That Cobain kid, as you called him, is the best thing to ever happen to me. He actually makes me happy!"

You jerked away from his hand coming towards you, a sorry look suddenly crossing his face.

But you didn't want any part of it. So you simply fled out the back door and down the street towards the one person you always run too.
"I swear Kurt. It's like a never ending battle with him. He's convinced I'm some bad ass kid that's gonna go no where In life anymore, just because I don't do what he wants..."

Your eyes gazed into the beautiful blue ones of Kurt's, seeing so many different emotions running through his eyes, softly putting his guitar down next to him, his soft playing having been a soothing thing for you.

"He's just mad because daddy's little girl ain't a girl no more. You've grown out of that. You want what you want..."

You smiled a tad at Kurt, the both of you knowing exactly what that is.

You've always loved Kurt here. He's always been the light in your life.

"Yeah. I think we're both gonna get out of this place one day and show these people that we don't need to be good boys and girls. We can make it. I know we can..."

Kurt grinned a little at you, the both of you sharing that same knowing look.

You'll make it.

The Cutest Smile (Kurt)


"That smile is honestly the cutest thing! Do it more often Cobain."

He scoffed slightly from beside you, elbowing you with his little smile still in place, making you laugh like crazy.

While on an actual break, Kurt and you decided to hang for at least a day while he wasn't off being the worlds most wanted dude.

He happens to be your best friend of however long it's been now, so you practically drug him away from everyone and said no take backs.

But he didn't complain.

"No way. Brooding is apparently my thing now. You know, according to the fucking know it all world."

You gazed over at a now slightly gloomy looking Kurt, just hearing the annoyance in his usually low key voice.

So you simply wrapped a arm around his shoulders and hugged him to you so tightly, that you actually got a little smile from him.

"Ah! There it is. My favorite KC smile."

He rolled his eyes, making you chuckle. Good times....

Dreamers (Kurt)


"Kurt...? Do you think it's possible that one day we'll have the happiness we see all around us?"

When you two were kids, you would always go outside and lay out on the grass, just staring up at the sky with so many questions running through your minds, little dreams coming to the surface.

Kurt simply sighed, his hands crossed over his chest, his legs crossed, his eyes trained on the night sky with an intense look.

"I don't know. I really don't know. I look around at everything and everyone and they just think.... hey! That guy right there, he's as happy as can be! He's got everything. He's got it all. How could he not be? But do they know me? Fuck no..."

Your eyes slowly landed on his face, his blue eyes shining in the moonlight, before they were gazing at you, and you softly grabbed his hand in yours, seeing an unknown look flash across his face.

"It has to get better. It just has too. Just.... just don't leave me KC..."

He simply looked at you with his normal look, making your heart race.

Losing him would be like losing yourself. He's been your best friend for a long time and without him here, it'd be weird.

The world would be weird without him.

Slack Off!


These three dorks and the things they get you into. They actually got you to come to an interview with them, just to sit there and watch them look like total... well dorks, in front of the camera.

And it was actually really entertaining.

"Hey! You... Yes you! Skip school. Call in sick to work. You don't need to work. Slack off. Sleep. Be free man!"

You looked at Krist with a eye roll, making him grin from ear to ear in a proud looking manner, like he just gave the best advice in the world.

"Krist you giant dork, parents are gonna come hunt us down tomorrow for the no school thing. But... then again, it could be entertaining."

He suddenly laughed, wrapping his arm around you to pull you into a tight bear hug, making you laugh a little in the little air space you got between Krist's chest and the little, tiny hole he left for you to actually breathe.

"That's my girl!"

Kurt grinned at you from the side of Krist's arm, making you laugh as he started to tug on your little bit of loose arm.

"Man, you're going to kill her."

Krist finally let you go, throwing his hands in the air in a guilty manner, making you laugh like crazy.

And making the poor interviewer think you all are nuts.

"I didn't do it man! She's clearly fine. She's breathing again. So I didn't commit no crime. I'm innocent man!"

Dave shook his head, throwing his arm around you as Kurt laughed a bit.

And you couldn't keep the smile off your face.

With these three around, you'll never be bored.

Back in Town


You sighed the worlds biggest sigh as you walked into your apartment for the first time in what felt like ages of being gone from it.

You kicked your shoes off with a smile and flung your bag onto the couch with a happy sigh escaping you, when you suddenly heard laughter from within your bathroom, startling you.

But then you remembered that it's just the three dorks you call your best friends, grinning like a mad woman.

They just stopped off for a concert they're doing in the area and you couldn't let them not stay. You don't get to see them as much anymore, so you practically made them stay.

You slowly opened your bathroom door to a sight that only these three could make.

"Guys...? Why is Dave naked in the tube, Krist is sitting on the toilet with no pants on, and Kurt, why are you letting them?"

Kurt shrugged up at you with a little grin, before he stood to hug you tightly to him, making you feel warm all over.

And Dave of course just flung water at you two, making you yelp from the coldness of it.

It's good to have these dorks back again.

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