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Setting Up

I walked into the dark nightclub with my guitar on my back and the mic set in my hands. I squeezed past dirty old round tables and a beer soaked juke box, all while trying to reach the stage. I walked up a tiny set of stairs and set down the mic set on the stained blue carpet of the stage. I sat down next to the cases of equipment the others had brought in. I swung my legs over the edge of the stage and took out my pack of cigarettes. I put one in my mouth and looked around the nightclub. It wasn't as busy as I thought it would be. I adjusted my guitar strap around my shoulders and got up to go finish helping the others. "Excuse me, sir?" I turned around and saw a man in a dirty apron and a dish towel in his hand, looking at me. "Do you need any help at all? You looked worn out when you sat down there and-" I nodded in agreement and held open the door for him. "That'd be great." I said, with my cigarette still in my mouth. "Oh, here" The man stopped walking and reached his hairy hand in his dirty jean pocket. He flicked his lighter and stuck in my face to light my cigarette for me. I leaned in and watched my cigarette burn and began walking towards the car again. "Thanks." I said, taking the cigarette out of my mouth. The man took the rest of Chads drum set out of the back of the van as I grabbed the amps and walked back to the nightclub in silence. I walked on the stage and stacked the amps on top of the rest of the equipment as the man placed Chads drum set to my further left. I puffed on my cigarette a little bit more and watched the man walk back to the bar counter. I gently set my guitar on the amps. "There's an ash tray down here if you're wanting to put that out soon." George said, putting shot glasses on the bar counter. I took a big step off the stage and nearly hit my leg on a table sitting way too close to the stage. I scooted over the table and pulled my flannel down. I walked over to the ash tray sitting on the counter and sat in one of the violet colored cushy bar stools. I exhaled on the rest of the smoke I had in my mouth, put out my cigarette and looked up at the man. "Thanks for that. I appreciate it." "No problem." I cleared my throat and flipped my hair out of my eyes. "George. George Touhouliotis." He said, offering me his hand. I shook his hand and smirked. "Kurt Cobain." This guy wasnt too bad. More generous than I wouldve considered actually. Most of the owners of the nightclubs Nirvana played at were really obnoxious drunk pigs. The typical assholes that encouraged bar fights or wanted to see drunk girls take their tops off.. I hated seeing that when I would be playing. Actually- I despise it. I even remember one time I spotted a really buff, intoxicated man grope a woman who was watching us play and I just turned around and looked at Krist. He told me to just leave it be and finish the song. I was so angry.. I just closed my eyes and tried to remember the lyrics and stay calm for the rest of that time. After about seeing it happen a couple times, I yelled at the man to stop and even dedicated a little angry poem to him. He just flipped me off and tried to take the girl with him as he got escorted out of the pub. Ugh. I shook my head in disgust and looked down. "Something wrong?" George asked, interrupting my angry thoughts. "No. I just remembered something that really pisses me off, that's all."Oh, well-" "But uh, If you have any commotion with intoxicated people tonight, Please do not hesitate to escort them out of here. Preferably men who try to do anything stupid with our lady part of the audience tonight. I just cannot stand men who try to pull that shit off and not having any consequences for it." "Sure thing. I usually never have problems like that here. But if I do, I will have it under control." I nodded and got up from the bar stool to see where the others went to. "Hey, Kurt?" I turned around and looked at George. "You guys have plenty time to practice. It usually doesn't get too busy til 10 or so." I gave George a thumbs up and made my way outside again. I walked towards the car to see if Krist or Chad were there having a smoke until I heard Shelli and Tracy's voices. As I got closer, I heard Tracy mention my name. More thoughts about breaking it off with her lingered in my head again. "What about him?" Shelli said in a serious tone. I stopped at the back of the van and looked around to see where they were at. They were sitting on the hood of the van, playing with Tracy's credit card. I turned my head quickly, trying to avoid getting caught spying on them. "Well.. I have a problem." Tracy stumbled. "I- I'm not faithful." I heard Shelli go quiet for about 2 minutes until Tracy asked her to say something. "Faithful? The fuck does that mean?" Shelli said in an impatient tone. "I..I cheated on Kurt." "What? Tracy.. You didnt.." Shelli said quietly. "How long?" Shelli added. "What do you mean? I cheated on him and the guilt has just been eating at me. I couldn't take it Shelli, I had to tell you.." Shelli went quiet again. "Are you still... Cheating?" Shelli asked. "Not exactly.." Tracy said in a saddened tone. "Are you serious..? You loved Kurt, Tracy. Why would you do that? What.. Why.." Shelli said. "It doesn't even matter. Its only been going since Christmas. I got drunk and I ended up making out with this guy outside in the parking lot of the chapel. I still barely remember almost all of it but.. I do remember the drunk sex we had in his car." Tracy said quietly. "Tracy.. That's not okay. That's not okay at all. You came to MY wedding with a fucking date who happened to be your boyfriend of what? 2 years? and you ended up getting drunk and having sex with another man? You need to go tell Kurt now." Shelli said in an angry tone. I began to hear Tracy cry. "God, I'm so fucking dumb. I barely give Kurt attention and I do that? Fuck." Tracy sobbed. I couldn't believe what I just heard. Tracy.. cheated? I began to think about how Tracy came home drunk and she crying to me the morning after. It makes so much sense.. Wow. I don't even think I'm hurt by this at all. Now I have a completely logical reason to break up with her. I need to do it before I start my show tonight. "Tracy.. Calm down. We need to go somewhere and make you feel better.. You want to try to go shopping or something? Explore Oregon a bit?" "Yes. That sounds great. We should go tell the boys-" I widened my eyes and began to jog back inside before they both saw that I was there. I opened the door to the nightclub and breathed heavily. "There he is." Chad said, looking at me. "I had, I had a smoke, Sorry." I caught my breath and walked up to the stage. I picked up my gutiar in my amp and strummed a couple chords. "Hey Kurt?" Tracy said, walking up towards the stage. I looked over and saw Krist and Shelli having a conversation in the corner of the stage. I looked down and decided to relax. Okay.. Okay. Just.. play it cool. Pull her aside and just break it off. Okay Kurt? My soul asked. "Hey." I said, avoiding Tracy's gaze. "Shelli and I are going out. Just shopping and stuff. I dunno, Maybe even eat while we're at it too. Sound alright?" I gripped my guitar and stepped off stage next to Tracy. "Yeah. Just.. Uh, Yeah." Tracy raised an eyebrow. "I need to talk to you actually." Tracy grabbed my arm and pulled me aside. I lowered my voice and got closer to her. "I.. Uh.." I stumbled. I moved my hair out of my face and stiffened my posture. Tracy just stood there without saying a word. "Fuck. Okay. I dont think we should be together anymore." Tracy looked down at her feet. "I think we should just end this. I dont think I should be in a relationship anymore. Maybe its the best for the both of us. I've just decided to be a bachelor for a while..And-" "No, its okay. I- I- I got it, Kurt." I looked Tracy in the eyes. "Maybe its just best if Shelli took you home after you guys went out?" "Yeah.. Sounds.. Goo- Yeah." Tracy wiped her face with her shirt sleeve and looked away. "Shelli. Lets go eat.." Tracy sniffled. Shelli kissed Krist goodbye and stepped off stage, next to Tracy and I. Shelli looked at me and then back at Tracy as she escorted Tracy outside to the van. That wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. Hmm. I rubbed my hairy chin and realized it was completely silent in here. I looked at the stage and saw Krist and Chad staring at me. "Shall we boys?" I said, plugging in my guitar.

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