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The Boys.

"Well this is terrifying." I said looking at the calendar. "What's terrifying?" Krist said, walking in my front door. "Nice ass" Chad said, walking in behind Krist. I looked down and saw I was naked. I ran towards the bathroom in embarrassment, and slammed the door shut behind me. I leaned against the door and breathed heavily. I looked over at the over flower hamper and grabbed a towel. I wrapped it around my skinny waist and looked around for a second. I walked towards my counter and carefully picked up the needles and other things and put them in a tiny box I had sitting next to it. I put a dirty dish rag top of it all and closed the lid. Oh crap, Krist and Chad are still waiting for me. I seriously needed to hurry. I picked up the box and bent down, putting it in the bottom of the cabinet. I held onto my towel making sure it didn't come off my wet lower half, while I hid the box in the cabinet. I got back up and felt my damp hair stick to my back. I walked out of my bathroom and looked around the corner. I made my way back to living room and found Kirst and Chad standing next to our band equipment having a conversation. "Sorry. I was uh, kinda caught up in something and I forgot to get dressed.." I trailed off. "Hey, its okay I do that all the time!" Krist said unbuckling his belt of his blue jeans. "No, no thanks man." I said covering my eyes and turning away. "Aw." Krist said. I uncovered my eyes and turned back around and saw Krist sink into the couch with a pouty look on his face. Chad smiled a goofy grin and walked away from us and towards my kitchen. "Well look who it is. Krist Novoselic and Chad Channing. Long time no see" "Man, its only been a week." Krist said. Krist was such a clever dude. Krist was 6'7 at the age of 24. Krist had short black hair, blue eyes and was wearing a midnight blue short sleeved shirt with a pair of grayish blueish jeans on. I remember when I first saw Krist around in High School, I knew we would get along pretty well. I always saw him in school plays and such which I found amusing. I finally met up with him one day and handed him some of my Fecal Matter tapes. I suggested that he should listen to them. After a while of me pestering him about it, He showed up one day and complimented my work. Then afterwards we started a band of our own. I had ideas for our band such as: Ted Ed Fred, Pen Cap Chew, Bliss or something like that.. I couldn't exactly remember though, Im pretty sure I was high on acid when deciding on one of those selections. I finally decided that I wanted our name to be nice and sorta peaceful instead of something mean.. so I named us Nirvana. Nirvana was a name for relaxation or peace.. Kinda like Buddhism. Krist high fived me and looked over in Chads direction. Krist was always that funny guy that could light up a fucking room. He always made fun of people in a goofy way which I thought was amusing also. It seemed like I could never really crack jokes around him though.. I guess he just wanted that to be his thing. I've cracked jokes in the past but it seemed like he never made an effort to smile at any I've came up with. So sense then Ive kinda dimmed that down. "That's my name don't you wear it out mister." Chad said in a southern accent. I looked at Chad from afar and studied him. Chad was 5'5 and was 22, just like me. Chad had long copper hair and chocolate brown eyes. Chad was wearing a white band tee and dark jeans. Chad joined me and Krist in 1988 and drummed in our single Love Buzz on our album Bleach. Most of the time him and Krist would make a great comedic couple. or at least thats what I would say. Chad seemed like he was always in a pissy mood though. It kinda rubbed off on me sometimes. Not only that, He always seemed like he wasn't in the right place. Dazed and confused and looking for some booze. I smirked at the rhyme I just thought of. That was really accurate.. Maybe not him but maybe me. I adjusted my towel around my waist. "Hey, I'll uh, be right back dudes." I said walking to my bedroom.

After putting on a baggy blue sweater and some light jeans, I went back to my living room a third time and saw that Krist and Chad were gone. "Where did you guys go?" I yelled. "Dude, what the hell?" I heard Krist yell in my kitchen. I walked into my kitchen and found Chad and Krist standing there holding their noses with disgusted looks on their faces. "Huh?" I said, hoping they didn't find my vomit sweater. Krist reached to his left and picked up prongs to pick up my vomit sweater from the sink. "Oh, that." I said, giving Krist a blank stare. Krist dropped the sweater and prongs and walked away from the sink with Chad. "Dude, you need to burn that or something because that smells terrible." Chad said, coughing with disgust."Yeah, seriously." Krist said, swatting at the air. "How fucking long was your vomit on that sweater man?" Chad said looking at me. I ignored their complaints and smirked. Burning my sweater? That actually doesn't sound like a bad idea. I looked at Chad and Krist, then at my sweater. "Lets do it." I said, walking towards my sink. Krist and Chad both looked at each other with concerned looks on their faces. I picked up my sweater and walked with it out the door. Chad and Krist both followed, "Kurt what are you?-" Chad asked before I interrupted him. "Shhh. You said to burn it.. so lets fuckin do it." I said opening the door. "It was just an example man you don't actually have to.." Krist said, following me outside. I stayed quiet and made my way into the drive way and threw my gross sweater on the cold pavement. I grabbed my lighter from my pocket and flicked the flame up. I turned around and looked to see if anyone was around but instead I saw Chad and Krist standing there with unamused looks on their faces. I frowned and turned back around and glanced at my sweater one last time. I flicked my thumb against the lighter causing the tiny flame to appear again. I sighed quietly and turned off the lighter. I felt a strange feeling evolve in the pit of my stomach. My soul began to get sucked out of Kurt's body. I floated there for a second wondering what just happened. I tried to speak but only ended up moving my lips without any sound coming from my throat. I looked around and saw I was now watching over the boys. Kurt ran back inside and came out a few minutes later with a bottle of soap and water in his hands. I hovered over Kurt while he began pouring the soap on the sweater. "What is he even doing?!" My soul whispered. I hovered closer to Kurt, wanting to get back inside him again. With Chad and Krist still standing there speechless, Kurt threw down the empty bottle of soap and opened the bottle of water. At the last second Kurt looked in my direction. Whoa. That's kinda freaky.. Its almost like he can see me. As Kurt looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes, His glance sucked me right back into his body. "No, no, no" Krist said running towards the frozen hose next to the apartment door. I had the sudden urge to go and pick up the soap covered sweater. So I picked it up and waited for Krist. After a couple of tries, Krist finally got the hose to work and brought the hose closer to me and began spraying the sweater Kurt was holding. The power of the water seemed terrible, it hit the shirt and then Kurt's face. Kurt dropped the sweater and put his head in his hands. "Krist, you just sprayed Kurt in the fucking face." Chad said in an annoyed tone. Krist wasn't paying any attention, he kept on spraying the sweater Kurt dropped on the ground.

I felt the pain of the freezing water stinging my face as Chad was yelling at Krist. Krist finally stopped spraying it, dropped the hose and walked over to the soaked wrinkly sweater. "Good as new." Krist said with a smirk on his face. I was cold.. and my face was tingling with pain from the hose. I just got out of the shower and now it was like I practically went back in. My wet pink hair was dripping onto my clothes I just put back on not even an hour ago. "Looks like its bad luck Kurt day." I though to myself. Chad began to walk inside and I slowly followed. "Where are you guys going?" Krist asked, standing next to the sweater. "To practice." Chad said in a girly tone. "Get with it honey." Krist left the house behind and followed me. "Get with it honey. I said in a girly tone. We all entered my apartment, picked up our instruments and began to practice for the billionth time this week.

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