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Im Who?!

I awoken from my nightmare with the smell of something sour choking my nostrils. I opened my eyes from the smell and saw I was on the floor, right between my couch and coffee table. Startled, I sat up and slumped against the couch and looked around. I was in my dark trashed apartment 20 miles North of Aberdeen. I looked over and saw I had been drinking heavily from the night before. I stared at the tipped over whiskey bottle spilling onto my brown carpet a couple of feet away from me. I smelled the air for a second, wondering where that awful stench was coming from. Tracing the sour smell, I slowly looked down and saw vomit on my black and red striped baggy sweater. I held my breath and took off my sweater in disgust.

I sat there shirtless for a second, asking myself a lot of questions. How long was that there?, Why did I just throw up all over myself and not do anything about it? I shook my head and gagged a little. The smell was horrible. I wouldn't blame myself for throwing up a second time.

I got up quickly and grabbed my sweater. I ignored the pain in my back and looked over. I walked to my kitchen and threw my sweater in the empty sink. I cleared my throat and leaned against my blue counter. I began to remember why I vomited on myself. I have had stomach problems for a while and whenever I ate or drank something I would get sick. I would be starving and I wanted to eat something but I couldn't because after I would vomit, it would happen again. It was a never ending cycle and I hated it so much. I mean, I took something for the pain but I had a hard time admitting it to myself. I knew taking drugs for my stomach was bad but hey, I am determined to get addicted just so I cant feel that horrible pain! Something tells me that wasn't the whole reason though..

I walked over to the tipped over whiskey bottle, picked it up and threw at it at the wall in anger. I leaned against the wall and sighed sharply, causing a pink strand of hair to fall onto my nose. I watched the drops of liquid slide down the wall, onto the carpet where the broken bottle was.

I made my way towards my bathroom to clean myself up. I walked in and switched on the light to see if anything had been moved. I studied my dirty bathroom, seeing my used needles on the bathroom counter, rubbing alcohol and other things to do with my drug. It made me feel like a complete slob. I looked over to my left to check if anything else was out of place, when I discovered more of my vomit in the toilet. I walked a couple steps to the toilet flushed it and annoyingly sighed. I walked a couple of steps towards my dirty shower and turned the knob to start the water. I quickly undressed and threw my remaining clothes into the hallway and closed the bathroom door. I stood there naked for a second, waiting for the water to warm up.

I finally got in the shower and started to wash myself when I began to feel a horrible burning sensation on my back. I grabbed my back in pain, slipped into the bathroom curtains and fell face first onto the cold bathroom floor. I laid there for second with my wet hair dripping down my face and the shower curtain covering my lower half. I slowly reached up and brushed my long wet disgusting hair out of my way, listening to the sound of my shower still going. I rolled on my back with the shower curtain and cursed under my breath. My day was already bad.. and it was beginning to make me feel like a clumsy little bitch.

I slowly sat up and threw the shower curtain off of me. I grabbed the soaked shower ledge to help me up and stood firmly on my feet. I slowly limped over to the mirror and started to dread what I was going to see. I wiped off the steam filled mirror and gasped. To my surprise, I didn't see anything I was dreading about. Instead, what I saw was someone else.

Confused, I moved my hand across my face and did silly things to myself, only to see this person was doing the same exact thing! I opened and closed my mouth still trying to figure out if this was true or not. "Shabba, labba, ding dong." I said in a low voice. "Yaarrhg.." I playfully yelled, swinging my wet hair all over the place. I widened my crystal blue eyes and realized who I was. I was someone who I thought had so much talent! A legend, someone who I always dreamed to be. I was... Kurt Cobain.

I pushed my wet pink highlighted hair out of my face and looked closer at myself in the mirror. I messed with my dark eye brows and poked my nose and stroked the stubble of hair on my chin to see if this was actually happening. "Yes, yes it is" I said aloud to my reflection in the mirror. I carefully walked over to the shower curtain, put it back and turned off the water. I opened my bathroom door and looked out. "Really? Is this like, actually happening right now?"

I turned around and looked in the mirror a second time. I sang a tune to myself in the mirror and blinked 3 times. "Wow.. This is.. This is like... so cool." I walked out of my bathroom and began looking at all of my things scattered around the living room. My notebooks, fetus paintings, pencils, guitar, Chads drums, Krists guitar, my baby dolls, my package of neon green bee bees that belonged to my bee bee gun. This was actually true. I saw everything Kurt loved to do. Now they're MY things. Whoa. I looked around trying to find a calender. With my luck, I saw a calendar hanging on the wall a couple feet to my left, hanging above a painting I created years ago. Excited to find out, I ran over to it looked at the date and read it. It said: Sunday, November 19, 1989.

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