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(Kurt seeing you for the first time at a show)
Kurt's playing the guitar as you, slowly moving and dancing to the music catch his attention. You are doing your own moves as they continue playing.

You are hypnotizing to him, he almost misses the next verse as he looks at the most beautiful girl he's every seen.
You look up and your eyes meet, he is then singing to you. As the speed of the song picks back up, you then stop dancing and can't stop looking at Kurt. He can't stop looking at you. As they finish their last song, Kurt jumps off the stage and points to you as he makes his way through the crowd.

He grabs your hand and without a second thought grabs your hand and pulls you through the crowd.

"That's the story of how I met your Dad." You say to your four year old daughter. She smiles her dimpled smile
I hope you enjoyed my first imagine for this book.


You were watching the Mtv music awards, and then they were awarding the best alternative music video, and one of them was your ex-boyfriend, whom you still loved.

You were crossing your fingers, as they said Nirvana!! You smiling and so happy for Kurt and the guys.

The guys, walked up on stage to give their acceptance speech. Krist was first to speak and Dave, and then finally Kurt.

"The song about a girl, is about my first and hopefully my last love, Y/n if your watching this I love you."
You couldn't believe, what you just heard. You were smiling from ear to ear.
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You had been in a relationship with Krist Novoselic for three years, and it's not an easy relationship with him being on the road.

Krist had now been away for three months, and you hadn't seen him since the tour started. You had never gone that long without seeing each other. You both called one another a lot to hear the other's voice.

Krist was coming home that evening, and you couldn't wait to see him. You were going to wear a cute outfit and makeup, and of course you told Krist this but, the only thing he had to say was ''don't I love when your natural." So you decided to wear leggings and a shirt of Krist's.

You just got to the airport and we're waiting to see the guy you loved, all of a sudden you hear a familiar laugh.
You see Dave, Kurt, and Krist. Krist notices you and runs over and picks you up. You wrap your legs around him and squeeze him tightly. You eventually look at his face. You kissed him lightly and then hug him again.

You didn't leave his arms the rest of the day.


You have been friends with the guys in Nirvana for years, so when they got a new drummer, you knew you had to check this guy out and see if he was going to work in the band, because you were so protective of Kurt and Krist.

When you met Dave you instantly liked him, he had a goofy and cute personality, and you meshed very well.

You and Dave became super close, and you started hanging out, and Dave would always joke around with you. When you walked into rooms with the guys talking, they would stop talking, and Kurt and Krist would giggle uncontrollably.

A few hours before the show, Dave was practicing alone on stage, when he saw you and gave you a goofy smile.

"If it isn't Mr. David Grohl, the greatest drummer of Nirvana.'' You said in an announcer voice.

"Come here, and I'll teach you how to be the greatest drummer.'' Dave said gesturing for you to come over. You walked over to Dave. You plopped down in his lap, because you were really close, so it didn't really matter.

He gave you the drumsticks, and you started randomly playing really obnoxiously. Dave threw his head back in laughter, as you started laughing you almost fell but Dave held you tight around your waist.

You looked up at Dave to see him looking down at you, you then felt your cheeks heat up, and you looked down.

Dave then grabbed your chin and gently kissed you. You then heard clapping and Krist screaming ''Finally.''


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You were sitting on the stage before the Nirvana concert. You were a stage hand, you had only talked to Kurt once, because the band was usually in their own world.

You were playing around on stage, and grabbed one of the microphones. One of the stage hands knew you could sing, so he started yelling for you to sing, as well as other stagehands.

You started singing(song above) and people started freaking out. You threw your hair around. you were having a great time. You finished the song and heard clapping you then turned around and you saw the band.

You gasped and started apologizing for using the equipment. the taller guy, Krist put his hand up.

You stopped apologizing, they were all smiling and praising you. You sighed and thanked them.

Krist kept smiling at you, when the other guys turned away and started walking, Krist started asking about your music taste and favorite bands.

