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Have you ever had trouble starting letters, it's incredibly awkward, to me at any rate. When you don't know how to address people. How formal to be, and whatnot, though I guess, at this point in time that doesn't really matter.

Dear Kurt,
In all honesty I really don't know a whole lot about you, Nirvana or your music. I haven't heard even probably a fourth of Nirvana songs, but the ones I have heard I've loved. I have never even really watched a whole lot of interview's with you in them, either. Maybe, that makes me delusional. Delusional for thinking that you are inspiring. My sister sure doesn't agree. People think that I don't understand some songs, because of my age. Maybe they're right. But age never plays an important factor in anything, does it. This is really going nowhere. I've never had an imaginary friend, not as far back as I can remember. I was always okay alone. Not happy, but okay. I grew up not really liking people.

I really didn't plan what I am going to write. I don't think I could any way's. So this is going to end up wandering everywhere. You seem so fearless in what you did. I am not brave, even though it may seem like that. I'm too scared to be who I really am, though I have no idea who that is. Oh god, where is this even going. Nowhere. I am bad with words. I don't even know if you can read this, or if you are silently laughing at how terrible I am with words. And typing. But the world truly could use some one like you. It's rather funny to me, that almost everyone I look up plays guitar and sings, neither of which I can do. Can you talk to people in any way? I am probably writing a letter no one will ever even look at. Can you see the world, but be unable to communicate? Or are you completely cut off, where ever you are? Asking these questions is rather pointless, seeing as even if you could talk to people, or whatever, you'll never even see this.

just another face in the crowd

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