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"Aint, aint a word."

"Why do we even have to practice if Bleach is already out?" Chad asked. He was right, Bleach was released back in June and all of us were pretty excited about that. Before our old bassist Jason Everman left, Jack Endino billed us $606.17 for 30 hours of recording and Jason paid for it. I asked later on why he billed Jason instead of me but it turns out that Jason and Jack kneweach other pretty well. I strummed my Mosrite and thought about what me and the guys should do next. I messed around with Chad and Krist for the next hour, forgetting about practicing some of our songs. Our very first single Love Buzz was one we practiced almost every week every time we got together. It always seemed fun when we all got together. I always dreamed of hearing our stuff on the radio every once in a while. It would be nice just to get noticed too.. Krist, Chad and I weren't even playing anymore, we were all wrestling on my living room floor. Krist managed to pin down both me and Chad. Krist held us both in a headlock, when I managed to slip through and jump on top of both of them. We all stood up and started to laugh from our obnoxiousness. We all stood there trying to catch our breath. My stomach growled. Great. Im hungry and I cant even swallow something without feeling nauseous. I needed to eat though. I made myself eat so I'll do it again if I had to. Krist came over and gave me a nuggie on my head. "Hey you guys want some dinner?" I asked. "Where you going Chad?" Krist asked, flailing his arms in a girly fashion. "I'm thirsty, Kurt doesn't have drinks, so I'm going to bring us back some beers from the gas station." Chad said, closing the door behind him. I wasnt surprised Chad walked out like that, Chad always seemed to act childish whenever he didnt get what he wanted. Krist looked over at me and handed me a cigarette. I guess Krist or Chad didn't hear me. I still wanted to cook though. I walked over to my counter and grabbed my lighter. I looked at the clock and made my way outside along with Krist. I closed the door behind me and looked straight ahead. It was building I would love to shoot bee bee's at with my bee bee gun. It was fun. I haven't done that in a while though. Good times.. I lit my cigarette and stared out into the distance for a couple of seconds. "Daddy's little girl aint a girl no more" Krist sang to me. "I'm a negative creep." I sang back quietly. Negative creep was on our album Bleach also. Bleach included: Blew, About a Girl, School, Love Buzz, Negative Creep, Scoff, Swap Meet, Mr. Moustache, Sifting and Big Cheese. The other songs on Bleach were Floyd The Barber, Paper Cuts and Downer but they were drummed by Dale Crover (our old drummer before Chad.) "Aint, aint a word." I joked. "Aint, Aint in the dictionary." Krist joked back. I looked over at Krist and studied his features again. Krist smirked off into the distance. Krist was such a cool cat. Woah, did I really just say that? This isn't the fucking 70's Kurt calm down. I rolled my eyes and looked away. I puffed on my cigarette some more and kept thinking about Krist. I always wondered if Krist ever got sick of me. I seemed to always wonder that. I guess I couldn't really help it though, I seemed to act pretty stupid sometimes without realization. I looked at the sunset as I stepped off my porch. The sky was really pretty tonight. The sky was a orange and pinkish color. I watched a couple cars pass by and kept staring at the building as I walked to my sweater. Krist stepped off the porch after me and walked passed me to see if the sweater was still there. I finally stopped staring and got myself together. I walked up next to Krist and saw the sweater frozen to the pavement. I tapped my foot on it and it made a crunching sound. Krist stood there watching me step on it for a couple of minutes and then looked up. Chads van came into view and we both started to shove each other playfully waiting for Chad to pull up. Chad finally pulled up next to us and began parking. Chad looked out the drivers window and showed us the case of beer. Krist ran over and snatched the beer out of Chads hands and ran inside. I looked over at Chad, Chad was hurrying to get parked so all of us could go drink. I stood there patiently waiting for Chad. I felt my soul come out of Kurt's body. "What? Is this supposed to happen regularly now?" My soul asked. I saw Kurt standing a couple of feet away from Chad. Chad finally got out and looked over at Kurt. "Lets go, man." He said, playfully slapping Kurt's arm. I saw Chad and Kurt anxiously jog inside. I followed them both, wondering what was going to happen next.

There on the floor was Kurt, Chad and Krist sitting against the wall with a beer in each of their hands. I could tell Chad couldn't wait to get drunk. I watched the boys for hours, wondering what it was like for all of them to be drunk. Krist tried to stand up but ended up falling on top of Kurt in a drunken haze. Kurt giggled and watched Krist and Chad struggle for the last beer.

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