You talked for a long time, Krist eventually had to get ready, but he didn't leave without giving you his number.


You were in a band called True and you would soon be collaborating with Nirvana. You and Nirvana had similar music styles and personalities. You were the lead singer and wrote most of the songs. You had a lot of respect for Nirvana and they had a lot of respect for True

You all got along very well, you and Dave especially. Dave had asked you out a few times but, every time he asked something would always come up, and you'd have to say no. You had always liked Dave, and he has always liked you.

Today, you were going to be hanging around stage, with your bandmates and Nirvana. I was sitting on stage with Dave talking about random stuff. You knew you wanted to ask Dave out.

"Dave?" you asked. He looked at you with a cheesy smile. "Yes?" he asked. You looked down at the floor and looked back up.

"Will you go out with me?" I asked nervously. He smiled and looked at the ground. He quickly looked up and kissed you.

"Yes I will.'' He said in a weird voice. You both laughed before he pressed his lips against yours.


It was new years eve, and you were at a party with a lot of other bands. You weren't in a band but, you had a lot of friends who were in bands. Everyone was excited for another year to begin.

Right now, you were hanging out with Kurt, Dave, and Krist. You've known them all for years. You first met them as a fan of the band. You had been friends ever since. You had been especially close to Kurt.

Kurt was playing the guitar and you were singing. You both had a love for the Beatles. Krist and Dave knew that you both liked each other. You wanted to tell him but, it wasn't ever a good time.

It was soon coming close to midnight. Dave and Krist had sly smiles. " 5.....4......3.......2....1.''

Dave and Krist pushed you and Kurt together. You looked at his light blue eyes, and you kissed him. He looked very shocked. He then smiled. That was the best ending to a great new years party.


You had known Dave for only a short period of time. From the moment you had first met, Dave had been the biggest flirt. He would openly say he liked you. The weird thing is he'd never asked you out. You had been asked out a few times but turned them down waiting for Dave. Tonight was an album release party, it was formal and you decided to bring your friend Justin.

You and Justin walked into the party greeting some of your friends and giving congrats to others. You saw Dave, Krist, Courtney, and Kurt. You smiled and waved, everyone smiled back except Dave. He gave a glare and turned around walking away. You turned back to Justin continuing to socialize. Dave gave you the cold shoulder all night.

You left your friends and began walking to the kitchen when you were pushed against the wall. You looked at the person's eyes and instantly knew it was Dave. "What are you doing Dave?" You asked slightly laughing.

"Why are you here with him? You know how I feel about you.'' that took you back for a moment. You gained composure.

"He's just my friend. what's it to you anyway? You'd never take me out." Dave's eyes softened. He put his hand on your face, he kissed your lips and smiled.

"Alright, Y/n Y/l/n will you escort me on a proper date.'' He said in a posh accent.

"No.'' You said blankly, his face falling. "I want to be your girlfriend.'' He squealed and picked you up hugging you. You both went back to the party enjoying yourselves with one another.


You've known Krist for a few years and you never thought he liked you until he randomly asked you out. Krist had always avoided or watched from a far when you were around. He'd always chuckle at things you'd say to others but wouldn't specifically talk to you.
You were excited to go out with him. You were getting ready when you heard the phone ring. You quickly picked it up and found out your Grandma was in the hospital. You quickly phoned Krist and told him the news. He immediately said he would take you to the hospital because he was already on his way.

You got to the hospital and jumped out of the car. You ran in asking the receptionist what room your Grandma was in. She told you that your grandma was down the hall but couldn't have any visitors until the morning. You and Krist sat down on the uncomfortable hospital chairs.

"I'm not leaving until the morning, you should just go home." You said rubbing your face.

"If your not leaving, I'm not either. You can't stop me either, my butt will stay planted until you are ready to go." He said with a determined look.

And that's exactly what he did. He sat there all night into the morning. He held you and you got to know eachother all night.


