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Something is wrong
It feels so heavy, unbearable
And you know you’re right
But you don’t want to believe it
And something shatters inside of you because
You live,
You cry,
You sing,
You die,
Your heart, full with happiness
Lies filled with hope
For better days, worse lifes
At the bottom of your consciousness

One. The needle in the arm, the dose in the blood.

You feel nothing and wish:
Hit me,
Entertain me,
Sing for me,
And heal me,
Because I’ve been locked for too long
Inside a heart-shaped box
And I don’t know anymore
If I am dumb or just happy
And maybe it is Boddah
Who’s screaming in my head
Saying, do it, don’t do it

Two. More, even more poison. It’s not yet enough, will it ever be enough?

Slowly I’m leaving
Take leave from here
But I don’t notice
Because I am happy
Because I found my friends
They’re in my head
And it’s the same with life
And it is good that way
Maybe I’m happy
Maybe just dumb.

Three. Now it is over, the drug is empty and he’s full. Maybe now it is enough for him, maybe now it is enough for me.


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