You were super excited to be going to a Nirvana show. You managed to get to the front room. It took lots of pushing and swearing. Once you were at the front, you were waiting for them to come on. Then the lights became more dim and the guys walked out. They jumped into playing lithium, one of your favorites, you immediately starting jamming out. Then all of a sudden you heard Kurt saying, "stop, stop, stop." Everyone stopped dancing and singing along and just stood there.

Nobody knew what to do. Kurt stood in silence, and then walked over to Dave and Krist to fill them in.
"Okay, you in the blue shirt in the front, I need your number. I'm not joking." Kurt said into the mic. You looked down and realized you were wearing a tie dye blue shirt. A security guard walked over to you and lifted you over the barricade.

The security guard handed you a pen and paper. You walked up the stairs to the stage. Kurt shyly smiled and put his face against the mic. You walked over to him and began writing your number and name. You handed the piece of paper to him and he brightly smiled. He then asked for something a little out of character, after just meeting someone.

"Can I have a hug?." Kurt asked opening his arms opened. You hugged him warmly and he held you for a few seconds before pulling away. You walked back down the stairs and joined your fellow fans. You enjoyed the concert knowing you'd talk to Kurt soon.

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You were flipping through a magazine when you came across a page with a picture of Krist Novoselic on it. You began to read the article and became immediately excited. They were holding a contest. Not just any contest. A date with Krist Novoselic. He was your favorite memeber of Nirvana and you were in love with him. You began reading the rules of the contest. You knew you couldn't pass up this opportunity to meet the father of your children. The rules were simple, you had to write, in your own handwriting a letter about what music means to you. The person with the Best letter wins.

I immediately got out a piece of paper and a pen. I began tapping my pen and thinking of ideas. All I had to do is think about Krist and inspiration struck. I began writing the letter, trying to be neat so they could read it. I felt like I was pouring everything out. It felt nice to just write and know of the prize I could receive.

Dear Krist,
Music is the light in the dark of realism and hypocrisy. I've always felt small in a world full of so many people. Music makes me feel like I'm standing at the center of everything and I don't care if I'm noticed or not. I'm just there in the moment. Music is just sound, sound that's euphoric and unbelievable. Music can make you feel a hundred different emotions you've never felt before. It brings empathy, pain, suffering, and peace. It truly is a masterpiece of the world.

Then you put the letter in and envelope and stuck it in your mailbox. If you won you'd know in the next week. You couldn't believe this was even a possibility, let alone an actual experience. You waited for a week. Pacing around the house trying to distract yourself. You found nothing to do, so you wrote and wrote and wrote. It's now a new hobby.

A week later, you went over to the living room coffee table and saw a letter addressed to you. You knew it had to be the contest you ripped open the envelope. It was just a card from your Grandmother. You became very disappointed and plopped down on the couch in complete defeat. You then heard the door bell ring. You went to get it and opened the door. Krist Novoselic. The man, the myth, the legend, was standing before you.

"Y/N?." He asked with a slight smile. You simply nodded and he continued. "Well you won, but all I really want to do is listen to some music with you." He said with a slight chuckle. You laughed as well and gestured for him to come in. You knew this was the start of something great.


You were having a relaxing day. You were laying in your bed watching a movie and drawing happily, when you heard bass booming from your brothers room. Immediately, you groaned and moved your covers to get up. You knew he had a friend over, that's what he always did when he had friends over. You threw your door open and walked out ready to face your brother.

You quickly opened your brothers door. You saw him and a dark haired guy scattered around his room, talking and bobbing their heads to the music. You went over to his stereo and turned the music down.
"Hey!." Your brother yelled, finally noticing you.

"Don't 'hey' me, I'm trying to be anti-social but you keep being loud and obnoxious."

"You know what-" your brother started but was easily interrupted.

"I'm sorry about the music, we'll keep it down, I'm Dave by the way." He said smiling brightly and offering his hand to shake. You took it and then began to walk out of the room.

You then heard Dave whisper to your brother. "Why didn't you tell me your sister was hot!"
You just smiled and continued walking back to your room.


You heard the light strumming of a guitar as rain softly hit the window of your master bedroom. You rubbed your eyes and looked over at the arm chair in the corner. All you saw was recently cut blonde hair and a body covered with a guitar. You stared quietly trying to preserve the moment. Kurt then looked over at you. He smiled a toothless grin.

Without saying anything, he got up and set the guitar on the arm chair and walked over to you on the bed. He grabbed your face and kissed you. "

"I'm sorry I woke you up, I just had an idea for a song." He says, holding your face softly

"It's alright, you never know when inspiration will strike." Kurt then moved over to his side of the bed. You faced each other. You ran your fingers along the creases of his face.

Eventually, you ended up wrapped up in each other's arms sleeping. You listened to the rain and imagined that you had escaped from the outside world.

It was just you and Kurt.


Krist had been debating on whether or not to tell you how he felt. He didn't want to be rejected by you, it would become very awkward with you working on the tour. He knew he had to just man up and tell you before someone else did. You were always willing to talk to him and he knew he could steal you away from everyone to tell you.

Krist decided to invite you to the tour bus when he knew nobody would be there. Krist started to become very nervous, he was usually very chill about girls but you made him feel unsettled. He heard a knock on the door. He opened it to be met with your smiling face.

You eventually ended up sitting in one of the seats in the drivers section of the bus. You were staring out of the big window when Krist grabbed your hand.

"Listen Y/N, I've been meaning to tell you something for so long, and I've finally got the balls to tell you, I really like you and want to go out with you." He started to scratch the back of his head.

You jumped up from where you were sitting and sat on his lap hugging him. You then pulled back and was met with his eyes. He put his hand on your face and kissed you softly. You were happy he finally told you how he felt.


Dave walked into one of the back rooms of the recording studio, where most of the bands hung out waiting to record. A girl walked up to Dave and introduced herself as Abby. She began to inform him of the bands in the room.

Dave then noticed a girl laying down in the middle of the floor listening to her Walkman with headphones on. She looked very peacefully beautiful, Dave thought to himself.

"Whose that?" Dave asked Abby, while pointing to you.

"Oh that's just Y/N, she does that all the time, you get used to it." Abby said with a slight chuckle.

Dave decided he'd go and lay down next to you until you noticed him. After a few seconds, you felt a presence next to you and you turned to be met with a cheesy grin and dark brown eyes. You were a little frightened at first but eventually, introduced yourself.

You and Dave laid on the floor for hours, as bands went in and out of the room to record. You both talked and laughed. Your band mates came up to you a while later, and told you it was finally your turn to record in the small studio.

You gave Dave a farewell and a piece of paper with your address and a message telling him to take you out sometime.


~ Requested by @IvyDex1 ~

You were the tour manager for Nirvana and had been for a little over a year. You got along great with the guys and really liked all of them. But you liked Kurt a little more than you thought you should. You would love to go out with him but he didn't think of you that way, at least that's what you thought.

You were backstage at a Seattle venue, preparing to pack up and leave. You were staring dreamily at Kurt while he sat alone strumming an acoustic guitar. You couldn't take your eyes off of him.

"Wow, you must really like him, you've been looking at him for the past five minutes." You turned around and saw Dave eating a donut at the snack table.

"Dave, do not tell him I like him." You said pointing a finger at him.

"Okay I won't." Dave said slowly walking towards Kurt's direction.

"We didn't pinky swear!" He yelled before running over to Kurt. You stood there horrified, knowing it was too late. Dave whispered in Kurt's ear. He first gave him an expression of disbelief.

Kurt then removed his guitar from around him and began walking over to you. You started to prepare yourself for rejection.

"Listen Kurt, I'm so sorry-" before you could finish, he crashed his lips into yours.

The kiss lasted for awhile and you never wanted it to end.

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